BesidesJoaquin Phoenix who is more worthy of an Oscar?

By Jake Schroeder
BesidesJoaquin Phoenix who is more worthy of an Oscar?
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Joaquin Phoenix’s performance has gained worldwide recognition because of his Oscar prizefor best actor. Nevertheless,the year 2019 also marked the success of the acting career of other actors probably due to the fact that Joker debut at a favorable time so that film critics only have rememberedstand-up comedian Arthur Fleck. Let's take a look at the 10 best leading actors associated with the names of 10 films that have overwhelmed audiencesin the previous year.

10. Willem Dafoe | The Lighthouse

Lighthouse tells the story about the young man Ephraim Winslow who traveled to a remote island to assist the old lighthouse keeper Thomas Wake for 4 weeks. The famous horror film director - the Witch, Robert Eggers, has brought a unique film, leaving many thoughts for viewers and art critics.

Willem Dafoe | The Lighthouse
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Daily newspaper The Telegraph’s Robbie Collin has given a lot of good comments not only for the movie, "cinema to make your head and soul ring", but also for the excellent performance by Willem Dafoe, "astounding", because he revealed deep inner monologues and inspiring voice. In addition, both central acting performances have been praised by the most fastidious critics as the soul of the film.

9. Ashton Sanders | Native Son

Director Rashid Johnson adapted from writer Richard Wright’s work successfully. Native Son tells the life of a young African-American boy named Bigger Thomas (Ashton Sanders) after he had received an opportunity to work fora wealthy family in Chicago.

Ashton Sanders | Native Son
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The film has left viewers a variety of emotions and thought, even"painfully relevant" feeling, others were adapted unevenly, thus Sanders’ s performance is gradually given a great deal of compliments.Especially, the critic Richard Roeper, the Chicago Sun-times, commented on the movie as "[leave] a lasting imprint" and the role of standout star Sanders was "blistering".

8. Jimmie Fails | The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The film's plot is about a black man with the desire to regain his family's precious house living from his childhood in San Francisco. This drama movie is the feature debut of famous producer and director Joe Talbot, with the first-time participation of youngactor Jimmie Fails.

Jimmie Fails | The Last Black Man in San Francisco
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The film was greatly appreciated by critics. Empire Magazines's Kambole Campbell wrote for this masterpiece after watching, hecould not feel happy or relaxed, butthere is something left in his heart, whichwould follow him for a long time, it would help his eyes brighten andhis heart is more emotional. Moreover, perhaps thanks to that he knows how to keep the happiness lasting longer. In addition, Nick Hasted penned a review for The Arts Desk, writing about the lead actor's work thathe is always awake to protect what he is, they can be the house, the love, friends. If not, someday he would not know where he sho go, as the final scene of the movie.

7. Robert Pattinson | High Life

Audiences who love science fiction films will not be able to ignore this film, the English drama from the French director, starring by Robert Pattinson. Most critics commented positively and praised the script for the clever work,"nonetheless delivers hard truths in a new way", by A.S. Hamrah.

Robert Pattinson | High Life
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Monte (Robert Pattinson) and his little daughter are the only two members to survive a mission to space travel. Other members of the crew including death row inmates forced to perform experiments on artificial insemination in outer space all died. When the mystery of what happened on the ship was unraveled, the father and daughtermust find a way to survive when their spacecraft approached a black hole... Robert brought a "subtle, exacting, unpredictable" performance that made viewers feel "bone-deep loneliness".

6. André Holland | High Flying Bird

There are many compliments from Steven Prokopy, critic for Third Coast Review, wrote about the star Holland’s performance. He also penned that actor Holland relaxed, immersed himself in every moment of his role and became violent in a meaningless and wonderful way.

André Holland | High Flying Bird
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The plot is about a sports agentRay Burke, whose mission is to create a controversial argument for his client, a rookie player, during the company’s lockout. The special thing is that all the scenes of the director Steven Soderbergh and writer Tarell Alvin McCraney were made using Iphone 8.

5. Antonio Banderas | Pain and Glory

The Spanish drama, which is narrative about the life of the filmmaker- Salvador Mallo,  suffered from physical and mental disorders that terribly affected his creativity. A series of reunions of Salvador both happening directly, and bringing back the memories from his childhood until the present with a very unique style of director Pedro Almodóvar. 

