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Another main villain in The Batman

Another main villain in The Batman

Another main villain in The Batman

The Batman Directed by Matt Reeves might not present Ben Affleck with the cape and cowl at the front and center. However, there are two main villains showing up from the Batman comics. And now the second villain has just been revealed.

According to We Got This Covered, in the casting for The Batman, the secondary baddie is billed as “The Brain” or “Riddler”.

The second main villain could be “The Brain”

The 2nd main villain in Batman could be “The Brain”

Since March of 1964, on the Doom Patrol #86 debut, the name Brain has appeared in  DC Comics’ rogue’s gallery for The nefarious. The brain mostly shows up as an adversary in a merry band of crime-fighting misfits the Doom Patrol.

The Brain’s story

This character is a clever criminal working in the Super Villains Secret group And the Evil Brotherhood.

The villain with extreme intelligence fights against enemies and does the dangerous test on animals.

However, the time as a genius scientist end after a tragic accident making have no choice but a brain in a case.

Who will he be in the Batman?

Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s product, this character is an interesting choice as a central antagonist.

 Apparently, the Brain does not face Batman intensely like some Caped Crusader haters.

But we can raise a question about this character of whether or not he is the second main villain.

According to We Got This Covered, the brain can be a cipher with another black hat fighting against Batman.

Connection with Riddler character

Following outlet’s intel casting information, “the Brain” in Batman is not related to the disembodied brain.

He is more like the “code” for another main villain in  DC Comics: the Riddler.

It is a bright idea if Warner Bros together with DC Films and Reeves use “the Brain” as a hint for the audience curious.

Using an existing name from the source material make people believe this character is taking a significant role in The Batman.

For those who already know the comics version well, they can realize that all of that is just a ruse.

Could it actually be Riddler as the second main villain?

Riddler in Batman

If you are a Batman reader, you can infer the “Brain” as Riddler’s supreme intelligence.

Originated by Edward Nigma, the Riddler owns genius-level intelligence and have a passion for complex riddles, and puzzles.

With the smart, overelaborate features, the Riddler has been one of the greatest enemies of Batman.

Considering all of this, we can find that the secondary villain of Batman must be Riddler rather than Brain.

Moreover, as Penguin is the biggest foes of Batman, the high potential is that Riddler will presence as the second villain.

In Gotham City,  Penguin frequently teams up with Riddler against Batman’s big plans.

Who will cast as Riddler

On series from Fox, Gotham talked about Riddler and Penguin casting by Cory Michael Smith and  Robin Lord Taylor respectively.

 In 1992, Batman by Tim Burton returning featured with the Penguin by Danny DeVito.

While Burton and Joel’s Batman in 1995 impressed audiences with an excellent performance of Jim Carrey as Riddler. Some may think that only Carrey and DeVito could fulfill the villain’s justice like that.

However, it has been more than 25 years now, a new project; actors can bring the new impression. Reeves’ The Batman can be the one perfect platform for that change.

It is to say that all of the above is just guesswork at present. Neither Warner Bros., DC Films, or Reeves announce that the Riddler will be a part of the story. The same goes for Penguin being against Batman at the instant.

What’s to expect?


Still, this rumor is worthy for you to notice. Rumors about comic movies usually are decided into two types.

The first type is that the film content is too far from the original stories making anyone understanding the comic hard to follow the film. The second type is just logic guess that is enough to be the truth.

And with all the signals, we have gone quite far to the idea of the Riddler as the second central villain. This report can hold some serious weight with Riddler roots in the DC Extended Universe.

For fans who are waiting for an official confirmation of the villains in The Batman, they can count the date for the film establishment on June 25, 2021.  After more than 800 days ahead, they can have fan-casting for Riddler.

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