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19 Games Like Wizard101 to Play Now

19 Games Like Wizard101 to Play Now

Games like Wizard101

Wizard101 is an MMORPG developed and released by KingsIsle Entertainment. In Wizard101, you will participate in tactical battles using magic cards. In addition,  you also can simultaneously explore treasures, complete quests, and learn new spells.

What is the Wizard101 game?

Games like Wizard101

Wizard101 is suitable for those who love the Harry Potter series and the magic world with many unique things. It allows users to play the character of a young witch. He is trained in schools to become powerful a Wizard.

There will be seven magic attributes for players to choose with separate features and seven corresponding schools. The main school will teach you free skills. And of course, at school, you must wear a uniform. In secondary school, you will only learn the skills that the school allows and you have no special abilities.

Although the gameplay is quite simple, you still need to have strategic thinking and precision in each move. Wizard101 is integrated with a strict child protection mode. It doesn’t allow players to chat freely until a certain level.

If you love this game, you’ll enjoy exploring 19 games like Wizard101.

List of 19 games like Wizard101


Pirate101 game

Pirate101 is a 3D MMORPG which lets gamers be a reckless pirate. Your main mission is to search for treasure and fight enemies. Its gameplay mechanic is diverse, including land and sea combat. Here, players can connect friends everywhere to carry out large-scale activities together.

Participating in the game, players not only travel on boats but they can also fly in the deep blue sky. Following the success of Wizard 101, with the same producer of Pirate 101, the new game is claimed to inherit the best of its predecessors.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online game

It is a 3D game on the browser released by Gazillion Entertainment. In particular, the gamer is set in the war to protect the earth with the heroes of Marvel comics. This game will feature dozens of popular characters including Spiderman, The Thing, Iron Man, Storm, Hulk, and Wolverine. Each character has their own skills and attacks ability.

Unlocking content is an essential part of this game. You will explore more characters and customized equipment for them with new contents.


Games like Wizard101 - Fate

WildStudios developed this role-playing action video game under Fantasy. You will have a Diablo series that includes gameplay along with the characteristics and missions of Dungeon Crawling.

You will undergo quests with incredibly difficult levels like crawling through a dungeon. And of course, here you will explore and fight with various monsters. But that isn’t all. In addition to these elements, you also need to complete tasks, collect valuable things and improve your skills in the game.

With a significant number of characters to choose from, NPCs, tasks and more game modes, beautiful graphics and exciting gameplay, Fate is a game like Wizard101 worth playing once.


MilMo is one of games like Wizard101

MilMo game is built with action-rich gameplay in a fierce battle where there are aggressive monsters and giant bosses. You will play the role of hero MilMo and guide characters to run, jump and fight on the beautiful island. However, the special element is that this island is hidden with many risks and dangers.

Your mission is to find hidden Exploration Token to create new items and weapons. So, you will have to discover a unique storyline with simple tasks and surprising secrets. Besides, MilMo allows you to design the appearance of your hero characters.

Puzzle Pirates

Game Puzzle Pirates

With compelling content and simple gameplay, this game has attracted the special attention of the majority of gamers. There are more than 20 different levels including combining genre, role-playing, and puzzle solving.

You play as an island owner, having a series of factory systems and managing the whole island. Other competitors can threaten the life in your island. You not only oppose other enemies but also need to create a reasonable strategy to conquer remote islands, hunt for treasure and fight against the savage pirates.

Villagers and Heroes

Villagers and Heroes game

You select one of four classes: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, and Wizard. Each class possesses its own strengths and weaknesses. The highlight of Villagers and Heroes comes from fun role-playing gameplay.

Characters in combat can move quite quickly while constantly launching skills placed on the toolbar with a hotkey. The system of making equipment in the game helps the character learn new skills.

From the available materials, you can create new costumes for your characters.

Lords Road

Lords Road - game like Wizard101

Lords Road is a 2.5D MMORPG with a lovely setting that makes you enjoy playing this game. Smooth action and great skills help you see clearly when playing games. You can use various skill combos to defeat monsters in the dungeon and have angels by your side here. Angels can help you to win the battle with their powerful skills.

There’s a developed mounting system, so you don’t need to buy mounts. However, you need to build them. Your training will change the appearance of mounts from bears to dragons, and enhance your rate of battle.

Dungeon Blitz

Dungeon Blitz game

You will choose one of three featured characters: paladin, rogue or mage to adventure through the land of Elyria. You will have several options for character customization and different features.

You have to jump to avoid obstacles on the road like fireballs, pits. Each type of character can hit far and near, if used appropriately, you will avoid having to replay many times.

Whenever you pass a dungeon, you will receive some valuable experience points to compete with other players. When your character is defeated, your score will be lowered at the end of each level.

Spiral Knights

Game Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights have chibi style graphics. The fighting style in the Spiral Knights allows you to perform continuous combos on the target freely. The gameplay is entirely non-target. So, and you will have to direct your attacks through the mouse pointer.

Passing the extra map is not just about destroying monsters. However, you must also participate in some puzzle-playing parts. In addition, many maps require players to work together to unlock the gate to the next room. To gain more power, you can exchange with other players or buy in Cash Shop.

