Interesting behind- the – scenes secrets of the classic friends series

By Jake Schroeder

Up to this point, friends have existed as an indispensable spiritual dish for the American people in particular and the viewers who love dramas all over the world in general. In simple words, without elaborate, the film has become so close to the audience, bringing countless laughter. The content may have been imprinted in the minds of many people, but there are still unexpected secrets surrounding the process of film production that the intimate fans are not sure to know. Let's discover interesting secrets right here.

1.Right from the first script, is the title Friends?

Before the name of friends became popular, many names were made. Insomnia Café, Friends Like Us ... however the simple movie title - Friends won. It's really a simple, meaningful title, and also contains the greatest meaning of the movie - FRIENDSHIP.

Right from the first script, is the title Friends?
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Over the years, "Friends" has been broadcast on television stations all over the world. It has been on the rise forever and has won numerous awards. This year, Matt LeBron once again won the Emmy Award for Best Comedy Actor for "In and Out of the Play." Recently, Tencent Entertainment exclusively interviewed Matt LeBlanc to listen to the "baby" of this "child" and talk about his years.

2.Behind the simple titles of each episode

Surely the founders always want to give their spiritual children a name that shines brightly. However, think again about how many of us can remember in those conversations with our friends and family - “Friendship is always connected when we do things together. Or just reminded of episodes in the movie" picnic episodes, baseball matches."

Behind the simple titles of each episode
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Understanding these things, Friends actually put the simplest, most understandable titles for each episode. As we can see, the titles of each of the Friends titles have given us an idea of what highlights will happen.

3.Friends and success after that changed Matt LeBlanc's life

The actor's life is not always as flashy as we often see on the red carpet. So was Matt LeBlanc. If he had not followed him in the first place, no one would have imagined how difficult he would have been. Before Friend, there were times when the actor's account was only $ 11.

Friends and success after that changed Matt LeBlanc's life
Photo Courtesy: IMDb

But things were different. Now he has become a millionaire with desirable awards.After the last season of "Friends" was broadcast, Matt turned on the TV and found 6 small lattices on the TV screen. Each lattice is a picture of the roofs of the different mansions of the 6 actors of "Friends". The helicopter hovered overhead. Watching their big villa, live broadcast on TV. Later, the show was broadcast for 10 years. In 2014, "Friends" won its 20th anniversary. 

4.Makeup and hair are not as simple as we think

Not about flashy red carpets or big corporations, Friend brings the most casual, closest visuals to viewers. Therefore, many people always think that the process of makeup and hairdressing will be as gentle and simple as what the filmmakers send to the audience.

Makeup and hair are not as simple as we think
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

In fact, things are not like that. In order to create a clear image full of enthusiasm, enthusiasm, and highlights that bring laughter to the audience, the hairdresser really had to put a lot of effort. Actors couldn't imagine doing hair again would take so long.

5.Exciting trip to Las Vegas

When watching movies, we see many episodes filmed in Las Vegas. In fact, before the shoot, the director and the six cast members took a tour of Las Vegas. The director insisted that it was the last trip for the six of them to appear like normal tourists.

Exciting trip to Las Vegas
Photo Courtesy: @CourteneyCox/Instagram

And in fact, given the answer, the film was as successful as what the director believed.This trip brought together the actors. Perhaps that's why they had good chemistry with each other during the making of the movie.

6.James Michael Michael Tyler has new roles in the movie

James Michael Tyler's Gunther is known to be a minor dialog character. It wasn't until the middle of season 2 for the characters to get their names, and it wasn't until episode 33 of these characters for their first lines.

James Michael Michael Tyler has new roles in the movie
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

However, during the process of making a movie, there was a segment where someone needed to work with a coffee machine. And so a new opportunity came to this anonymous character.

7.Jennifer Aniston barely returned for the last season

Aniston's Rachel almost changed her entire acting career. Aniston received a salary of $ 1 million for each episode in the last 2 years for Friends, as well as 5 Emmy nominations.

Jennifer Aniston barely returned for the last season
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

Aniston married superstar Brad Pitt in 2000 but continued to participate in the next Friends season. Until season 10, she was wondering whether to continue with this role Rachel or not. And as we can see, Aniston has hardly returned in the last season.

