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The biggest secrets in Captain Marvel

The biggest secrets in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Finally, this weekend, audiences will not have to wait anymore for Captain Marvel. This will be the first female superhero as a lead in MCU. Of course, we had the Wasp in Ant-man and the Warp. But it was not the lead role. Actually, it was just a female co-lead in its title. Captain Marvel will be the big blockbuster that is worth watching for many reasons. One of those is that Brie Larson as Carol Danvers.

One thing for sure, this seems to be the introduction of a new hero in MCU. We all knew her power in the comic and she is promising to be the game changer in End Game. In the film, Captain Marvel presented us with her mighty form. She can easily take down the attack of Ronan the Accuser’s army. She was glowing and firing with her arms like a goddess. However, the movie story took place in the 1990s. Therefore, it is necessary to have links running through the MCU. We had young Nick Fury, young Phil Coulson, and Ronan. These guys became the bridges to connect Captain Marvel to Avengers: Infinity War. However, Captain Marvel also contained many secrets and unclear stories behind it. Especially it has new storytelling, characters, and locations.

There are some mysterious aspects in Captain Marvel. And we believed that they will affect the future of Avengers: End Game. You can check out this list but they can be spoilers for you before going to the cinema.

The Tesseract appeared again

The Tesseract appeared again

The Marvel Cinematic Universe was successful in twisting our mind. Let’s take a look at the history of infinity stones in MCU. The first stone appearing on the screen was the space stone called the Tesseract. It was in Captain America: the first Avenger when Red Skull found it and used it to make weapons in the 1940s. Then it went down to the ocean along with Steve Roger and SHIELD discovered it again. Later the existing of Space Stone led to the invasion in New York in 2010s. Once again Loki stole the Tesseract in the Thor: Ragnarok.

And now the Space Stone appeared again in Captain Marvel. Mar-vell, the genius scientist Kree, was keeping the Tesseract on her space ship. And she was using it for her Pegasus Project. Her work about the lightspeed engine seemed to be the key to end the war between Kree and Skrull. But we didn’t know why she had it even Nick Fury could know about it. It was in 1989 when these incidents happened.

Everything started when Mar-Vell and Carol got into the attack of an unknown force. Which led to her death and the born of Captain Marvel. However, the Tesseract was in her space ship in an orbit above the Earth. That created a question about her work. In the movie, she was working among humans under the name Dr. Lawson. She even got a highly secured facility to conduct Project Pegasus. If she worked for the government then why SHIELD paid attention to her death. Maybe her true identity is the top secret they only the highest levels of SHIELD knew about it. This made a chain of mysterious question the existence of the Tesseract and its power. We knew that the Mind Stone gave Wanda and Quick Silver superpower. And the same thing happened to Carol which made her the most powerful hero in MCU at the moment.

The future of the loyal pet

The future of the loyal pet

One of the most attracting characters in Captain Marvel was Goose, the cat. This cat appeared nearly every scene having Brie as Captain Marvel and Jackson as Nick Fury. This cat was the pet of Lawson when it could run freely in Pegasus base. After six years after the death of Lawson, it appeared again when Carol got back to the Pegasus facility. Then it stowed away on the ship that Carol and Fury used to escape. Later Latos the Skrull told people that it was a Flerken. According to Comics, Flerken is an alien species. They have deadly tentacles and can eat everything without caring about the size.

In the movie, we had the chance to see its ability. When Nick and Maria had nowhere to run then Goose took down several Kree warriors. Its moves were so fast that Nick couldn’t know what actually was going on. And it literally ate those Kree warriors. Goose also could intimidate other aliens and keep the Tesseract in his body. In the after credit, we saw that Nick Fury kept Goose with him. Goose then coughed the Tesseract on the desk so he can keep it somewhere else. People started having questions around this cat. Is it still alive all the time? Is Fury still keeping it as a pet but it didn’t show up before? What else can the Flerken do?

Nick Fury

Nick Fury

It is funny to Nick Fury as his young age. We get used to the image of the Director of SHIELD. He was always the one who knows how to control others. Though he is not the lead role, Nick defined his importance at any time he appeared. In Captain Marvel, he still has 2 eyes while his clearance level is only level 3. That indicated that he is still a new agent when the incidents in Captain Marvel happened.

We got chance to see over the ranks in SHIELD. Basing on his clearance level, a person can access more confidential files in SHIELD. The highest level is 10 and we did see Nick will end up with this level or even more. In Winter Soldier, the audiences saw his broken eye gave him higher right than the directors. And it really made sense as the movie took place in 1995. Which means he would have a couple of years to be the Director of SHIELD when he met Tony Stark. It would be in 2008.

