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Celebrities who committed shoplifting

Celebrities who committed shoplifting

Winona Ryder 2

Why would celebrities ever want to shoplift? According to some experts, stars that steal nearly never do it because they accidentally find themselves in dire financial problems. Barbara Staib, who is the director of communications for the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, told the BBC in 2012 that this actions may give them a ‘rush’ or a ‘high’. It may become a relief, in case of only a temporary one. On the other hand, in 2002, psychiatrist Dr. Heather Krell said to the Good Morning America that stardom and shoplifting both have a little bit in common (via People). She claimed that to be a celebrity, they have to take a lot of opportunities. They have to catch up at the moment. It can be a part of shoplifting.

Although all these heady theories might be slightly hard-to-reach, you cannot blame on the experts for expecting to enter to the bottom of this pop-culture issue. Such a surprising amount of celebs have nearly belonged to the list of shoplifting over the periods. Stars such as Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears have at least one time fallen into pilfering goods. On one hand, the actress named Winona Ryder is nearly as well-known for her 2001 shoplifting occurrence as her presentations in films like Mermaids and Beetlejuice. In this article below, there are several bold-faced names to reserve in your back pocket: the Celebrities who committed shoplifting.

Lindsay Lohan and the $2,500 necklace

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan is the first person to remind when we talk about the Celebrities who committed shoplifting topic. Amid a set of news cameras, Lindsay Lohan appeared at the L.A. Airport Courthouse on Feb. 9, 2011, to face charges. She filched a necklace from a Venice jewelry shop, which cost to be among $2,500. According to the Los Angeles Times, officials claimed that the store’s surveillance cameras even captured the Herbie: Fully Loaded star wearing the necklace in concern. Beyond that, the paparazzi reportedly snapped a couple of photos of Lohan. This reflected she proudly bopping through town with the jewelry around her throat.

As TMZ reports, Lohan claimed the necklace had become her property. In the heat of the fracas, she allegedly wrote on her Facebook. She defended that she would never steal… She did not raise a lie, cheat, or steal anything (via the Daily Mail). Meanwhile, an assistant told TMZ that she would return the necklace back to the store since she took it from the store. Nevertheless, she was too busy! (via the Daily Mail).

CBS News mentioned that Lohan “pleaded no contest” in court. Despite the fact that she never exactly fessed up to committing the glamorous gaffe, the case was still a conviction. The judge ordered Lohan to receive a 120-day jail sentence on top of a 480 – hours of community service. Beyond that, she had to overcome extensive counseling and participate in an anti-shoplifting class.

Rex Reed really loves Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee

How far would you go to the choices from the Peggy Lee songbook? According to reports, in February 2000, persnickety film critic Rex Reed dashed out of a Tower Records Manhattan. The story of a man who was in the list of Celebrities who committed shoplifting began here. And circumspectly carrying some of the CDs on his person that he would neglect to buy. Eagle-eyed Tower Records security apparently observed this go down with rising interest. CBS News reports noted that the music consisted of the California Suite of Mel Torme, Songs from Pete of Peggy Lee, and Carmen McRae’s Easy to Love. Reed supposedly slipped both discs into his coat pocket, whereas another CD had tucked into the “rear waistband” of his trousers (according to the New York Post).

In court, Reed evidently refused a plea deal, instead blaming the entire sorry situation on having a senior moment. He persisted he did not feel guilty of anything he has done but stupidity. And then lobbed this lively zinger into the claims that if he has to go to the shoplifting class, okay, he will review their film. Reed also boasted that he received a private letter from Miss Peggy Lee herself. Her supportive words boosted his spirits. It made him cry. According to the Chicago Tribune, the case eventually dismissed, and Reed was evidently excited when he fled Criminal Court. He quipped that from now he would be going to write nothing but positive reviews.

Tila Tequila’s sticky fingers

Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila may not be the most sudden name to enclose her name on the Celebrities who committed shoplifting list. Considering the previous reality star has made headlines in recent years for dressing swastika – emblazoned armbands. This related to Adolf Hitler as a “sweet and special child”. Then she posted chilling YouTube vlogs about how she has to habitually run from indiscriminate demons. The fact that committing shoplifting could become one of her least-shocking scandals.

According to the Page Six reports, Tequila took the MySpace in 2010 to share her brush story with the law. She wrote that she had lost her wallet. She was very HUNGRY on that day. Then she made a false decision, primly into a closed CVS Pharmacy. She stole several bubble gums and a packet of potato chips. That snacks evidently established a meal in her world. Unfortunately, the securities caught her shoplifting. Tequila subsequently had to face with a court case and was surely so tickled by all this hasty drama. She decided that she could confirm herself a REAL GANGSTA!

Maybe we should conclude that Tequila subsequently declared herself as the second coming of Jesus in 2015. Hence, this incomplete shoplifting is the smallest particle in the misleads mosaic, which is her public life.

