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Carmen Argenziano, A Great Movies Star, Passes Away At 75

Carmen Argenziano, A Great Movies Star, Passes Away At 75

Carmen Argenziano dies at 75

One of the worst news for everyone this morning! The great actor with the shining performance, Carmen Argenziano, has passed away. He becomes more and more popular for appearing in both The Godfather Part Two and Stargate SG-1.

This announcement was published by his agency named Events Horizon Talents by a post via Facebook. They only informed the news with the fans, as well as the press, around three days ago.

Argenziano’s main representative, at the same time, announced with the press about his death two days ago via People. He died at the age of 75. How sad and regretful it is to hear this news! We are losing a talented and respectful actor in the world.

Carmen Argenziano Has Passed Away

Carmen Argenziano passes away at 75

When the Facebook post informed about the death of Carmen Argenziano, the fans and the audience was getting shocked. Many people will never forget his amazing performance in The Godfather Part Two. On top of that, he has been working hard and diligently for the past four decades.

That is why he is, with no doubt, an incredible and respectful actor. Besides The Godfather Part Two, he is also well-known with Cheers or ER.

If you are a big fan of Argenziano, you will surely love the Stargate SG-1 series. This is what makes him shining and becomes a superstar in the world of movies. The way he turns into Jacob Carter, as well as Selmak, makes us love him even more. And this role is the best step to make the world recognize his true talent.

Carmen, indeed, receives a number of compliments from the people who used to collaborate and communicate. They think that he is nice, generous, and caring. He makes other people believe.

Especially, the way he treats not only his friends but also the strangers is very great. Therefore, the fact he has passed away recently makes his representative and the people knowing him very sad. They pray the best thing for him in heaven.

More Things That You Should Know About Carmen Argenziano

Carmen Argenziano image

Carmen Argenziano was born in 1943 in Pennsylvania and began his acting career in the early 70s. His first and foremost role in his life was in the movie Cover Me, Babe. Although it was such a small role, he was still happy with this starting point.

After making the first step in the filming industry, Carmen continued to appear in other movies. You can remember him act in Punishment Park, Grave in the Vampire, along with Caged Heat. However, his most shining time as an actor was when he took the role in The Godfather Part Two. In this incredible movie, he turned into the buttonman of Michael in an excellent way.

After this victory movie, he still found the other roles such as Graduation Day, or Sudden Impact. Some people may love his appearance in Red Scorpion many years ago, including myself.

During the 2000s until 2018, he was still an active actor with many memorable and high-quality movies. For example, we cannot neglect his awesome roles in Angels and Demons, The Mad Whale, as well as a Winter Rose.

Besides his contribution to the big screen, you will also be impressed by his television credits. Many people cannot forget the interesting feeling when becoming immersed in The Bionic Women episodes. And Criminal Minds, too!

It is true that Carmen Argenziano has passed away. But his devotion for filming and his passion for acting is always memorable. Also, he will live forever in the heart of his wife, together with his children.

For all of us, the only thing we should do is to wish all the best things for his loved ones during this mourning time. And on top of that, we hope that Carmen is happy in heaven.

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