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Counting down the most powerful suits that superheroes used to wear in MCU

Counting down the most powerful suits that superheroes used to wear in MCU

the most powerful suits that superheroes used to wear in MCU

10 years is not such a long time to us but it is the whole journey of MCU. Starting with Iron Man in 2008, MCU has created a new universe where everything is possible. They made that universe from superheroes and supervillains. MCU has presented us with 20 feature films up to now. In those 20 movies, we have chances to see and observe many armors and suits. In fact, most of them make us stunned at any time they showed up. Moreover, we can see the MCU is always trying to make their fashion style look new.

They keep improving the outfit of superheroes to meet the need of the audiences. We have seen the alien forces having unique styles for each race. The superheroes who are basically god have new armor and weapons. A lot of changes they have made in the last decade. And some superheroes even have a wardrobe of suits that they used to use.

From the moment Tony Stark got out of the cave and presented the world his first Iron Man suit. The world in MCU, as well as our world, started to focus on superheroes’ suits. There are many suits with a variety of uses and capabilities. It is up to who is going to wear that suit and what is their power. Sometimes we will see the suits becoming a typical symbol for a hero. However, there are some suits that are just regular clothes having no special in them. Through the battles of the Avengers we have seen on screen, the suits can make a big difference. Sometimes they can change the game. Today, we will check over the list of suits that superheroes used to wear in MCU. Let’s find down what is the most powerful suit ever appearing in MCU.

To make ourselves clear before we discover the list of most powerful suits, we have to explain this. In this article, we will use the words “superhero suit” for what heroes are wearing. We will not count what they carry along or something becoming a part of them. Therefore, the shield of Steve Roger and the metal of his friend Bucky are not “superhero suits”. Especially we will pass Vision in this list as he doesn’t have any suit. He makes his outlook from a part of his body.

Check out the agent of SHIELD: Black Widow

SHIELD: Black Widow

Over time, we have seen Black Widow having a good taste of fashion. She changed her appearance through many movies having her. Her first appearance was in Iron Man 2 in the business woman’s suit. And she continues showing up in the black catsuit base. She seems to be a big fan of Black clothes. It is easy to understand as she is an assassin as well as a spy in the end. She is one of the characters having no superpower. However, she has proved her unique skills and techniques useful. And now Black Widow has become one of the main members of the team.

In Avengers 1 and Avengers 2, she also played an important role in the storyline. With the beautiful fighting skills, Black Widow has gained much love from people. Natasha Romanoff seems to have not many modifications. We will not mention the utility belt or a little padding.

Actually, there is a weapon or tool that she got with her for years. It is the Widow’s bite which still makes an impression with the viewers. The Black Widow has bracelets that we can be glowing when she activates them. The first time we have seen these bracelets in battle was in Avengers 1. She suited up after Captain America’s order. After she attended the Avengers team, Tony Stark must have some ideas with her weapon. She can use them to send electricity in her first and stun her enemy. We can deal with robots and aliens with this. Later, she has improved her gears with the electrified disks. Nat will throw a disk and activate it from the close distance. It seems to be really useful as it helps her fight in long distance.

The next level is that she can shoot these disks in short distance. In fact, the electric was strong enough to slow down the Black Panther in his suit. To be frank, the suit of Black Widow is nothing special comparing to the rest of her team. However, it is impressive enough to get a place on this list. And you have to admit that it is suitable for her. After all, the Black Widow’s job is assassin and spy. Then why does she need a big gun that can reveal her?

The suit of Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Recently, we have seen the arrival of the greatest female hero in MCU up till now. And Captain Marvel is promising to be the ending factor in End Game. And in her movie, the producer wants to show that she can be fine with or without her suit. Her power completely got out of the definition of “super” in MCU. In the battle suit or in a set of fuzzy pajamas, she still can blow up the whole army like the toys. Having the energy directly from the Tesseract, she is a deadly offensive force. However, a suit sometimes doesn’t have offensive capabilities to be powerful.

The suit on Captain Marvel is coming from the technology of the Kree. In fact, it was the Kree uniform when she was still in the Star Force. After she discovered the fact as well as the lie of Kree, she decided to turn side. Eventually, she became the protector of the earth. Coming from a normal Earth girl named Carol Danvers to Captain Marvel. Then we know that she doesn’t need her suit to be super. Then what are special things with this armor? The main point we want to say is that lying in her suit are many advanced technologies. She seems to bring along a wardrobe as she can adjust the color of the suit. With simple touches, she can change the color of the suit easily. The suit proved that it was super strong and durable.

