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Celebs’ attitude toward the Jussie Smollett controversy

Celebs’ attitude toward the Jussie Smollett controversy

Jussie Smollett's attack

It happened in late January, Empire actor Jussie Smollett decided to go out and buy a Subway sandwich. However, he absolutely couldn’t know that he was about to be a victim of a brutal hate crime. Having the report from TMZ, the star had to go to hospital two men wearing mask attacked him surprisingly. Doctors did place a noose around his neck and doused him in what they later determined to be bleach. The attackers also gave racial and homophobic slurs at the star as he is black and openly gay. Surprisingly these men referenced Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” catchphrase.

Chicago police, however, tried to “treat the incident just like a normal hate crime” when they took the case. According to the initial reports, the actor luckily had big support from his friends. They are Empire co-stars, Hollywood A-listers, and prominent politicians. And he got the support from a famous singer like Ariana Grande to the politician Nancy Pelosi.

In next weeks, many reports appeared and tried to prove that police were trying to the secret. They were considering the possibility Smollett paid off them to orchestrate his attack. The police questioned and released the Nigerian brothers Olabinjo Osundairo and Abimbola Osundairo. As these men have a professional relationship with Smollett. But Smollett had called his lawyer and denied the accuse of the attack was a fake. To be frankly, everything from Hollywood now seems to be difficult to know about what to think. And they are actors after all!

Cardi B worried that this could ruin Black History Month

Cardi B reaction in Smollett's attack

Cardi B didn’t know how to react to this correctly. In the past, the star insulted the Super Bowl in cooperation with Colin Kaepernick. And if you can remember, she did slam Donald Trump over his border wall plan. According to The Hill, she even saw the president as a “cloud chaser” and the most detested breeds of human. How much influence does a person have to have a selfie photo on Air Force One instead of a private plane?

As you can see, Cardi B was on the pitch of her career since she won the Grammy.  But she decided to set back her personal celebration to speak up for Smollet. After she hears reports claiming that he faked his own attack, she posted in her Instagram Live video. The “Bodak Yellow” singer informed that Smollet ” would be f***ed up Black History Month” if he lied. However, no matter what people said, she still got her hope that he’s telling the truth.

“Until he speaks it from his mouth that it was a fake. Or he made it deliberately. You know what? I still don’t put all the blame on him. Because clearly police in Chicago are F***ing racist. Then they might probably try to pull everything on him and make him a liar”. She added. “But if he’s telling the truth, then you got a situation for real bro.”

Nancy Pelosi erased her tweet

Nancy Pelosi reaction in Smollett's attack

Criticisms of the prominent public know who’ve gathered behind Jussie Smollet’s case. And they informed to already public news of the shifting investigation. The New York Times turned its suspicion toward Smollett. One of the articles, it pointed out Smollet would hold his Subway sandwich during the attack or not. If it was true, then the noose would remain around his neck for so long even after he returned home. And his attackers had to make it research for “famous and rich targets at 2 a.m.” in such a low temperature. To people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, there are many things to uncover in Smollett’s story.

According to Business Insider, Pelosi first posted her first support for Smollett. As everyone recalls, it was on January 29, 2019. It was also the day that the Empire actor spoke to Chicago Police. ” Can’t believe a racist, homophobic attack on @JussieSmollett happened in our humanity”. She added “ You just can’t attack people for who they are or whom they love. I pray that Jussie could recover soon enough and police can restore justice. Hopefully, we all can commit to putting an end to this hate once & for all.”

People know Pelosi for helping the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd. It was back to the time they worked in the Hate Crime Prevention Act. But Pelosi later deleted the tweet after police suspected the alleged attack was a hoax. And Drew Hammill (her vice chief of staff) said that she ” no more amplification”. Moreover, she will not have any saying about Smollett and his case unless everything is clear.

Director Ava DuVernay no way believes the police blindly

Director Ava DuVernay reaction in Smollett's attack

To women and people of color in the white-washed film industry, Ava DuVernay is more than a champion.  And via Los Angeles Times, she became the first color woman director of a $100 million live-action film. It was a film she made with her radically feminist adaptation of A Wrinkle In Time. After that, she got an Academy Award nomination for her work. It really sheds lights on America’s prison system and the way they see black men. And she is also a celeb decided to stand up for Jussie Smollett. Of course, she doesn’t care for the shifting investigation.

” No matter what they said, I can’t simply believe in Chicago police.  The department that hid the shooting Laquan McDonald over a dozen times? That got for its own a torture facility? I will think again about it.” She posted. “Whatever the result can be. This won’t stop me from believing in others, in justice, and in god.”

According to Deadline, the African American boy Laquan McDonald died when he was 17. Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke pulled out the gun and shot him in 2014. The officer reported coming for a car break-in case. But the judge sentenced him to commit the murder and 16 counts of aggravated battery. And the reason is that he shot McDonald 16 times.

