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The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split

The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split

 Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split

In August 2017, the perfect Hollywood powerful couple: Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their divorce, which pretty destroys everybody’s faith in endless love. Additionally, Chris and Anna have proclaimed they actually separated. What happen? What is the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split? Let’s see the paper below to know more about this information now.

His career nearly eclipsed her

Chris Pratt

This could be one of the real reasons Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. It is quite sensitive in overall. When Pratt and Faris were together, she used to be a movie star, while he was only the chubby called Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreation. After that, Pratt’s career was improved by Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), and then The Lego Movie (2014), Jurassic World (2015), The Magnificent Seven (2016), Passengers (2016). The Marvel sequels have come along. Peter Quill, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018) helped develop Pratt’s career path strongly.

The adjustment may tough for the pair.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 8

Pratt told the GQ that he felt those moments where I was a guy holding the purse at many events, people just had a glance at me. Actors came and hit on my wife in front of my face. They did not even look at me. He questioned like ‘What the hell, dude?’ … Besides that, producers and people in the studio came and treated me the exact way that they treated Anna.

She used to be the breadwinner

Anna 4

Faris used to be the large star at the time her relationship with Pratt began. It was a dynamic that may lead to the demise of her first engagement to an actor named Ben Indra.

“My success destroyed my first marriage,” Faris told Marie Claire. “The separate was so great.” Faris has to pay Indra $900,000 in their divorce decision. She noted that the most difficult thing in her industry is longevity, having the next job. It’s kind of difficult to have the first job. But it’s very sophisticated to have the sixth/seventh as a woman.

Pratt’s Marvel makeover left her to feel insecure

Anna 3

Faris was not as interested at Pratt’s makeover in buff Marvel superhero Star-Lord like the rest of the world. Hence, it could be the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split as well.

“When I was overweight, I did not feel convenient about who I was. My bones ached. I had cardiovascular problems, I felt unhealthy and tired” Pratt told GQ. However, Pratt also states that he saw his wife that she had no problems with it. He thought he was outwardly having more interests, probably more happy to be around. That appearance that he was casting to persuade people that he was fine. He was still a humorous person to be around. But now he did not. He had to focus. His wife did not cook for him as she used to. He was a fat man.

He added that Faris always understood and she just supported him regardless. I think that part of her was betting that one day he would be fat again. Pratt thought Faris will say that she preferred him with this shape. She was probably playing the game.

He may have had a wandering eye

Chris Pratt 4

Faris’ alleged insecurity was well-detected, just like many other women. The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split could be: Pratt sometimes lose his loyalty. The National Enquirer reported that Pratt had his sights set on several blonde beauties. Someone said that Pratt used to flirt shamelessly with a hot blond lady after the 2016 MTV Movie Awards. She looked a little bit like Anna, but younger, the spy noted. Nobody even thinks Chris and Anna will separate since he is strongly religious, but it cannot be denied that things are not perfect anymore.

They awkward about another ’s love scenes

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 7

Pratt confessed that he felt jealous of future Marvel co-star Chris Evans at the time he and Faris had sex scenes for What’s Your Number (2011). Otherwise, Faris may also be worried when Pratt filmed Passengers (2016) with co-star named Jennifer Lawrence. About Evans, Pratt commented that he is so handsome and cool as well.

The J.Law rumors

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 3

The jealous is also the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. Pratt thought that Faris was friendly with Lawrence. However, it did not stop Faris from taking unreal rumors of a hookup between Pratt and the Oscar heart-winner.

Perhaps Pratt and Lawrence’s have admissions that they got tipsy before filming the Passengers love scene. Pratt told that aside from doing a completed job and telling a story, the basic goal is to make other people feel comfortable. Lawrence wanted to have wine, so they did.

Faris addressed the negative rumors about her relationship with Us Weekly. She told that she always believed that part of the celebs couples rumors was sometimes true since they had never been a part of her life. It’s sometimes a little devastating for us, it’s kind of ‘What the heck?’. They have a wonderful relationship. It is weirdly stinging.

Mo’ money, mo’ problems

 Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 6

As you know, money decides everything, and it also becomes the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. A source claimed that Pratt’s family was in a hard situation for cash. Especially his brother Cully, who was said as a “starving artist.” He may not feel well with Faris.