Clearly that it can stand the laser light as well as photon blast. It can help the wearer adapt to many kinds of environment. She can live freely under the water or in the space. Her suit shared one common with the helmet of Star-lord. It even can help her breathing in the space. Another thing we want to mention is the translator. This universe translator helps her communicate with all the races in the universe. They combined many things in this suit like the communicating system. Through that, she can talk in the far distance in the Universe.

The suit of Star-Lord


The suit of Star-Lord has become the typical image of him. It gave him a distinct look and so much more. In the battle, Star-Lord has proved that he was useful in his suits. And it helps in creating the combat moves that he has. Moreover, it contains many useful enhancements to fight in the battle. As you can see, Star-Lord is another character having no special superpower. He used to come to the god mode but he gave it up later. And he needs his planet to improve and use his power. That was the reason why people still see him carrying many tools and weapons with him.

The most impressive things are the boots and his helmet. His boots are the rocket boots which allows him to fly in the space. In vol 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy, he had some improvement. For example, we saw the jetpack-like Aero-Rig he got from Rocket. His helmet seems to have the same technology with Kree. Because the helmet comes and disappears from nowhere. This Character is not much famous and impressive like Captain Marvel of Black Widow. Of course, thanks to him then we have a chance to see Avengers: End Game. However, this suit joined in making his name into the air.

Falcon flying suit


In the MCU, Falcon is also another superhero that has no superpower at all. He showed up mostly around the character Captain America. Maybe he admired the work of Captain America. Then he became one of the big friends that Steve has. However, there is nothing so special with these guys. He is slower, weaker and less agile than Captain America. But this doesn’t affect him much infighting and saving the world. He showed that he was a well-trained soldier. And he likes to fly in the sky.

It was the first-moment people saw the EXO-7 Falcon flight. It used to be the secret project of the military. With that bulletproof wings, he can easily fly in the sky. Moreover, he can be able to carry another man on these wings. He has the speed and force that he can use to kick the bad guys. After all, they call him as Falcon for reasons. After he became a member of Avengers, there were many enhancements to the EXO-7. His goggles make him a real falcon. Because it gave him more sight and ability to see. You can see that he even could see Ant-Man through that goggles. His wings became more flexible and he had missiles in that wings. He also carried a drone called Redwing.

War Machine in Mark IV

War Machine in Mark IV

Being a friend of Tony Stark as well as a corner of the UC military, Rodey is a famous character in the MCU. He fights side by side with Iron Man when he attends the Avengers. In fact, he stole this armor from Tony’s basement. But Tony is fine with that as Rodney is his best friend after all. Then he let the US military upgrade the suit in the “American” style. People call him then as War Machine. And his name tells us enough about what this suit is in a perfect way. He also changed his name a while but then returned to “War Machine”.

As we can see on the movies and comics, Tony Stark is able to bring everything he wants into his suits. They are like the flying arsenals with a shining and cool appearance. After all, he likes to use it as a car to buy a donut. Yet War Machine doesn’t care much about his appearance. We can see weapons he brings along right the way. In short words, this guy is the flying and heavy armor tank. In Captain America: Civil War, we can see how he turn a truck into pieces within a blink of eyes. Coming to Avengers: Infinity War, we have got chance to see the deadliest version of him. War Machine Mark IV.

Let’s check out this War Machine Mark IV. It has the repulsion as well as the arc reactor made by Tony Stark. Of course, it has since no one can make another source of energy to alter Stark’s creation. There is a machine gun on this shoulder with missile launchers as usual. This suit also has smaller machine guns on his wrist. We can see how useful they were in the fight with Outriders. But the newest improvement of War Machine was the bombs he could carry.

In the Wakanda battle, he used bombs on his back to make a rain fire down. Now he is like the bombing plane and the tank at the same time. Besides, this suit seemed to make him more durable. He got hit and fell from the sky but he was able to walk up and continue to find back. It was something that he could do in Civil. Maybe Tony didn’t want him to suffer more injuries from falling from the sky.

The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in Iron Spider


Appearing in the Civil War for the first up showing, Spider-Man showed us the new suit made by Tony. Because his homemade superhero costume is ridiculous. Then Tony decided to give him a total upgrade. The information about this suit came to light in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter and his friend were able to hack Tony’s suit and free all abilities of it. It has an AI that Peter calls Karen. Thanks to the talk between Peter and his suit, we know more about what this suit can do. It provides Peter a dozen of web shooter upgrades. We have to admit that they are super useful in the battle.

Frankly, we are familiar with a Spider-Man who makes the suit for himself. He also comes up with the idea to make a web shooter. But we have never seen Spider-Man’s web shooter that is practical for fighting like this one. The suit even helps him have a better vision, tracking mode, spy spiders… And the most impressive upgrade is the “Instant Kill” mode. We are looking forward to seeing Peter stop talking and pull everything he has in a fight. But no matter how perfect we see this suit is, Tony Stark has to make it another total upgrade. In the end, it is like Tony’s hobbies to make something good to best.

