How have weddings changed over the past 100 years?

By Jake Schroeder
How have weddings changed over the past 100 years?
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Have you ever imagined how your wedding will take place? Or have you ever seen wedding photos of your parents and grandparents? A wedding is a sacred event and an important milestone in the life of every human being. So it is usually prepared as meticulously as possible. What is the wedding dress? How is the banquet? Things to do at the wedding? You may be surprised at the style of the wedding held hundreds, even dozens of years ago. Do they have white dresses or big outdoor parties?
Let's go back in time more than 100 years ago and explore them offline. Maybe you will have unique ideas for your wedding or your friends in the future.

1.1910-1917: Letters of love

In 1914, The First World War occurred. The boys had to break up with their lovers to hit the battlefields. So the letters became the only connection for the couple. Even there are people who have never met their lover. They have given both love and faith to each other. And the happiest day - the wedding, was the first time they saw each other.

1910-1917: Letters of love
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The wedding was not held on the weekend due to religious issues. They believe that Saturday is an unlucky day. With simple outfits, weddings were held at noon on weekdays. That became the norm for weddings of the time.

2.1918-1919: Bridesmaids - new or old role?

In fact, the concept of bridesmaids has a long time ago. Since ancient Roman times, every wedding has needed people who exist as witnesses to the wedding. In the period of 1918-1919, the bridesmaids were dressed exactly like the bride. This sounds unreasonable. But at the time, they believed it was mandatory.

1918-1919: Bridesmaids - new or old role?
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Why? They believed that bridesmaid-like bridesmaids could mislead the evil forces that wanted to harm the bride. Or the ex-girlfriend suddenly appeared at the wedding. They were unable to identify who they were looking for.

3.1920: The dress changed

In the 1910s, wedding dresses were mostly long dresses. But by the 1920s, long wedding dresses were no longer common. The skirt of the bride has been designed a shorter, high neckline. This ceremony not only helps the bride to be more beautiful, but also helps to move easily.

1920: The dress changed
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One of the highlights of this period was the bride's hair. Instead of long hair, brides have short, curly hair with a thin scarf over their heads. Jewelry has also been commonly used.

4.1922: The royal wedding

In 1922, an outstanding event took place. On February 28, 1922, Princess Mary married Viscount Lascelles, the eldest son of Earl Harewood and Lady Florence Bridgeman, daughter of the Earl of Bradford.

1922: The royal wedding
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The wedding was solemnly held. And the bridal wedding dress has been well prepared. However, this wedding dress was following a different trend at that time. Instead of a miniskirt, Princess Mary's skirt was bundled with a long ribbon. The floral motifs have been meticulously and carefully embroidered. The dress is simple but extremely delicate. Princess Mary became very beautiful in this wedding dress.

5.1925- 1929: A new innovation in gift-giving

A gift to show the affection of the guests to the newlyweds. It will join them in a sweet marriage. Nobody wants to give a gift like someone else's. And to solve this problem, a department store has found an interesting solution. In 1924, a wedding register was created. Couples could make a list of gifts they want to receive. So the guests were able to buy them at that store without worrying about duplication. This creative idea became a trend at the time.

1925- 1929: A new innovation in gift-giving
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There was a bad event in 1929. It was a great crisis. It has greatly influenced the organization of a wedding ceremony. Costs have been reduced. It seems that buying a new wedding dress is impossible. But that did not reduce the well-being of everyone.

6.1930s: The position of the cake with frosting

Today, the wedding cake is not far away from weddings. But in the 1930s, a cake covered with white frost was a luxury. It has shown the social status of the family. This trend was started with the wedding cake of Queen Victoria.

1930s: The position of the cake with frosting
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 Alcohol is also an indispensable thing is not it? But in fact, alcohol has been banned from trading. It was not until December 1933 that this law was repealed. The guests were able to drink to congratulate the bride and groom at the wedding.

7.1931-1938: The attraction of Las Vegas

Clark County passed a new marriage law. This new law simplifies the procedures for marriage. That has attracted many couples to come here to get married. So Las Vegas has gradually become "Wedding Capital".