8.Matthew Perry has struggled a lot with addiction

The accident with Matthew Perry in 1997 was a turning point in his life. Due to the abuse of painkillers, the actor had a big problem with drugs and alcohol. "I can't stop it," he said.

Matthew Perry has struggled a lot with addiction
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

The success of Friends is associated with the difficult and worst years in the life of a male actor. In the course of making the movie, Perry has repeatedly struggled with his addiction. After many times, it could not hide everyone in the crew.

9.Phoebe's pregnancy story is out of script

What do we do when an actor is suddenly pregnant? Change actor? Or try to hide it with frills? Of course, those things will create unpleasant episodes for the audience. Friends film crew chose a different direction.

Phoebe's pregnancy story is out of script
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

They have created new scenarios to suit this pregnancy. Everything happened so naturally that no one thought it wasn't in the script from the beginning. That baby will surely be lucky to be able to appear in this cult series.

10.NBC doesn't want Central Perk to be a cafe

Central Perk is the cafe where Rachel works. This is a lot of gatherings of 6 characters in the film. Initially, NBC wanted to change it into a restaurant, but in the end, Central Perk cafe still appeared as a coffee shop.

NBC doesn't want Central Perk to be a cafe
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

The original English name of Central Park Cafe, Central Perk, is a pun, implying that it is only one English letter away from Central Park (also located in Central Park in New York); and the English meaning of "perk" includes "make happy" and "Use a percolating pot to make coffee", so it can reflect the excitement of coffee, and can also refer to the process of coffee filtration. The six main characters frequent this cafe because it is only a hundred steps away from the apartment buildings where Monica, Joey, and Chandler live. The last line of the entire episode of "Friends" also involved the Central Park Cafe.

11.Initially, the actors were not chosen the right roles

Try swapping actors for roles, you won't be able to imagine what could have happened. It seems that in the audience's mind, each actor has already decided on his or her role, because it's so fitting.

Initially, the actors were not chosen the right roles
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

But right from the start, many different people were considered for the roles. Simpsons Hank Azaria tried Joey, and The Mandalorian host Jon Favreau auditioned for Chandler. Surprisingly, the production team members thought that Courteney Cox would show Rachel the great character, but fortunately, Cox, one of the most popular actors on the show at the time, really wanted to play the role. Monica.After all, we have made a total of 6 perfect and wonderful friends

12.A curious episode has been decided from the beginning

One of the biggest concerns for moviegoers is whether Ross and Rachel will be able to get together. Most viewers want a good ending for this couple. Usually, the filmmakers do not want to bring disappointment to the audience. However, the longer the film lasts, the greater the anxiety in the hearts of the audience. Whether or not to come together?

A curious episode has been decided from the beginning
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

But a secret has been revealed, that the filmmakers at the beginning asserted that Ross and Rachel would have to be together. To keep the secret to the last minute, the crew even filmed the last episode without anyone seeing it. And a perfect ending for this couple made the audience breathe and congratulate them. This wonderful ending certainly does not make the viewers wait.

13.Matt LeBlanc's wound is real

There are too many real-life situations that have appeared in the film. Matt LeBlanc's injury is the same thing.Matt LeBlanc's Joey character is a goofy but incredibly adorable guy. In one scene, Joey injured his shoulder due to a collision when he jumped on the bed.

Matt LeBlanc's wound is real
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

In fact, this wound was real when he acted in another scene. A funny collision happened. However, this wound appeared in the right place at the right time and created the truth for the movie, right?

14.Lisa Kudrow gets caught in a lawsuit

The actress was caught in a lawsuit no one thought of, ending her contract with her long-time manager in 2008, after the 4-year series of Friends ended. But the executive sued that she still owed him payment for Kudrow's acting in Friends.

Lisa Kudrow gets caught in a lawsuit
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

 Lisa Kudrow thought that was unreasonable, and she did not owe him 10% of the income as he claimed. Sadly, the judge did not finally take Lisa Kudrow's side. She had to pay the other manager 1.6 million dollars.