Actor Shaun Weiss’s Rite-Aid arrest

Actor Shaun Weiss

Actor Shaun Weiss probably does not look similar to you in this mugshot, if you do not travel in some particularly rough circles in Los Angeles. The troubled star is the best known for roles in Heavyweights and The Mighty Ducks. However, these days, he is now making headlines by jumping into an interesting deal of legal trouble. As a result, it makes him become one of some Celebrities who committed shoplifting. In November 2018, Weiss reportedly stole greater than $200 worth of products at a Rite Aid in Los Angeles (according to TMZ). It was his second shoplifting charge: TMZ previously stated that Weiss certainly stole $151 worth of goods from Fry’s Electronics in 2017. This case subsequently sent him 150 days in the clink.

An alleged preference for shoplifting is not the unique thing that sends Weiss’s name in the tabloids. According to professional Weiss-watchers TMZ, he was impoverished for possession of meth for less than a week. This issue came after he was in jail for the 2017 shoplifting incident. In a 2018 Facebook post, Weiss talked about his continuing struggles. He wrote that he captured a point that was BELOW rock bottom (via TMZ).

Amanda Bynes and the Barneys ‘misunderstanding’

Amanda Bynes

Bynes is also a name in the list of Celebrities who committed shoplifting. In October 2014, the NYPD visited Barneys New York after actress Amanda Bynes certainly walked out of the luxury retailer. Importantly, he did not pay for a hat (via People). However, the security guard evidently allowed Bynes to go before the police arrived.

Without charging, but Bynes reportedly signed a no-trespass statement. It barred her from going into the store again. She dismissed the commotion as a misunderstanding, which claimed she just head out to her car so as to grab her handbag. Perhaps worrying her story became detrimental; she added that “undercover” paparazzi had antagonized her inside the store. She told the People that she left Barneys to escape their grasp. However, she was still wearing the hat. She said that she basically had to leave at that time, disclosing that management told her in no clear terms, which was ‘Please, just do not shop at Barneys one more time.’

One essential detail casts suspicion on Bynes’ tales of aggressive paparazzi and left-behind handbags: The actress reportedly involved in another shoplifting scandal that familiar afternoon. According to TMZ, wary Sebastian & Pookie assistants tailed the actress within the store, because she acted dubiously. Bynes obviously tried to leave the store with one of their shirts which stuffed between her arms. When an employee asked her, the actress asked back: “Do I have to buy this?”

Winona Ryder’s alleged five-finger discount

Winona Ryder

It would be deficient not to mention about Winona Ryder here as one of the Celebrities who committed shoplifting. In 2001, the Beetlejuice actress met trouble after zipping out of a Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue. She took approximately $5,000 worth of clothes, a handbag, and hair accessories without paying (according to the New York Daily News). Ryder fell into illegal ownership of an antidepressant drug.

In 2002, the Time magazines reported that the actress received a conviction of grand vandalism and theft. She kept away from jail, but had to perform 480 hours of community service. Additionally, she had to suffer from $10,000 of fines and restitution (according to CNN). During the scandal, Ryder sustained a sense of humor about the issue. She dressed a “FREE WINONA” T-shirt for a W magazine cover and satirize the issue on Saturday Night Live (via Time).

Even though the incident immediately hobbled her career, Ryder told Interview that the scandal drove away to be a positive thing. Since she actually needed the time off (via the Daily Mail). Following the win of the Netflix show Stranger Things, Ryder recalled the public (via The Independent) that it was not like the crime.

Why don’t Megan Fox shop at WalMart anymore?

Megan Fox

Do not ever invite Megan Fox to go shopping at Walmart with you. She will reject, and then you will feel awkward. Besides, she is also a member of the Celebrities who committed shoplifting clans. In 2009, the Daily Express disclosed that the Transformers star cannot visit the chain store as a teenager. The reason for that was she used to try to steal a set of makeup from the Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate line of cosmetics. I do not know if the prohibition was for life (Fox said). However, she evidently does not aim to capture her opportunities and has not gone back. Following her inconvenient brush with the law, a teenage Fox had to come in court, where she reportedly gives two selections, and I took the second selection.

Her so-called penalty was not really a penalty (Fox says). She had to wrap Christmas gifts for Walmart customers. An experience she noted was actually amazing. Option No. 2, on one hand, sounds like it would have been far less merry: They would make me cover a sign saying that I stole from Walmart and stay outside Walmart for 3 days.

Lainie Kazan got a nice deal on groceries

Lainie Kazan

Now we have actress Lainie Kazan, on Christmas Eve 2017. She may be the best known for her coming in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The securities arrested her after obviously trying to hoard up among $180 in groceries from a Gelson’s supermarket in California (TMZ). The tabloid picked the uncharacteristically tempered title “My Obese Greek Wedding mom impoverished for shoplifting”, whereas the Daily Mail chose the slack by unavoidably going for “My Obese Greek Robbery!”

Kazan reportedly tried to stash plenty of items into “some reusable bags” before creating a straight line to her car. However, the clear plot cannot hie anymore and the police now paid attention. The actress, who was 77 years old by the time, fell into the arrest for petty theft. She heads to the police station in handcuffs. It revealed that Kazan was certainly a normal shopper — a normal shoplifter — at that special Gelson’s. According to a newest TMZ report, assistant swore that Kazan would usually stock up her cart full of food. Heading towards the checkout border, and eventually bid a reckless retreat in the crazy rival of paying customers. Footage from safe cameras reportedly recorded that claim. But Kazan’s lawyer, Mark Werksman, refused it all to People, pointing that Lainie Kazan is not a thief or a shoplifter.

