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Elite Dangerous Engineers guide

Elite Dangerous Engineers guide

Elite Dangerous Engineers guide

Elite Dangerous is a remarkable name in the genre of the space-flight simulation game. Frontier Developments developed and launched it public on December 16, 2014. With a science fiction game about galaxy exploration like Elite Dangerous, the technical elements are very important. As a result, in this game, there are lots of engineers and they all take a very important role. They are known as people who can modify players ship’s weapons and modules. For this reason, Elite Dangerous Engineers guide is the thing that players search for most.

Since you’re here, I will provide you a fullest and most basic Elite Dangerous Engineers guide. So, let’s follow us in this article to get all of your demand information!

Basic information about Elite Dangerous EngineersList of engineers in Elite Dangerous

As mentioned above, the Engineers are individuals who can modify the ship’s weapons and modules. And in this game, there are a total of 24 engineers. Each of them has a special ability and they can only modify a specific set of weapons and modules. And that set depends on the lore and preference of each engineer. For example, some engineers are suited more for explorers whilst some others suited for bounty hunters.

Besides that, because these engineers reside in planetary bases. So, in order to access them, you need to expand the Horizons. Moreover, before you can receive an invite to the base of an engineer, you must learn about them first. And the Elite Dangerous Engineers guide below can help you.

Elite Dangerous Engineers guide: Bases

Bases of Engineers

It isn’t easy at all to get an invite from an engineer to their base. You have to meet all of their invite requirements. And each engineer will have their unique requirements. I’ve listed all these requirements in the table below (section Engineer). You can refer to it to know how to get the invite. Once you’ve gotten the invite and traveled to their base, you’ll be able to unlock their services. However, to unlock this, you must do the task that they ask you to do.

Here are all bases of all engineers.

Engineer Base Name System Planet 
Tod "The Blaster" McquinnTrophy CampWolf 397Trus Madi
Selene JeanProspector's RestKukB 3
Didi VatermannVatermann LLCLeesti
Bill TurnerTurner Metallics IncAliothJanuary 1, 1970
Broo TarquinBroo's LegacyMuangJanuary 1, 1970
Liz RyderDemolition UnlimitedEurybiaMakalu
Hera TaniThe Jet's HoleKuwemakiA 3 A
Tiana FortuneFortune's LossAchenar4A
Felicity FarseerFarseer IncDeciatJanuary 1, 1970
Colonel Bris DekkerDekker's YardSol
Juri IshmaakPater's MemorialGiryakJanuary 1, 1970
The SargeThe BeachBeta-3 Tucani
Elvira MartuukLong Sight BaseKhun 5
The DwellerBlack HideWyrdA 2
Lei CheungTrader's RestLaksak A 1
Marco QwentQwent Research BaseSirius
Professor PalinPalin Research CentreMaiaA 3 A
Zacariah NemoNemo Cyber Party BaseYoru
Lori JamesonJameson BaseShinrarta Dezhra
Ram TahPhoenix BaseMeeneAB 5 D
Etienne DornKraken's RetreatLosA 2 B
Marsha HicksThe WatchtowerTirA 2
Mel BrandonThe BrigLuchtaineA 1 C
Petra OlmanovaSanctuaryAsuraJanuary 1, 1970

Engineer Ranks

Once you’ve unlocked the engineers’ services, you’re given a reputation rank to the engineer. This rank goes from 1 to 5. In which, 5 is the highest reputation that you can achieve. So, what do these reputation ranks mean? The fact that, these reputation ranks determine the level of modification that you can do. And each modification craft your progress to the next reputation level increases. As a result, when you can increase your reputation with the engineer, you’ll be able to craft higher level modification. And of course, this will make a higher effect.

Besides that, you also can increase the level modification by making a profit with engineer instead of trying to increase your reputation level. And depending on each engineer that you work with, you might sell them commodities, exploration data, or bounty vouchers to increase the level modification. In detail, here I will provide you with the required profit for each grade of reputation level.

With grade 1: Unlock as soon as possible when the Engineer task has been completed.

Grade 2: Sell them exploration data or commodities with a net profit of 500,000 Credits.

With grade 3: Sell them exploration data or commodities but with higher net profit – 2,000,000 Credits

Grade 4: Sell them exploration data or commodities with a net profit of 8,000,000 Credits.