15.Is David Schwimmer hated?

A famous actor is also an ordinary person. And of course, they are also hated by those around them. This incident happened to David Schwimmer in 2010.That year, the actor bought a house on a street in New York. The house has been built since 1852.

Is David Schwimmer hated?
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

Therefore, the house contains many memories for the neighbors. When David Schwimmer decided to demolish the house to build a new house, he received much opposition from his neighbors. However, the work of this actor is not wrong.

16.Someone has been arrested

Usually, an actor easily falls back when they have money and fame. It is easy to make the audience turn their backs on them, their career may also gradually collapse. But the trouble happened to Matt LeBlanc quite soon. The actor was arrested not once but twice when driving drunk. However, these things were kept private until Friends closed.

Someone has been arrested
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

Not taking private life to PR for yourself is a smart step of Matt LeBlanc. It's awful that an actor is famous in this way. Being famous as a talented actor will help him receive more love from the audience. Friends really brought a lot of great things to Matt LeBlanc.

17.Jennifer Aniston did not love her famous hair

It seems that everything related to Friends can become famous. And Rachel's hair is a good example. Think of the trends that follow the image of famous artists today, you would imagine the heat of Rachel's hairstyle. From young girls to middle-aged women, they all flock to hair salons. They desire to have a great hair like Rachel.

Jennifer Aniston did not love her famous hair
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

Unexpectedly, our main character doesn't like them. Jennifer Aniston once said that she had never seen such a bad hairstylist. A more interesting thing is The Rachel - the name of that famous hairstyle, was created to correct a mistake of the hairstylist. Anyway, we had a great hairstyle in the 90s.

18.David Schwimmer and the shadow are too big after Friends

The role of Ross archaeologist has brought many successes to David Schwimmer. But few people know that it is a big shadow for this talented actor. This is so serious that he has shunned most of the new roles in dramas.

David Schwimmer and the shadow are too big after Friends
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

Perhaps the actor needs time to balance everything - emotions and relationships with people. And up to this point, he has always been a famous star in Hollywood with many great roles.

19.Lisa Kudrow really didn't know how to play the guitar

Phoebe has been described as a talented musician. But the interesting fact is that Lisa Kudrow was unable to play the guitar. The actress hated playing guitar and didn't agree to learn it for many seasons. Even the manufacturer has invitedpeople to come and teach her privately. 

Lisa Kudrow really didn't know how to play the guitar
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

But the situation did not improve. Truly anyone has difficult things to overcome. Anyway, we have a lovely Phoebe character on screen.Regarding the instruments used by Phoebe, Lisa Kudrow later said: "I don’t like guitars. I don’t know anything about guitars. I remember I even asked," What if Phoebe plays the snare drum? "

20.Build a title sequence for each episode

The title sequence for each episode of Friends is an extremely interesting highlight. It conveys the most striking content of the episode. It also stimulated the audience to watch until the end of the episode. Behind the vivid, impressive images on the screen are the hardships that actors and film crews have to endure. They used to have to take photos from 4 am, each tired, every exhausted. But those things have paid off.

Build a title sequence for each episode
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

Another highlight is the soundtrack of the movie. Initially, it only lasted until the end of the movie title. But after that, it was made into a full version to be able to broadcast even on radio programs.

21.The rejection of classic scenarios

There are many scripts of episodes that have upset the actors. There are even episodes that had to be removed for content reasons.Lisa Kudrow plays Phoebe Buffay, a self-taught masseuse and musician.

The rejection of classic scenarios
Guest at Jennifer Aniston's wedding

Phoebe is silly but well-versed, often carries his guitar with him, composing and singing quirky songs at the same time. The episode where she and the cat came out mysteriously from the guitar that was allegedly had it revoked. Of course, all actors have their likes and dislikes during their performance

22.Guest at Jennifer Aniston's wedding    

The sweet wedding of actor and actor Brad Pitt and actress Jennifer Aniston received great admiration at that time. The wedding took place in 2000. At that time, Friends had broadcast many seasons and received much love from the audience. She invited her co-stars to attend.

