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Auto Club Revolution in the News

In November team members @dwolff4 and @fekker took Auto Club Revolution on the road to showcase it to some of the world's biggest and best gaming press.  We're sharing all of the coverage with you from this page, which we'll keep updated with new previews as they're published.  If you have written a preview (either online or in print) and would like to be added to our list of coverage just tweet us on @AutoClubRev or leave us a message on our Facebook page.



Edge Magazine (Print) - “The real genius of ACR lies in the custom-built social network that props up that game experience.”

“The game will use a detailed racing physics simulation, but provide a range of options for players who want a more immediately accessible arcade feel.”

“ACR’s range of assets reveals Eutechnyx’s attention to detail…”

“Car manufactures supply Eutechnyx with official CAD data to ensure that car models are rendered authentically.” 


Gamasutra - “Auto Club Revolution, an online, free-to-play PC racer designed around communities of car fans. It's to provide a social platform for owning, customizing, and enjoying cars online and allow racing fans to interact with each other and their favorite brands.”


NowGamer - “Auto Club Revolution is a big deal for racing fans. Not only does it give you hundreds of licensed cars, real-world tracks and events to compete in, you can do it all free to play.

It's a massive project, and rests quite comfortably shoulder to shoulder with the Forza 4s and Gran Turismo 5s of the world.”


TheSixthAxis - “I was very surprised and genuinely excited about what it actually contains.”

“The game actually worked with a keyboard better than any PC racing game I’ve ever played.”

“The livery editor is a particular highlight, having the chance to customise your car using a mouse in a well implemented browser interface seems a much simpler way of tweaking your car’s look.”

“Rear wheel drive cars such as the Mazda RX8 also react as expected; in fact my first drive in one resulted in a big smile on my face, with slides being controllable and steering feeling nice and direct.”

“I was very pleasantly surprised by the slickness of what is on offer and the deep driving experience, hopefully many more will be too.”


GamerZines“When it comes to the actual on-track action, ACR is a lot of fun.”

“The really exciting thing about ACR is that Eutechnyx aren't ruling anything out.”


IncGamers - “there’s an impressive balance being achieved by ACR, providing enough to satisfy the more car-literate demographic (like real car manufacturers, baffling engine upgrades and tricky handling), decoration freaks who want to spend hours painting up their vehicles to look super pretty, and those who just want to hop into a race as soon as possible.”



NEBusiness - “Physics on the cars is very good, as are the graphics”, says Dave. “Both compare well with Gran Turismo 5, which is the standard I judge games by.”

“The cars are easy for a first-timer to use, but are also very good when being pushed hard by an advanced player. The tracks are great and have amazing detail. It’s hard not to get distracted by the scenery when you are racing.”


UGO - "ACR is the most impressive-looking browser based game I've ever seen, a game that if you squint just a bit, could be mistaken for an elite console racing title."


EuroGamer.net - "A solo stint around Spa on an atypically bright day in the Ardennes runs as smooth as butter...and with a boldly modelled BMW M3 E92 that's equally handsome. "


Destructoid - "Once one of these spectacular-looking tracks loads up, anyone who is familiar with simulation racers will be right at home."


Games Radar - "Surprisingly full featured for a free to play game, and the physics strike a nice balance between sim and arcade."


GotGame  - "The game is looking killer, you guys have not skimped on the graphics even though it's free to play."


Game Trailers  - "Check out what's in store for this revolutionary online racer!"


MMOMG  - (Video) "It's like if someone took Gran Turismo or Forza and just made it into this MMO."


Thirteen1  - (Digital Magazine) - "...Racing games have yet to break into an entirely online environment... Auto Club Revolution is attempting to fix this by blending a high quality driving game and social networking into one complete package."


German Language Coverage


Gameswelt.de - "That is what I call a pleasant surprise. After a few races in the closed beta Auto Club Revolution makes a good first impression." (Translation)


Gamers.de - "I’m an auto enthusiast and Auto Club Revolution is just what I want." (Translation)
OnlineWelten.com -  - "The game managed to break through my wall of prejudice, the team at Eutechnyx seems to be on the right track when it comes to combining the right ingredients.” (Translation)