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19 Interesting and Exciting Games Like Stardew Valley That You Should Know

19 Interesting and Exciting Games Like Stardew Valley That You Should Know

19 Games like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is popular for being an attractive role-playing game for the single player. In this game, you are going to inherit the old farm from your grandad.

And of course, make full use of the necessary tools on your hand, try to turn it into a thriving farm. In particular, you need to grow the crops and complete this game with a great result.

Stardew Valley is excellent and awesome, which makes the farming genre stay alive out there. Now, let’s see the other 19 games like Stardew Valley that you can play in the list below.

Some Outstanding Games Like Stardew Valley

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

Games like stardew valley - Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town

Harvest Moon is considered one of the most stunning farming games on the current market. It is inspired by Stardew Valley but added a number of interactive gameplay features.  

You are going to purchase the chickens and the cows to get the eggs and the milk respectively. The core objective of this game is that you should spend your money to make some money.

Remember to grow different crops in the appropriate seasons to have the best result. And of course, make sure to interact with your friends or the other players in this Mineral Town.


Moonlighter is one of game like Stardew Valley

When hearing about the games like Stardew Valley, we cannot leave out Moonlighter. You will start this game as a shopkeeper and communicate with your customers.

However, the interesting point is that you will become a warrior when the night comes. This is quite similar to the feature of the family drama that you can see on TV.

Besides, you are going to dive into the dungeons and then scavenge the wares for your personal shop. Right now, just prepare yourself and take part in this addictive adventure.

World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn

World’s Dawn is perfect for anyone who is keen on spending your life near the sea. It means that you are going to build your farm in the seaside village. As a consequence, you can feel free to go hunting together with raising your livestock.

This game includes everything that you expect from an interesting life simulation game. Furthermore, you will get surprised at some extra values in this game.

Especially, you are getting a great opportunity to join another layer of social interaction when playing World’s Dawn. With no doubt, you can have as an interactive game as you want.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles - games like stardew valley

The beautiful landscape of Yonda will keep your eyesight for a long time, of course. You will end up loving this nice and brilliant farming game without having any combats – Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

There is no story inside this game, but you will have to follow its quests. What I like about this game is the unlimited farming features since you will be able to cook, brew, craft, and even do the trading.

The variety of activities during this gameplay is going to keep your passion day by day. Thus, do not stay still anymore because experiencing this game immediately is what you should do.

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 - a game similar to stardew valley

Rune Factory 4 is designed with a great combination of farming simulation and role-playing factors. Therefore, it is special and unique in its own way.

An improvement of this game is the marriage system and every player is having a chance to manage a whole town. In the previous version, you only get to control a small farm.

Therefore, you have more tasks to accomplish, including to reinforce the infrastructure and attract the tourists. Also, you need to defeat the evil forces to protect your town.

It is really exciting thanks to some extra twist during the gameplay. Hence, this is a valuable game for anyone who is a fan of Stardew Valley.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia - one of Games like stardew valley

Same as the other games like Stardew Valley, My Time at Portia still has its own appealing features. This is a delighting world that you cannot miss anyway.

You will have a great impression on the lashing of Studios or the Sims. All of these things are so memorable and charming. So, there is no point for you to forget this game.

But, remember to invite the other people to your inner cycle. It is a great way to build your workshop. As a result, try My time at Portia right away and make your schedule busier with its existence.

Tides of Destiny

Games like stardew valley - Tides of Destiny

Going to the next game, Tides of Destiny is going to bring you into a fantastic 3D world. For those people who are bored of building the farms and growing the crops, this game is a perfect match for you.

In Tides of Destiny, you only have to battle with the monsters aiming to conquer your land. Try to defeat those dangerous evils and prevent any harms for your town.

Some actions elements are made to be automatic in this game. So, it sometimes makes this game a little boring. But overall, Tides of Destiny is still a fun game to kill your free time.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

Games like stardew valley - Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor

About Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor, you are having a different tone from those games like Stardew Valley. To tell the truth, it is much darker but still heartwarming.

You are going to travel into the depressing tale regarding the spaceport. You can see how the robots are being bullied and do not have enough food to eat every day.

You are arriving to help them by selling the goods. By doing this, the robots are strong enough to stay alive as much as possible.

Fantasy Life

Games like stardew valley - Fantasy Life

Once hearing Fantasy Life, you can imagine what this game is about. You will learn how to live a prosperous life in this virtual world.

This game is made to have nice graphics mixed with the awesome gameplay value. It offers a number of different classes which let you join different activities.

With each different type of lives, you get to experience all the skills as well as the benefits coming with that life. Thus, let’s enjoy your exciting moment with the life that you choose from Fantasy Life.


