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18 Games like The Sims for Your Choice

18 Games like The Sims for Your Choice

Games like the Sim

The legendary The Sims series has occupied the hearts of millions of gamers. By the world of realistic simulation of colorful and extremely fun, this series is so great. You can play The Sims to immerse yourself in another life. However, there are many similarities to real life.

You will create your own unique Sim community. Here, you build a dream home and let the characters interact with each other most comfortably!

What is The Sims series?

In this simulated game, you join the daily activities. You will live the life of one or more virtual people (called Sims) in the suburbs near SimCity.

This game still attracts many players all over the world and is one of the best-selling games in history. It has no ending and mainly focuses on the lives of virtual people. It places them in a virtual world with real-life activities. Here, they will do may activities like eating, sleeping, cooking, working, going to school, to the toilet, and more.

In particular, the main attraction of the players is to be able to customize the characters (hair, clothes, face) as well as build houses exclusively for their characters.

You will manage the time for your characters to reach the individual stats. You control characters directly interact with things like TV, radio, computer … or meet characters outside coming to your character house.

However, you cannot control external characters even though it is essential for your characters to interact with others to develop a social life. You can create one or more families to monitor the activity of each sim by clicking on the picture of the character drawing.

If you love this game series, you will enjoy our article, 18 games like The Sims for your choice. Let’s dig a little deeper of this game list.

18 games like The Sims

Second Life

Second Life is a similar game to The Sims

A world is only limited by the imagination of gamers, allowing players to have the opportunity to start their lives. That is the content of Second Life, a very hot online game in the market.

If you can start life again, what would you choose to do? In Second Life, you can build buildings, go to bars or clubs, meet many people in different countries and learn countless things from them.

It is a 3D online game. With a mouse click, you can create a virtual character, called avatar, and start living like in the real world. Your characters go to work, go shopping, buy houses and have their currency, Liden dollars.

Like in real life, you can do everything you want, become president, music star or professional gamer. More and more companies and individuals discovering this colorful virtual world is an excellent place to test new business trends.


Games like The Sims - Habbo

The space of the game is a huge hotel – Habbo hotel and the land around the hotel. Habbo Hotel has a lot of rooms, cafes, parks, and clubs – where you can visit and chat with other travelers.

Habbo Hotel has interesting gameplay, and you will be given your room inside a large hotel. Your mission is to grow your area into a bustling entertainment place.

It is just a small and empty room, but then you can buy decorative items with money in the game or buy with a credit card. To expand the land and purchase items, you have to work for your friend or find ways to attract customers.

Each room of the Habbo Hotel is like a virtual chat room so you can go to chat with anyone. You can create a place yourself and only those invited by you can go there to interact with each other.

You can choose hairstyles, hats, dresses to customize your character. After creating the character, you get an empty room, but every day you will get a free item to decorate it. This game also offers some small mini-games to play in any room in the hotel.


IMVU is a game like The Sims

IMVU is an online chat application that outperforms other popular chat software. Moreover, to use IMVU, you do not need to create a new account, but you can access the application via your account in Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, MSN or Twitter.

Thanks to IMVU you can chat online with your friends in a unique 3D image. The application interface is designed to be quite simple and easy to use for all users. After logging in to the app, you can create a 3D character you want with functional buttons like choose clothes, make-up, accessories, etc.

IMVU also comes with a list of your friends, and you can add friends to the list. It helps you chat with your friends through selected 3D characters, and you can also see your avatar as your friends’ 3D characters.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing game

Animal Crossing is a series of Nintendo simulators that build and feed pets and look like “The Sims of the animal world.” You take on the role of a new character to a village of speaking animals. The game only encourages you to spend time in the town to perform favorite activities in real time.

It has a high degree of customization, and your character can be modified by buying clothes, accessories or hairstyles. Your home can also be decorated, and you can purchase and collect furniture and place it anywhere in the house, or change the wallpaper and floor.

You can explore the village and collect objects, including fruit from plants, shells and discarded items. Items can be sold to get Bells. You accumulate objects to get more Bells, then use to buy the things you want.

You can communicate with other animal residents by participating in the conversation, sending and receiving letters, exchanging, or playing games.


Kudos game

Kudos is a game that “simulates” a person’s life when he reaches the age of 20. You can pursue different careers like doctors, engineers, actors with limited money and steps are taken. You transform into a 20-year-old who begins to come to life and leads the character to the age of 30.