1931-1938: The attraction of Las Vegas
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Are there more options for wedding dresses other than white? The answer is yes. In 1939, Princess Kira Kirillovna wore a silver dress during her wedding ceremony. That makes the wedding become different and impressive.

8.1939: How did the Second World War affect a wedding?

In 1939, World War II broke out. The men had to be ready at the front at any time. Therefore, the wedding was decided quickly. At this point, the bride's outfit was a simple dress and the groom wore a military uniform. Everything was simply prepared, including the reception and the wedding cake.

1939: How did the Second World War affect a wedding?
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The wedding ring was also used. The men wore it during the matches. It reminded them of their spouse and family. The ring has truly become a meaningful thing.

9.1941: The trend of wedding cakes

A beautiful wedding cake will make the wedding more prominent. Surely couples in the past also wanted an impressive wedding cake.

1941: The trend of wedding cakes
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Fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt got herself a lovely wedding cake with lovely decorations on it. It is called cake topper. The cake is actually more prominent with cake topper.

10.1940s: The difference between during and after World War II

World War II ended in 1945. So in the period 1940-1945, weddings were simple. Everything was happening fast. The groom wore a military uniform. Despite the difficult situation, they were really happy.

1940s: The difference between during and after World War II
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Everything changed completely when World War II ended. Weddings have been celebrated with greater complexity and excitement. Many people are invited to the wine party. Many brides wore white dresses. There is a difference compared to the 1920s. The wedding dress was long, included a high neck and long sleeves.

11.1947: Making diamonds become the trend

Isn't it wonderful to be proposed with a diamond ring? Of course. But before 1947, diamond rings were not popular. It became a trend when "A diamond is forever" campaign began. This slogan was inspired by the phrase "Love is forever". Diamond company De Beers Consolidated has been a great success in this promotion campaign. Diamonds have been used to express everlasting and lasting love.

1947: Making diamonds become the trend
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The beauty of diamonds is undeniable. But maybe thanks to this slogan sentence that it has been popularized. Everyone wanted to receive a diamond ring.

12.1950s: Sweetheart Neckline has become a trend

Before 1950, wedding dresses had high collars. This has shown the discreet style of dress at the time. But a new trend has emerged. It was a wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline.

1950s: Sweetheart Neckline has become a trend

This dress appeared in the movie "Father of the Bride". Actress Elizabeth Taylor wore a similar dress earlier in her actual wedding. The film was a success and Sweetheart Neckline was also widely available. It is undeniable that this design has increased the beauty and charm of the bride.

13.1951-1953: The year of gorgeous wedding dresses

Perhaps wedding dresses are always an endless source of inspiration for designers. These designs have changed over time. In the 1950s, a new type of wedding dress appeared and quickly became the trend at that time - a ball gown. The skirt has been created eye-catching blocks. It has created an arrogant, luxurious look for the wearer.

1951-1953: The year of gorgeous wedding dresses
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A prominent wedding also took place in September 1953. It was the wedding of John Kennedy and Jackie Bouvier. The bride wore an ivory, off-the-shoulder silk dress made by New York designer Ann Lowe. She wore a chiffon scarf that belonged to her grandmother and held a bouquet. The wedding has 800 guests.

14.1954- 1959: Combination of many previous trends

The popularity of ball gowns has been undeniable. But in the 1950s, an old trend returned. It is short hemlines. This design has helped the bride to move more easily, and has also created the opportunity for the shoes to shine.

1954- 1959: Combination of many previous trends
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In addition, cake toppers have appeared with many lovely versions. Typically the picture of the bride and groom is made of plastic. Because at the time, plastic wasn't too expensive either. Cake toppers have been carefully placed on the wedding cake. The image was really sweet and lovely.

15.1960s: The romance is increased by wedding music

In the 1960s, another type of wedding dress appeared: the empire waist dress. The skirt was raised high, just below the chest, the body of the skirt stretched to the ground, creating a feeling of a long and slender body. Virginia Quinn wore it at her and Bob Newhart's wedding.

