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Welcome to Auto Club Revolution – a trusted news channel of million readers from all over the world. Here, you can find a variety of hot news from various fields from gaming, movies, TV, comics, to music and sports. Founded since 2010 by Eutechnyx, this site was a news channel about the game Auto Club Revolution. Where the game developer announced the latest and hottest news related to this super cool game to its supporters.

And now, this site has been changed into a general news channel. The place that readers can find tons of news in many different fields. For example, in the gaming field, here you’ll find thousands of games’ news, guide, reviews, tips, and tricks, etc. Or in the movies category, we don’t let you miss any latest and hottest news of any blockbuster movies or hit dramas. In general, from politics to entertainment, from gaming news to music or movies events, all hottest news will be found on this site.

About Auto Club Revolution game

Auto Club Revolution by Eutechnyx was an excellent free-to-play PC online simulation racing game. This game was developed through the cooperation of many famous motor brands such as BMW and Renault. Eutechnyx announced the game first in early 2011 and officially launched fans on April 30th, 2013. With addictive gameplay, tons of prominent features, this game rapidly become so popular. Besides that, brilliant graphics and hundreds of real modern cars also are elements help it attract millions of fans

At that time, this site was the official channel of Eutechnyx to give their announcement to the game’s supporters. However, on June 16th, 2014, this game went into a closed alpha state. It required players to sign up for the ACR 2.0 to play the game. And since that time, there was no announcement from Eutechnyx about the game Auto Club Revolution through this site.

Our new vision

With the accumulated experience in the gaming field and the experience collected when doing news reports. We – the Auto Club Revolution admin team have developed this site become a reputable news channel since the game went into the closed alpha state.

On this site, we share with our user tons of useful information about many different fields that readers interested in. For gamers, when visiting Auto Club Revolution, they’ll find info about the hottest games in the world. They’ll find tons of useful guide on how to play games; games’ reviews, tips, tricks, cheat codes, and so on. All of this information will help them experience their favorite games in a new way – more exciting and easier. For those who are interested in movies, TV shows, music, sports, or news about idols, movies stars, singers, athletes, etc. they also can find all the necessary and latest news here.

Being a group of passionate editors who have many years of experience in gaming, sports, news, movies, etc. we have worked with enthusiastic and passionate to help readers update news in the fastest and most convenient way. And with the endless efforts, the support and trust of readers around the world, until this time, we proud that Auto Club Revolution is a trusted news channel and a familiar destination of more than ten million readers per month.

If you have any question or suggestion for us, please feel free to contact us here!

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