Cultural trends that have stirred the world since the early 2000s

By Jake Schroeder
Cultural trends that have stirred the world since the early 2000s
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Cultural trends are things that come unexpectedly and leave in silence, unnoticed. It is all due to the collective thinking of a culture's interest that it forms a trend. And it goes away when people are no longer interested, usually in a short time.
Since the 2000s, a series of cultural trends have begun to emerge and have been enthusiastically received. There are new trends, old trends coming back, etc. However, fashion trends are only for a short time and never return. Let's revisit those cultural trends with me.

1. The birth of the iPod created a major movement

Music is popular at any time, most people like to listen to music but they can't go out and bring a big music box with them. Apple was aware of this need and released an iPod named in 2001. The songs were compressed into a compact digital device. Along with the compact design, a large number of songs has made music lovers can not ignore it. They can go anywhere and still listen to the songs they like

The birth of the iPod created a major movement
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The birth of the iPod is a fairly big step in the world technology industry. However, it faced some challenges: the songs on the device were almost downloaded without permission from its owner. Make this incident quite a stirring topic at the time.

2. The reality show game show begins to grow.

The arrival of reality TV games makes people have more choices in front of home screens. Each game program is built in different content and aspects that make viewers extremely excited and welcomed. It was like a series of dramas, appearing once a week until the game ended.

The reality show game show begins to grow
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However, the actions of the participants in the television game areas planned in advance to create a dramatic feeling for the viewers. Celebrities are invited to programs that create a fairly high profile for it. And it still exists and develops until now.

3. Graffiti art began to appear in art galleries

Graffiti art is also known as street painting. Paintings made from painted pipes appear on the walls of the neighborhoods created by artistic hands. But there are many different thoughts surrounding these works of art: Someone likes someone who considers it to dirty the spectrum. But by the early 21st century, this art of painting was recognized and displayed in art exhibitions.

Graffiti art began to appear in art galleries
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However, it created quite a stir in the art industry with mixed opinions from critics and artists but in my opinion, the street painting style of Graffiti is simple but has critical messages. Social issues are very profound and acute.

4. The Lord of the Rings movie series is the most famous movie

The famous series Lord of the Rings invaded every screen when it appeared on television. These fantasy films bring satisfaction and delight to all viewers, including film critics. Therefore, its popularity is undeniable.

The Lord of the Rings movie series is the most famous movie
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The films, which premiered in 2001, 2002 and 2003, have brought in a sizable fan base, which has won numerous awards, big and small. In particular, it is considered a springboard for future successful fantasy films. Typically, Twilight (released in 2008) or The Hunger Games (2012).

5. A satirical news program

The news program appeared quite early on television, bringing a fairly large amount of news to viewers. However, there are messages sent to the show, most of which relate to the feeling of boredom during the show.

A satirical news program
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So a satirical news program was born. The change of the host by a comedian brings a lot of different emotions to the viewers. News quotes combined with the sarcastic words of the host made the news extremely attractive to everyone.

6. Hip-hop dominates the music market

Hip-hop music came out quite suddenly and was extremely well received. The combination of Rap and Electronica music has created a new wave in the music market with a music style, unlike any other topic.

Hip-hop dominates the music market
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Hip-hop brings an extremely dynamic style, full of energy in the body from the strong music with familiar rap lyrics and listeners' ears. In 2000, this music genre covered the globe, hip hop music was heard in large numbers. In particular, the release of the song Paper Planes by rapper Sri Lanken is not the first in the chart to show the growth of Hip-hop music

7. Blogging work appears

Blogging has become a popular job in recent years. It is like the author's words about the surrounding news or social issues taking place according to their writing. There are many people who are famous for their posts and bring quite a large income.

Blogging work appears
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Blogging has made a significant impact on industries and technologies around the world. Especially in fashion, digital technology or music. The words that bring the whole ideas of the writer are read and responded to by everyone. It is up to the number of people who follow their posts to evaluate the impact on industries related to their topic.