1960s: The romance is increased by wedding music
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Wedding music has also been used in weddings at this stage. They have made the space more romantic and warm. The two songs that have often appeared are "At Last" and "Moon River".

16.1970s: Impressive outfits

The bride's attire during this period was much richer. Some brides wore a white dress just like in the previous periods. But hippie-style skirts have also been worn by some. Hippie was not simply a fashion style; it was also a cultural trend of American youth at that time. The groom wore a tuxedo.
Bianca Jagger and Caterina Caselli's Bianca wedding dress has entered the history of the fashion industry. The bride wore a maxi petticoat dress with a deep split blazer and wide-brimmed hat.

17.1973: Princess Anne's impressive wedding dress

On December 14, 1973, at Westminster Abbey, London, the wedding of Princess Anne took place. The wedding dress of the princess is designed in an ancient style with a high-neck dress.

1973: Princess Anne's impressive wedding dress

This dress quickly became a trend in the 1970s. Other brides combined hats and veils.

18.1976: Wedding outside the church

The church has always been a permanent place to hold a wedding. However, many couples want to change this. They held an outdoor wedding, on a lawn or beach. Wide space has helped people have more active space, and the atmosphere has also become more exciting.

1976: Wedding outside the church

 Another change is makeup. The bride wanted to look natural. So they put on makeup very gently.

19.1978: Music spread

The music really has tremendous spread. Meaningful songs have been increasingly used more and more. There are even songs that have been written specifically for weddings.

1978: Music spread

In addition to soothing songs, disco music has also been popular. If the soft melodies created a romantic atmosphere, the disco created excitement for the guests. Since then, dances have also been used a lot in weddings.

20.1980s: Influence from Princess Diana's wedding

On July 29, 1981, Princess Diana entered the hall to marry Prince Charles of England. The marriage has attracted the attention of many people.

1980s: Influence from Princess Diana's wedding
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At least 750 million people around the world have watched the wedding on television. The wedding ceremony has about 3000 guests. The wedding dress of the bride has attracted the attention of many people. The dress has been completely sewn with high-quality silk and lace. It was studded with more than 1,000 pearls and sequins with a small gold horseshoe encrusted with diamonds. To go to the wedding, the princess was sitting on a carriage like in a fairy tale.

21.1981-1989: Memories are kept

The wedding is always the time we want to remember most. But perhaps time will erase many things. All of these problems were solved thanks to a camcorder, Sony's camcorder was born to satisfy everyone's desire to save memories. Weddings, birthdays, New Year celebrations ... have been most clearly recorded.

1981-1989: Memories are kept

 At that time, many couples thought of a lavish wedding. So the price of wedding dresses and related services has increased rapidly. Multi-tier wedding cakes have also become a trend.

22.1990s : The development of the wedding industry

In 1990, Vera Wang founded a wedding dress brand named after him. Vera Wang's wedding dress and tiara became the dream of every bride on the wedding day.

1990s : The development of the wedding industry

The 90s were also the time of movies about weddings. A series of films were born, such as "Four Weddings and a Funeral", "My Best Friend's Wedding" ... That has contributed significantly to the development of the wedding industry. Couples already have many unique ideas for their own wedding after watching those great movies.

23.1994- 1995: There were more choices for a gift

Gift book has solved many concerns of the guests. But the number of items to choose from is not plentiful if they are only in one store. And the gift registry online service was born. It has allowed couples to list gift items from multiple websites. Simple and convenient right?

1994- 1995: There were more choices for a gift

1994 also witnessed the lavish wedding of singer Céline Dion. The most prominent is probably the tiara she used. The crystal tiara weighed up to 7 pounds.

24.1996-1999: Two-wire wedding dress was popular

Simple and sophisticated clothing became a trend in the 1990s. Many stars have used such costumes for their wedding. Carolyn Bessette's wedding dress designed with Spaghetti straps really impressed. It has brought glamor to the brides. Not surprisingly, this type of wedding dress quickly became a trend in the 1990s.

