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Celebs can’t get along with Kid Rock

Celebs can’t get along with Kid Rock

Kid Rock

Robert James Ritchie is also known as Kid Rock. Kid Rock is a well-known person in Hollywood. Yet he is quite an arrogant and opinionated man. He made outspoken support of President Donald Trump. And he had a quarrel with daytime TV stars. All of this proved that the “Basidia” performer is not so friendly at all.

With people that knew Kid Rock’s attitude, it’s definitely not that much surprise. Even he has treated some celebrities the wrong way. Asking his former collaborator and singer, Sheryl Crow. Sheryl did slam Kid Rock in a song. After he made laugh at his campaign for Senate in July 2017. But it turned out to be a wrong alarm.

And as we mentioned before. Kid Rock had a quarrel with another famous singer. Joy Behar. Two hot heads came into a feud for a simple reason. What can possibly be the reason? And their bad temper led into which is a simple result too. They ended in a physical fight.

And for other haters that got the gut to make their moves? To take a seat and let’s take a deep dive into all of the celebs who can’t take Kid Rock’s attitude anymore.

Joy Behar got into a fight with Kid Rock on ‘The View’.

Kid Rock 2

If you saw a liberal TV star and country music singer in a fight. Then there came to be a big deal. Let’s take a look at this. During these guys’ appearance on Fox and Friends. It was in November 2018. Kid Rock told Joy Behar a b***h. And then the two found got themselves into a nasty feud. Joy Behar is well known as an actress, comedian, and novel writer. She is a talented woman. Setting her career on her own and getting big success soon.

“We can’t agree. And still be along with others.  We just keep talking about things and protesting everything,”. Kid Rock answered in the interview. “God prohibited you to say something a little bit wrong. You’re such a racist, homophobic, Islamophobic… person. Yeah, I believed that I love everyone on earth. Except for that damn Joy Behar. That son of the b***h. Everyone on this earth but Sh**. God blesses us all”.

Once the news came to Behar’s ears. She made an epic move to strike back. “You know. All I don’t have much to say now. But these b***hes and Wh**e will be damn happy to have you. Of course, it is on the show and has a beer then”. Behar spoke on The View. “Come on. That’s all you can do.?”

Definitely, this bitter battle could come out in peace. All things began when Behar ripped a picture. The picture of Kid Rock alongside with Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent. It took place at the White House. “Is this the worst day in the history of the White House. After the British burned it to the ground in 1814, there is no sadder day before.”. Yep, Behar truly did that.

Kid Rock can’t wait to fight back. And he posted on his Facebook. “Play with fire, you will get burn. Just that simple.”

Tell us your feeling, Sheryl Crow

Kid Rock 3

Sheryl Crow is a wonderful country music star. This female singer contributed greatly to frame the modern Country music. She and Kid Rock have collaboration on the 2002 single Picture. After they had a friendship at the Grammys one year. “I had the tune in my head. And she went to Detroit. We sat down together and the song started to appear.” Rock answered MTV News. This is how he found the kinship with Crow. “We wrote and recorded the song just in a day. And we were hanging out for the next two days. It was fun then.”

After Picture became a hit. Two of them reunited in 2010 and the released Collide. Crow and Kid Rock decided to continue their success by going on tour together. It was in July 2011. “I’m such a big fan of KR. There is something special in the guy. And I love the guy.”. Crow talked about Kid Rock to Billboard while informing the tour. Crow’s praise of Kid Rock went off the track. However, after his running for Michigan Senate in July 2017. It all began when a fan made a tweet. “If Kid Rock runs for Senate / I wouldn’t be exciting / But not over my corpse. / Cause dude, I’m still alive/ she sings in one verse/You know I will make it. / No matter what’s online / Fake news or truth/ the song continues/”.

Stephen Colbert’s late epic at night

Stephen Colbert's late epic at night

Kid Rock pulled an arguably strange move. When he made his own line of barbecues. They called it the “American Badass Grill,”. A venture he sold by shooting foreign-made BBQs with a gun. “Kid Rock is triggering the foreign-made products,”. In another promotional clip, Kid Rock said. “Right in your face, China!”. After the camera pans help CGI-enhanced exploding barbecues in the sky. You can’t make these up, folks.

