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Great tips in Devil may Cry 5 that you don’t know yet!

Great tips in Devil may Cry 5 that you don’t know yet!

Devil May Cry 5

After 11 years since the first release, we are eager to welcome the fifth part of the Devil May Cry series in 2019. Along with the halo of the old versions, in Devil May Cry 5 we see Dante and Nero. If Dante and Nero are familiar demon hunters, we will have a new demon hunter in this fifth part. All three characters will create an alliance to prevent a new Boss named Urizen. He was the one who planted the Qliphoth devil tree on Earth not long ago. The Qliphoth tree uses its roots and tentacles to suck human blood. And it is the source of Urizen’s infinite power.

Game Devil May Cry 5 will be released to the gamers community with a special battle system, in which you will control all three demon hunters. Each demon hunter will have different weapons and skills, but at the start of the game, their stats are equal. However, the game has hidden some interesting details that we have discovered recently. That may be the tips you need!

Of course, in a fighting game with evil plot and hero, you will face countless dangerous monsters and some mighty bosses. With the tips we reveal in this article, it is easier to beat them. Whether you are a newbie and have never seen Urizen or you are facing him in a difficult situation, we will help you have more “easy” moments!

You must use ‘the Void’ feature effectly


If you’re a beginner, you’ll feel Devil May Cry is a hard game. As soon as you step into this haunted world, you feel lost in a deep area with a ‘handicapped Nero’. Through battle and discovery, you will find that the Shop is a place where you can learn effective combos with high damage. However, you need to train to deploy these combos as quickly as possible. To defeat an enemy, whether weak or strong, you definitely need combos. To save time and make your gaming experience more enjoyable!

And it’s great because DMC5 developers have paid attention to this issue. They created Void as a practice mode for combos and improve your fighting ability. You have 2 ways to enter the Void, from the main menu of the game or from the Shop. If you access Void from the main menu, your first job is to choose a demon hunter you want. After that, you can pick any monster to be a partner in your training. If you access Void from the Shop, you can experience the skills of demon hunters for free. It is clear that Void is a virtual space to introduce the power of a demon hunter. But it is also a great place for you to become a great demon hunter!

In this exciting fighting game, Style points are very important. And to achieve a high Style rank, you need to have many different combos and you have to use them effectively in battles. Pay attention to the Void, it gives you many advantages before the enemy even if he is Urizen!

Complete a level with rank S for more red orbs

Devil May Cry 5-1

To unlock a skill, you need to have red orbs. However, most of the time you stay in Devil may Cry 5, you won’t have enough of these red orbs. This is interesting because you will have to fight many times to collect red orbs. However, did you know that we have discovered a secret that can help you earn more? It will save you money!

To collect red orbs, you need to go to all places of all levels. Pay attention to dead-end roads because they often have rewards hidden at the end (red blood or tree). The developer’s message can be “a reward for the most persistent heroes”. If you collect these treasures, you will have a large amount of money. And if you complete a level with rank S or higher, you will have a lot of red orbs. To collect red orbs, you can enter a level that you have conquered. Because when you are stronger than your opponent, you can easily gain rank S!

Note that each orb with different colors will unlock different skills. These blue or purple orbs also help you own important skills. Another note: if you control Nero, don’t buy Devil Breakers. Use only one or two equipment to complete the levels. Trust me, the reward after completing a challenge will surprise you. And if you are killed by a Boss, don’t use money to revive. Please accept respawn at a certain point!

The dance feature

Devil May Cry

If you are a longtime fan of Devil May Cry, you will know about this exciting dance feature. It is used to mock someone. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s ridiculous! Although Devil May Cry 5 does not directly introduce this feature, it is part of the game. You have many dance styles to choose from and then your character will do actions to mock the enemy. Although this feature helps you increase your stats in Style, if you don’t complete the dance you won’t have any reward!