After The Winter Soldier, Nick Fury became the man having the highest level in SHIELD. In the past, he had some kind of relationship with Alexander Pierce. Thanks to it, he became the head of Secretary of the World Security Council and SHIELD. Even SHIELD came down to the river along with Hydra. But we can see Nick Fury had risen from level 3 to the highest level. It is interesting to know that he had a long journey in the 10 years to be Nick Fury nowadays. And we are all looking forward to his back in Avengers: End Game.

Ronan has shown his ambition

Ronan has shown his ambition

We are so familiar with the Ronan the accuser. He is a Kree but soon he will be the accuser of his own people. But in Captain Marvel, we will not talk about his madness yet. The incidents happened was long before he became the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy. In fact, it was 20 years after Captain Marvel’s events. According to what we have known, Ronan was a dangerous terrorist of Kree. But it was after his people had a trues with Xander which he strongly disagreed. When he was still under the instruction s of the Kree, he was a typical individual for his people. We can see in Captain Marvel how well he did his job as an accuser. For the good of Kree, he did everything he thought necessary to keep his people safe.

On the screen, he and commander Yon-Rogg had a strong relationship between soldiers in the war. However, the audiences can see his aggressive when he got the news Skrull was hiding on Earth. He immediately suggested bombing on suspected places. Moreover, his accuser army worked well with the Starforce.

We all know that Ronan still has a long way to be a dangerous commander under the orders of Thanos. In the Guardians of the Galaxy, he was the one spreading the fear in the Galaxy. He is also the man who was responsible for the death of Drax’s family. At the end of Captain Marvel, the power of Carol stunned him and his army. At that time, he knew that Earth got a defender before his attack. Then he chose to fall back after seeing her superpowered state. However, he confirmed that he would be back for the “Weapon”.

That “weapon” was Captain Marvel. And we hoped he would face her again before he met the Guardians of the Galaxy. Would he start a search for her energy after that? Was he successful in find her and trying to capture her? We can’t know how to answer these questions. But knowing more about this blue mad Kree is interesting enough.

The future of Korath

The future of Korath

There was another Kree that we used to see in Guardians of the Galaxy. It was Korath the Pursuer played by Djimon Hounsou. In Captain Marvel, he was a member in Starforce. And he was a trained and strong warrior using dual swords. This was before he finally ended up with being Ronan’s lieutenant. He was close to Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy actually. In the next 20 years after Captain Marvel, he would dedicate his life to destroy Xandar. Like Ronan, he also wanted to restore the glory of Kree’s empire. In the last fighting scene in Captain Marvel, he was fighting against Carol. Of course, Carol took him down easily with her power. But we can’t deny his skills with swords and the rest of his team was perfect.

After the fight between him and Carol, we didn’t see him appear again till the movie ended. Where would he be in the next 20 years till meeting Guardians of the Galaxy? Later we saw him with some enhancements which made him look like a cyborg. Why did he decide to follow Ronan instead? In Captain Marvel, we all saw his aim to be work under Ronan. For a moment, he intended to tell Ronan more than what his commander did want to.

Maria Rambus, the hero

Maria Rambus, the hero

In Captain Marvel, there was an exciting existence of the Rambeau family. They are such a good choice to bring along new potential storytelling. Rambus included a single mom Maria Rambus and her daughter Monica Rambus. From what we’ve known, they were much close to Carol. They lived like a true family in the past. She and her daughter loved Carol so much and admired Carol when she was a pilot. And they admired her more when they knew she got the superpower.

At the end of the movie, the Rambus family had known the true identity of Carol. And they supported her idea of helping Skrull find a new home. Monica was a good kid. And she loved her mother as well as auntie Carol. She also claimed that she would become a superhero like her mother and Carol. In Comic, she actually fulfills her dream by becoming the next Captain Marvel. After some incidents, she decided to take a new name. But her name changed several times in comic before ended up with Spectrum. She also took Captain Marvel’s place when she became the leader of Avengers.

However, we didn’t receive any confirmation about who did she become in the next 20 years? The next incident happens in MCU when she would be 30 years old. Can we see her finally became a superhero in MCU?

The empire of Skrull


From the beginning of the movie Captain Marvel, we believed that Krulls are bad guys. However, MCU has cheated on us. Krulls are not the people who found a new planet and conquered it for their own. However, they fooled us with their storytelling and the appearance of Skrulls. The Skrulls have the ability to change her appearance by looking at an individual. The Supreme Intelligence, Ron-Riggs and Carol all told us they were bad guys.

In fact, the Kree forced them to run away their planet when they disobey Kree’s rules. They were just refugees who were trying to find a new home to live again. This was also the biggest twist in Captain Marvel. It proved that you couldn’t judge people by their appearances. The mission of Talos was finding his people and getting them to a safe planet. That was the reason why Mar-vell tried to hind her work with the lightspeed engine. With the lightspeed engine, the Skrulls can go to where the Kree can’t. With the help of Captain Marvel, we hoped that they could be able to find a new settle soon enough.