Antonio Banderas | Pain and Glory
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Not only the film but also the main actor Antonio Banderas has won a great deal of awards at major domestic and international movie festivals. Moreover, the newspaper The Times- Picayune had a reviewby Mike Scottnoting that “laden with Almodóvar’s typical penchant for soapy melodrama, it remains grounded, thanks to largely to the finely tuned work of lead actor Antonio Banderas”.

4. Adam Driver | Marriage Story

Romance movies are always strong competitors at major film festivals, so Marriage Story  the name mentioned quite a lot recently. The circuit film is about a couple Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver) whose marriage is on the verge of breaking up. The open ending is Nicole seeing Charlie back in her regret, because theyrealizedthat they had dropped each other’s love.

Adam Driver | Marriage Story
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The film was inspired by the memories of writer/ director Noah Baumbach’s divorce, with excellent acting of the two leads made viewers feeling nostalgic, tormented,have left thousands of comments on Twitter. The critic Moira Macdonald writingon the Seattle Times praised the "remarkably, heartbreakingly good in every scene” performanceof Driver.

3. Eddie Murphy | Dolemite Is My Name

Dolemite Is My Name possesses a plotthat is not too new, even somewhat predictable. The biographical film is about Rudy Ray Moore, an American comedian, musician, singer, movie actor, and producer. The theme revolved around the challenges that black entertainment stars were suffered, especially in Hollywood, but the film is not onerous, gloomy. Otherwise, it filled with optimism, even wildness partly.However, the beauty of the masterpiece is rhythmical connection details with music.

Eddie Murphy | Dolemite Is My Name
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"This riotous, poignant and uplifting true story couldn't have been told half as well without the singular magnetism and intensity of Eddie Murphy at its heart”Brad Newsome of The Sydney Morning Herald noted. Comedian Eddie Murphy broughthis own life into the work. Everyspeech, gaze, gesturealso exudes the appearance of an artist who is passionate about art.

2. Adam Sandler | Uncut Gems

The story of Uncut Gems itself is relatively simple, can finish quickly in the first 20 minutes according to common sense. But thanks to the main character Adam Sandler (Howard Ratner), the film has been transformed with unexpected, bizarre movements. The 53-year-old actor has transformed into a merchant and a debtor around a gem with dramatic circumtances.Uncut Gems uses electronic music in a flexible way, which helps bring nuance and depicts the context of modern, mechanical New York society, with bland people only pursuing the relationship of money.

Adam Sandler | Uncut Gems
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Uncut Gems deserves to be a valuable “raw pearl” of cinema in 2019 worldwide. Critic Jocelyn Noveck noted a comment on Associated Press that this film"deserves the accolades he’s getting, again proving that with the right material, [Sandler] has an uncanny ability to reach deep within us, despite our deep, DEEP annoyance."The attractiveness and originality areled by the memorable performance of Adam Sandler, which is an experience should not be missedfor fans of Saturday art.

1.    Song Kang-ho | Parasite

It can be said that Parasite has become a worldwide phenomenon with countless film awards. It must be affirmed this masterpiece totally deserves that recognition because of deep content and full of humanity.Director Bong Joon Ho took advantage of visual effects into work  skillfully in order to attract every viewer. The film starts from a trick of the Kim family at the bottom of society to invade and parasitize the wealthy Park family as an insidious and satirical struggle about two social classes. However, by the time the Kim family seemed to gain the upper hand, an unexpected overthrow from the Park family led them back to the starting line - the humid flat in the slum.

Song Kang-ho | Parasite
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It is impossible not to mention the talented cast who completed their role excellently. Especially, thanks to the dedication to the art of the actor Song Kang-ho,bringing extremely realistic footage. The critic IndieWire paid attention to every gesture and action of main character “in the liminal spaces… when happiness melts into horror, or duty is salted with revenge”.

Honorable Mention: Daniel Craig | Knives Out
Knives Out begins with the death of famous crime novelist Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer), whose body found at his home after his 85th birthday. Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) who was curious decided to participate in the investigation the truth secretly. 
Knives Out does not make the audience want to know the ending quickly. In the other hand, viewers expect the film to last long to enjoy the feeling of excitement and suspense. Drama is the perfect choice for those who aspire to a great cinematic experience.