Your taunt will be different at each level. When you reach SSS level, you will have more mischievous actions. However, if you use this feature ineffectively, it will not work and affect your rank badly. Please note that you can use taunt, but in a safe place. When you’re mocking the enemy, you can be attacked and lose the Style stat!

Block an attack from an enemy with your attack combos

Devil May Cry 6

During the process of playing DMC5, you will know that you can fight an attack from an enemy with your attack combos. Of course, the game hides this but now you know. You can create a huge damage with this tip, even if you’re in front of a Boss. Maybe you will fail in your first experience, but practice to master your timing. This amazing technique is not for newbie, it is one of the advanced skills of professionals. Prepare a large amount of HP before you try this. If you reflect slowly, you can skip this tip!

If you successfully block an enemy’s attack, he will lose his balance and there are many loopholes during this time. Yeah, this is the time for you to comfortably use the strongest combos you have. Or simply a slash, this is not bad! Finish your combo with a long range hit, plus the stun effect will be great! These tips help you avoid bad damage during the battle. It also helps you increase some stats in Style!

Enemy Step skill

Nero and Dante

Enemy Step is one of the interesting skills of Devil may Cry 5. This skill can be applied to all demon hunters. When using this skill, your character will jump one step to create a gap with the enemy. However, the game holds a secret for itself. After you use Enemy Step, your previous skills will be reset. For example: Caliber skill of Nero can only be used once in the air. But with Enemy Step, you can use Caliber again.

This is one of the most important and effective skills that Nero and Dante have. When using this skill, they can fight in the air for a long time while having a safe distance from the demons. And if you know about Nero’s Wire Snatch, it can be a highly efficient combo. Of course, you need a long time to unlock this skill and another time to master it. And after you are too familiar with Enemy Step, I believe your Style points will increase!

“V” demon hunter, our third mysterious character can also use Enemy Step skill. Although he does not have many skills to combine with Enemy Step, it allows him to create longer “air combos” and have a safe position with enemies!

Do you know about the hidden rocket launcher?

Collect Kalina Ann

Unlike the above tips, this ‘hidden rocket launcher’ is exclusively for Dante. Kalina Ann II is a powerful rocket launcher, it replaces Kalina Ann. Nico gave Kalina Ann II to Dante. But what does this mean?

When playing to “Mission 11“, Dante will discover some secrets of a collapsed city. Dante finds a tower with Qliphoth tentacles. At this point, you need to hit the blood clots to destroy the tentacles. You must destroy all tentacles to make the tower fall to the ground. At this point, pay attention to the third optional blood clot. Destroy it and you will see a secret room. Well, in that there will be lost Kalina Ann.

Collect Kalina Ann and Kalina Ann II and you have a new weapon, it is a combination of two old launchers. Double Kalina Ann will help Dante become a dangerous demon hunter. He shoots missiles extremely fast and his special gun weapon will master the battle!

Devil Trigger skill

Devil Trigger

Complex terrain is always part of the challenge for you. Sometimes, you want to jump on a rock but that’s impossible. Even if you use Air Hike, a double jump, you’ll have to drop a hole for your useless effort. If you’re lucky, Enemy Step will help you get back to the track. But with Dante is another story. We have another tip for Dante, Devil Trigger skill!

When using Devil Trigger, Dante becomes … a demon. Because of the fact that Dante owns the blood of demons. Devil may Cry has said that Devil Trigger helps Dante gain more power. Besides, he has some effective air skills. If Enemy Step helps Dante take a second jump, Devil Trigger helps him to have a third jump. All thanks to the demon wings. Even Dante can fly with his new wings!

However, Devil Trigger is a limited skill, it needs mana to use. So make sure you always have a large amount of mana when using this skill. If in front of you is a high wall, switch to Trickster mode and use the Air Trick skill. Later, combining the style of Gunslinger with Ebony and Ivoryd to use the Rainstorm in the air!

