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14 best Torchlight 2 mods for an excellent gaming experience

14 best Torchlight 2 mods for an excellent gaming experience

14 best Torchlight 2 mods

Overview: Torchlight 2 is a vibrant and colorful RPG with addictive gameplay and eye-catching graphics. This game is considered an excellent alternative to Diablo 3 – a super cool RPG of all time. Similar to many other RPGs, this game has a lively modding community. And there, players can find and add in their game tons of new content. If observant enough, players can select some best torchlight 2 mods. And these mods can help players improve their game experience so much. So, if you’re looking for all best torchlight 2 mods, this article will satisfy you at all.

What is Torchlight 2?

Torchlight 2 game

Before coming to the best mods in this game, let’s learn a bit Torchlight 2. If you know about it, let’s skip this section and move to the next one.

Now, come back to the game. Torchlight 2 is a game of Runic Games and available to play on multiple platforms. This game is also the sequel to the popular Torchlight game and developed follows the original storyline. In detail, the game takes place in a fantasy world and begins with the destruction of a town of Torchlight. In this game, players will explore various dungeons where full of monsters and items to loot. However, with an enhanced mechanics and lots of improvements, this game is well-received than its predecessor.

14 Best Torchlight 2 mods for an excellent gaming experience

  1. Synergies Mod

    Synergies Mod is one of the best Torchlight 2 mods

This probably the most important mod of this game. So, in this list of best Torchlight 2 mods, I’ll mention it first and more detail than the rest ones. It can say that the Synergies mod is an expansion pack of Torchlight 2 because it’s too enormous. Besides that, this mod adds a ludicrous amount of original content to the game. So, it is easy to understand why it’s the most important mod.

When adding Synergies Mod, players will have a chance to experience lots of new and interesting features. In detail, this mod adds three new classes, new towns, new dungeons, etc. It even revamps new game plus and adds various new content to the higher tiers of playthroughs. So, players will encounter lots of unique legendary weapons, awesome armors, and even new extremely powerful bosses. In general, this is the most comprehensive overhaul mod for Torchlight 2. Having this mod, players will be able to upgrade their game into a new stage and level. They will have a more challenging and more unforgiving game. With all these elements, Synergies surely is an essential mod for any Torchlight 2’s supporter.

You can download this mod here.

  1. Torchlight 2 Essentials

Torchlight 2 Essentials - one of the best Torchlight 2 mods

Like the name of this mod – Essentials, this is another important mod of Torchlight 2. It does a lot to improve the game’s experience with players. However, it is quite different from Synergies when improving players’ experience by bundling other mods together. It can say that Torchlight 2 Essentials is a mod pack including all well and essential mods. All mods in this pack offer players lots of new classes, new dungeons, new pets, and more. However, those aren’t all! Most of them are very good quality-of-life mods. They are able to unclutter the game screen when there are too many scattered loots around the ground. Besides that, Arkham’s Armory mod in this pack even can add tons of new dungeons with new layouts.

If you want a mod that can help you upgrade your game, Torchlight 2 Essentials is a not bad choice. Downloading it here!

  1. Bagmod


In a loot-driven action-RPG like Torchlight 2, loot and selling that loot is a great feature. However, in this game, you usually run out of bag space when looting. This forces you to send your pet back to town to sell the junk gear. It is a bit inconvenient! For this reason, the Bagmod with the ability to increase the inventory’s size is a great mod for you. Besides that, this mod even can help you share stash by adding tabs for organization. Now, with three pages of inventory space, you can freely hack and slash to loot with this mod.

With these prominent features, the Bagmod deserves to be one of best Torchlight 2 mods, right? If you love it, you can download it here.

  1. JPCC’s HUD Pack

JPCC’s HUD Pack mod

With ability to improve the UI, JPCC’s HUD Pack is another remarkable name in this list of best Torchlight 2 mods. I need to affirm that Torchlight 2 doesn’t have a bad UI. However, the game’s experience will be better when you can improve it, right? Being the combination between many mods that improve the game’s HUD, this mod helps you see what you’re doing easier. In detail, it will improve information on your toolbar, portraits, and even the appearance of your inventory. A special feature is that this mod can work very well without any effect on the Bagmod. Download it here.