Games like stardew valley - Rimworld

Rimworld is another interesting game like Stardew Valley that you should be aware of. Starting this game, you are becoming one of the last three survivors in a ship.

And your job is to create a new colony with your fellow players. It means that you will begin a new life on a new planet. You need to control the people and support their needs.

In addition, you need to get all the necessary resources for your own farm to survive till the end. But your life is not always perfect. Speaking of that, you need to deal with the wild beast and make them become your pets.

Voodoo Garden

Games like stardew valley - Voodoo Garden

If you are identifying the simple version of Stardew Valley, just go with Voodoo Garden. It will take you to the beautiful farming sim where you are going to grow and harvest your ingredients.

By doing this, you can make the recipes in the correct way and make a nice meal. This game is diversified in the crops as you are going to grow not only the flowers but also the mushroom and the honey.

But be cautious since you might grow the dark seeds by mistake. Do not worry too much since you need to sacrifice something to get your victory in the end

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Games like stardew valley - Animal Crossing New Leaf

If you love playing games about life simulation, you definitely cannot ignore Animal Crossing. It is one of the most exciting games like Stardew Valley that you must know.

You will turn into a Mayor coming from a rural town. Then, your responsibility is to make this rural area become a tourist attraction. That said, you need to build more infrastructure or add the new centers into this place.

Also, you need to write the laws and try to make every villager in your town to follow them seriously. This game is simple since it is about building your new city and managing your people. But the cute characters and the amazing graphics make it more and more interactive.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Games like stardew valley - Recettear An Item Shops Tale

Next, Recettear is going to give you a different experience, instead of just some normal simulation elements. When coming to this game, you will give yourself an item shop and learn how to manage it effectively.

After the death of your father, you, as a young girl, will inherit this shop and run it. Meanwhile, you need to source the useful items from the risky places.

In particular, you need to discover the new dungeons and beat the monster there. By doing so, you can gather the precious things for your shop. This is a perfect way to revive your father’s shop and pay your debt.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Games like stardew valley - Shepherds Crossing 2

When it comes to farm simulation, you cannot forget Shephard’s Crossing 2. It delivers the wonderful gameplay to every player while giving you the anime-like graphics.

This gameplay is designed with the sandbox style, which makes you feel pleased and rewarding. As a result, you can do what you prefer in your free time.

I am sure that Shephard’s Crossing 2 is becoming more and more well-known among the other games like Stardew Valley. It is a fantastic open world that you cannot neglect.

Farming Valley: Minecraft Modpack

Games like stardew valley - Farming Valley Minecraft Modpack

In terms of creativity, Farming Valley can outweigh many games out there. It is a fascinating farming sim that helps you show your true talent.

With the assistance of the Farming Goddess, you can learn to grow the seasonal crops step by step. And then, remember to water them and sell them in the end.

Farm for your Life

Games like stardew valley - Farm for your life

As the other normal farming games, you often grow your farm and collect the resources. These repetitive activities might bring some boredom to you.

Hence, Farm For Your Life is your new choice. It lets you choose a number of different genres, so you will have more interest. Particularly, you need to prevent your farm from the zombies.

That is why we are going to call this game as the tower defense. At the same time, you can get to run a restaurant, which will maximize your satisfaction for an exciting game.

Castaway Paradise

Games like stardew valley - Castaway Paradise

Finding some games like Stardew Valley? I am going to introduce you Castaway Paradise right away. It is well-loved by many people due to the bright-colored theme.

You are going to step into the tropical island where you actually have the full control. Instead of feeling bored and isolated, you have a ton of tasks during this enjoyable adventure.

For instance, you will go fishing, do the farming, or even catch the bugs. You can also spend time decorating your island with the help from other villagers on this island.

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns

Games like stardew valley - Story of Seasons Trio of Towns

You might wonder why you cannot see Story of Season sooner in this list. And here it is. This game is suitable for both the amateur and the professional player.

You will begin your job as an inexperienced worker. But if you try your best, you can definitely have great land finally.

When playing this game for a few times, you may recognize that it has a faster and more exciting pace than some other games. Therefore, let’s give it a try!

Wild Season

Games like stardew valley - Wild Season

If you are looking for the alternative regarding games like Stardew Valley, Wild Season should be on your mind. They are sharing similar objectives as well as gameplay style.

To get started, you will act as a young farmer. You will own a fresh land and learn how to eliminate all the obstacles on your land.

After coping all the troubles, you should focus on farming by sowing the land with numerous tools. This game gives you a great story and makes you want to play it frequently.

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