Normally, famous comedian Stephen Colbert had a field day with Kid Rock’s campaign. It is a patriotic marketing campaign. He talked to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on March 23, 2017. The purpose is to mock his efforts. It’s vital to know that Colbert wasn’t making fun at American jobs. However, it was Kid Rock’s require to blow up the number of appliances. All to catch his attention.

“Chinese grills are what Kid Rock hates the most. So much that he bought hundreds of them. Then just to blow them up. Literary! The host then got the “super realistic” effects from Kid Rock to a task. The host made a laugh at this.: “Then China is where the grills and the special effects come out. Am I right”But that were many times that Colbert’s ripped Kid Rock. After the rocker had called The New York Times as “a little bit gay” in an October 2017 interview. It was an interview with radio show host Howard Stern (via HuffPost). Colbert answer in his show: “I’m not sure exactly what Kid Rock defines gay about The New York Times. But I strongly believe it’s the reading part.” Oops.

Here comes Kid Pebble, anyone?

Lee finished his message with an apology to Alicia Keys

One of the most hilarious opinions against Kid Rock comes from Tommy Lee. The man used to be the husband of Pamela Anderson. It made some sense when you consider Kid Rock had the wedding with Anderson in July 2006. Eight years after Lee divorced the Baywatch star. Rock and Anderson claimed their divorce in February 2007.

Though they could have handled their shared roles as Pam exes like adults. Then Lee and Kid Rock met each other at the MTV Movie Awards in September 2007. Then let’s see what Lee claimed on his personal blog. He said that Kid Rock was the one started it first. KR came over to his table intently to say hello. But at the moment Lee went in for a polite hug. Then Kid Rock surprisingly held his fist and punched Lee in the face. “He hit me right in the face….,”. Lee told. “Well, if I have to say, it was nothing more like a b***h slap.”

Lee finished his message with an apology to Alicia Keys. As well as Las Vegas Palms Casino and Resort owner George Maloof. As the Palms hosted the MTV Movie Awards that year. He added in his writing: “I would like to send my apology. Apology to Alicia and George and MTV. For the disrespectful actions. That was the result from a piece of s–t called Kid Pebble. I did not want this go this way truly!”.

A second please, Mr. Kid Pebble. Something makes us believe Kid Rock isn’t changing his name anytime soon. Especially the negative thought he gave to Lee. “This was inevitable”. He talked about the Scandal fight.”. I did what I must do because this was a long time coming.”

Steven Tyler thinks Kid Rock is jealous

Steven Tyler thinks Kid Rock is jealous

Steven Tyler was just like a pretty chill guy came by. And he excepted where it affects his reputation in the music industry. Just talk to Kid Rock who is the rocker slammed in October 2010. Because he made over a dispute about American Idol. Who possibly knew American Idol was such a contentious topic, right?

The war of words followed after Kid Rock. When he criticized Tyler for signing on as an American Idol. His judge in September 2010 truly started a war in the music industry. Kid Rock is definitely not any interesting with the show. “I think there was nothing more stupid than it. What he’s arrogantly done in his life. He did disrespect American institution of rock ‘n’ roll. And he just simply threw it all out the window. Just take it out and set it on fire. It is quite harsh, am I right?

He added: “I think whoever was behind him. We should bring him back or whatever they call that. And if it was himself, he needs advises from consultants seriously. I am his friend. And I love him truly from my heart. But the truth is the truth, you change it.” Working in the media industry required people to be tough and strong. Otherwise, the bad thought will consume them. And Envy, Jealous are just a small part of this.

Tyler’s answered the media. “He’s just normally jealous. He envied as he was a loser” he said. “And he is on the plan to make his new record. Well, hope God light him to a bright path.”
Whenever God gets involved, there is no such a good thing.

Pamela Anderson has nothing to do with her ex-husband.

Anderson isn't happy with Kid Rock is something that we can easily figure out

Kid Rock’s divorce from Pamela Anderson was not a feeling of sorrow but a peaceful time. When they decided the broken up after a happy time together. Pamela Anderson is an actress and model. She proved her talent with lots of television shows like Baywatch. And It’s reasonable Anderson wasn’t Kid Rock’s biggest fan these days. Or even had a bad perceptive.