DuVernay is making a series on the limited Netflix series Central Park Five. She also had to admit that she doesn’t know whether Smollett is lying or not.

California Senator, Kamala Harris got into a consideration

Kamala Harris reaction in Smollett's attack

Like Ava DuVernay, Kamala Harris made use of her power to highlight issues for people of color. Weeks after the incident, the Senator had a speech about racial injustice which he made at a North Carolina town hall. ” Today in America, a color parent has to sit down and talk to their children. Tell them that the police may arrest them. Warn them that others may shoot them he or she the color of his skin.”

After in California’s attorney, Harris got a connection with the justice system. In a post on tweeter, the senator confirmed the hate crime became a “modern-day issue”. And it’s also the force makes her “confront this hate.” Though the news informed that the actor probably faked it, Harris didn’t want to have any judgments. At least, she wanted to wait until the investigation wrapped.

“I think there is something hiding and I’m very concerned,” she answered a New Hampshire forum. “And they should carry out an investigation as soon as possible.”

Cory Booker found it as a political opportunity

Cory Booker reaction in Smollett's attack

Senator Cory Booker had the same idea about seeing the attack as a “modern-day issue.” The politician made use of incident to boost his and Harris’ anti-lynching bill. And their bill would turn to a federal hate crime under the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act of 2018. Though it is easy, Congress can’t make lynching a federal crime “200 times” without the help of 7 presidents. But the bill passed on February 14, 2019, two weeks after the “Smollett attack”.

Despite winning the legislature, Booker severed his connection with his initial comments about Smollett. The senator chose to keep silent. But he remained his strong desire to put an end to race-related violence.

“We know that America is having a rise in bigoted and biased attacks .” He added “We all know that this country was not the same since the incident 9/11. The majority of terrorist attacks us are white supremacist attacks.”

Kenan Thompson gives his support to his fellow Mighty Duck

Kenan Thompson reaction in Smollett's attack

Kenan Thompson may occasionally come to Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update”. However, it doesn’t mean he got no confusion about Jussie Smollett’s news. From the beginning, the sketch comedy star got his fellow Mighty Duck’s back. As you can recall, Smollett played in the first Mighty Ducks film, while Thompson was in D2 and D3.  On a TV show, the star asked everyone gives their love and support to Smollett and his family. He firmly said that “this kind of madness has to end as soon as possible.”

Now investigators seemed to have the intention to throw a puck at Smollett’s story. But Thompson thinks it is soon to make any judges and only feels sad by the turn of events. In late February, Thompson answered The Associated Press that. ” The story is so crazy and nonsense.”

“Now they are saying that he might have set it up or whatever. I hope we can find out the truth soon as people today easily to change their sides. You know, before the actual facts come out, it is hard to say nothing about this.” He said “I got the feeling that I was a fellow Mighty Duck and him as an ex-Mighty Duck. You know, it’s like I want to extend my hand and hope that people know and stop this madness. But now everything seems to be changing and it is getting so negative. Then it made me confused and I don’t know.”

Empire’s executive producer support Smollett

Empire's executive producer reaction in Smollett's attack

It is impossible to ignore celebrities and controversies surrounding the alleged attack by Jussie Smollett. However, the Empire actor still got one man standing on his side. Brett Mahoney is Empire’s executive producer and he publicly supports the actor. Also, the entirety of the Empire’s writing team gave him their voice.

“I believe in @JussieSmollett. Keep your head up and don’t stop fighting back.” Mahoney posted. He did tag both Empire’s official account and the Empire Writers account. But then Empire Writer who has been sharing support for the star rewrite Mahoney’s tweet. They came to retweet Chicago P.D.’s Chief Communications Officer Anthony Guglielmi. Anthony is the police officer claiming case detectives didn’t confirm the hoax.

Curiously, USA Today said that some official Twitter accounts shared Mahoney’s tweet. But now, something is not right as it seems they wiped it from their timeline. Co-creator Danny Strong informed that Smollett’s character didn’t aim to go off the show. And over time, they cut scenes to reduce his appearance. They likely want to get rid of connections with him

Trevor Noah thinks Smollett should get an Emmy

Trevor Noah reaction in Smollett's attack

Surprisingly, before it appeared reports Jussie made up and rehearsed his own attack. The Empire star chose to share his story on Good Morning America. Getting information from The Blast, Smollett “requested” to have an interview on GMA. A show that has Robin Roberts as the host. As you can see, they got a good relationship from her April cameo on his FOX series. Police didn’t investigate the actor’s credibility then ABC staffers present at the interview. And they say the interview seems “unstable”.

Smollett’s interview seemed to be strong enough to convince everyone. But not Trevor Noah, he still thought it rather believable to himself. In another interview with The Daily Show, the TV host answered. “I don’t care whether this man is a liar or not. Or maybe someone please gives this man an Emmy award. Because to myself, after all, it is nothing but a performance. And  I also give a damn about what he’s lying. You can’t do anything to him. He just fits perfectly to being on TV.”