You need to pay attention when using lock-on mechanism

Wire Snatch 2

If you’ve ever played Devil May Cry, you must know about lock-on mechanism. A combination of ‘lock-on’ and a moving bar will help you have effective attacks. Especially when you are fighting, you will use this feature to track your HP while attacking enemies with high damage combos!

However, in certain cases, you need to pay attention when using this feature. Typically when you control Nero and you want to use Devil Breaker skill, it will switch to Wire Snatch skill when you are in lock-on mode! Another case, when you fight with Dante demon hunter and you must evade a Boss attack. Using Style dodging skills in Trickster mode is good. But if you are in lock-on status, the moves will easily make serious mistakes!

Later, when you face some high level bosses, they will fire many weapons on you. If you are in lock-on mode, you can’t do much. But if you are in lock-off mode, you can use special guns and shoot all flying weapons to destroy them!

The charge up

Exceed level 3

In Devil may Cry 5, our demon hunters can charge up through effective attacks. Typical for this feature is Nero and V. When Nero uses Exceed level 3, he is really scary.

However, V will be a little harder to apply this skill even if he gets full charge with Shadow and Griffon. In battle, V can use Shadow to attack enemies while charge up Griffon. When Shadow’s attack ends, V can use Griffon to extend the chain of combos he made! All you need to do is pay attention to the space between skills!

The control buttons

Nero and V

In combat, you will see that the demon hunters’ attacks (whether close-range or long-range attacks) are controlled by the character’s control buttons. This is a good guide for gamers, but Style requires a bit higher, it needs improvisation from you. Learn about these skills! For example, you can charge the gun while shooting the demons and end the attack with a powerful synthetic shot!

However, this is difficult for some because they are not used to putting their right thumb on a button while clicking on another button. So, reset the controls to create the most comfortable for you to use the ‘charge up’ feature. Once you feel comfortable in control, you can achieve level S more easily. You may take some time to get used to the location of the control buttons, but that’s fine. I believe that for those who already know about this technique, their Nero and V will always be the terror of the demons. And to be fair with the dedicated tips for Dante, he doesn’t have much benefit with this tip!

Save your animals when you can!

Griffon and Shadow

Griffon and Shadow are V’s pets. They fight alongside V, sometimes they are shields for him. While Griffon and Shadow attack the enemy, V can only observe the battle from afar. But in the Devil may Cry 5, Griffon and Shadow may fall into deadlock cases. If their health drops to the limit, V cannot call them for a certain time. It is obvious that the Griffon and Shadow cannot fight will greatly affect V!

But if you pay close attention, you’ll find that whenever V dodges an enemy’s attack, Shadow and Griffon will return. Ignoring geography and terrain, pets of V are always there for him. We know that avoiding a strike is good for V. But it has another benefit for his animals!

One of the benefits is health recovery. You can control V to evade enemy attacks while recovering HP for Griffon (double jump and glide) and Shadow (spam the sidestep). When there are no pets, ‘V’ becomes quite weak. But I have another tip for you: if Griffon and Shadow die, call Nighmare!

The camera

Devil Trigger 2

Once you get used to the controls and complex systems in the game, pay attention to the camera angle. If you leave the camera in the near corner, you will see your character with beautiful images and great skills. But in combat, a wide viewing angle will help you control the battle more easily. This tip is especially effective for battles where you have to fight many demons at once!

For example, from a top-down perspective, you can see all the enemies around you and you’ll have the right decisions about the next attack skills. If you want to reach an enemy, you can use the Streak of Nero or Stante’s Stante. Even if a demon attacks you from behind, you can still block its attack. And above all, your Style stat will increase!

V is the new character in Devil May Cry 5, and we have a special camera for him. V did not directly fight, he used his animals. Therefore, we have a long-range camera to monitor the battle, including V and his animals. V needs to avoid enemies who ignore pets and aim for them. Once you have the best view of the enemy, you will have the advantage.
















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