Auto Club Revolution – Free Awesome Graphics Racing Game

Auto Club Revolution is an amazing free PC racing game with awesome graphics for true fans of the genre. Originally announced in 2011, but until May 2014, the game was officially opened for testing.

Racing games are a form of extreme sports game that is great and attractive for those who have a hobby of adventure – high speed racing. Gamers who love the high-speed action genre would definitely not miss this game.

  • Game name: Auto Club Revolution
  • Publisher: Eutechnyx

On March 29th 2012, Auto Club Revolution – a free game announced to have the adoption of the new platform of graphics and gameplay – was officially released Open Beta. Therefore, that beautiful online racing game allowed gamers to register their account to be able to play trial. The amount of account registration is not limited with 14 types of racing cars and two main racetracks for players to experience.The Eutechnyx representatives did not forget to confirm that the charging model for Auto Club Revolution would be free to play.

Auto Club Revolution
Auto Club Revolution has beautiful graphics

From the beginning, Eutechnyx developers have clearly determined that Auto Club Revolution must be a realistic simulation racing game. Auto Club Revolution has beautiful graphics, very similar to the racing games rated blockbuster on the PC or console like Need For Speed Shift or GRID. However, not as much difficulty as the Forza series, the game brings more Arcade sound than Forza or Grid.The special feature of Auto Club Revolution is the extremely realistic graphics platform with countless effects from light to physics in the game. Thanks to the gorgeous graphics, World of Speed has quickly gained the attention of a large number of gamers.

Driving in cockpit view
Driving in cockpit view

After successful testing in Germany and Russia in April 2012, the game was officially entered the closed beta. Participants were all of the gamers around the world. No need for any kind of activation key, players could download games from the homepage and experience the hot racing.

In November 2013, the Eutechnyx representatives also decided to cooperate with KongZhong to publish this gorgeous racing game in China.


Auto Club Revolution at China Joy


Unlike Need for Speed Online, the Auto Club Revolution includes professional racetracks and surely have no police chasing like EA’s games. The game is highly community oriented and focuses on the player’s driving skills. In fact, Auto Club Revolution is a racing car webgame with an extremely beautiful graphics platform, not inferior to the famous Need for Speed series before. The game was produced by the Unity engine, therefore, it should be able tobe combined with web-based play. The number of cars for the players to choose will be extremely rich and stretches along the automobile history. Most of the past and current models of the carshave appeared as 2005 Bugatti EB16/4 Veyron, 1993 McLaren F1, 2006 Koenigsegg CCX … In order to accurately reproduce the specifications of the vehicle, the manufacturer has purchased full design rights from well-known automakers, hold the copyright of many super cars.

Despite its flashy appearance, the Auto Club Revolution gameplay is relatively casual when players were still able to “pull” spectacular drifts when cornering. The game also owns a great number of car licensed designs from 29 major automakers around the world, such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg or Pagani. Around that time, the number of Auto Club Revolution vehicles was quite high, about 15 to 20 units of all sorts such as Muscle, Exotic and Tunner.


McLaren MP4-12C on Silverstone

Like the supercars, the races are very diverse and even based on true-life prototypes, such as Laguna Seca or Silverstone, racetracks from the International Daytona race to Indianapolis, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, etc. In the game, players can make single races with machines. But if not want to be alone, gamers can compete with other players from around the virtual world, experience exciting cross-country races to get high rankings, which means leveling up and having more money to buy new better cars. There will be a variety of cars available in Auto Club Revolution . At the beginning of the game, the player starts with a normal car and have to participate in tournaments to make money. Of course, then they will be able to choose from the famous racing cars as listed above.

The races are very diverse and even based on true-life prototypes
The races are very diverse and even based on true-life prototypes

Like other popular racing games, Auto Club Revolution emphasizes on the various challenges and extremely humorous on the race. Gamers would have a funny time with their friends or get to know other strange players as well. The game is a miniature virtual social network where gamers can interact and chat with other players, setting up their own profile system in separate ways. Shared information can include their racing preferences and their favorite music when driving, etc. Gamers could join and become members of clubs, clans or guilds. In it, they would be able to search and invite other players of the same level to complete the quest and receive the reward. In addition, the game also had other outstanding contests such as “Beat the Devs,” where players could compete with game developers.

Today, although officially closed, but Auto Club Revolution is always an amazing free racing game with an everlasting echo in the hearts of fans.

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