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Amazing performances by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shocking the internet!

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's performance made Mel B target Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper with the song “Shallow” brought the Oscar ceremony 2019 great moments!

Stepping onto the stage from the audience seat, the two celebrities performed the song “Shallow”. This is the song in the movie A Star Is Born. They start from the piano guitar, they share the mic, they sing together. Moreover, they even face each other, and they look at each other so sweetly! Great, these are expensive moments of the awards ceremony!

Their performance touched many viewers at the ceremony, especially when Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were lovers in the movie, and that feeling spread right on Oscar 2019 stage. On Twitter social network, not surprisingly, has many interesting comments like: “Please raise your hand if the couple really loves each other”, “the performance is excellent”, “it’s too attractive”, and even “Lady Gaga is looking forward to Cooper’s child”.

We can see that Gaga and Cooper walked down the stage after the performance, they hugged each other and everyone applauded them (via People). Gaga is proud of Cooper. Some other famous people also congratulated Gaga and Cooper. Lucy Hal posted on Twitter that she wanted to be as impressive as the way Gaga did at Oscar 2019. It’s too HOT!

But let’s respect the lives of the two of them. While Gaga is single (she’s canceled engagement with Christian Carino), Cooper is happy with Irina Shayk, they even have a daughter, information from Just Jared. Irina Shayk believes in her lover and she doesn’t care about rumors. Irina Shayk is one of the first to stand up and clap to congratulate Gaga!

According to Cosmopolitan, Shayk hugged and kissed her boyfriend when he walked to his seat. Shayk and Gaga are also good friends and don’t have any problems at that time. Maybe it’s just a professional performance!

“Absolutely not!” is what Gaga responds to rumors regarding her relationship with Cooper, through Entertainment Tonight. She said that “once you love someone, you have to determine what’s most important to you.” And Gaga’s most important thing is that she wants to tell a story that touched millions when watching it!

Through Elle, Gaga said that the movie “A Star Is Born” helped her and Cooper became good friends. They had a closer relationship that she didn’t know when it started! In the movie, literally, she’s an actress and Cooper – the film’s director is a musician!

On CNN, Gaga stated that no one was better suited to sing the Shallow song with her than Cooper. Hopefully, the two of them will have the next projects in the future. Congratulations Gaga and Cooper.

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