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The stunning transformation of Emma Stone

The stunning transformation of Emma Stone

Emma Stone

To find words say about Emma Stone, it is beautiful, happy, and charming. All people observed Emma grow up, and diving into many complicated things. Despite being famous, Stone has stayed strong and always be herself. Let’s take a look at Emma Stone personality and her transformation.

Her original fashion inspiration  

Emma Stone 10    

Our cute actress was born on November 6, 1988. Emma Jean Stone lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. Emma is a girl who has a big dream for her life. And, Stone realized she preferred being an actress when she was 14 years old. She made a presentation to interpret her idea of going to Los Angeles. Then she handed out the popcorn and played Madonna’s “Hollywood”. After that, some superstar paid their attention to her. She used to say that The Spice Girls is her true inspiration. Stone shared that she got platform Skechers, bell-bottoms, and also peace signs. She decided to cut her hair like Baby Spice, too. In general, her presentation and her style inspiration reflected clearly about her ambition.

Brunettes have more fun

Emma Stone 9

When Stone and her mom went to Los Angeles, Hollywood stardom did not come. Stone did many auditions and tried to have roles. She admitted that she did not have the best agent. When she came to LA, she had this agent. Stone was a blonde lady, she only loved to play cheerleaders. The other stars said she was weird and claimed that she would not work out. Therefore, she wanted to change. She just changed her hair color to dark brown. Then, she gained her first small achievement. She got a role after a week.

When Stone auditioned, she received the role that would settle her on the map. She had another hair. The Superbad producer asked Stone to prepare red hair for the camera test. And Emma felt okay with that requirement. She received a part in 2007 film. To say, Emma Stone had her big movie moment. By that time, she was only 18 years old.

Be a film actress

Emma Stone 8

In 2008, Emma Stone appeared in 2 movies. They are The Rocker and The House Bunny. She succeeded to prove she deserved to stay in this business. Her natural sense of humor was good with these movies. She confessed that she is a big smiler and laugher. Hence, she did not know how tough it was until she conducted The House Bunny film. She thought that she was not going to jump in trouble. She felt nice to really emote in that method.

In addition, Stone also concerned about her future. Besides, she thought about how she needed to make a big influence in this industry. Stone discussed to move beyond acting into producing in one day. She would like to have some ideas and connect with directors and writers. She wanted to take a part of movies having that kind of ideas.

Playing many roles to find out her place   

Emma Stone 7

In 2009, Stone kept focusing on movies. She contacted with different characters also. In Paper Man, she got in drama to the comedy. In Ghosts of Girlfriends Past film, she stuck with her comedy. After that, Stone’s biggest changes happened. Emma, Jesse Eisenberg, and Woody Harrelson were in the Zombieland. Whereas the film had comedic, its themes also included horror and sci-fi factors. It is different from Lucille Ball-esque Stone.

Stone revealed her excitement to take on a new, intense and more difficult part. She thought it is truly fun. It is a chance to learn to shoot guns and look tough. Additionally, she has never really taken a role as a woman. She had to be girls for years. Stone did not only mature on screen but off screen also. Her fashion really changed from cute to fashionable.

Become a leading woman   

Emma Stone 6

2010 was truly the most valuable year for Emma Stone. In this period, she had her first opportunity to be a female protagonist in the Easy A movie. After filming, she received both crazy fans and critics. By that time, Emma cannot ignore them all. The social media supported her. They wanted more films like that. Particularly, MTV published with a big title: Emma Stone Is the Actress We’re Most Thankful For in 2010. Emma was happy but she did not take it for the grant. She then had some shares with Cinema Blend. Stone said the script was excellent. She described the feeling of strucking gold or something value. It was like when someone read the best comedy for a woman. However, she also wants to thank a lot and a lot.

So, did her life become better after this? Let’s say. Stone received her birthday present early in Saturday Night Live. It was in October, maybe. Stone described her real experience to MTV. She claimed that her ultimate dream was there. She also revealed that she had never imagined how it may feel. Emma Stone was telling about the moment when she walked through those doors. It was probably the most lively moments in her entire life.

Emma Stone was something better than just a funny-girl

Emma Stone 5

The leading roles continued to come for this female actress in 2011. The 2010 success led the reputation to her. Stone starred in Crazy Stupid Love as well as That Help films this year. Both of these movies had a few comedy elements. However, they also concentrated on drama. This characteristic showed a completely different aspect of Stone. She said something on W Magazine about these new roles in this year. That was: in reality, sometimes she felt uncomfortable if there were no jokes. Nevertheless, she also had been looking at that new thing in her life. In a normal day, kidding is a way of spreading the awkwardness. It is quite exciting to be able to be a part of these projects. In here, lighthearted things normally do not happen.

From one side, the audience can see Stone’s vulnerable side in films. However, the actress in real-life had to try to keep work and life in balance. Emma told Variety about this stuff. For her point of views, it was a pretty new experience. She also has some solutions. She willings to face when things come like that. Otherwise, she does not want to share her own family or private relationships.

Getting a household name  

Emma Stone 4

The whole world knew Emma Stone in the next year, 2012. Her undeniable fame and her warming attitude helped her. To be more specific, everyone loves to be her best friend, not just her fans. Her responsibilities are to handle bigger roles. However, she always passes difficulties and always keeps up her style. One of her memorable moments was in the Academy Awards. She wore Giambattista Valli red gown in that night.