Most of the family has had its financial issues. Chris does not own a lot of money. He has tried the best for what he has got. Chris knows what the feeling when he had to struggle with money. However, he also thought that he worked his butt off and cleared up his life by his own. So that they should have an ability to do the same thing. Nowadays, Chris has become rich, he has seen a lot of pressure to get his family members out of their money problems. He actually does not want to see them struggle. However, on the contrary view, he does not like the thinking that he will provide money for them entirely. The total situation is likely a strain on him.

The media attention got to them

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 4

The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split may relate to the media. Just the past three weeks before split, Faris told People magazine that being half of a power couple was a difficult mission.

She said that there are two separated key roles that you play: the one in public and the one on camera. That’s so tricky.

Faris told Us Weekly that Chris was likely an incredible huge movie star, going out is just a different thing, different weird. She said that she and her ex-husband looked at each other sometimes and they act like ‘Oh my God’. Actually it is very surreal sometimes as they actually both grew up in Washington State. They just are kind of cherishing those times.

She gave expression on the Unqualified podcast in December 2016, both of them grapple with the opinion of being a public couple. For the first time, maybe 10 months or 1 year ago, they were sometimes in the public. There was several tabloid unverified information about a strain on their relationship. She remembered that she felt too hurt since it bothered her. She did not expect to think of myself as someone that could be impacted by tabloid s**t. Furthermore, there was a picture of herself walking alone on the beach, which called ‘Aging Anna Faris, Alone on the Beach.'”

The distance was an issue

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 2

Like many other couples, distance is not an easy challenge, so that the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split cannot lack of distance factor. Faris declared on the Unqualified podcast in December 2016 that separating from Pratt when he was away filming movies. This left her feeling alone and unsaved. She tried to take pride in how perfect her relationship is with Pratt. In this crazy world, where he’s away doing movies, and she stayed in L.A. to nourish their child. As a consequence, she will feel vulnerable sometimes as every normal human.

In September 2016, Pratt told Parade that he would spend about six months with Faris as well as his family after filming and traveling for 14 months.

A source told People magazine that Anna is a typically sweet woman. It seems that the gap between her and Chris; or his busy schedule and hers, as another interpretation, was really hard for her. He had to go on many crucial projects and that’s never simple. She always pretended to be happy when he returned back from filming. It was difficult for both, as a young child with a busy career, to balance all the whole things.

His ego was out of control

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 5

Calm is also a necessary element for any relationship. Therefore, when Pratt’s ego cannot be controlled, it would become the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. A source told that Pratt’s ego grew along with his fame and box office clout. Chris’ ego is exploding now. He turns to be rude and cocky to Anna, who questioned that she’s old now. All the differences between them have become bigger and bigger to the surface. Insiders also noted that Pratt cared about making more money rather than his wife – Faris.

In May 2017, just a couple of months before separating, Pratt and Faris gushed about one another at the Hollywood Walk of Fame induction ceremony of Pratt.

Faris said of Pratt towards People magazine that she is the beneficiary of all this. Due to the fact that I have to spend every day with this wonderful man… She knows that if her or his circumstances were not the same as each other. They were not as lucky to be standing here and spending their Hollywood life together. They would enjoy in the woods together, she thought… On the red carpet at the premiere of Guardians 2, Pratt whispered something is totally not suitable into my ear, but it was awesome in another aspect. Pratt said ‘Honey, I want to thank you for being the most incredible person. I love you so much.’ After that, Pratt took the mic and claimed about his love towards his wife – Faris Anna.

… They both got tired of pretending

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 6

No-one can try to pretend in his or her whole life, Pratt and Anna have committed this mistake. Unfortunately, became the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. On the July 31 2017, episode of Faris Unqualified podcast through People magazine, she confessed distaste for public life. She noted that she played a character on MOM, she played a character in movies, but she also played a public character. There is certainly loneliness. It is also an inner factor to be a performer. She thinks that she has to laugh as playing as a public character. She laughs out loud sometimes, maybe too loud but it is usually a public character will do. If she has a red carpet or whatever, which she never feels comfortable with. However, she will always pretend to be fine, and of course, it is never the same as herself.

On the other hand, Pratt may have felt the same. A source told the National Enquirer through Radar Online that Pratt was stress. He had to pretend that his marriage with Faris did not have any trouble. Pratt is becoming more tired of having to make everything get better whenever they are together. Faris is panicking that the entire world points out that her marriage is failing.

