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15 potential games that make gamers really disappointed

15 potential games that make gamers really disappointed

15 potential games that make gamers really disappointed

Hype is what we see every day because it is one of the effective marketing strategies (if applied correctly). We easily catch the hype in the video game industry. However, sometimes hype causes mental harm. Because when you’re so excited about a blockbuster game. Then you face things completely different than advertising. That is a bad thing! It is the failure of those who created the product and those who exaggerated it!

In this article, we introduce you to fifteen games (or features) that get into the trouble of hype. Maybe some of the games mentioned here have changed due to the update versions. But in this article, we talk about them when they are just released!

We have FALLOUT 76

We have FALLOUT 76


Bethesda is a famous game company with Fallout series. However, not all games from this developer are quality. Fallout 76 is a disappointment of Bethesda. When this game was released, it wasn’t too much information about it. Bethesda did not have a good preparation for their product. Players feel like they just need to enter the game and pay for Bethesda. Many gamers don’t know what Fallout is, what its storyline and gameplay are! After that, Bethesda made efforts and things got better. New versions appear with specific plans!



Among the blockbuster games, Mass Effect Andromeda is a mess. It is the result of the franchise and the results of the developer. Since the first part of this game was released, players have expected a lot for its sequels. However, Mass Effect Andromeda made them disappointed. For those who have ever played Mass Effect Andromeda, they will find that it is not bad. But for the expectations for a Mass Effect game, it’s still not enough to get people excited!

NO MAN’S SKY from Hello Games

NO MAN’S SKY from Hello Games

Before its launch, the developer of No Man’s Sky said that the game will give players a vast universe of beautiful and mysterious scenes. The game will help players satisfy the discovery. However, when the game opened, there were disappointments. Features are not enough as what the game is advertised. The player criticizes Hello Games (developer of No Man’s Sky). They rated the debut of No Man’s Sky as one of the worst debuts of the year. However, Hello Games has admirable actions. They keep quiet, and they work hard. After that, they released patches to help the game get better. Currently, players are satisfied with No Man’s Sky. The current version of this game is almost identical to what is on the ad!



For those who don’t know, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was a famous game in the gaming industry. It even has many sequels following the success of the first part. When the game is at its peak, it has all the glory. But the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is not Call of Duty. It has not been successful for a long time. When Activision launched the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, players were completely disappointed. Their favorite games have too many bugs, from frame rate to in-game graphics … It’s hard to understand why this game still comes out in a bad situation. If you’re a fan of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and you don’t care about the technical bugs above, you’ll still be disappointed about it. The game has a boring environment and unimpressive gameplay. In some levels, players feel they are lost.

DESTINY in this list!


Surprisingly, but I have to say that Destiny is one of the most exaggerated video games! There have been a lot of expectations from millions of gamers for this game! Honestly, Destiny is a good shooting game and it can get people into a gun battle for hundreds of hours without getting bored. However, I’m talking about when this game was released. There have been many features as well as services not available in the game. Its content is very poor and this is disappointing for players. Gamers said they played Destiny but the features were only half built. Although The Taken King is a big success for Destiny. But at the time I mentioned, there were many criticisms accompanying the player’s frustration!

WATCH DOGS from Ubisoft


Similar to Destiny, Watch Dogs met criticism when it was first released by Ubisoft. Players discuss the quality of Watch Dogs, a franchise game. And gamers were right, they were completely disappointed about Watch Dogs. It does not have outstanding features. All you experience in this game is a boring virtual world. The potential of the game did not come true as it was introduced. Even the game’s graphics is a minus point with character shaping. But I think we talked enough about the first version of Watch Dogs. Currently, the game has developed better when it was a big IP of Ubisoft!

MIGHTY NO. 9 from Capcom


For some gamers, the classic Mega Man games are great and legendary. However, memories will always be beautiful if we don’t have Mighty No. 9. Capcom made a bold decision to bring the Blue Bomber back to the limelight with Mighty No. 9. People believe that this game is a perfect replacement when its father is the developer of Mega Man, Keiji Inafune. They believe that Keiji Inafune will bring back sweet memories of Mega Man. However, everything went wrong in the tracks. Mighty No. 9 had a bad result. In this game, we have a boring gameplay, a ridiculous storyline, and a lazy Mega Man. But then, we can forget this bad Mega Man version to go to Mega Man 11, another Capcom’s quality game!



