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Interesting things about the DEAD OR ALIVE cast

Interesting things about the DEAD OR ALIVE cast


Tecmo succeeded in releasing the famous fighting game Dead or Alive. But in 2006, the movie version of this game was not really accepted by critics. In fact, The Weinstein Company only sells this movie for 505 cinemas and they even ignore critics. The Weinstein Company is only really aimed at the fans of DOA games, they are not too invested in the plot and anything like that!

DOA’s latest film was directed by director Corey Yuen. It was really fun, but it was also a disaster!

Corey Yuen’s DOA brings the audience an interesting cast, from professional wrestlers to famous actors and models. Who they are and what they are doing, learn through this article!



Devon Aoki is a famous person as a model and actress of action movies. She is best known for her roles in popular films like Miho in Sin City (2004) and Suki in 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003). And Kasumi is Devon Aok’s role in DOA, a warrior hoping to find her brother through the tournament on Donovan island.

Before going to film business, Devon Aoki spent most of her time in modeling. The latest movie Devon Aoki participated in was a vampire comedy. Talk about Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and season 3 of Arrow, Devon Aoki has been replaced!



Holly Valance is a talented Australian actress. In a scene that Holly Valance plays, she fights with many enemies that have dangerous weapons while she only wears a towel. In Dead or Alive, Holly Valance plays a talented assassin under Vincent Donovan, her character name is Christie.

After DOA’s Christie role, Holly Valance continued to participate in other films, including the famous Taken. Valance is also a professional singer and she starred in Andy Clockwise’s EP 2016 The Good Book. Holly Valanc married Nick Candy, an English businessman, in 2012.

However, Nick Candy was accused of involving a blackmail extortion in 2017. Although Nick Candy won the case and didn’t have any major losses, his reputation was affected through the circumstances in the trial!



Eric Roberts is Julia Roberts’s brother. At the time when Dead or Alive was released, Julia Robert was one of the most popular names in Hollywood. He is everywhere, he is always active and enthusiastic in any project, from The Dark Knight to A Talking Cat.

For those who don’t know, Victor Donovan in DOA is a billionaire and he organized the Dead or Alive tournament for weird purposes. Victor Donovan’s ultimate goal is to collect all the martial arts of the gladiators. After that, he will synthesize them and use them through his sunglasses. And Eric Roberts is the one who plays Victor Donovan in Dead or Alive.

In 2010, Eric Roberts participated in the reality film VH1 “Rehab” with issues related to marijuana. Roberts’ wife says she always supports her husband!



In Dead or Alive, Matthew Marsden plays a highly-trained criminal named Maximillian Marsh. His career was tied to Coronation Street roles before he came to DOA. Matthew Marsden also had a focus on music, and he released the song “She’s Gone”. But after a scandal with a record label, he doesn’t care about music anymore!

It can be said that Matthew Marsden plays successfully in the field of cinema. He had roles in big movies, it’s Atlas Shrugged: Part I, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and I Am That Man. In I Am That Man, Matthew Marsden is the main actor and his role is about the difficulties of a soldier returning to normal life after the war!



Next, we have Jaime Pressly. Jaime Pressly succeeded in comedy, she won the Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy with My Name Is Earl. In DOA, Jaime Pressly is a beautiful wrestler named Tina Armstrong.

Despite a great life and a successful career, Jaime Pressly was arrested for DUI in 2011. Although Jaime Pressly was not imprisoned, she received probation for three years. Not long after her scandal, Jaime Pressly and her husband divorced! Jaime Pressly appeared in a supporting role on CBS sitcom Mom.



Malthe Natassia is an actress who plays a mysterious assassin Ayane in Dead or Alive. She is a professional actor with many famous roles like Rayne in Bloodrayne (2005) or the mother of the main character in Alpha.

Natassia Malthe accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sex scandal in 2017. In an interview, Natassia Malthe said that the actress couldn’t find success in this way!



Ryu is a minor character in Dead or Alive, he is Kasume’s friend. Kane Kosugi played Ryu in DOA. In real life, he is truly a warrior when his father is a martial artist – actor Sho Kosugi. Besides, Kane Kosugi is known through his role in America’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and the Black Ninja of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (Japan).

In 2014, Kosugi starred in Tekken: Kazuya’s Revenge as the main actor. Besides, there is an interesting fact that he used to play League of Legends video game on Twitch as a way to interact with his fans!



Fans talk about Steve Howey through his role as Van in the sitcom Reba and Kevin Ball in the Showtime Shaming series. However, he was once a part of Dead or Alive, the film he played as Donovan Weatherby – a high-tech expert.

Steve Howey’s job is quite good, but he has problems with his personal life. In 2016, Howey’s former nanny said that he and his wife had had negative actions related to sexual harassment, faith, and ended the contract wrongly! The lawsuit has caused much controversy!

The rumors continued since Steve Howey admitted on Twitter that he was a gay. This is to excuse his sexual abuse.



In Dead or Alive, Victor Donovan has a daughter named Helena Douglas, played by Sarah Carter. Earlier, Sarah Carter appeared in TV episodes Smallville.

Sarah Carter’s career is very good. She has a successful role in Shark, Falling Skies, and a job on “Rogue of DirecTV” as well as Hawaii Five-0 remake version. Sarah Carter’s latest role is in Law & Order: SVU, about the NXIVM sect.

In the music industry, Sarah Carter released four albums, including her ‘Before Three’ solo album. Fans really wondered about the balance between Sarah Carter’s film and music career, but she made them really good!



Kevin Nash is a wrestler and he once played Super Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze), a Russian (The Punisher -2004). In Dead or Alive, Kevin Nash is Bass Armstrong, a true wrestler and Tina’s father!

After the success of Dead or Alive, Kevin Nash had many contracts and he was really busy. Nash had roles in John Wick and Magic Mike. He was also an image in WWE 2015 video games. Kevin Nash once said that he had 25 years of hard work, but he was still happy and didn’t want to stop. He belonged to the wrestler and his life was wrestling and struggling. Kevin Nash is also one of the celebrities that supports gay male wrestlers!

Nash had a quarrel with his son and then had to go to court to talk about the fight. Nash’s lawyer gave evidence that he was protecting his wife and then the charges against Nash were canceled!





















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