Grade 5: Continue selling them exploration data or commodities but with higher net profit – 16,000,000 Credits

Note: In some case, for a module type, Engineers may not be able to craft all 5 modification levels.

Elite Dangerous Engineers guide: CraftingMaterial sources

To upgrade modules on your ship, the Engineer can require some materials. Each blueprint will specify the material that the Engineer needs as well as how to get them. In fact, you can get these materials in lots of sources. For example, you can get them in the destroyed ships, mission rewards, ship or wake scans. In addition, signal sources, mining, planetary surface resources, etc are also some sources that you can use. However, remind you that each engineer requires different materials. This means not all materials that you’ve gathered will be useful with the same engineer. You can pin the maximum one blueprint per Engineer. In addition, the pinned modifications can be crafted at any station that is equipped with a Remote Workshop. However, a modification crafted remotely won’t help you contribute your reputation to your engineer.

Before upgrading a module, you’ll see on the screen a list of needed materials for the modification. In addition, on that screen, you also can see the range for applied effects. The negative effects are static for a given grade. This means they will only increase with higher grades. Whilst, the positive effects will increase when there are more materials spent on them. When you purchase modification, your reputation with the Engineer will increase. This helps you unlock access higher grades of modifications.

In addition, you must progress the grades through consecutively from 1 to 5. You can enhance the module by spending an additional quantity of materials to apply a single Experimental Effect. Remind you that experimental effects are only available at Engineer Workshops. You can’t apply remotely. And finally, you only can install one upgrade modification per module.

Elite Dangerous Engineers

Here is a detail table about all Engineers in the galaxy. This is one of the most important section in this Elite Dangerous Engineers guide. So, don’t miss it!

