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Cardi B’s costume problem on Grammys stage!

Cardi B’s costume problem on Grammys stage!

Cardi B's costume problem on Grammys stage

The final performance of 2019 Grammys belongs to rapper Cardi B went off with a glitch.

On Sunday, 10th Feb 2019, Cardi B performed the song “Money” on the Grammys stage. There was a brilliant pianist in the center stage and more than a dozen women dancing along with her. It was a good sign when there were many audiences and fans following the show. However, Cardi B went through a wardrobe malfunction mid-performance, as noted by StyleCaster because of not getting attention.

During the time the former Love & Hip Hop reality TV star rap, Cardi’s backup dancers attached a black feathered peacock-like to her on-stage costume. She indicated the song with her arms movements that attracted many cameras focused closely on her. At this moment, her spiked choker must have been lax. When Cardi spit, she took her arms across her chest like the cross. Then she said “Wakanda forever”, acting like Black Panther – main actor from Marvel’s superhero movie who has a responsibility to protect his homeland. Cardi B’s necklace went off immediately. Although the jewelry spilled on the stage when Cardi uncrossed her arms, she did not stop to pick them up. Like the professional singer, she continued rapping, walking across the stage.

No one watching this show could not realize the problem as well as Cardi’s husband, Migos rapper Offset. He likes his wife’s stage presence, Offset even licked his lips while Cardi performed, according to Insider.

Cardi’s necklace shows real diamonds (but it’s not), yet considering that the song was about having expensive taste so we suspect this necklace is very expensive. Hope Cardi and her team could collect the necklace from the Grammys stage after the show. Wouldn’t lose them!

Cardi might remember this problem for too long. Later on, during the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, Cardi won the award for best rap album for the 26-year-old’s 2018 LP, Invasion of Privacy, remaking the first female solo artist to win that category.  This is also her first-ever Grammy. When Cardi came to the stage to get the award, she said: “Ooh. The nerves are so bad.” She bantered, “Maybe I need to start smoking weed!”

Unsuccessfully, not all of the audiences agree on Cardi’s win because she overtook Mac Miller– the late rapper who passed away from “mixed drug toxicity” in Sep 2018. As reported by Complex,  Ariana Grande, who’d dated Miller, posted on Twitter that the Recording Academy should not have invited Miller’s family to the event so they could watch him lose. She expressed that ” nothing to do” with Cardi but thought that was just “trash” that Miller did not win.

Cardi responded to People magazine about her album’s Grammy win over Miller’s Swimming in a video on her Instagram. “I read an article that Mac Miller’s family said that if he doesn’t win, they want me to win so I’m sharing this Grammy with you motherf***er. Rest in peace.”

Unfortunately, Cardi’s acceptance of Mac Miller and his family cannot make serious fans satisfy. The “Bodak Yellow” artist deactivated her Instagram account after people protested about Cardi’s Grammys award (via People). Before quitting the social media platform, in a video, she said “It’s not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else.” Cardi clarified that she was “being dragged” by serious people after her achievement.

“I got a lot of s*** today,” Cardi told her followers. “I got a lot of bulls*** today and I saw a lot of s***  last night. And I’m sick of this s***. I work hard for my motherf****** album.”

Sad Cardi. We expect that she could let all the bad things away and take pleasure in her achievement. And enjoy the happiness when her daughter Kulture learned to say, “Mama”, as she did after the Grammys (via E! News). We believe that Cardi B could remember her Grammys wardrobe malfunction because of her major career success and her kid started to talk or what haters did to her.

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