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Disclosures about Jennifer Garner’s divorce

Disclosures about Jennifer Garner’s divorce

Millions of fans felt broken-hearted to know that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner had ended their marriage after 10 years. Garner, who has spent a lot on the toll for their divorce, has confessed about her single celebrity life.

There’s nothing about the nanny

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

After Affleck and Garner broke up, there’re rumors about their old nanny, Christine Ouzounian. People believe that Ouzounian involved in this divorce. But in spite of the scandals, in February 2015, Garner made a big confusion to the people who adore her. She confessed to Vanity Fair that they fired Ouzounian after taken to Las Vegas with Tom Brady by Affleck. Garner also said that she had split for months before she had ever heard about the nanny. “She isn’t a part of our decision to divorce”, Garner confirmed. However, it’s awkward for Garner to explain to her kids. “It’s bad for the kids not to see their nanny anymore,” Garner said. “I have explained all the scandals to my kids”

In fact, Ouzounian is nothing in their relationship. But according to Lindsay Shookus – the producer of Saturday Night Live announcement, people judge that Affleck’s current girlfriend is a part of their ended marriage.

Ben is still the love of her life


In spite of their divorce, Garner is still in love with her ex-husband. She says that she would go back and marry him again if she has a chance. She told Vanity Fair that she had run down to the beach to him and she would make that decision again. And she couldn’t have her kids and the memories without him. She’s still so in love with Ben. He’s the most brilliant, the most charming, the kindest person to her.

But he wasn’t that perfect. Garner indicated that Ben sometimes treated her badly. “When his sun shines on you, you can feel it,” she said. “But once the sun is shining elsewhere, it’s cold. He’s just a shadow.”

She went to church for help

Anyone who’s ever been through a breakup will tell you that the days afterward can get tough. For Garner, it absolutely was merely returning to what she knew from childhood. “All of the times I am sitting down at the piano,” she disclosed to Vanity Fair. “I went back to church. I sat down and wrote sad poetry all day”. In the meanwhile, Garner says she’s hoping that sad stage will end soon. “I expect to overcome this pity stage,” she admitted.

Garner, as well as Affleck, seems to rely on religion as a healing tool. In April 2017, four days after filing for divorce, they were together at Easter services.

She did not expect to end everything that badly

Jennifer Lopez

In the interview of Garner with Vanity Fair, the magazine pointed out that Garner and Affleck met after ending their high-profile relationships. Affleck had split from his on-again, off-again future wife, Jennifer Lopez, while Garner just divorced with actor Scott Foley. Obviously, the odds were against them. Even so, Garner says she didn’t imagine that she would divorce Affleck when she ran down the beach.” She says that they still have to help each other overcome that. “He’s still the only who knows about the truth. And I’m still only one know some of his truths.”

She isn’t sure if she wants to date again

After a 10-year marriage ends in divorce, moving on is perhaps the last thing you want to think about. And this is true for Garner, who probably wants to find a new partner. She told Vanity Fair that she didn’t know, men didn’t call anymore. She wanted flowers, she didn’t want to text. But that won’t stop men from trying to approach her. Garner told Vanity Fair about the time when a guy trying to pick her up at the airport. He asked if he could take her a cup of coffee, and she admitted that she was “floored” by the proposition. She told him that he might not take her for a coffee, but thanked him for asking.

Also, Garner admitted in the interview that she hadn’t been kissing for almost nine months while talking about a love scene for a new movie.

She may not dance with Ben in her daughter’s wedding

Vanity Fair

She emotionally admitted with Vanity Fair that she’d lost the dream of dancing with her husband at her daughter’s wedding. That’s painful; however, she said that their kids might be the only thing kept them friends. She loved to see their faces when he walked through the door. “And you know you’re going to be friends with the person whom your kids love so purely and wholly,” she said.

She opened wide her eyes through her marriage

Late in the story, there’s a joke that Ricky Gervais made at 2016 Golden Globe Awards. In that important event, he mentioned Matt Damon as the only person to whom Affleck hasn’t been unfaithful to. Garner seemed to confirm that the age-old tabloid was true, Affleck had a wandering eye. She said that there’s no need hating him for her, nor worrying for her because her eyes were wide open through her marriage. And she’s taking good care of herself.

She admits she has failed at the marriage twice

Garner is now looking to time to heal all of her traumas

Garner and Affleck have both admitted that marriage is a hard job. And the fact that having the second divorce has upset her, especially since she believes herself as a “hard worker.”

She confessed to Vanity Fair that she strongly believed it’s one of the painful things that she had completely failed at twice in her life. When somebody asks about when she stopped working on saving her relationship, “You must have two people to dance in a marriage,” she said.

Garner is now looking to time to heal all of her traumas. She said that her heart was a little on the tender side, and it’s easier to focus on the ways that you felt hurt. But she knows that she will have a clearer sense of where she let the system down with time and some perspective. Because there’s no way she gets off in that.

The divorce filing spoke out a lot

Garner and Affleck’s divorce filing was as easy as it gets. TMZ reported that there’re no lawyers involved in their filing. They both seek for legal and physical custody of their kids, without listing an official date of their separation. Yes, they did that in spite of their announcement about their separation in June 2015. That means because there’s no precut, it can decide how big their settlement is. People consider that Affleck is as the main breadwinner, this might make Garner’s potential payday affected. Their filing also means that they will have to handle it outside of court that can keep their privacy.

She’s not into all the attention from media

People published a cover story about Garner’s life

On May 2017, People published a cover story about Garner’s life, which focused on her future and children after the heartbreak. Even though that’s all fairly innocuous stuff, she seemed quite furious about it.

The Alias star wrote on Facebook to shut the article, “ People magazine cover and article today, which seems coming from me, has drawn my attention. There’s nothing unusual for me to get calls from loved ones thinking that I forgot to tell them that I am pregnant- with twins! — (Geez Louise), but it’s ridiculous that they ignore that easy.” “ This is not a tragedy, but it affects me and my family, so before my mom’s phone had lighted up by her garden club, I want to make things clear: I did not ask for this cover. I didn’t join in or authorized this article. I have my wonderful kids and my family is complete.”

She has focused on co-parenting

In August 2016, Garner said that she and Affleck worried of co-parenting their kids (Violet, 11, Seraphina, 8, and Samuel, 5) more than they were with any else in the split.

She said that they totally were a modern family and spent time together as a unit. She also shared that when Ben was working in London on Justice League (2017), she felt that her kids should have that experience. They are great friends they just all went together. Garner and her kids had an amazing time, Ben worked hard and had got to join them for some. She wanted them to see everything was OK and they’re doing really well.

On Today Parents, she said that she’s trying to set the best possible example for their kids. She didn’t think empathy is something can drill someone’s head. She believed that having faith that while kids could seem to be selfish and concerned only about the word ‘mine’ sometimes. Overall, the kids are watching you really carefully, and if you care about other people, they will too. And she was trying to be the best version of herself. So she believes that they’re watching her as carefully when she does something right as they do when she rolls through a stop sign.

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