You earn points by interacting with people around you. No matter what you do, the ultimate goal is to advance to the age of 30 with a healthier state, a happier soul and more wealth than when you entered life.

The game will monitor the level of happiness, loneliness, health, stress, intelligence, and the emotional and personal states of the character. You must know to rely on it to make wise decisions in your daily life, such as engaging with anyone, what to do, where to go.

The critical point is how you manage time and money. In a week, you have to balance your break and work time. On weekends, you only have enough time to perform two relaxing activities.

Cities: Skylines

Games like The Sims - Cities Skylines

It is a modern version of the classic city-building genre with many new elements in gameplay, allowing you to experience excitement and hardship when embarking on building a city from zero to an impressive one.

Its gameplay is to break and build. You can create your green forests or sky skyscrapers and of course if you take the time you will have a whole world for you.

You will perform the job as an architect and urban manager when you plan, partition, build most appropriately to adequately manage the systems from traffic, electricity, and water to the security and construction. This game does not require a constant internet connection like The Sims.

7 Sins

7 Sins game

This game is an adult game, and you will play an extremely charming single man starting as an unskilled man to work to earn money.

First, you will start at a luxury store with the purpose of making money and completing the task of the boss. You will be in contact with many beautiful and sexy ladies, approach them to learn their hobbies, information, communication and you can flirt with them with the primary purpose of money and complete tasks.

There are also exciting mini-games that make the game a unique attraction. When you finish that mini-game, your girls will give you a pleasant surprise. This game is not for teenagers.

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life - Game like The Sims

Tomodachi Life is a game like The Sims, but in Nintendo’s style, the game with the English version is released for Europe and North America. You will customize the Mii characters (or transfer the old Mii available with QR code), choose their personality type and let them participate in virtual life.

These virtual social moments can be shared via 3DS Image Share service. Although it is a virtual life, Nintendo promises this game version to bring the life closest to real human life for players. Regular relationships can entirely build a vibrant, colorful world in the game.

Singles: Flirt Your Life Up

Games like The Sims - Singles Flirt Your Life Up

Singles: Flirt Your Life up is similar to The Sims. And, in this game, when you have girls, you have to take care of them as well as be responsible for them. You have to ask them to sleep, eat, go to work, etc.

The game focuses on dating and establishing relationships. It has a plot and revolves around two characters, Mike and Linda, who share an apartment. You will be a character with the mission to live and communicate with each person within a certain range of area to develop relationships.

You can do a lot of things with your character like cooking, cleaning, going to work, going out, watching TV, playing games, etc. There are all 15 characters for you to establish sustainable relationships.

Graphics of this game are more beautiful, but the size of the characters’ activities is less than The Sims. It is not for people under 18 because the content is for adults only.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing New Leaf - a game like The Sims

In the game, you play a mayor to manage a town with a dense population and a complex social component. The game is appropriate to play with family and friends.

The game is known for being cute and healthy. New Leaf has added some new features in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. You seem to be separated from the busy and stressful life of reality to soak up peace as well as to have fun as a child in the game.

You will have to help set up new rules as well as improve your town grow. The pace of this game is quite pleasant, so you will still have time to go fishing, hunting insects, designing fashion, digging fossils, decorating and expanding your home, and gathering practice with your friends.

The online feature of 3DS StreetPass is used in this game very smartly, allowing you to visit the town of your friends.

Grand Theft Auto V

Games like The Sims - Grand Theft Auto V

In the game, you will control your character to participate in a large and completely open world. You can go anywhere, do anything from good to bad, from ordinary things to “crazy” ideas.

GTA 5 is a typical version of Rockstar Games’ street raiding series. The context of the game takes place in two US cities when the country is falling into economic crisis and confusion due to the rapid development of technology trends.

You will enter the vast, vibrant underworld of criminals in GTA 5. You will continually transform the role-playing between 3 main characters, Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

Each character possesses a personality, strengths and separate criminal circumstances. You will live three different lives, experience diverse situations and feel the rich gameplay, how to sin of each character.

Virtual Families 2

Virtual Families 2 is one of games like The Sims

It is a virtual family management game, allowing you to choose one of the thousands of characters, help them choose a mate and start a family. You will start the game by adopting a small figure, instructing him to do housework, praising when he does a good job and vice versa.