In Avengers: Infinity War, the Iron Spider armor came out for the first time. And in the needed time, it saved Peter’s life. We can see in the movie that it shares the same technology of Tony’s newest suit. Using Nanotechnology is what we are talking about. And it seems to help Peter breathe in the low oxygen condition. We haven’t yet about what this suit can do or its full capabilities. In Infinity War, it showed some upgrades in the defensive system. Peter can deploy many features immediately thanks to the upgraded neural interface. He now gets another ‘four-legs’ to become a complete spider. They can help him jump, climb and catch. There are more things we can expect to see in this new suit. After all, this is the suit Tony built for Peter for the last fight. Iron Spider is promising to be the biggest armor in MCU.

Ant-Man’s suit

Ant-Man's suit

This suit is easy to use as others. You don’t need to have any superpower to wear it. But you must train and have experience in using it. Basically, this suit will allow you to change your size. You can become a Giant or a tiny ant. It is impressive and useful in hiding and seeks game. But in the battle with bad guys, it seems to be useless in the hands of wrong people. Yet to someone knowing how to use this suit, this can create the disasters. This suit can be more effective in combat, espionage and good clean fun.

The suit if Ant-Man based on the technology of Hank Pym. People call it as Pym Particles. Developing in World War II, the Ant-man suit has carried out many impossible missions. It has a regulator embedded in the belt. In the gloves, you will have a controller to change your size when you want. For the detecting mission, you can shrink small enough to sneak into a facility. Or in the big fight, we can turn to be a Giant to take down the Avengers.

If you use it strategically, the suit can generate massive amounts of momentum for you. Which means that your normal punches will become the bullets. It also can enhance the durability in big and small sizes. Besides, the suit also has Pym Particle disk launcher. With them, you can change the size of objects. And we can’t miss the helmet with the EMP device. Thanks to it, Ant-Man is able to communicate the insects and control them.

Wasp’s suit

Wasp’s suit

Hope van Dyne spent almost her life to beg her father to be the next “Ant-man”. However, Dr. Pym was afraid of losing his daughter so he denied her. However, he realized that Ant-Man needed a partner on the battlefield. In the end, he agreed to let her be the next to the Wasp. Hope has a great skill in using her suit in the fights. She has proved that she is as strong as Ant-man. She also has many ideas to use Pym Particles.

The Wasp suit seems to have more upgrades than the Ant-man suit. The first thing we notice is that she has wings to fly. Then she can fly after and reach where Ant-Man needs help from his friends called “Antony”. She can change her size with her thought. Not like Ant-Man suit need a button to do that, Wasp has neural enhancements instead. And you can see that the Wasp has the blasters which make Scott Lang jealous.

The magic cape of Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the most powerful wizard that the earth is having now. And he is powerful with or without some kinds of the magic suit. He is still a very formidable opponent with spells and magic. After years practicing, he became a master of the mystic arts and the protector of Eye of Agamotto. However, the Sorcerer Supreme of the MCU also needs some magical artifacts. Thanks to these magical artifacts, he became more powerful to get into battles. These help to enhance his abilities besides his prodigious magical skills.

The first thing we want to mention is the Cloak of Levitation. This cloak seems to have a special relationship with Doctor Strange. It likes him and follows him everywhere. Most of the time, we see it spent time on Strange’s back. With this cloak, Doctor Strange can fly without using any spells. Moreover, this cloak can understand what its owner is saying. And it follows any commands that Strange gives. We can see Doctor Strange tell it to stop Thanos using his hand. Sometimes we see this cloak like a magical pet of Doctor Strange than an artifact. Because it has its own thought and perception.

In the battle, it can make its own decision sometimes. For example, it tried to save Strange from Ebony Maw’s makeshift bonds. It attacked Drax right the way before Strange could do anything. And you can see it seems to communicate with Iron Man on that space ship. Besides, it seemed to understand and follow the plan of Peter Parker.

The second artifact that Doctor wears is the Eye of Agamotto. This artifact allows him controlling the time. He can play back the timeline, see the future and the back. Moreover, he can make a time loop to trap his enemy. The Eye of Agamotto turned out to be the Time Stone. To keep it in the safest mode, Doctor Strange wears the Time Stone around his neck. He doesn’t use it regularly as he considers himself as its protector, not the user.

