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Celebrities who married the same person twice

Celebrities who married the same person twice

Eminem and Kim Scott

A well-known speech in every traditional marriage vows: “Until death does us part”. For most Hollywood weddings, that likely to be the exception. Most stars are fortunate to make it become a 10- year wedding anniversary. But several Hollywood’s most influential stars did not allow their divorce to stop them finding love again. They did not have to look so far to find out their upcoming mate. They kept falling back in love with the one they had already married and divorced in the past!

For some stars, their marriage re-dos have panned out nicely, while others have not been so fortunate. They either ran into the same problems that split them up the first time around. Or sadly, they lost each other because of death. Marie Osmond, Pamela Anderson, and Eminem re-married their exes. They are not the only persons who decided to jump into the aisle with an ex-spouse. The article below is love, divorce, and reconciliation stories of celebrities who have married the same person twice.

1. At least Barbara Walters left with a lavish apartment

Walters and Merv Adelson

Barbara Walters is one of the celebrities who has married the same person twice. She and the late Merv Adelson appeared to be the wonderful couple at the time they tied the knot in 1981. She was well-respected. He was a producer as well as the co-founder of Lorimar Television. What could go wrong here? We cannot ensure. But CBS Los Angeles stated that the couple called it quits three years later, in 1984.

However, they could not keep their paws off of each other for a long time. In May 1986 rolled around, the duo willing to give love another shot. Variety noted that the couple invited nearly 30 guests to their wedding. However, more than 100 people came to celebrate the smitten couple. One guest commented it a “fabulous night”. However, it is too bad since it would not last… again.

Walters used to be the one who asks all the questions. She gave a rare interview with the New York Times in 1992 before divorcing Adelson for the second time. She revealed in her Fifth Avenue apartment in New York City that she moved here when she got married. Her husband wanted a bigger apartment. He has gone, but the apartment staye

2. After two failed marriages, it does not pass for Eminem & Kim Scott

Eminem and Kim Scott

Just forget the new that Eminem spitefully rapped murdered his baby mama, Kim Scott, on various songs. Their dysfunctional romance forced them to get married in June 1999. That event was four years after the birth of their daughter, Hailie Scott Mathers. Unsurprisingly, their marriage lived shortly. According to Billboard, the duo split in August 2000 when Eminem used a gun to pistol-whip a man who kissed his wife outside a nightclub as he witnessed.

By December 2000, they healed things for Scott to turn around. Nothing could keep these deep lovebirds away from one another. The childhood sweethearts re-married in January 2006. According to People, in what the rapper’s rep depicted as a private and small ceremony at Meadow Brook Hall in Rochester, Mich.

As Em’s mentor said, “Hold up, wait!”. Before they could send the thank-you cards for their wedding presents, and nearly three months after saying “I do”, Eminem prepared for divorce. Scott’s attorney told for eight months later their official divorce: there was lots of sadness about why this marriage cannot work out. They have been together for 17 years as friends, lovers, husband-and-wife relationship. They raised children together… This is not the end and they cannot be over.

They are the celebrities who have married the same person twice. On one hand, does this mean the third wedding may happen?

3. Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon still cannot get it perfect

Pamela Anderson & Rick Salomon

Pamela Anderson and a professional poker player – Rick Salomon have a lot in common, especially they are both the celebrities who have married the same person twice. For instance, they both starred in their person adult videos. Additionally, they actually display the affections in public. We do mean truly into them. That is enough to maintain two marriages, right?

On a whim, and between her magic show presentation in Las Vegas, Salomon and Anderson got married at the Mirage Hotel in 2007 (the People reported). It was their third marriage of them. A source announced to the publication that the friends-turned-spouses were “head over heels in love.” However, in spite of their influence on one another, two months after marrying, the former Baywatch star annulled the marriage, citing “fraud”.

Clearly, things got quite messy between them. The media did not collect any news. When Anderson disclosed to E! News that she and Salomon have married again in January 2014. She said she and her husband were very happy, her families too. That’s all that matters.”

However, over a year after claiming to be Mrs. Salomon again, Anderson filed a restraining against her husband. She claimed that he joined in to strangle her within a moment of passion (according to TMZ). With other irreconcilable situations, urge the disconnected couple to really stick a fork in their second wedding in April 2015.

4. Jean Claude Van Damme owns a ‘weakness’ for women

Van Damme and Portugues

At the top of his career, professional badass and martial arts guru Jean Claude Van Damme had a big problem. According to a 1992 People timeline, the actor admitted that his weakness is women. He was not lying. Although he married at the time to the former bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, rumors of the Kickboxer star engaged in an affair with the desired actress named Darcy LaPier. Portugues told People the rumors were irritating. He also added that he knows what they have together. He is strong enough to let it get to me.

Whether or not Van Damme and La Pier had an amour, Van Damme’s marriage to Portugues finished an unclear separation that same year. The Bloodsport star then married LaPier in 1994 (according to Hello! Magazine). And the couple had only one child. But they divorced in 1997. Guess who Van Damme ran back to? Portugues!