  1. StarterPets Extended

StarterPets Extended mod

This is a great mod with the ability to give players a chance to have a unique pet. With this mod, you will have a ferret, a Warbeast, or even a Dragon at the beginning. Lots of people say that this mod is a cheat when allowing players to start with a pet that only appears at the end-game. But no matter other people say, I still love this mod. Don’t act like you don’t want to have a Dragon from the get-go. In addition, if you want to have this mod, download here!

  1. The Endless Dungeon

The Endless Dungeon mod

The name of this mod tells all about itself – a mod offers endless dungeons. With a 26-floor dungeon, this mod offers the longest dungeon in the game. But that isn’t all! Each time when you go into the dungeon, the order of those 26 floors is different. Moreover, enemies in the dungeon start at your level. And each time when you get deeper in the dungeon, the challenge is tougher.

With this interesting feature, this mod deserves to be one of the best Torchlight 2 mods, right? If you want, you can download it here!

  1. 8 Player Multiplayer

8 Player Multiplayer is a super cool mod for Torchlight 2

To describe this mod, I want to use the word “mad”. This is really a mad mod for the madmen who have a crazy powerful computer as well. Let’s imagine when you play Torchlight with 8 of your friends! The hacking and slashing spectacle crazily through hordes of enemies with lots of spells and attacks is really epic. So, if your computer and your friends’ computer are powerful enough, this is a brilliant mod. You can download it here!

  1. Blank’s Landmarks

Blank’s Landmarks mod

Another remarkable name in our list of best Torchlight 2 mods – Blank’s Landmarks. In fact, if you read the Torchlight 2 Essentials, you’ll realize that this mod is a part of this pack. However, I still list it on this article. The reason is, when you want to run both Synergies and Essentials mods, you’ll need this mod. There is a little minor incompatibility issue when running both two super enormous. So, if you download this mod on its own, you won’t face any bugs. Besides that, this mod also adds tons of new layout for dungeons. This means the dungeons you’ve visited before will have lots of new areas that you haven’t seen in the game. Download the mod here!

  1. Awesome Classes

Awesome Classes mod

If you want more unique classes with unique skills and skill trees, this is a great mod for you. In addition to 4 original classes, this game offers 7 other classes in which some of them are really awesome. Besides that, although they all use the already weapons in the game; when combining with Synergies or Torchlight 2 Essentials mod, they will create an incredibly interesting experience.

To add this mod to your game, let’s download it here!

  1. Pretty Damage

Pretty Damage mod

With people who want to change the look and style of the damage numbers, this is also a great choice. It is able to create more damage to enemies and make you become more powerful in every battle. Download it here!

  1. Better Blood Effects

Better Blood Effects mod

This is another mod that changes and upgrades your experience in Torchlight 2. The goal of this mod is to make this game become more brutal, bloody, and visceral. So, if you’re looking to cause some pure havoc, Better Blood Effects is a great choice for you. In order to download this mod, let’s visit the steam community.

  1. Red Mage

Red Mage mod

I think I need to put this mod in this list of best Torchlight 2 mods because of excellent class that it offers. Inspired by Final Fantasy class, this mod adds a new spellcasting class to the game. In this mod, players will have a chance to enjoy various melee and ranged skills. And all of them create a nice and unique class.

If you love this mod, click here to download!

  1. WoW Style Paladin

WoW Style Paladin mod

This is another mod about the class in the game. However, this time is a cool Paladin class. Take the inspiration of the Paladin class in Word of Warcraft, this mod allows players to play as a paladin in this game. Let’s imagine a paladin in a dungeon and loot everything on his way. That spectacle is so cool!

To add this mod to your game, click here to download it.

  1. Extra Chunky

Extra Chunky mod

The final mod that I want to mention in this list of best Torchlight 2 mods is Extra Chunky. It is a mod that will also help you improve your game experience much. The fact that lots of times you’ll feel tired of boring repeating scenery. The same old rooms in the same dungeons. It’s so bad! The Extra Chunky with the ability to add some unique rooms to various in-game dungeons will help you this issue.

Download it here.

Conclusion: Above is a list of all best Torchlight 2 mods that can help you have an excellent gaming experience. All of these mods are so great and we strongly recommend them for you. In addition, if you know any other essentials mod for this game, let’s share with us by leaving a comment below. We are very happy to listen to your opinion. Finally, thank you for reading!

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