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Amy Roloff’s latest Instagram post sparks outrage among fans

Amy Roloff’s latest Instagram post sparks outrage among fans

Little People ‘s Amy Roloff, Big World fame announced some news with a social media post. But actually, her followers were unhappy.

TLC star went to Instagram to share a picture of her outside, dressed in a red-and-black striped hoodie. And donating a cream-colored knit hat and a pink Teami travel mug. In a lengthy comment, she wrote. That year she had determined to new years and it became healthier, inside and out. She focused on everyday goals, like the cup of coffee. So, she started 2019 #teamipartner. ”

Amy Roloff

Commenting on how much more energy she felt after drinking Team’s “live tea”. That compared to when she chose to drink coffee, she noted. She didn’t have to add any sweetener go there. And called it” healthy replacement “for herself.

Roloff continued. She felt like she had made much progress and focused on healthy weight loss through nutrition. Saw what she was eating, exercising and drinking her @teamiblends tea!. If we wanted to start fresh with goals like her, She really recommended this!. Like any good social media influencer, she is sure to share a special code to fans use to receive 15% for their Teami orders.

When watching Roloff’s post. Many fans got angry that the actual TV star would promote the brand. They claimed that their loose leaf tea could soothe, energize, and clean the muscle. And often appear in ads on celebrity social networks. Many similar brands often market their products as can help consumers lose weight In particular, around their stomachs.


According to CNN, these teas are not really effective. Nutrition expert Lisa Drayer shared with the store. “If you look closely at it, these teas are just a herb,”. ​​Added, some contains caffeine, others are able to work like diuretics or laxatives. Water weight caused loss weight loss. And we would quickly regain after we stopped drinking tea or start hydrating again.”

Side effects of drinking these teas may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Also, high blood pressure and, in rare cases, liver failure.

And yet, these teas, namely Teami – that CNN reports. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not regulated.  Just people like rapper Cardi. B and the magnate beauty Kylie Jenner have promoted it.

“It’s all just a big scam, this doesn’t get you a toned belly,”. An Instagram user wrote in a comment on Roloff’s post. And CafeMom reported: “It makes you poop so much just say. Metamucil works the same.”

However, Roloff responded to this comment by writing. Like anything else, checked our own health first. And then balanced the teas with a healthy diet and exercise. ”

Another user wrote when replying to Roloff’s post. It seems that every social media star advertises this tea. But I have read people who have tried it and they say it causes abdominal pain, nausea, and headache. “The comment went on. He/she understood people had to make some way but advertising a product can make her fans sick. It may be not the best way. He/she hoped she had researched this product before selling it. ”

Therefore, Roloff replied that she had reviewed the product before advertising, adding. And like almost anything anyone did or consumed might not be the best for some people. But she has had no problem with this product.


As noted by CafeMom, Roloff is no stranger to social media posts. Previously, she shared posts about her salsa line and cake shop. In fact, right after posting the Teami photo, she uploaded a post that told fans all about her new Valentine’s day themed grill for sale. And by taking a quick look at her Instagram feed, fans can find ads for brands like Hello Fresh and, you guessed it, Teami.

Now, we can understand Roloff wants to make money by providing ads for selected brands. Maybe even brands that have products or services that she really likes. But, if those The track is mad, maybe it’s time for her to rethink her social media strategy.


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