He and Portugues then reconciled and re-married in June 1999 (according to the Hello!). It was the actor’s fifth marriage with his fourth bride. Thankfully, until now, the loves of these celebrities who have married the same person twice still exist, well.

5. Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson’s second return – a natural karma

Melanie Griffith & Don Johnson

Melanie Griffith was 14 years old when she met an actor, then a 21-year-old Don Johnson. In 1976, only a few years after their first meeting, they got married (InStyle reported). But love could not keep this marriage. The couple’s rumored about the abuse problems and wandering eyes (according to People).

Their love was far from over. After divorcing, Griffith married actor Steven Bauer and have a child. Then, they decided to separate (InStyle revealed).

It did not take long for Griffith to find love one more time. She relit the flame with Johnson. The two married for the second time in 1989. Even they had a daughter. Griffith told InStyle that it was kind of natural karma for us to return together and have Dakota.

Perhaps she and Johnson would still be husband and wife until the end… If it was not for his alleged alcohol problems. The Washington Post noted that both of them hit a bump in marriage numerous dos around the period Johnson entered rehabilitation. Even though they tried their best to keep the relationship together, they still decided to finalize their second divorce in 1996.

6. Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner’s second marriage was likely a tragedy

Natalie Wood & Robert Wagner

These two well-known persons are also the celebrities who have married the same person twice. Natalie Wood was walking down the hallway at 20th Century Fox studio when Robert Wagner saw her. By that time, she was 10 years old and Robert was 18. She then turned to her mother and said that she would marry him. And Wood was right. The West Side Story star and that handsome man tied the knot in 1957. However, with the pressure around them in every move, their marriage ended five years later. However, they actually never stopped loving each other, Wood had told to the People.

They both moved on with another person and marry for the second time, and have children. After, in 1970, they both came to the same Hollywood party. Woods was six months pregnant by her next-husband, Richard Gregson. And Wagner, married but split from his wife, Marion Marshall, joined in the party alone. Their destiny meeting at that party turned into months of conversations between the two of them. Woods said that they talked about what actually happened to their marriages. He truly became a man instead of a boy. However, they admitted that they should have those years apart.

They decided to re-marry in January 1972, and then had a daughter together. However, their rebound romance was short since Woods died on a boat trip in 1981, when she was 43 years old.

7. Marie Osmond & Stephen Craig kept their re-make relationship a mystery

Marie Osmond & Stephen Craig

They are the next celebrities who have married the same person twice. The first time Marie Osmond and the basketball player Stephen Craig married each other was in 1982. They had a son together, but their marriage only lived for three years.

What happened next many years apart? That was Osmond even married to a man named Brian Blosil, having two children and adopting five more. However, Osmond and Blosil revealed that they ended their marriage in March 2007, according to People. On one hand, secretly, Osmond started dating her first husband, Craig. She told to Good Morning America that she did not want to hurt anyone, you know if it did not work out.

The entertainer and her ex-husband saw each other privately for two years before they decided to get married in 2011. They held their wedding at a ceremony in a Las Vegas Mormon temple. Osmond told to the People that she was very happy and love to share my life with Stephen. She commented that he would be an amazing man and a great father to her children.

As of this writing, Osmond and Craig’s marriage is still strong. Congrats for second chances!

8. Larry King still has still appreciated for his grand lady

Larry King

Television personality named Larry King is well-known due to his love life. It is likely a revolving door. He has walked down the aisle eight many various times with seven different women in his life. That includes his third wife, former Playboy bunny Alene Akins. That one he married once in 1961 and again in 1967.

The couple had one only child, their daughter Chaia. King has adopted Atkins’ son, called Andy from a previous marriage. After their second divorce came in 1972, King had nothing but good things to say about the woman he divorced, married again, and then divorced again.

When Akins died in February 2017, King took to his Twitter and pen a heartfelt plus sweet note to his double-time ex-wife. It noted: It is very sad due to the passing of Alene Akins, who died peacefully with their children Chaia and Andy by her side. She was obviously a grand lady.

9. Terrence Howard is now ready for the ‘I do’ vow

Terrence Howard and Miranda Pak

He has not walked down the aisle yet. However, as of this writing, Empire actor Terrence Howard has made it obvious that he closed to get married to the similar person twice. The fortunate woman is his third wife, Miranda Pak. He secretly married her for the first time in 2013, and then an equally secret divorce in 2015 (the New York Daily News).

Over three years after divorcing, in December 2018, Howard popped the question and re-asked to Pak. In a video on the Instagram, Howard acted surprisingly Pak with an incredible engagement ring. He also gave a toast to demonstrate the reason why he expected to make her become his wife… one more time. He said that it took him 45 years to find his woman. Now that he has that woman in his 50th year. He loves spending the rest of his life with her. Aww!

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