Guest at Jennifer Aniston's wedding
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

But when Aniston and Justin Theroux's wedding took place in 2015, the actress narrowed the size of the organization to 70 guests. Some were not invited, including Matthew Perry. However, the actor did not feel sad but still blessed his close friend.

23.Friends did not achieve the expected results in the Emmy

Although it was a popular TV series, which attracted a large number of viewers, Friends did not achieve the results that people expected.During the ten years it was aired, the show earned only four Emmy Awards, one for best comedy in 2002, one for a director, and two for actors.

Friends did not achieve the expected results in the Emmy
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

The two actresses who won the awards were Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. Unfortunately, all the main actors, except Courteney Cox, have been nominated. Although not winning many prizes, Friends have become an important bridge to bring talented actors closer to the audience. That's a really important thing.

24.Another couple was in the script at the beginning

Throughout the episodes, the audience has always been nervous about the evolution of the couple Ross and Rachel. However, few people know that the founders planned to pair up with Monica and Joey.

Another couple was in the script at the beginning
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

In the end it did not happen. Monica is still a confident girl and a liberal lifestyle. Fortunately, this character did not receive much criticism from the audience, even though she is still loved by many viewers.

25.Scared look about an actor

The first time they met, Matt LeBlanc brought fear and apprehension to the other actors. In the script, the actor Joey's character is a gentle, somewhat stupid guy. But Matt LeBlanc's muscular appearance made other actors a bit wary.

Scared look about an actor
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

Jennifer Aniston did not think Matt LeBlanc's personality was different from his original perception. She said she received a lot of attention and encouragement from the actor similar to the way the other two actresses comforted her. Another interesting share from Lisa Kudrow is that she really hates having to appear with her adorable duck partner.

26.The scene was dropped after 9/11

A script change took place involving the Monica and Chandler couple. Chandler made a joke about the bomb. The episode is scheduled to air after 9/11.

The scene was dropped after 9/11
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

But the terrorist event on 9/11 made the producers change the scenario in a different direction. However, after that the original version was called to broadcast so that the audience could enjoy it.

27.Six friends want to have an equal salary

In the first season, the six leading actors received an income of $ 22,000 per episode. This number is increasing with the seasons. New problems have begun to arise from the wages they receive.

Six friends want to have an equal salary
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/IMDb

Their salaries were not the same. Therefore, the actors talked about this issue together. They wanted to enjoy the same work. That was amazing. And the results were encouraging, and each received $ 1 million for each episode in the final season.Is it really worth it?

28.Matthew Perry was planning to join another program

At the same time producing Friends, Matthew Perry participated in the premiere episode of LAX 2194. However, this project was postponed. The actor did not succeed with auditioning in Six of one.

Matthew Perry was planning to join another program
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

As a fate predestined, he came to Friends. Initially, the actor did not intend to try out with Friends because he was committed to LAX 2194. It can be said that this is a bet of the crew with Perry. And Chandler has become a deep mark in Perry's acting career, bringing him closer to the national audience.

29.At first, not all 6 people were the main characters

Friends are only perfect when there are 6 close friends. Each character has been portrayed clearly, and has received much love from the audience. However, the audience almost did not enjoy Phoebe and Chandler. At first, they were assigned as 2 supporting roles, supporting the remaining 4 characters.

At first, not all 6 people were the main characters
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

Fortunately, everything has gone on the other hand. Phoebe and Chandler have been portrayed by many writers as personalities. Thanks to the interaction between all 6 friends, Friends have had a lot of colors and success.

30.The truth about the frame on the door

The yellow frame on the Monica door has become an interesting highlight for Friends. Monica's house is where friends often gather and chat. It has stored countless memories of friends, and has also become a warm room in the audience's hearts. But few people know that the yellow frame is not in the original intention. It was actually a picture frame, until the glass broke. The manufacturer has decided to keep that frame intact. And this is really a wise decision.

The truth about the frame on the door
Photo Courtesy: NBCUniversal/YouTube TV

In addition, in the apartment of Monica, there is a refrigerator. It worked well and became a favorite destination when the film crew took a break. There was a lot of food and drink ready to serve everyone.