The strategy between those guys started in Anderson’s May 2018. When the two guys resurfaced. And having an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. She questioned her ex-husband’s Republican persona. “When he stayed with me, he didn’t like that,”. she said. “I didn’t think he seemed very Republican. But now it is what he became. And The sit-down also undercover a secret. That is Anderson hasn’t talked to Kid Rock since their divorce finalized day in 2007. To some interviewers, she refused to answer. Of course, when they asked her about their relationship.

To be frank, we’re not surprised about that story. Anderson isn’t happy with Kid Rock is something that we can easily figure out. In the end, he did something be insinuate to Rolling Stone. That was Anderson faked a miscarriage. Since she was mad. Then he didn’t intend to see her on a movie set in Canada. So, what was Anderson’s answer to the accusation? And they have her rep confirm the personal tragedy? “I hope he would find love.”.  She taught the music mag, and she said: “Only he has nothing nice to say about me. Then someone please makes him stop talking about me.”

In other words: God be with him.

Kid Rock came to see Beyoncés Beyhive

Kid Rock came to see Beyoncés Beyhive

Although it might be a little weird to know Beyonce and Kid Rock’s names in the same sentence. The stars found themselves come across one another in February 2015. Kid Rock began the drama when he answered Rolling Stone. “Beyoncé, to me, doesn’t have a sh** to care about. But she’s the biggest on the planet Earth. How can you get that big?

As if the dog wasn’t already meet his need. He added. “People all think ‘Beyoncé’s hot. She got a sweet f***ing a**. To me, Cool, I prefer skinny white chicks with big t**s.  So it doesn’t really f***ing mean much to me.”

Beyoncé never pointed out the jab directly. What doesn’t seem like her style to be frankly? But her enormous fan club seemed to feel free for that.  It was aka the Beyhive fan club. Not just only were some fans overload with Kid Rock’s emoji. But they also gave him strongly messages. All are on social media. “It was never wrong. Every time coming. They carried out here flopping they take cheap shots at the throne,”. To someone person tweet account.

Kid Rock didn’t let the hate getting down. Soon enough, he got into Instagram to share a photo of Raid Flying Insect repellent. Yep, he really did that.

While we are not able to say that Beyoncé isn’t a fan of Kid Rock. We can’t properly imagine her thrilling that he took a shot at her devoted fans.

Excited by country music

Kid Rock 4

If you love country music so much, the name Hank Williams Jr may possibly ring a bell to you. He is the son of legend Hank Williams. The Williams family is such a legend in country music. But how this family became acquainted with Kid Rock? Hank Williams Jr. had a song with Kid Rock. And that song was Redneck Paradise. Then somehow, they became pretty good friends spending their time together. Then coming from a bizarre twist, a rumor started flowing around. The rumor was Kid Rock is the illegitimate son of the musician. How confusing can it sound, right?

Hank Williams, III is Hank William Jr.’s biological son. The one addressed the strange speculation in a song. That is “Not Everyone Likes Us.”. Hank Williams, III truly didn’t appreciate the collocation as he sings in one verse. “And just get you to know more, so it’s made on stone. Kid Rock and I did come from one place. Yeah, that’s right. He’s nothing but a yank. He is no son of Hank and has nothing to deal with my family. And if you thought so, goddamn you’re more stupid than you can be.”. Things are that Kid Rocks likes to be a part of our family’s reputation. However, you just can’t get what the heck you want anytime, right? And I shall be the one will make it loud and clear as the sky. But this guy has nothing to do with my family.

Hank Williams, III also shared how Kid Rock wants to lecture his past. The one was quite a rocky relationship he has with his dad. “my face just likes. All right, you damn son of the *****. You just dared to cross the line motherf***er,”. He feminized. “And I have no ideas know how many times I gotta say it. No, he’s not my f***ing bloody brother. He is just a goddamn Yankee. And he is from somewhere f***in’ up in Detroit. Ohh, just to remind you, his dad runs Cadillac dealerships.”

It sounds like these two won’t be friends anytime soon.



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