Hulkbuster suit version 2.0


There are many reasons making the Avengers: Age of Ultron becomes a much-anticipated movie. As you can see, the movie contains many beautiful fight scenes that impress the audiences. And one of the most epic fighting scenes is the battle of Iron Man and the Hulk. Of course, Tony has to use some things bigger his suit to take down the Hulk. He called Veronica. This is the creation of Tony with the help of Bruce Banner. Its main job is the last alarm of the Avengers to take down the Hulk. In case, this green guy gets out of control and threatens the safety of people, this will be the solution. In fact, this suit is the HulkBuster suit and its name says everything.

After some difficulties, the Hulkbuster could control the Hulk and knock him down. This was the first time, we have seen the truth form the Hulk. He was the monster indeed which will destroy everything he sees. After that incident, Tony made some upgrades with that suit. However, we didn’t have the chance to see Tony in that suit again in Infinity War. Bruce Banner who was having a hard time with his green friend was wearing to fight in Wakanda. We could see that Bruce Banner didn’t have any certificate in using the HulkBuster. Yet he did a good job in killing a member of Black Order, the Black Dwaft.

The HulkBuster version 2.0 marked its return in the battle in Wakanda. Like the last version, the Hulkbuster 2.0 can give an incredible strength as well as durability. After all, Tony made this to take down the strongest Avenger in his mind. Clearly, he hasn’t seen the new form of Thor. Maybe Tony will make the Thorbuster later in case Thor wants to be a bad guy. The Hulk Buster 2.0 brought out as many punishments as it can.

However, Bruce Banner had so little time to get used to it. He didn’t use much the capabilities of this suit. We believe that Tony has made some incredible pieces of stuff with this suit. So that Tony can put The Hulk into the sleep fast next time they fight. Next time, Bruce Banner will tell Tony Stark to write down the manual guide for others to use in the needed time.

Black Panther’s suit

Black Panther’s suit

According to the history of Wakanda, this is the only place on Earth that human can find Vibranium. Vibranium is the strongest metal that the world has ever known. The indestructible shield of Captain America also made from this metal. The radiation from the meteor changed a plan nearby and gave Black Panther power. There is no other place on earth that can use Vibranium as good as Wakanda.

With the help of Vibranium, their technology goes far beyond the rest of the world. Their most impressive and powerful weapon is the suit of Black Panther. And only the heir of the throne and the title Black Panther can wear this suit. Only the king of Wakanda can be the protector of this country. Making from Vibranium, this suit seems to be able to stand and most known human weapons. The claws made from Vibranium are strong enough to leave its crash on Captain’s shield.

While her brother was trying to catch the man killing their father, Shuri made some upgrades for the suit. People know the suit of Black Panther as Panther Habit. The Nanotech was what she was thinking about first. It is as convenient as the Iron Spider. The suit will be in the necklace then T’Challa can transform anytime he wants. Other upgrades were energy absorption and redistribution abilities. Now the Black Panther can dish back the punishment he got from enemies. As the form of kinetic force, he can knock them out. Besides, the suit can self-repair if it gets damaged. It has a communicator inside and noise-canceling shoes. After all, Panther is a cat’s relative then sneaking skill is important. We can tell that this can be the most powerful suit in MCU.

The biggest man of the show, Tony Stark in his Iron Man Mark L

 Iron Man Mark L

If we start to talk about Tony’s Iron suits, this will be like a science fair. MCU has created a character that can be the symbol of continuing upgrade. There are 11 years since MCU showed the first movie, Iron Man in 2008. From that time, we have met 50 different versions of this suit. Every suite has a unique identity and unique skills. Tony keeps improving his legacy. From the heavy armor to the armor he can bring in his vacation as a briefcase. We also see he make the armor to take down the Hulk, the Hulkbuster.

After some incidents, he decided to make a surgery and take the arc reactor out of his chest. But he seems to not be able to give up on Iron Man. He needs it to protect the earth as well as his beloved person. From a player, he becomes the first defending frontier that the earth has. In Avengers: Infinity War, we have seen the Mark L which we believe his most powerful armor at the present. He used the Nanotechnology to carry this suit along with him. Everything comes from a single triangular piece on Tony’s chest. It is where he puts the arc reactor for his suit and keeps the Nano. With this, he can do everything that his former creations could do.

It can form everything to help Tony in the battle. It seems to work under Tony’s idea. He thinks of something then this suit can make that. In the Infinity War, we can see that this suit can shape into many forms. From the cannon coming from nowhere to the flying system. Tony made a separated flying system so that he can freely shoot his enemy. He can create a blaster in a blink of eyes. People got the feeling that the only limit of this suit is the imagination of Tony Stark. And we all know that this genius has many ideas to share. He even used his Nano as a tool to stop bleeding. From what we have seen in the movie, Tony has made this suit for the last fight. This is his legacy and what will free him from the fear of the threat coming from the space. Let’s whether he used this suit again in End Game or he blows our mind again.

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