Let’s imagine that the Skrulls were able to find a suitable planet and started to rebuild? After 20 years, they must have created a new empire on their new planet. At least, they had higher technology. If they did a new home, probably they’ll be an expanding power. In comic, the Skrulls are sometimes good and sometimes bad. They changed side due to the situation and their need. Where are they when Thanos snapped his finger? Will they join the Avengers to defeat the Mad Titan?

The bigger war than it seemed

Captain Marvel revealed the bigger conflict behind it

No matter how it looked like a private journey of Carol on the journey to find herself. Captain Marvel revealed the bigger conflict behind it. It was the representation of the war between Kree and Skrull. The war between these 2 alien species had occurred for decades. We will not discuss who is right or wrong in this war? One thing we must admit that this war is the foundation of Marvel Universe. Thanks to it, audiences got the chance to know the existence of many kinds of alien.

Captain Marvel didn’t intend to exploit the war out space. The cause of the war or how they fought against each other is not necessary to mention. The MCU also didn’t want to explain why Skrulls lost their planet and became refugees. The main thing it wanted to mention was Carol’s journey to find her lost memory. Carol just accidentally got into this war but it gave her superpower at least. Therefore, there are a lot of unanswered questions around this war. Maybe the information about this war could be helpful for the future of MCU. For example, if this war hadn’t broken out, Captain Marvel wouldn’t have appeared.

Attention to the memory technology


When Vers (the Kree name of Carol) didn’t follow the orders and the Skrulls caught her. Later she found herself in some kind of machine. The Skulls had developed a new machine basing on the memory technology. Thanks to this new technology, the Skrulls could touch the deepest memories of Carol. It was so advanced that they could replay her memories many times. As well as they affected herself in that memory. You will see how they tell them to stay focus to clearly see the name of Dr. Lawson. This was the woman that could take them to the lightspeed engine.

Then, we knew that the Skrulls have taken advantage of this technology. As we mentioned above, the Skrulls had the ability to change their appearances. They just needed to see who they wanted to be. Starforce discovered that they could also imitate the recent memories of that person. The Skrulls were owning that technology at that time. And through the conversation with Nick and Maria, Latos revealed a little how he did it. The war between them and Kree was over but they still could use this technology for many reasons? Maybe they will share or sell this to other races. Or it could fall into wrong hands which could lead to another chaos in the universe.

What will happen to Yon-Rogg?


The most epic and twisting scene is when Talos convinced Carol to hear the record of herself 6 years ago. Finally, Carol could answer questions about images and flashes in her head. Why did she come to Hala? Why is she only one having a special ability? She came to Hala and became a Kree with no memories. The only one she knew was they saved her and gave her the second chance to serve. Then she gained her memories back. She knew that the one shot her and Mar-vell was Yon-Rogg. He killed Mar-Vell to prevent her from giving the lightspeed engine to Skrulls. Her work like Yon-Rogg said was able to put an end to this war.

Yon-Rogg wanted to eliminate the Skrulls under the hands of the Kree. However, he couldn’t predict that Carol would destroy the engine and absorbed its power. Instead of killing her, he chose to train her so that he could use her later. When he brought her back to the planet Hala, they locked her memories and her power. In the end, Carol found out what she needed to do and who she should help. She gained her superpowered state and rebound the attack of Ronan. After that, she shot Yon-Rogg with her Photon Beam and sent him back to Hala. She promised him that she would make clear everything, everyone lies. In fact, Yon-Rogg will have to answer for the death of Mar-vell.

But what will exactly happen to Yon-Rogg? Is he dead or alive? Or maybe he found a way to break out and turned his back to the Kree. Will we be able to see him again in the future? We hardly can know what is going to happen then. But giving this character a chance to survive can contain some meaning.

The power of Captain Marvel

The power of Captain Marvel

When Carol Danvers shot the lightspeed engine according to Mar-Vell’s last words! However, Carol absorbed the power inside the engine, which turned her into Captain Marvel. She became stronger, faster and more resilient. Of course, we can’t miss her Photon Blasts. At the end of the movie, she discovered that her power coming from the Tesseract. This Space Stone played an important part in the Marvel Universe. According to what we have known, the Space Stone is able to teleport through space. For example, it transported Red Skull to the planet Vormir by accident. It opened a Black Hole on the sky of New York or helped Thanos go to everywhere in the universe. Now we knew that Carol’s power coming from an Infinity Stone like Wanda, Quick Silver or Vision from the Mind Stone.

Hence Is there a possibility that she can use more power from the Space Stone? Can she get some connections with Wanda or Vision? After all, their powers are quite similar. Let’s imagine she can do what the Space Stone can do. The only way to answer all these questions, we have to wait for Avengers: End Game.




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