8. Hipster appears more in the street

Hipster dress style was noticed by a large number of people and responded on American roads in the early 2000s. We have used the word "out of age" for Hipster style people. The clothes do not follow any trend, independent and different.

Hipster appears more in the street
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Hipster style people don't go in a certain direction. They can use, buy and wear things that are considered uncommon, not much attention in all aspects. Of course, unlike anyone has made people especially young people extremely excited and follow.

9. The biggest revolution of social media work

The early 2000s marked the leap of digital technology and global interaction. Social networks have started to develop and become widely used such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. That has a great influence on social issues, especially communication work.

The biggest revolution of social media work
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The worldwide interaction has brought about a revolution in social media. A large number of people access to social networks, a large area of concentration has caused the media work to make plans to thoroughly exploit the social networks. It is great that communication work becomes simple but can attract a large number of people to pay attention to.

10. Razor Scooters become the perfect means of transportation

As industries and technologies have developed, the transportation industry has gained attention. The number of vehicles moving makes the safety on the road reduced especially for children. But you can't let them ride bicycles on the road to join other vehicles, because that's too dangerous

Razor Scooters become the perfect means of transportation
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Understanding the situation and needs of people traveling, Razor Scooters were born to solve this problem. This is a type of sled with a fairly simple design used to move on the sidewalk instead of walking. A terrific initiative in 2000 that delighted households. In the first 6 months of sales, they have achieved huge sales with more than 5 million cars sold. Later, Razor Scooters were upgraded and developed many different versions.

11. The return of Rock music

The rock music genre was known and very popular in the 70s of the 20th century. Rock music blends many elements from traditional music, the melody of simple props and other elements are harmonized. intertwined. But not too many people can feel the beauty of the song.

The return of Rock music
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Until the year 2000, Rock music came back with new and more modern elements. In particular, the song added trendy elements of the time such as rap and electronic music, making rock songs extremely vibrant and energetic, capable of stirring the whole room to bring emotions, warmth to the audience. After a long time, rock bands with sideburns and unusual costumes can rebel on stage again.

12. Fashion cut deep to create a new style

The bold outfit of Jennifer Lopez wearing at the 2000 Grammy awards ceremony has created a new wind in world fashion style. A skirt cut deep from the neck to expose her sexy body has attracted countless impressive impressions, especially from the journalists and photographers. Her new style of dress is very hot and has many compliments for the break

Fashion cut deep to create a new style
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Since then, deep cut fashion has become a new trend for men with deep neck T-shirts, revealing their toned breasts. The stylish clothes show off the glamorous curves of his body to enhance the natural beauty of the person who wears it. Nowadays, this style is great but it is no longer available.

13. Focus Features and on-screen popularity

The popularity of the film company Focus Features since 2002 is undeniable. With a style of filmmaking and story-making content in a special way, the movies released by Focus Features bring different and delight to the viewers.

Focus Features and on-screen popularity
Photo Courtesy: Focus Features/IMDB

Continuing with the development that has yet to see that end, Focus Features company releases other successful films following the challenging and historical trend of a certain community group. For example, the movie Brokeback Mountain (2005) or The Kids Are All Right (2010) made the reputation of the company even brighter and more resounding.

14. Party culture

Parties are always a favorite destination of the elite, especially celebrities. But parties that happened in constant numbers created a new kind of culture in the early 2000s, party culture.

Party culture
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There are many journalists and professional photographers who focus on following celebrities who follow the party culture so they can have information about their fun. Of course, it is not possible because the number of parties with quite large costs occurs continuously. Their popularity is equivalent to their level of entertainment at night parties or expensive games.

15. Mashup - stylish music production mix

The more modern life and the development of digital technologies have brought us to a new page full of digital and electronic devices. Therefore, music genres have more choices and more diversification in bringing modern technology to it. And that was done in 2000 from DJ Mixtape.

Mashup - stylish music production mix
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Mashup is the name for the way DJ Mixtape combines music and electronics. He reasonably blended more than 20 songs in one of his soundtracks to create exciting and inspirational tunes. By controlling the songs to blend in smoothly, they created a piece of very wonderful music called Mashup. However, the inevitable here is around issues related to the song title, which is quite a hassle behind the generated mashups.