1996-1999: Two-wire wedding dress was popular

Wedding bouquets have also become more compact. Small, well-groomed bouquets have been in common use to this day.

25.2000s: Disposable cameras have become popular

The success of the movie Friends has not only made the actors come closer to the readers but it also popularized many other tools. Typically disposable cameras. It was really used in most weddings back then, when smartphones weren't as popular as recent years. The disposable camera captures the best moments of the bride, groom and lovely guests.

2000s: Disposable cameras have become popular

The attire of the guests has changed a bit. At that time, strapless dresses were popular. In the comfortable space of an outdoor wedding party, the strapless skirt helped the girls become more active and liberal. The movement to stir the wedding has also begun to appear, making the wedding even more bustling.

26.2002-2005: Large wedding cakes have been replaced

For many years ago, a large wedding cake was used to show the status of the family in society. This thought lasted for decades. But by the early years of the new century, there were more ideas for wedding cakes. The wedding cake used in this period went towards promoting simplicity while still bringing excitement to the taste.

2002-2005: Large wedding cakes have been replaced
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Various choices were made, such as ice cream cakes, donuts, bundt cakes and so on. Thanks to that the guests were able to enjoy a variety of delicious cakes together. This new trend has really shown its positive sides. Unsurprisingly, it's popular until now.

27.2006-2009: Cash became a popular gift

Let's temporarily forget the traditional gifts. It may become unnecessary after some time, and large gifts are hard to transport. A new application came out around this time: Honeyfund. The app allowed couples to list what they wanted, and guests were able to pay for it. Couples have had memorable honeymooners as a gift from many. However, not everyone has responded to this change, even though it was extremely practical and useful.

2006-2009: Cash became a popular gift
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When there is a joke, you are eager to share it with the world. So are the married couples. They have gradually wanted to share their stories to the public through television. These stories have inspired and brought many useful tips for other couples in preparing for the wedding.

28.2010: How did Pinterest help?

Weddings are one of the most important events in every human life. So everyone wants a very special and memorable wedding. But where can we get ideas from? In 2010, the birth of Pinterest gave people a living space to access. People were able to plan their wedding through photos and posts. Many couples are also able to consult these ideas and make a plan of their own.

2010: How did Pinterest help?
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All items, from costumes, banquets to decorations, colors have appeared. The idea for the wedding has become easier than ever.

29.2011- 2012: The royal wedding and the rise of the Wedding Blog

An outstanding event took place on April 29, 2011. It was the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The ceremony took place at Westminster Abbey in London, England. The wedding has mobilized many State carriages and Foot Guards. The bride's outfit has also been carefully prepared. It was a V-necked skirt with stones. The bride was extremely happy and radiant at her wedding.

2011- 2012: The royal wedding and the rise of the Wedding Blog
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On the internet, wedding blogs have quickly become a useful medium for couples. They used it to get more ideas for their wedding.

30.2013-2015: The wedding was announced publicly. The big turning point: accepting same-sex marriage

Weddings have become more and more popular on social networks as a spread of joy to everyone. In 2013, a series of interesting hashtags and personalities were born. The photos have been assembled into albums so that everyone can easily review them if they want.

2013-2015: The wedding was announced publicly. The big turning point: accepting same-sex marriage
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The good news for same-sex couples was announced in 2015. Same-sex marriage has been legally recognized by US law. Lance Bass and Michael Turchin became the first gay couple to get married on television.

31.2018: Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Through television, millions of viewers have witnessed the marriage of centuries of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The ceremony was solemnly held at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

2018: Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

 The wedding dress of the bride was designed with long sleeves, boat neckline, and diamond tiara.The wedding ended with a brilliant fireworks display.

32.Things have changed

Over 100 years, the wedding trend has changed over the years. Increasingly, the wedding is taking place according to the preferences of each individual.

Things have changed
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Personal imprints have been held. So the couples shared them with everyone via social networks. Good inspirations and messages spread to the community. That is really amazing.