Epic Duel

Epic Duel game

Epic Duel is an adventure video game, MMORPG, fantasy and browser, focusing on PvP and PvE battles. You can create and customize your character as well as participate in action gameplay. There are lots of  1v1 or 2v2 PvP matches. And your mission is to defeat your enemies, monsters, and other online players to earn XP.

You can use points to buy upgrades, weapons, equipment, new skills, abilities and character enhancement items. Besides that, Epic Duel lets you build your own home, team up with friends, build warrior guilds and enjoy participating in the game.

Dragon Heart Online

Dragon Heart Online - Game like Wizard101

It is a fantasy RPG with a unique content and skill system. It is indeed a gentle MMO client with good gameplay. In the game, besides enjoying the beautiful scenery, you will have to fight fierce monsters. Also, this game also has magical labyrinth caves with countless other exciting features for you to explore.

It has multiple character classes and different skill systems. Dragon Heart Online has a lot of exciting challenges, including three dungeons like Secret Burrow, Abandoned Goldmine and Giant Fish Hollow.

Twin Saga

Twin Saga - games like Wizard101

The gameplay is action-oriented, the anime-styled graphics are designed to give the player a comfortable feeling. Moreover, the fighting mechanism in Twin Saga is a combination of both target and non-target when there are skills. So, it can be used directly on the goal and some skills oriented by players themselves.

Attack skills in Twin Saga are performed in multiple beats. Besides that, the game also allows the character to perform continuous combos aimed at the opponent. Each character possesses a unique ability, capable of dealing with significant damage and even special effects.

Wonderland Online

Game Wonderland Online

The game offers a fascinating context: the Oceanic Star luxury cruise ship suddenly has an accident. And you will be one of many survivors washed into a lonely island, and the virtual world of Wonderland Online opens.

You will build yourself an army of pets to cope with dangerous monsters. These monster always lurk on the deserted island. And of course, this is the place that completely strange to the civilization of humanity. Besides fighting, boss hunting, the game also gives you hours of entertainment and relaxation. For example, you can enjoy hot spring bathing, building, decorating houses, fishing, cooking, and organizing partys with friends.

Amazing World of Gumball

Amazing World of Gumball game

It is a game specially designed for children to experience MMO facilities. For this reason, your child can spend time meeting new people and making friends. You can take a rest when your child engages in a great adventure without any side effects from the game world.

You can choose lovely characters including bears, rabbits, and cows to start playing. And in this game, you will be in a hot air balloon. Here, there are the voice instructions. They will let you know the wonderful World and directions for setting up exciting combos. You can also garden, cook, fish, shop, treasure hunt, and more in this game.

Drakensang Online

Drakensang Online - a game similar to Wizard101

Mechanism of fighting in the game has two types of skill: targets and non-target. You will need to control the character manually. In-game activities include taking quests, fighting monsters, talking to NPCs. Each boss and monster have different attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

When performing the task, you will receive specific equipment. However, to hunt for more powerful equipment, you need to take part in extra maps with particular difficulty. There are Co-Op regimes for hunting Bosses, surpassing additional maps, playing PvP, and guild system.

Crystal Saga

Crystal Saga is an alternative to Wizard101

There are several classes of characters such as Knight, Rogue, Priest, Ranger, and Mage. And you can train for each level or participate in optional community activities. Besides that, up to level 10, your character will be provided with a pet. This pet has an important role to play in sub-series and PvP.

It has many familiar features such as smashing, punching for equipment, resolution. In addition, making objects and, most importantly, the souls are also prominent features. You will get a soul at level 30. Besides that, it also adds new stats or spells every level up, helping develop characters in different directions.

Elsword Online

Elsword Online - Similar game to Wizard101

The attack of the character in the game is done by the correct combination of buttons. To create a series of long combos, you have to learn many skills and press the key correctly. The game includes nine classes, and you can adjust the difficulty according to your levels and abilities. Elsword Online has an automatic opponent selection system that matches the character class.

There are other interesting parts like a weapon equipment system, which allows you to create your items from available materials, exchange, sell or disassemble them to get back the materials.

Hero Smash

Hero Smash game

It is an exciting MMO based on browsers. Artix Entertainment developer brings heroic performances and excellent graphics to players. You can choose super abilities and outer appearance that you like for a superhero. The game has a fast combat system with your own choice of villain or hero.

You will receive some missions from non-player characters to destroy a group of enemies. You can explore all around, and you level up when completing all tasks.

Aion Online

Aion Online - game like Wizard101

This game like Wizard101 also has a rich character system with eight classes, and each has different indicators and fashion style. You choose to join between Elyos and Asmodian. You need to collect a squad of warriors and control them in the fighting journey.

Each character has unique abilities. And you need to harness the power and turn them into invincible warriors. There are many types of weapons and rewards that you can collect when completing the required tasks. You can join the single-player story mode or a fiercely competitive PvP mode among players.

Which Wizard101 “versions” do you want to play the most?

You can choose to play the above games if you get bored of playing Wizard101 for a long time. Each game in our list gives you an entirely new experience.

Let’s download or access an online gaming site to play 19 games like Wizard101.

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