Similar to Destiny, The Division is one of the exciting shooters that has elements of looting. This game was launched with great expectations. This shows the game possesses incredible potential. But … again, the game is not really mature. When it was released, players were disappointed with the gameplay. Besides, they don’t have too much content to experience. The game has lots of technical and graphic bugs … Great ads are becoming bad things for this game. But Ubisoft is an experienced game company. They know how to change the situation. Like Bungie, Ubisoft fixes all of The Division’s bugs. Then they released new updates in a short time. The Division is now one of the most exciting games!

Don’t be surprised when it is… ASSASSIN’S CREED UNITY

Looks like Ubisoft is one of the bad companies in preparation. Again, in this list we have Assassin’s Creed Unity, an action role-playing game from Ubisoft. In the beginning, Assassin’s Creed Unity met many criticisms. Because when it is a big game, it has more expectations than any game! Gamers want the next generation of Assassin’s Creed to be perfect games. Of course, the hype once again appeared in the moment when the game was about to come out. And as you guessed, it was a failure. Even the typical features of Assassin’s Creed are disappointing in this version. Assassin’s Creed Unity is considered one of the worst games of this popular series!

ANTHEM, yes it is!


I mentioned Mass Effect Andromeda above, but I’m not saying it is BioWare’s worst game. Because this title probably belongs to Anthem. After years of developing a blockbuster game, BioWare launches the shooting game ‘Anthem’ with exciting looting elements. Gamers has waited too long to experience Anthem with its hype of features and gameplay. But … they were disappointed! It will always be like that! Anthem is too greedy when it gives players a mess with many features based on other live-action games. The game has no clear plot while its graphics make people uncomfortable. If you play a shooting game, graphics and frame rate are very important. Players may decide to play your game or not because of these two factors!



It’s sad to say that Crackdown 3 is one of the games that has the worst debut. Although this is a game that has been developed for a long time, it still brings disappointment. In the game, you will see tropical regions appear everywhere. The open world of Crackdown 3 comes with a dull story. Although you can destroy all buildings in Wrecking Zone as an interesting hobby. But that is not enough for expectations about Crackdown 3!



In this article, we have Quantum Break as a rare great game. But that was the time when the game was stable after a long time of operation. From the time of release, similar to Destiny, this game did not achieve good results as expected by fans. Through promotional videos, fans were excited about action scenes and beautiful graphics in Quantum Break. Although Remedy Entertainment’s development team said this game would be a great game, that did not come true. There were some failures when the game had evens related to the live TV show. And Remedy Entertainment has eliminated them!

Do you know THE ORDER: 1886?

With the gamers of PS4, they had hopes for The Order: 1886. Through advertising, this game promises to give players a fantastic virtual world, an attractive storyline, and cool graphics. The hype from The Order: 1886 is welcomed by many players when they know that this is the product of the duo Ready at Dawn and Sony Santa Monica. That’s the recipe for success, they believe it! And … the player was satisfied, but they were only satisfied with the graphics and storyline of the game. The Order: 1886 still has beads. Its fighting mechanism is an unreasonable imagination. It is the minus point of this game!



Although the Star Wars Battlefront (the 2015 version) has poor content, it has created a hit. So there were many players hoping that with Battlefront 2, they will experience more. For those who don’t know, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is the result of the collaboration between DICE and EA. They promise to bring a sequel with superior quality. Of course, Star Wars fans really like this hype!

Although DICE has had solid and quality plans, EA has broken everything. Special events and campaigns designed by DICE for Battlefront 2 are replaced by EA’s ridiculous money-making activities. The game appears confusing loot boxes. And the wrong decisions lead to great frustrations. If you say that a publisher makes things worse, EA and Battlefront 2 are a good example!

Last of the list is JUMP FORCE


At the end of this path, we have an interesting game: a cool shonen jump crossover fighting video game. The Jump Force video game was first announced at 2018 E3. And of course, there’s a lot of fanfare around this potential game. The game promises to be the convergence of all the most exciting features in the world, from anime to manga. Do you feel excited to hear this hype? That seems to be a successful game in the future. However, once again, the ideas are really great when they … stay on paper. The game has lost its potential when released with many disappointments!

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