Two weeks before revealing the split, it is said that Pratt seemed to be “in great spirits.” A person who witnessed at a party told People, Pratt was actually outgoing, friendly, and playful. “I was surprised by how he was fun, and voluntarily.” Another spy claimed that. Pratt seemed to act differently, like he was almost free.

They’re hyper-competitive

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 7

As you understand, no-one wants any serious argument with his or her partner, as well as the competition towards the partner. In this case, Pratt and Anna are highly competitive. This factor also contributed a little bit to the real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split. Insiders told Us Weekly report that the soaring stardom of Pratt actually made Faris feel even more tired and unsaved than she used to be. So that it reflected in both social and professional settings. One source said that Pratt’s success and fame have caused higher tension and distance in his marriage… Another source stated that among friends, the tension was tangible. For example, when they are in a group, they only aim to be the one telling the funniest story.

A source concurred to the Page Six that the couple is very competitive with each other. For instance, at parties, they tried to compete over who’s the funniest sense of humor, and then feel insecure if they are not that one. All that playful ribbing finally closed with the ending of being no laugh anymore.

They’re still living under the same roof

 Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 9

Patti Stanger – the host of WE tv’s Million Dollar Matchmaker – said towards the Entertainment Tonight that Pratt and Faris kept cohabiting. It may be a wish for reconciliation.

Stanger said she did not know what happened there. Pratt is now still living in the house. Let’s pray for a miracle. She really wants them to be together again.

She also added that she feels like the real problem is communication. It could likely be: Pratt is not in town with his wife. Therefore, Faris has to raise the kid alone, and there could be issues with that.

She continued her statement that if a person does not leave the house, there’s still hope there. That means the love zone still exists in each other… However, there’s a lot of best friend signals here. They are actually very close to the BFF zone.

Anna felt like he did not stand by her side

Anna 2

The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split is that Anna feels insecure and empty when she is with her ex-husband. In the Unqualified podcast, Faris implied that Pratt may not have been by her side when she excessively needed him, both physically and emotionally.

When a caller asked for love suggestions, Faris told that life is too short to fall in any relationships that you feel this is not totally right or someone does not appreciate you back. Maybe someone does not truly value you. Do not be scared to lose independence if things are not right anymore. She confessed that she built that mistake, like she is checking her relationship off the list. If this is the final advice she could give to anyone, that would be: ‘know your worth, know your value’.

An insider also told the People magazine that Pratt was out of a great time, one movie after another. It made her very unhappy… They actually did not have a road map for what this would be alright. They are both gregarious and fun-loving types of people. However, Faris had suffered from difficulties with the separation.


They’re counseling together

 Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 12

The real reason Chris Pratt and Anna Faris split also relates to a new from a source told the People magazine. It stated that Pratt and Faris are going to couples counseling. This means that the things you do when you aim to divorce and obviously the children are involved.

The insider said that it will not change the statement but it could rescue the future co-parenting. The pair’s problems reportedly have not gone away. Their separation has taken a toll. It is not actually that their marriage can be fixed enough to work at the moment. But there is still love signal between them. Another insider stated that Chris is in the demand at this time. He will continue to travel around the world, keeping them apart.

A source told the Life & Style magazine that Pratt was reluctant to go to counseling when they have not separated yet. But now he feels like he has no more options. Chris was reluctant due to the fact he was always busy for working.

Faris hit it off with a Marvel star

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris 11

A source told the Radar Online magazine that Faris has flirted with Pratt’s friend in Marvel actor, which is Captain America star named Chris Evans. As a consequence, Evans has had a crush on Faris for a moment.

Evans has a little opening on his calendar. But now he thinks it is the right time to reconnect with Anna, the insider told the Radar Online. Unluckily, Evans’s old buddy Chris Pratt points out that he is swooping in way too rapid on his ex-wife. The insider also added that Anna and Chris Evans go way back. They actually hit it off when they worked together in the 2011 romantic comedy called “What’s Your Number?”. The source also noted that the movie entirely bombed, but their chemistry totally exploded in a smooth way… Evans always raved about Pratt, who is the luckiest guy in Hollywood. It is not only because he has a beautiful wife Anna, but it is also her sassy humor and the genuinely cool person she owns. The important thing is that Anna is free now, all bets have gone at this time. Evans has never had any problem when flirting the ladies. Now this is a fair-play game, he is ready to take an opportunity and a swing at it.





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