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Things you might not know about the 2017 Oscar candidates

Things you might not know about the 2017 Oscar candidates

The 2017 Oscar candidates are a diverse group of individuals. So this year’s Oscar nominees have many interesting trivia and facts. Featuring prevalent motion pictures like La Land and Manchester by the Sea?  Think you know everything there is about these stars?  Reconsider that.

Casey Affleck wasn’t intended to star in Manchester by the Sea

Casey Affleck

Casey Affleck is likely on his approach to winning the Best Actor Oscar for Manchester by the Sea. Be that as it may, incidentally enough, he shouldn’t have stared in the motion picture. At a certain point, Matt Damon was set to assume Affleck’s job. And act as the director of the motion picture as well.

Various things didn’t go as plan, however, including Damon’s bustling calendar. He then proposed that Affleck assume control over the part. “This is a most fitting job for a leading actor,” he revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “I would not like to hand it off to someone that I didn’t know. And that someone should make me not regret giving up the role.”

Mahershala Ali’s real name is actually really confusing.

Mahershala Ali

In the event that you thought the name was Mahershala Ali was an extreme name to say. Give his genuine one a shot. As per IndieWire, the Moonlight star’s full first name is really “Mahershalalhashbaz.” And Mahershala is only a shortened version.

Viola Davis enters the history books

Viola Davis

With a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Fences, Viola Davis made history. She is now a black actor with the most nominations in Academy history. That is an entirely unbelievable accomplishment for a similarly mind-boggling performing artist. But you should understand that her tally remains at only three. (Her different selections were for Doubt and The Help, individually.) If it’s any reassurance: she’s probably going to win the Oscar in February. And she might earn herself many more mentions in the years to come.

Another one for Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer

Much like her Help co-star Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer also entered the history books. She starred in nominations for roles in Hidden Fences. How? Well, as this year’s Oscar nominee of course! She’s become the very first black female artist shortlisted to win an Oscar. And right after she herself winning an Academy Award. Past victors are not so lucky, though many are of great critical acclaim. The list includes Halle Berry, Whoopi Goldberg, Jennifer Hudson, Mo’Nique and LupitaN’yongo. And they are sitting tight for another letter to Hollywood’s greatest night. (Hattie McDaniel, who won a history-production Oscar for Gone With the Wind, past away in 1952.)

Meryl Streep streak continues

Meryl Streep

When you’re Meryl Streep, the main records you will in general break nowadays are the ones set by you. Indeed, that is actually what she did when she earned her twentieth nomination. And that’s right, you read that right, twentieth Oscar mention. This time is for the film Florence Foster Jenkins in 2017. To place things in context: She had eight times more nominations than the second. In joint second are Katharine Hepburn and Jack Nicholson, who each have 12 to their name.

Lucas Hedges gets off to a promising beginning.

Lucas Hedges

Manchester by the Sea star Lucas Hedges also made history. Entering the Best Supporting Actor category as one of the youngest. And at age 20, he is in the top 10 youngest nominated. Should he win, he’ll be the youngest to ever win the award. And beating its present record holder, Timothy Hutton (Ordinary People).

Producers on the fence about Natalie Portman’s accent in Jackie.

Natalie Portman

Despite the fact that critics love her role in Jackie, and an Oscar was in reach. The way Natalie Portman portrays First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wasn’t really well received. “It was amusing to do it out of the blue,” she told the Hollywood Reporter. “I recall toward the start, really, everybody was somewhat [thinking], ‘Oh dear. What’s happening here? It’s a little absurd or goofy.”

With a second Best Actress selection, and third on her personal track record. So it would seem that it worked out well for her.

The tryout scene in La Land is real

La LandOn the off chance that you were considering how La Land was so splendid. And it was so accurate in depicting the pain and awkwardness of trying out for a film job. Then you should know that some of them were really founded on the cast’s genuine encounters. As Best Actor nominee Ryan Gosling shared to the Los Angeles Times. “I had a chance to try out for this huge director. The scene was someone dear me had past away, so I went through the night getting into that emotional state.”

“And as I came in, her telephone rang halfway through and she answered it. I didn’t know whether I should quit crying, or continue, and she just went on with the phone call. When it was over, she said that can continue from where I stopped. And I was not [a] sufficient enough performer then, or even now, to do that. Along these lines, it was somewhat unpleasant.”

“In any case, we made lemonade out of it, since it became a movie scene.”

Lemonade, without a doubt. And La La Land went onto acquires 14 nominations, tying All About Eve and Titanic. Then it officially becomes the jointly nominated film in the Oscar.

Naomie Harris rushed through her scenes in Moonlight.

Naomie Harris

In spite of the fact that her character is an important figure in Moonlight, Naomie Harris was fast. The Best Supporting Actress nominee was in and out of the set in three days. Addressing the Los Angeles Times not long after her Golden Globe nomination. The previous Bond young lady naturally conceded she had no clue. Saying that she didn’t expect such a significant number of awards. “No, it’s insane. It was only a passion-project. And I felt like beautifully written,” she said. “I thought it was simply such an excellent story. I never in a million years figured it would prompt a Golden Globe recommendation.”


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