Famous R&B Stars Who Bring Rhymth and Blues to the New World

By Jake Schroeder
R&B stars
Photo Courtesy: @JanelleMonae/Twitter

There are plenty of genres in music and all of them can please all fans of all types. However, everything can't keep a shape for so long. Music has its evolution. This evolution is necessary because a new change in cultural shifts is going to occur. Another main aim of this evolution is to bring the new wind to entertain and inspire the world. 
R&B and its gifted contemporary stars have brought many memories to music lovers. It used to be romantic love songs, fantasy cultural trend songs and so on.  Nowadays, with lots of complicated issues occur in the world including politics and globalization, it's so hard to find a sense of peace in mind.
But R&B still keeps its wonderful mission to bring you the most comfortable feeling. Don't you know that the novel R&B generation is attempting to mix new genres and releases many quality music products?


If you love the awesome music of Beyonce, you will be more interested in the melodies of Solange. Her unique identity made the reputation of this gifted younger sister of Beyonce. She easily became famous for her beautiful talent. Moreover, she is also a talented musician with many hit songs. Solange also appeared confidently as a well-experienced speaker. 

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Solange’s third album “A Seat in The Table” seems like her acclaiming. This 2016 album is described as stating of power, sadness, curing and her unique identity. This album is the best mix of her soul with funk and of course, R&B. If you follow her, you may know another impressive 2019 album "When I Get Home". This special album is mixed between the Houston roots and jazz with al little modern trap.
Main songs: Stay Flo, Cranes in the sky, Don’t touch my hair


You often dive deeply in romantic films with painful scenes. R&B is a big factor that helps you even dive deeper into these painful scenes like the film you like. Its sore melody and impressive tunes may kill you many times. All of these things are gathered at Josiah Wise. Baltimore is the hometown of this gifted singer. He has blown up many painful stories to his songs.

Photo Courtesy: @serpentwithfeet/Twitter

 Wise used to sing in the church choir with his parents played classical music. These first perfect contact with the music influences him a lot. Perhaps because of this, he knew how to mix full of gospel and classical music in a song.He tried to release the products with the combination of electronic music and neo-soul, too. 
After many disappointing times of rejection, he found his land and released many unique R&B sounds. These tracks are not only deep but also has his emotions. Each time you enjoy this type of music, you will be like an ephemera. You just want to enjoy the taste of love in no time.His expression is strong enough to make your emotions up and down. This strong power just can exist in Wise’s music.
Main songs: Four ethers, Bless your heart and messy

Channel Tres 

Channel Tres is a famous R&B phenomenon. He created a strange and unique musical dance floor. This music had a big impact on the new gener

Channel Tres
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ation. His products are combined between the sexy Socal with the beautiful voice of Barry- White-on- Xanax. Moreover, they are also a mixture of R&B and Chicago/Detroit home.
Channel owned a strange but special speaking way. He used to state that he couldn't get all the love of music lovers. He said that he wasn’t confident enough to make a play a new role in his love story. Channel felt so old to make a plot twist. Anyway, he did so well with a piece of magical music and a black dance floor. 
Channel looks like the best controller who makes all of the things going with its orbit. A unique orbit made all of his fans to the round. He also did a positive action to solve the sex issue which is attributed to black people. He keeps going on with blend products. All the way, he is the best "controller" all the time.
Main songs: Sexy Black Timberlake, Controller, and Topdown

Toro y Moi

Toro y Moi a.k.Chaz Bundick had many musical evolutions in his career. For the first time, he used to be the artist of Chillwave. His music style is a mixture of internet culture, the old retro, and the yielding synthesizers. Moreover, he also helps to create the "Basement R&B". Although it just exists in a short time, it helped R&B get out of the troubles with the soft melodies.

Toro y Moi
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 However, with many new tries, he has created a new kind of music. This genre not only evolved the boring R&B but also brought a new wind to this. With a combination of disco and electronic music, this fascinating sound can please many music lovers. These new waves of R&B were so popular and brought much fame to the talented singer.
Don’t you know that Bundick released two new albums in the same year2019? With the January album, the admirers can enjoy the peace mix with the R&B. With the November Soul Trash album, you can dive into the combination of hip-hop and chillwave music. These interesting mixtures made the classical R&B alive again with a new appearance.
Moreover, there is also an impressive short film coming into the Soul Trash album. This film has the appearance of a special wrapper. With this ideal idea, Bundick seems to bring his music to a high level. Once gaining that, he can freely enjoy the feeling of a dreamer.
Main songs: Mirage, Minors, Baby Drive It Down

FKA Twigs

Water Me is a hit album of FKA Twigs a.k.a Tahliah Barnett. When this album was released in 2013, it was a twist to her fans. They don’t know the place their idol belongs to. This talented singer has brought a mixture of electronic and Avant-grade music to the R&B. She has given to R&B a new wind with the combination of baroque aesthetics and contemporary dance.

FKA Twigs
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 This music brought to her fans a new kind of timeless experience. Her music is a story of breaking the boundaries which made her fan surprises. Another interesting thing about this singer is the come back after a pain. This pain is fibroid tumors. When the admires hear this news they thought this poor singer never been on stage.
Cellophane is her new album released in April 2019. This is a detachment from her big album Magdalene. This album is a piece of elegant and fragile melody. The video in this album also brought the winning to this avant-pop angle. Once you watch the video, you will see her pole dancing talent. 
Perhaps, she can break the medical challenges that avoid her continuing her passion. She acclaimed she was strong enough to recover and pass through the bad issue. She has risen and been strong ever. Twigs deserve to be a sparkling star on the R&B universe.
Main songs: Pendulum, Two Weeks, Cellophane

Janelle Monáe

Janelle Monae used to hide behind the “Cindi Mayweather” with life as an android person. She has been frankly to share her personal stories with a confident voice. Monae expresses this great feeling through her amazing products. Her music is a mixture of funk and electronic music. It was also be inspired by the first current R&B artists such as Janet Jackson and the Prince.

Janelle Monáe
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 She still kept singing about the love between androids and other people. Luckily, with the development of artists and also culture, her music is welcomed. Through many years discovering her personal life, she has released Dirty Computer. This was the greatest commercial success of Monae’s career. Monae always brings new and interesting melodies in her songs. 
She has shown up her thoughts and kept chasing after her instructions. There were rumors that she used her sexuality to promote this album. Do you believe she is a pansexual? However, somebody believed in her strong ability and her big efforts to turn to a new icon. She has changed from the "robot" to a woman with a deep soul. With an increasing number of fans, she completely can encourage R&B lovers to celebrate R&B's new generation.
Main songs: Make Me Feel, Tightrope, Electric Lady