Generally, Emma owns big roles and well-prepared fashion. A question is that: Could Stone take it to a new higher step? Maybe, in a blockbuster movie, she could make it. In 2012, Stone returned to her natural blonde hair. She played Gwen Stacy in her new film. It was The Amazing Spider-Man. Stone admitted to Access Hollywood. Actually, she worried about the audition for her role. However, a responsible woman cannot allow the fear to cover her mind. The process outweighed all thinking. It may be a stupid reason to deny this part. She also thought about things might come and how her life would change.

However, Emma did not see that she had enough reasons to not play Gwen. She had no reasons not to involve with this. She found no reasons not to act with Andrew [Garfield]. To admit, she cannot tell her true feeling in a different way. In a nutshell, Emma Stone had proved that no movie part was too severe for any young actress. She decided to snag the role.

Be herself

Emma Stone 3

Have you ever realized the reasons Stone had a lot of fans like this? To answer, she is always honest. She always stays true. In fact, the fame affected many young actors and actresses. Regardlessly, Stone stepped on it. In 2013, even she got more and more eyes on her life, she continued to be herself.

Independent also asked her about the difficulties when working in the movie industry. She discussed the inconsistent aspect of this business. She also implied that she thought about it many times. Sometimes she let herself do whatever it wanted. Then, it truly screws with her head. She did not always expect to have such a lucky star. An actress life, it flows and fluctuates. Therefore, she promises herself to be straightforward. Despite any positions, she still has to be real.

Obviously, Emma has a difficult way to live. Stone did not hesitate to be vulnerable and faced the difficulties. Emma Stone said: Los Angeles became less fun. She could not feel free when a lot of photographers stayed there. And she looked at her blogs or people’s comments to know whether she made mistakes or not. Emma claimed that it is the stupidest thing. However, if she denied looking at it. If she just kept focusing on herself only, it would be okay. No problems came. Nothing changed because she knows clearly about herself. That’s what really important to her.

Girl with an angel heart

Emma Stone 2

The spotlight might be inconvenient to her life, Stone knew how to use fame for good intentions. In 2012, people supported Emma and Andrew Garfield for how they dealt with a paparazzi. They saw photographers taking pictures of them when they ate lunch. Immediately, the couple captured the opportunity. They tried to make signs to their faces showing information about their charities. Gilda’s Club was one of them. Stone knew a mother survived from breast cancer. She volunteered at Gilda’s Club to support cancer patients. In 2013, Emma teamed up with her fellow actress. Her name is Olivia Wilde. They aimed to cohost Revlon’s Walk/Run for Women. They helped fundraise for women’s health problems.

Emma Stone dealt with body image rumors

Emma Stone 1-

In 2014, the social media paid attention to something else rather than just the name Emma Stone. They focused on Emma’s body, her lack of body. Stone revealed to the media outlets about her efforts to keep on weight. She then told the USA TODAY. And she believed that nothing really affects you. Nothing can really annoy you if you really trust yourself completely. She witnessed a lot of comments. They said: Eat a sandwich. Or something likes: She looks sick. After that, she ran to look herself in the mirror. She ate sandwiches and she was not sick.

Emma was trying to figure her body. She really cared very much about all the young girls. She and they were shaming each other and shaming themselves, too. Stone just wanted to erase all the gossips. She wanted to sweep them all from her life. Stone had some speech with Seventeen. She asked herself usually. Stone wondered whether she took care of herself in a suitable way or not. And she also wondered whether she loved herself and being responsible with it, or not. The answer to these concerns was Yes. After this acceptance, everything became much easier. Emma said that she had to to be kind to herself. She had to treat herself like a gentleman would do for his woman. She had to love herself like she would treat her daughter. Fortunately, those things really help her.

Emma Stone suffered from fluctuations in her career     


In 2015, Emma Stone came to the Oscar award. She supported the role in Birdman film (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Her bright custom Elie Saab gown stunned on the red carpet within that night. Although Stone did not win, that evening was not near a bust. Birdman won Best Motion Picture of the Year. It proved that Stone was a typical actress who could take on challenges and succeeded.

However, negative things also came. In the film Aloha, Stone acted as a part-Asian woman. But many critics did not appreciate it. Director Cameron Crowe had to apologize for that choice. Stone also spoke up about the controversy. She told that she learned a lot about the crazy history of whitewashing in Hollywood. And she completely knew how widespread the problem is. Stone continued on to interpret. There was a variety of conversation about expectations on people on screen. Then, people need to change their views as a business. The aim of this was to reflect the culture in a clearer way instead of an idealized way.

She lives for the present

Emma Stone 12

Even though she often has tough times, the good woman keeps going. Stone always continues to improve herself with each of her movie roles. That responsibility also includes in her role in La La Land. She also keeps being an honest and real woman. In 2016, Stone talked to social media and also fake depictions it can create. This woman does not have Instagram or Twitter account to post anything. She discussed the overly-perfect pictures on social media with Elle. She said: not everything comes in the best way as we expect. Even if your dream comes true, it would not always be perfect.

Stone definitely keeps being honest in her life. Someone asked about Oscar nominations for her role in La La Land. She felt okay to reveal that people may like it. It is an exciting new to hear. However, she has no idea about that. She does not try to think a lot about the future. She indicates that staying in the moment is more important.


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