EngineerModifies up toLocationHow to findHow to get inviteHow to unlockHow to gain reputation   
Tod "The Blaster" McQuinnG5 Railgun & Multicannons, G3 Frag Cannons, G2 Cannons.Wolf 397Common knowledgeEarn 15 bounty vouchersProvide 100,001 CR worth of bounty vouchersCraft modules, Hand in Alliance vouchers to Trophy Camp.
Felicity FarseerG5 FSD, G3 DS Scanner, Sensors & Thrusters, G1 Interdictor, Power Plant & Shield Boosters.DeciatExploration rank Scout or higherProvide 1 unit of Meta-alloysCraft modules, Sell exploration data at Farseer Inc.
Elvira MartuukG5 FSD, G3 Shields, G2 Thrusters, G1 Shield Cell Bank.KhunCommon knowledge>300 ly travel distance from starting systemProvide 3 units of Soontill RelicsCraft modules, Sell exploration data at Long Sight Base.
Liz RyderG5 Missile Rack & Torpedo Pylons, G3 Mines, G1 Hull Reinforcement & Armour.EurybiaCommon knowledgeFriendly reputation with Eurybia Blue Mafia; complete mission from Chris & Silva's Paradise HideoutProvide 200 units of Landmines(illicit)Craft modules, Sell commodities to Demolition Unlimited.
The DwellerG5 Power Distributor, G4 Pulse Laser, G3 Burst & Beam Lasers.WyrdCommon knowledgeDeal in stolen or illicit goods at 5 Black MarketsPay 500,000 CRCraft modules, Sell commodities to Black Hide.
Lei CheungG5 DS Scanner, Sensors & Shields, G3 Shield Boosters.LaksakLearned from "The Dweller" (tier 3)Trade with at least 50 marketsProvide 200 units of GoldCraft modules.
Selene JeanG5 Hull Reinforcement & Armour.KukLearned from Tod "The Blaster" (tier 3)Mine at least 500 tons of oreProvide 10 PainiteCraft modules, Sell commodities, exploration data to Prospector's Rest.
Hera TaniG5 DS Scanner & Power Plant, G3 Power Distributor & Sensors.KuwemakiLearned from Liz Ryder (tier 3)Minimum outsiderrank with EmpireProvide 50 Kamitra CigarsCraft modules, Sell commodities to The Jet's Hole.
Broo TarquinG5 Burst, Beam & Pulse Lasers.MuangLearned from Hera Tani (tier 3)Combat rank competentor higherProvide 50 Fujin TeaCraft modules.
Marco QwentG4 Power Plant, G3 Power DistributorSirius(Permit Required)Learned from Elvira Martuuk (tier 3)Invitation from Sirius Corporation(very rare mission reward, it can take 2-3 days to get it)Provide 25 Modular TerminalsCraft modules, Sell commodities to Qwent Research Base.
Zacariah NemoG5 Frag Cannon, G3 Multicannons, G2 Plasma Accelerator.YoruLearned from Elvira Martuuk (tier 3)Invitation from Party of YoruProvide 25 units of Xihe CompanionsCraft modules, Sell commodities to Nemo Cyber Party Base.
Didi VatermannG5 Shield Boosters, G3 Shields.LeestiLearned from Selene Jean (tier 3)Gain trade rank of Merchant or higherProvide 50 units of Lavian BrandyCraft modules.
Colonel Bris DekkerG4 Interdictor, G3 FSD.Sol(Permit Required)Learned from Juri Ishmaak (tier 3)Friendly rank with FederationProvide 1,000,000 CR worth of combat bondsCraft modules.
Juri IshmaakG5 DS Scanner, Mines & Sensors, G3 Kill Warrant Scanner, Missiles & Torp Pylons.GiryakLearned from Felicity Farseer (tier 3)Earn more than 50 combat bondsProvide 100,000 CR worth of combat bondsCraft modules, Hand in combat bonds to Pater's Memorial.
Professor PalinG5 Thrusters,MaiaLearned from Marco QwentAttain a maximum distance from your career start location of at least 5,000 lyProvide 25 units of SensorFragmentsCraft modules, Sell exploration data to Palin Research Centre.
Bill TurnerG5 DS Scanner, Plasma Accelerator & Sensors,Alioth(Permit Required)Learned from Selene Jean (tier 3)Friendly with the Aliance of Independent SystemsProvide 50 units of BromelliteCraft modules
Lori JamesonG5 DS Scanner & Sensors,Shinrarta Dezhra(Permit Required)Learned from Marco Qwent (tier 3)Gain combat rank of dangerous or higherProvide 25 units of Konnga AleCraft modules, Sell exploration data to Jameson Base.
Ram TahG5 Chaff, Electronic Countermeasures, Heat Sinks & Point Defence,MeeneLearned from Lei Cheung (tier 3)Gain exploration rank of Surveyor or higherProvide 50 Classified Scan DatabanksCraft modules, Sell exploration data to Phoenix Base.
Tiana FortuneG5 Sensors, Cargo, Wake and Kill Warrant Scanners, all Limpet Controllers,Achenar(Permit Required)Learned from Hera Tani (tier 3)Friendly with the EmpireProvide 50 units of Decoded Emission DataCraft modules, Sell commodities to Fortune's Loss
The SargeG5 Cannon & All Limpet Types, G3 Railgun.Beta-3 TucaniLearned from Juri Ishmaak (tier 3)Midshipman or higher with the Federal NavyProvide 50 units of Aberrant Shield Pattern AnalysisCraft modules, Sell exploration data to The Beach
Etienne DornG1 Scanners, Plasma Accelerator, Thrusters, SensorsLosLearned from Liz Ryder (tier 3)Trade rank of Dealer or higherProvide 25 units of Occupied Escape PodsCraft modules
Marsha HicksG1 all Limpet types, all Cannon types, Fuel Scoops, Rail Guns, and RefineriesTirLearned from The Dweller (tier 3)Exploration rank of Surveyor or higherMine 10 units of OsmiumCraft modules
Mel BrandonG4 all Laser Weapons, Frame Shift Wake Scanners, Shield Generators, ThrustersLuchtaineLearned from Elvira MartuukGain an invitation from the Colonia Council minor factionProvide 10,000 credits of bounty vouchersCraft modules
Petra OlmanovaG1 Armour, Hull Reinforcement, Utilities, Mines, Missiles, and TorpedoesAsuraLearned from Tod "The Blaster" McQuinn (tier 3)Combat rank of Expert or higherProvide 200 units of Progenitor CellsCraft modules

Conclusion: Above are all about Elite Dangerous Engineers guide. With this guide, hope that you know more about these engineers and can take their advantages easier to modify your module or ship’s weapons much effective. If you have any question or other things need to discuss with us, let’s leave a comment below. We will be very happy to listen to your opinion. Finally, thank you for reading news on Auto Club Revolution. Hope you have a nice day!

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