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10 Role-Playing Games That You Must Play!

10 Role-Playing Games That You Must Play!

Role-Playing Games

If you like to fight but you’re still a kid or you’re not a soldier, a quality role-playing game is a great choice for you. Through the game, you can interact with different virtual worlds, you ignore the stress in real life, you immerse in the music of the game, you fight with enemies in the game … You are truly enjoying your true adventure.

Of course, adventures in each role-playing game will be different. Some games create strange excitement by its gameplay and storyline, others will make you feel disappointed. Today, you can easily find an RPG to play because hundreds of games are released every month, or new versions from popular games!

The great thing that RPG brings to you is very special. You are the character in the game, and he reflects your personality. You participate in training sessions, you complete the tasks, you receive a reward, you level up, you kill the Boss, you join a Guild or Clan, you compete in some PvP events … That are typical RPG activities. In this article, we introduce 10 RPGs that you should not miss!



The first is The Council, a famous RPG of French developer Big Bad Wolf. The plot of the game about Louis de Richet – the main character, he is on a journey to meet his mother. On a private island, Louis de Richet faces many challenges!

Along the way, Louis had information from special characters on the island, Napoleon Bonaparte and George Washington. Both are not the owners of the island, they have their own properties and their own powers on the island!

Of course, a dangerous area is where Louis must go to investigate. In this game, it’s a dangerous water. You will control Louis, defeat the bosses in the game with the skills and items you have collected, to get more clues from your enemies!

The game has three development directions for your character: Diplomat, Detective, and Occultist. You have 15 skill points, but if you increase the skills of the class you have chosen, it will be more economical. In addition, during battle you will be able to unlock 44 new skills and 20 great moves along with rewarding rewards!

Council’s strengths are the evolution and development of different career groups, depending on how the player plays. Moreover, the game has beautiful graphics and a good fighting mechanism. This is truly an RPG worth playing!

The 2nd is I AM SETSUNA


I Am Setsuna is a famous role-playing game. The game gives you a world of the 90s era. It was released to play on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Join the game, you transform into a character in the winter land. You must fight the demons. Your character is a girl. The villagers decided to sacrifice you for the devil to pray for peace!

Setsuna is the name of the heroine in this game. Along with her friends, Setsuna will have an adventure. They will go to the Last Land to end the sacrifice. In the last land, they meet the Time Judge. He gives them a choice to end evil in the world! However, the conditions given by the Time Judge are very difficult, they have to trade many things!

Your party must fight at various locations. You have to go into cities to buy equipment, you have to complete dungeons to get treasure, you have to kill bosses to complete the task … I Am Setsuna’s turn-based battle system is similar to the game Final Fantasy. There will be a mana system to manage the skills you can use during your turn. When you release a skill with full mana, it’s a pretty strong attack!

Through I Am Setsuna’s virtual world, we can see that it has a sad story related to sacrifice. With beautiful graphics, polished images and small details, you will truly immerse yourself in this world!

Here we have OMENSIGHT


Omensight is an RPG released in May 2018. The plot of the game talks about a mysterious murder in the world of Stories: The Path of Destiny. Harbinger is the main character, he is a legendary warrior, and you will control him. The world in Omensight is full of war and destruction that encompasses everything. It all comes from a poisonous snake. The Godless-Priestess “Vera” has been killed and you have to investigate this murder. After Vera’s death, ragnarok has arrived! You need to find out the truth through Omensight. Besides that, you need to change the line for some time!

You will have to watch Vera-related characters to find clues. If you fail, the world will be destroyed by war. The game allows Harbinger to approach one of four NPCs to investigate them. Of course, you will encounter dangerous situations and you must defeat those who want to kill you. When you have clues, stronger enemies will appear. You will face magic and natural elements like fire and poison!

In the plot, the main character will see himself in various time flows. The interesting point is that you will see the scene where you are killed in another flow of time. To change the bad, you need to eliminate the surrounding factors, even if it’s an important person!

If you want to rescue the world, try this game!



Square Enix’s Forgotton Anne was released in May 2018. It is an exciting role-playing game with unique elements like hand-animated and indie platformer. Anne is the main character of the game and you will control her. Anne herself is an Enforcer, she has magic that affects forgotten items. The battle between Anne and the Forgotlings is what you will experience in this game!

With the ability “Anima”, you can fight the enemy to save the world. You will have to help Anne complete difficult tasks. Sometimes, you have to face truth, punishment, pain, and sacrifice.

Forgotton Anne has great short videos. It makes players remember the great works of Studio Ghibli. Immerse yourself in the world of Forgotton Anne and listen to the Copenhagen Philharmonic melody!

Besides, the game did well in graphics and sound. From the small details on the map to the voices of each NPC, they were all carefully prepared. The game will give you a different feeling. Be careful when playing it because you will be hooked!

There you are, ILLUSION OF GAIA


Illusion of Gaia is really the game that I want to say the most in this list. This is a Super Nintendo masterpiece that was released in 1994. The game impressed me because of its classic graphics, not because of the modern technology that today’s games own. Illusion of Gaia takes you to a fantasy world, combining from many interesting places on earth. In this game, you will adventure to China’s Great Wall, Babel Tower, and Incan Ruins.

Will is the main character of this game, he is looking for his father. You will control Will and help him to overcome challenges along the way. On an expedition, Will’s father disappeared and Will lost his memory. When Will woke up, he was at home. Later, a mysterious creature called Gaia sent Will to a dark land. Will will have to save the world through the tasks he is assigned. Along with his friends, Will had to step into Babel Tower!