After that, help the character find a mate to start a family. You need to encourage characters to work to earn money for essential and luxury needs in life.

When you get a certain amount of money, you can expand and renovate your home, making it a dream home with lots of items and decorations. You can also help characters overcome challenges in life, shape personality with upgrades, send them to boarding schools, career advice and more.

During the game, many random events will happen that require you to have a quick reaction.


The game SmallWorlds

SmallWorld is a remarkable game in our list of games like The Sims. The game allows you to build your room, house, or even your world. You can spend time with your online friends and acquaintances, like playing games, watching YouTube videos, listening to your favorite bands, browsing photo galleries, and more.

The game focuses on social aspects and gives you the option to create and customize your characters, play through various small games and tasks, create your own space and communicate with other players.

You can choose from a variety of public spaces for many activities such as trading and selling items, or basic training on how to navigate the game. It also releases seasonal items and organizes fun events to provide new things for you to do.


Touch is one of games like The Sims series

Another game like The Sims but focus on a dance world simulation. In this game, you can create your pop music and give it to others. It contains great graphics and customization features for you to enjoy in the world of stars. You need to create an account, choose your gender and style.

You can also name your character and build custom effects that will help you throughout the game. You have to press the arrow key precisely at the same time when the image tells you so on the screen. Touch owns many dance modes with a different expression than many online games of the same genre today.

Life Quest

Life Quest - Game like The Sims

This game focuses on the character’s life more than The Sims game. You have to create a character and shape its life, from the beginning to the moment of maturity.

In addition, you must find the character for a job and keep the number and total goals of life. You will play as a student who has just graduated from high school. He has new challenges in life to compete with old classmates for daily tasks and goals.

You can buy clothes for characters, attend training classes, buy transportation, pets, etc. Besides that, you also can watch movies, buy furniture, get married, have children, etc. And like a real person, every day your character also needs to do some familiar activities like eating, relaxing, etc. In addition, going to work, going home, entertaining are also necessary. 

The Movies

The Movies game

You will take over a film studio in the 1920s and develop to the early years of the 21st century. For each different period, this game will unlock your studio with new technologies and contributing. And this feature will help you increase the quality of the entertainment products.

You have four basic steps to make a movie. They are writing scripts, casting actors and directors, filming and premiering movies. And of course, depending on the quality of the film your studio makes, you can earn more or less money.

Initially, you only have one building, Staff Office. And to hire construction workers and cleaning staff, you’ll need to employ other teams to build new projects like Stage school, Casting office, Crew facility, and more.

The Sims: Life Stories

Games like The Sims - The Sims Life Stories

The game brings players into the life of two main characters, Riley and Vince. And the main mission of players is to help them escape their difficulties.

Riley has fallen miserably since losing her job as well as her home. And now, she stays with her aunt in a city called “Four Corners.” Where is her new life? Is it happy? Or can you help Vince who is talented at work but has not found a lover to create a happy relationship?

The game has shortcuts to minimize your time. You can close the laptop, and the game will quickly switch to pause mode until you activate it again.

You can play as you like in the free play section. With over 20 widgets, 70 types of wall and wallpaper, this game meets the requirements of expressing the uniqueness of your dream home.

Stories with bold humanity, sadness, and joy in the life of each character. The game reflects things that always happen around our daily lives.

YouTuber’s Life

YouTuber’s Life is one of games like The Sims

It is a game that helps you become a YouTuber with the areas that you choose: gaming, vlog, cooking, etc. You must know how to calculate the money you spend to cover your life. In addition, you must balance between virtual and real. You’ll have to balance your time to learn, go out, get married, and take care of the family.

You can control your Sim character to play games, create videos, edit and upload to your Youtube channel. And then, you can increase your views and comments.

Time passes in the game very quickly by the first screen with simple tasks. However, with the number of jobs of a famous YouTuber, this feature will make it become so difficult. The reason is that you’ll have to do much work in a day.

Are you ready to play some favorite games like The Sims?

With a list of 18 games like The Sims, you can enjoy the real-life simulation game. You can play each game one by one depending on your preferences. And finally, don’t forget to leave a comment for other readers and us.

Let’s join The Sims and games with similar rules. Please download the game at the prestigious and quality gaming sites.

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