However, we can’t think that Noah believed every part of Smollett’s story got the point. Before mentioning Smollett up for an Emmy award, he  found something weird in a certain part of the story.”

“Who are the MAGA supporters hating gay or black people? And also choose Empire to be a victim? … It seems to be like the Klan seeing Fiddler on the Roof.”

Donald Trump Jr. And his memes

Donald Trump Jr. reaction in Smollett's attack

Donald Trump Jr. Seemed to not quit the habit of posting memes on Twitter. And there is no place more suitable for that than the social media platform, of course. But the president’s son fails to deliver a self-own. And he completely got no ideas about the point. And under no circumstances in the world, Trump Jr didn’t take a side in the Jussie Smollett controversy. Especially when many democratic lawmakers supported Smollett. Meanwhile, he tried to trigger a fight with Kathy Griffin.

“Kathy Griffin: No one is able to destroy a career faster than I am” he tweeted. “Jussie Smollett: mark my words!!!”

Trump Jr strikes back with Griffin’s photo scandal. One led to a Secret Service investigation. Regardless of the hot of it, Griffin had come “too far” before taking back her apology. And it is deniable for the comedian to be least original with her jokes. Griffin called Trump Jr out for allegedly plagiarizing. ” A tweet has been lasting at least 12 hours.” She added. “You really did that.”

The thing would be nothing when she posed with a mannequin of his ketchup-covered head next. But we are believing she could do better than that. Meanwhile, Trump Jr. was struggling with Instagram. As the platform deleted a different post about Smollett “in error”. Did we receive information from Breitbart that maybe the algorithm is just getting smarter?

Terrence Howard had nothing to say about it at all

Terrence Howard reaction in Smollett's attack

Empire’s cast hasn’t had a speech about Jussie Smollett’s case after the shift in headlines. But the co-star Terrence Howard had some ideas that it felt like a part of the cast. As you know, it was when news of the alleged attack initially became surfaced. Howard playing as Smollett’s dad on-screen said to Good Morning America. ” Nobody around me could say anything. And then when we got the news that there had been letters sent to FOX. These letters came as threats about the potential of something like the attack. That was why we became more frightened.”

Howard seemed to be most getting particularly frightening about letters. Someone sent them to the TV show’s studio and inside them containing a white powder. Following CBS Chicago, the letter had inside the “racial and homophobic threats. Of course, it pointed at Smollett”. And they started a HAZMAT response. Luckily, after testing, they confirmed that the powder turned out to be aspirin. In another twist, a hiding source told CBS Chicago that Smollett made up his own attack. Because somehow, the letter couldn’t get a “better reaction.” But the news station also shows that maybe the responsibility of Smollett in the first place.

Howard hasn’t said things on the going of Smollett’s case. But he told his friend was “becoming better” after the alleged attack.

“He’s angry now, but I know who Jussie is. Jussie’s anger will fade soon and he will let go what these people did. But he won’t be able to forget their actions.” he answered on Good Morning America.

Nikki Haley required a strict punishment

Nikki Haley reaction in Smollett's attack

In early October, the President confirmed that Nikki Haley would have to set down for her post. Nikki Haley was being the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Though Trump claimed her decision to retire around six months noticed him. CNN reported that Haley suddenly came up with this decision only a week before.

After that, the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations posted photos of her dog. She appeared to have rumors for herself. Following that she might have a presidential campaign of her own soon. According to CNN, Trump allowed Haley to always speak what was on her mind. And after having his permission, she always said the truth in her time working with him. Clearly, she kept that thought when she slammed Jussie Smollett’s case. And you can guess that it still was ongoing.

“Opinions about Jussie Smollett case: He must be going through the uncountable strictest situation.” Haley posted. “He had to pay for resources used to investigate and serve time for what he caused. The division he made, then he will answer for it. He treated the media like fools. And he knew they too well to know that they would cover it.”

Al Sharpton needed maximum accountability

Al Sharpton reaction in Smollett's attack

Reverend Al Sharpton dedicated life to fight for racial prejudice and injustice. In 1991, he formed the National Action Network to get a mean to fight. Later, he founded a national youth organization. An organization aimed at promoting “social and economic justice for African Americans”. It was just before he even graduated from high school. However, Sharpton seemed to be unhappy with the turn in Jussie Smollett’s case.

Sharpton told TMZ he got confused about the initial reports of Smollett’s attack. And he tried to urge Trump to find out the attackers. These attackers told Smollett from “MAGA country” while attacking him. However, some sources and reports showed that it was just a hoax. After that, Sharpton still believed in justice and the guilty would receive ” maximum penalty of law “, applicable to everyone including Smollett.

“I like many people after hearing the reports. So I have to say that the reports were horrific. I still have faith in it. And no matter what the result can come out. Whether Smollett or these gentlemen truly did something that is not right. Or if they all made up of this then they ought to face and answer for it.”

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