16. New clothing style trends from the Olsen twins

Actors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are twin sisters of the famous American film industry. In addition, this star couple owns a number of famous fashion brands. Especially in the 2000s, people were attracted to the impressive fashion style of this Olsen twins.

New clothing style trends from the Olsen twins
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They build a trendy and luxurious fashion style. The perfect blend of a scarf and long skirt brought with it a sunglasses that created a trendy style. Recognized as a style typical for the elite at that time.

17. Using Autotune on music

Autotune was a fairly popular vocal editing tool of that era until now. It is used to create better sounds for the singer's faulty notes to make their voices clearer and brighter. Autotune was quite popular in the early 2000s and used by many singers.

Using Autotune on music
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The use of autotune to improve the vocal quality of singers during the recording gives listeners a sense of satisfaction, more enjoyment, the sale of their songs also becomes better. However, this use began to be judged by music producers and critics for its practicality. Although it is somewhat good, it quite affects the confidence of the audience when organizing music shows where the singer's voice is not as good as on the disc.

18. The Nintendo video game revolution

The development and modernization of technology have made a huge step forward for service industries around the world. Entertainment is no exception, the development of gaming aids has become essential to create excitement when experiencing it.

The Nintendo video game revolution
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Indeed, Nintendo Will did it perfectly in 2006. The 3D motion has been integrated into the Nintendo controller making the games in Will become extremely attractive and practical. With a variety of games and smooth 3D motion, Nintendo controllers become the entertainment area of most families on the weekends.

19. Specially styled hair

Different hairstyles created a new style for boys in the 2000s. At the forefront of the trend are the boys in the NSYNC band with hairstyles that are unlike anyone.

Specially styled hair
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A breakout in the building themes of bands. Although it is a relatively small thing, it creates a quite new trend. The different hairstyles along with the right colors make a boy's appearance become more stylish and outstanding than ever. The difference is small but brings a big change in the style of each person's dress.

20. Uggs shoes are available in all families 

The uggs shoes are considered a memory of the family in the 2000s, it has been associated with people's feet for a long time without anyone knowing where this trend started.

Uggs shoes are available in all families
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The pair of Uggs first appeared from Australia and New Zealand, with the thick fleece on the inside and the base of the synthetic material underneath that made riders feel extremely warm and comfortable. Do you think the shoes are only used in the winter? But that's not true, people wear shoes everywhere the weather. However, the thickness of the Uggs makes the legs sweat a lot in the summer, along with the thick waterproof and difficult to wash makes it less used.

21. MTV, cultural reality show guido

MTV was an American music television channel until 2009 when audiences began to get discouraged with their music programs, the number of viewers began to decrease. Knowing that MTV decided to turn to reality shows but focused on guido culture filmed at a resort in New Jersey.

MTV, cultural reality show guido
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As expected, the show was extremely well received, invading most screens during the broadcast. However, the life of the guido culture participating in the program is also a matter of concern for fans. However, the use of guido slang on US television has caused a lot of controversies, causing MTV a lot of trouble.

22. The Juicy Couture sports outfit sets the trend

Usually, the new clothing trends originated from celebrities, and now Madonna. The Juicy Couture sports outfit specifically designed for Madonna during the awards ceremony drew a great deal of attention from everyone, especially the media. The rational to every detail but simple, discreet make this fashion style created extremely powerful trends.

The Juicy Couture sports outfit sets the trend
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Juicy Couture sportswear began to be widely noticed, with harmonious colors, discreet but yet a luxurious beauty. Combined with the perfect combination of large wallets makes you the best at your destination.

23. Bratz and Barbie

Bratz and Barbie were the two famous dolls at the time, but the preference was for Barbie dolls because of their small body and perfect eyes. Barbie became one of the toys with the most sales.

