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Career down the slope of Chris Brown

Career down the slope of Chris Brown

Chris Brown

From double-platinum winning music artist to convicted felon. Singer Chris Brown has had wildlife and diversity. Since beginning his career in 2005, Brown became the title for the album won the award and for his troubled personal life. In recent years, Brown’s personal life went downhill. Since Brown related to domestic violence quarrels out of control. Or allegedly defamatory gay guys, addiction, time in prison. And even a confrontation with a SWAT team. Let’s take a look back at the singer’s most disturbing exploits.

Early beginnings

Chris Brown 3

Brown started music when only 13 when the talent scout discovered. At 16, he signed to a major record label and released their debut album. The child star too often faced with the problem of addiction. And the law just looks at Lindsay Lohan, Eddie Furlong, and Corey Haim and Brown’s early fame may have had major consequences in his later life.

Domestic violence case


In 2009, Brown and his girlfriend Rihanna got into an argument escalated into a physical argument. Brown gave Rihanna to the hospital with facial injuries. You may have seen the photos. After Brown pleaded guilty stems from the attack, the public image of him canceled. He sentenced to five years of probation and has a ban to prevent him from approaching Rihanna. Brown also gets an order to attend domestic violence counseling and perform community service. The result is that he has lost a number of contracts traded on television. His music pulled from rotation on several radio stations. And he’s not invited from many outstanding contracts, including a scheduled appearance at the Grammy Awards 2009. Despite the fallout from this scandal, many fans continued to stand behind Brown. And the trust failed to stop the upward trajectory of his career.

Good morning, anger management

Chris Brown 2

In 2011, Brown performed a new single. Then, he had a rather unpleasant interview with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. The host asked questions about the incident with Rihanna. In the commercial break, Brown allegedly raised a rage in the dressing room. He scolded employees, undress and throw an object into the window overlooking Times Square. Brown expected to show a second song in the program, but after damaging the window, he had a confrontation angry with manufacturers and security before leaving the building, shirtless.

Entourage scuffles

Drake and Frank Ocean

Brown associated with at least two battles with other celebrities. Especially Drake and Frank Ocean. In June 2012, Drake and his entourage had quarreled with Brown and his crew at a nightclub in New York City. Eight people injured in the fight. Including Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, who had eye surgery and an Australian tourist to sixteen nasal sutures to repair wounds in the face and head? Brown followed up with a song about Drake. The sparring entertainers soon patched everything up and appeared together in a skit for the 2014 ESPY awards a month later.

The relationship between Drake and Chris Brown ended with friendly terms. But the feud between Brown and Frank Ocean has no such reconciliation. In January 2013, Ocean and Brown were arguing about a parking space outside the West Hollywood recording studio. Reportedly, Brown hit Ocean, threatened to shoot him and called him a “f ** got”. Police were investigating, but Ocean refused to accuse.

Beatdown in D.C.

Chris Brown 5

Less than a year after the incident with the Ocean, Brown arrested for assault in Washington, DC after a fight with fans. Suppose, Brown two female fans approached outside a hotel and has asked to take pictures with the singer. According to TMZ, when two men tried to photo-bomb the photo op, Brown flew into a rage and said, “I do not like gay farce this. I feel like boxing.”. Brown and his bodyguard threw the punch at the man. One of the men stated that Brown broke his nose. Brown was in jail for 36 hours before the charges reduced to a misdemeanor. And then he was sent back to California to report to the probation officer. The victims accused in the homophobic beatdown sued Brown for $3 million.

They tried to make him go to rehab

Brown has voluntarily entered an anger-management rehab facility

After a quarrel in 2013 at DC, Brown has voluntarily entered an anger-management rehab facility. According to a statement, Brown has entered rehab “to focus and understanding of the behavior in the past and more recently of him”. Allowing him to continue to pursue life and his career from a perspective convenient and healthier.”. Although the treatment plans in three months, he evicted from the base. Because violent behavior is less than three weeks after he arrived. A week later, a judge condemned Brown to complete an extra 90 days of treatment at a different anger-management facility. Despite completing 90 days, the judge ordered him to stay in the facility for two months. But Brown cannot stick with the program and expel in March 2014.

Probation woes

Chris Brown 6

In July 2012, Brown gets ordered to appear before a judge on the difference in the service report his community. “Singer said to have to Cancun although officially declared that he was picking up trash in Virginia.” according to the Daily Mail. Thus, a judge has added 1,000 hours on his sentence in 2013. Brown also allegedly tested positive for marijuana while serving a community service hours around. After he expelled from rehabilitation programs anger management in 2014, he forced to sit in prison for 365 days. But he only received part of the judgment because he recognized for his time in rehab and community service. And because there was an overcrowding problem at the L.A. jail where he was doing his time.

Banned from several countries

Don't ever put Brown responsible for anything related to foreign affairs

Don’t ever put Brown responsible for anything related to foreign affairs. In 2010, singer banned in the UK, based on the belief of his violent crime. Five years later, Brown had to rescind part of his tour. Namely, the scheduled stops are in cities of Canada, which had also banned him into the country. Australia followed in 2015.

In late 2014, Brown actually prohibited from leaving abroad. The unexpected layover happened in the Philippines over a contract dispute stemming from a concert Brown failed to perform in Manila.

SWAT standoff

Chris Brown 4

The beauty pageant queen Baylee Curran declared Brown pulled a gun on her inside his Los Angeles residence on Aug. 29, 2016. Curran claimed she was contemplating some jewelry on display during a party at Brown’s home when he ordered her to leave at gunpoint. Brown refused police entry until a warrant obtained. This resulted in a quarrel with members of L.A.’s SWAT team. In the hour intervention, Brown has posted videos vulgar up media society called the police as “idiots” and “gang world’s worst.” At one point, a duffel bag was reportedly thrown from a window of the house. That is where believed to contain at least one gun, other weapons, and drugs, according to TMZ. Following the search, Brown accused with assault with a deadly weapon and released on $250,000 bail. His first court hearing in the case scheduled for September 20, 2016.

















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