No speech on how this all finished. However, as her description was in the PBS program Hanukkah: A Festival of deLights in December 2018, we are fairly sure Kazan had not to spend her life in prison.

Will & Grace’s Shelley Morrison told that she dis not remember


Actress Shelley Morrison is well-known for her helping role on the basic run of Will & Grace. Where she draws Rosario, Karen Walker’s funny and witty Salvadoran caretaker. (Morrison did not come back when the property had no longer been in its original place in 2017. Then she decided to fire from show business, according to The Hollywood Reporter.) Back in 2003, the performer announced some claims after reportedly taking illegally $446 worth of costume jewelry from Robinsons-May department store” (the People). As a consequence, she put herself into the list of Celebrities who committed shoplifting.

Morrison then claimed she would suffer from some kind of fugue state connecting to temporary forgetful illness, whereas going on her shopping. She remembered that she went to the store to buy shoes. But the details got iffy, that: The following thing she remembered was the security guards surrounded her. She emptied her pockets to look for this terrible jewelry that she would have never purchased or given as a present in a million years.

The incident suspiciously sent Morrison into a serious depression. Then she confirmed that she curved into this black hole for about 2½ weeks. In spite of the semi-scandal, the Will & Grace crew and cast were supportive. With Morrison told People: Sean Hayes recalled and stated that she lives so close! She can go to take groceries! She reportedly suffered from a $300 fine, one year for a trial period, and had to stay away from the store.


Kim Richards certainly took toys from Target

Kim Richards

In August 2015, Kim Richards, a noticeable personality on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She may head to jail for the night after being on suspicion of shoplifting (according to Reuters). Kim Richards treated herself with a five-finger discount at Target. And she stocked up on nearly $600 worth of thoroughly random things. TMZ reported that she actually collected approximately two shopping carts with full of stuff. She also took her sizeable booty to the precise aisle. This is where she eventually decided to run out without paying for her treasures. Her picked goods consisted of mostly toys and beauty products from the dollar segment. In reality, the Daily Mail revealed her choices including stickers, coloring books, and crayons. This incident came on another accuse in April of the same year after Richards got into a drunken squabble at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Richards “implore no contest” to the shoplifting fees (via Page Six). She then had to perform the 30 days of community service as well as 52 Alcoholics Anonymous gatherings (via the Daily Mail).

Britney Spears allegedly got wiggy with it

Britney Spears

On Nov 18, 2007, pop star Britney Spears made a crucial destined visit to the adult – platformed Hustler store in West Hollywood, Calif. Here, the story of Spears as one of the Celebrities who committed shoplifting began. The US Weekly reported that the “Gimme More” singer really wanted to test-drive a couple of “saucy knickers”. However, she could not try them before purchasing them (via the Daily Mail). According to a source, the store normally does not allow any people to attempt on underwear. This rule evidently makes Mrs. Spears upset. She allegedly covered the underwear which she was wearing right then. Then, much to the disappointment of customers and staffers, she proceeded to keep trying the lingerie before their startled eyes.

Spears threw her credit card down to pay for the panties, which reportedly described the words that “Barely Legal” across the back. However, she apparently continued to make trouble based on her purchase. In fact, she actually stole a peruke off the head of a poor, mannequin, defenseless. As far as we have known, she never returned the wig back. She might be wearing it at the moment and laughed loudly in the mirror.

According to Elite Daily, that is not Spears’ one and only shoplifting adventure. In 2008, she had waltzed out of a Fred Segal outlet. By that time, she wore some $200 long-sleeved number. Importantly, she forgot to purchase and pay. She returned back to the garment, and the police did not get involved. Maybe the strangest among all, Spears eventually stole a lighter from a gas station in December 2007, which would have cost her $1.39 (via the People). The station owner still forces her to return it back.

Jake Gyllenhaal had stolen a Speedo swim brief


If you are aiming to steal something, why don’t you steal a Speedo? Gyllenhaal as a member of the Celebrities who committed shoplifting list stated that. Back in that day, actor Jake Gyllenhaal apparently swiped a couple of the skimpy swim trunks as some parts of an absurd prank. By that time, he was going down at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles. If you believe in the reporting of FemaleFirst, the Donnie Darko star really walked into the Speedo store. Then he poured himself into a bathing suit. After that, he went for an extra mile by moving quickly out of the store whereas wearing the trunks. He claimed that his friend dared him actually.

It could have become a flawless crime, but the local fuzz had involved. Gyllenhaal revealed that the Beverly Center cops had arrested him. They were really serious, they did not show much action. It was an unforgettable moment for all of us. They had to point out that this legal kerfuffle did not become a big report. Therefore, they would leave it to you to make a wise decision, in case that you would like to trust this modern ‘fairy tale’.


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