Bratz and Barbie
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In contrast to Barbie, Bratz dolls are somewhat inferior due to the irrationality of their designs: the relatively large faces compared to the doll's small bodies cannot attract the attention of babies. But the videos promoting false media about Bratz dolls in the sparkling scenery attracted the view of the child, making the number of Bratz dolls sold far more than Barbie.

24. Trouble around the panic frame of celebrity celebrities

In the early 2000s, the lives of celebrities began to suffer greatly from the news and the social tongue. The respect for celebrities' privacy and health issues is greatly reduced.

Trouble around the panic frame of celebrity celebrities
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The problems and problems surrounding celebrities are always breaking news and the main topic of discussion for a group of people. Especially after the publication of their products and events caused psychological problems, this time at the same time the news related to them was posted causing annoyance to them.

25. Von Dutch’s hat appears everywhere

Von Dutch is an American fashion brand with a wide range of products such as pants, shirts, belts, shoes, but Von Dutch's hat is the one that attracts the most attention. Especially in the 2000s, Dutch Von hats became a new trend.

Von Dutch’s hat appears everywhere
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A Von Dutch cap appear on almost every street, it was considered a symbol of Hollywood fashion in the 2000s. The color harmony of the hat can match any style. which costume. Of course, famous singers and actresses are also attracted to these caps and wear them at major ceremonies.

26. The Emo culture

Known and prominent in the 2000s, the term Emo is mentioned quite a lot. Emo is one of the theme styles of rock bands, with dark makeup and dark makeup. Combined with the rock music melodies create a unique breakout and form a new style of dress.

The Emo culture
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From here, Emo culture is responded to quite a lot on the roads. You can recognize them from the style of dressing jeans, belts with nails and sharp black makeup. However, this style of dress did not last long.

27. Hip-hop clothes invaded every big and small fashion shop

Hip-hop music genre to the throne in the 2000s created a new trend for those who are passionate about this music. It appears on the covers of popular music magazines and countless music albums sold in large numbers. However, hip-hop costume style is also well noticed and followed.

Hip-hop clothes invaded every big and small fashion shop
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The influence of music on the apparel industry is enormous. The costumes and styles that hip-hop singers wear are always the most sought after and sought. Especially during the boom of this music genre, the number of hip-hop clothes appeared in most fashion stores, large and small. It brings a great source of income to the store.

28. Armstrong bracelet

The Armstrong bracelet was sold to raise funds to help people with abnormal cancer in 2004. The bracelet was designed quite simply: gel material with the words sink on golden background frame. Many people responded to the charity, so the number of rounds sold was extremely large: more than 90 million. Therefore, it can be seen everywhere, almost everyone wears one and sees it as a new trend.

Armstrong bracelet
Photo Courtesy: idratherbepassinggas/Photobucket

The sunken words cheer on the Armstrong bracelets inspired many people. And it continued to be used for fundraising until 2012 because of the personal problems of its producer - Lance Armstrong. Since then, the bracelets have appeared less and no longer see it.

29. Addictive combination of music and digital technology

The era of digital technology development greatly affects our lives. It also opens a lot of avenues for different professions, especially music. Modernity that electronics bring with the instruments is always the subject of artists and singers exploring and digging into it. Yes, this was done in 2000 by Radiohead, a track called Kid A that was released and considered a great mix.

Addictive combination of music and digital technology
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A breakthrough adventure of Radiohead. They have used digital technology on the electronic rock to create an extremely eloquent and addictive melody. It created an inviting breeze for rock music, and following those ideas, many other works were born that brought countless tremendous success.

30. Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, the way out of the shirt

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier are two famous fashion designers that greatly influenced world fashion in the late 20th century. Their own branded special T-shirts are in everywhere.

Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, the way out of the shirt
Photo Courtesy: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

Why are T-shirts so attractive? The prints on the front and back of the T-shirt are created by two designers with harmonious colors, which can be considered as art paintings printed on each shirt. Each picture represents a different meaning for everyone to choose from. These t-shirts are also popular with artists and actors and they are often seen at major ceremonies or awards shows. This is also considered a simple but extremely unique style of dress.