Similar to the game’s graphics, Illusion of Gaia has a simple but special battle system. In each battlefield, the middle of the screen is your character. Every time you defeat an enemy, you will have gold. If you’re lucky, you can loot the enemy’s item. Items will have stats to increase defense, health, and of course attack power.

Please listen to me. When playing Illusion of Gaia, you should take the time to read the dialogue. You will be surprised about the story of this game. It was impressed me!



The Last Story is a role-playing game for the Wii devices. It talks about the fight between humans and monsters (Gorak). In this game, you control Zael, a young man on the island in the middle of the sea. Zael’s dream is to become a knight. And to fulfill his dream, Zael took the sword and participated in the quest. The missions brought Zael to many dangerous lands. You will control Zael, fight in the forest, catacombs, dungeons, even inside volcanoes. During the game, you will have a lot of information to connect characters to each other. Zael and his friends will grow through battles, which is the interesting thing of The Last Story.

Zael and Calista were dragged into a dark conspiracy and they needed to fight against the evil forces. After all, we have sweet moments between Zael and Calista.

Talking about the battle system, the game really did well. These are real-time battles and important elements like evasion, attack, tactics …

With online mode, The Last Story really brings a great experience. If you’re looking for an RPG to play on Will devices, remember that we have The Last Story!

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean is the next name. In this game, you are very special because you are a guardian spirit. Your task is to give advice and lead the team of the protagonist through the dangers. You will help them prevent mistakes, you will answer your master’s questions, you will encourage… All you do is to help them have an exciting adventure!

The game brings you to an ancient world. Evil god Malpercio destroyed the world, and now this world is floating lands. People cannot live on floating lands but they have adapted to this world. They create flying devices. One-winged Kalas is a loser in the eyes of many people. In the past, there was pain when Kalas’s family was killed. Kalas himself was injured and he had to use some machines to continue living. Kalas’s companion is Xelha, and they want to stop the Alfard empire!

The most important element of “Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean” is Magnus, magic cards. Magnus can absorb the power of other objects. Magnus can also store items, although it can’t stop the power of time!

To overcome difficulties and complete quests, you need Magnus. You can use Magnus as a special inventory. With Magnus, you can bring medicine, equipment, weapons, or even combat skills. Each character in the game has different cards. In battle, you cannot choose cards, Magnus will appear randomly! Of course, cards have different qualities!

The classic game DRAGON FORCE


Dragon Force is a great game of Sega Retro released in 1996. In this game, you will control the main character and fight the powerful enemy, evil god Madruk. In the Legendra world, three hundred years ago, our main character and his Harsgalt dragon failed to defeat Madruk. Although Harsgalt sealed Madruk, he will awaken.

When entering the game, you have many heroes to select. Each hero has different teams and you will appear in different lands. Note that the battles in this game have real-time elements, and each character has its own development system. There are many different stories, but they are unique, different, and interesting!

Through battles, you realize that Madruk is behind meaningless battles. You need to combine with other heroes, form a mighty Dragon power, kill Madruk as your ultimate goal!

The character development system is special, but the Dragon Force fighting system is also a plus. You have 200 fighting characters on one screen, with impressive classic effects. On the battlefield, you can order your troops and even talk to the enemy’s generals for peace!

Of course, it is Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile

The Valkyrie Profile by Square Enix is a great RPG for the PlayStation device. The game has a plot related to Norse mythology. Lenneth is a Valkyrie, she is the main character in this game. You will control this Valkyrie, recruit the spirits of the late heroes, forming a new force. Lenneth calls these souls einherjars. She will train them and you will have to help her! Valkyrie Profile has 3 modes and 8 chapters as a measure for your adventure. Through the story, you learn about Lenneth’s life when she is still a normal girl. You will also see past scenes of einherjars, through conversations with the gods Valhalla.

This game features classic Sega-specific graphics, plus a great turn-based battle system. You can order each of your team members in battle. Each einherjar has different skills, and you need to know their advantages. Note that every time you complete a chapter, you must sacrifice an einherjar for the gods Valhalla – Odin and Freya. If you choose the weak einherjar, Odin and Freya will be disappointed and they will punish you. Note this!

Valkyrie Profile shows you that the battle element is carefully invested, in which tactics are the most important factor! Besides, graphics and background music are also things that help you have a great experience when playing this game! Currently, the game has a mobile version!



Resonance of Fate is a legendary RPG on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Tri-Ace released this game in 2010. However, because of the unexpected success, the developer has released the 4K version of this game in 2018, for PC and PlayStation 4 with superior graphics!

This game has a good story, talking about environmental pollution. When the atmosphere is completely broken, humans create the Basel system for air purification. The core of Basel is Zenith, and it contains quartz stone, an immune stone with toxic substances. And another interesting thing, Zenith’s second use is “evaluating” people. It tells them their “power” and life expectancy!

In the game, you control a group of three characters with different personalities. Your mission is to complete assigned tasks, develop characters, and destroy Zenith’s rule. It is clear that Zenith is ruling people!

Resonance of Fate has a special battle system: three quick attacks. In real-time battles, you can move your character and optionally use the skill you want. Bezel debris is a reward after a battle, but they can be broken. When all your Bezel is broken, your character cannot move!








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