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Expert tips that you may not know in red dead redemption 2

Expert tips that you may not know in Red Dead Redemption 2

Expert tips that you may not know in Red Dead Redemption 2

As you know, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first name in games having intersecting systems list. While playing this game, you can experience another life. After you manage to complete chapter 1, you will be able to accomplish some of your basic skills. For example, you will learn how to ride your horse, manage your cores. Moreover, you will know how to to get into combat or use your Dead Eye. One of the many aspects makes this game popular is its interactive environment. Players can really live in this world as you can interact with it in many ways. After every mission, you will receive new kinds of stuff that you can barely guess.

To some game developers, they intend to pass small details in the game but Red Dead Redemption 2. Red Dead Redemption 2 focuses in its smallest details to make it as real as possible. However, sometimes these details can make big difference. Because they show the quality-of-life improvements and make moving a lot easier. In complicated systems like hunting, these details will prove how important they are. Clearly, if you don’t know what to do in the wood, you now get into a serious problem.

Therefore, we make this list of tips that you may not know. In this list, we show and explain some tips and tricks well enough. Actually, these are not new tips or tricks as they are not secret after all. But when you can master them, this game becomes an easier and more pleasant experience. Like people say: take what you can take in this Wild West.

First care about your weight

First care about your weight

Not like many players think, Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just a normal cowboy game. Other Wild West adventure game, you will play at a cowboy going around and shooting bad guys. However, in Red Dead Redemption 2 you also have to care about your character weight. Like we mentioned above, this game is an interactive system. Your character, Arthur Morgan, is also a normal human then he should have good health to carry on his journey. You will have to feed him to keep him alive and enough stamina. However, you just can’t throw anything to his mouth like that. If he doesn’t have a healthy diet, he will get fat. And if you don’t feed him enough food, he will be skinny and underfed.

This is not a piece of new news. As before that, we had seen Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas did the same thing. And it is about A decade and a half before Red Dead Redemption 2 appearing on the game market. This game is also good at explaining about how Arthur gains his weight. But it didn’t tell the reason why you should keep him fit and healthy. As you can see, you can’t his appearance as it is not an aesthetic option. And your character’s weight affects your experience in the game a lot.

In fact, Arthur’s physique will affect stamina and health while you play. For example, if he is skinny which means he is weak, Arthur can get more damage. But he will not lose stamina quickly as no extra weight requires more energy. And it will be another story about a fat Arthur. When you let your character get fat, you will need more stamina to maintain his action. It is easy to understand why fat people seem to absorb energy continuously. However, one advantage is that he can reduce the damage he gets in battle. Both unhealthy conditions will drain your cores fast. Hence you should take care of Arthur weight and have a good diet.

You will get what you want if you are fast enough

You will get what you want if you are fast enough

In fact, there is no surprise that the fish in Red Dead Redemption 2 are like the real fish. After chapter 1, you are already able to experience how the horse has realistically. In this game, fish’s behavior also depends on the weather and the light. Then it’s time to use your real catching fish experience. Basing on eating behavior, you can see that fish seem to bite most often in the early day. Maybe the low light and quiet environment make them feel safer to bite the bait. Moreover, catching fish in rain tends to be a good decision. As the rain rhythm can help you trick fish like many tasty insects are on the prowl. In fact, these things all based on the real experience of fisherman.

According to GameSpot, you can have more chances at the end of waterfalls as they have more oxygen in the water. Moreover, certain fish will appear at certain weather. Then if you want to know more about how to catch them, check out GameSpot. They already made a schedule of these fish’s behavior. For instance, pickerel seem to appear when it’s warm and sunny. Hence, let’s learn this homework as it could save you a lot of time.

When you see white dots then you should move!

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you will have a campaign for you to stay. And it is up to leave for your campaign. You can set off for a beaten path, animals hunts, casino or even bank rob. But at every time you want, you can come to Dutch at the nearest market. Then you can rejoin for another one of his half-baked schemes. There is no need to be rush, Arthur.

Like many other games, you can find the funny and easy moment in its submarine quests. If you can’t make it in time, you will lose it. Some of the sub-main quests disappear after some campaign missions. While others just appear in a certain amount of time. Then if you are not good at planning your schedule, you may miss them. Therefore, you recommend you to complete as many sub-main quests as you can. After all, they are a lot funnier and help you to see the whole world of Red Dead Redemption 2. Then how you can do them? Just find white dots on your maps. In your map, you can see a yellow dot representing for your campaign. From that yellow dot or your own position, let’s find the nearest white dots. We assure that you will have more fun and exciting moments in these quests.

The combination of Lights, Camera, and Honor

The combination of Lights, Camera, and Honor

They didn’t design the Red Dead Redemption 2’s combat modes as polish as other modes. It intended to make you feel like a real gunslinger of the Western lore. An unstoppable cowboy actually. Moreover, the producer wants you to have the best moments in this game. And in combat, they even do a better job. We can see the work of the cinematic killing camera. With its help, you can enjoy the moment you put a bullet into your enemy head. The camera will slow down the fatal shot then you won’t miss your glory moment.

Furthermore, you can adjust the killing camera if you like. Let’s talk about the game’s honor system. The honor system aims to decide how NPC in the game interact with your character. For example, if your honor point is high which mean many people respect you. Then you can have some discounts and larger inventory at stores. Then how can you gain your honor point? You should complete noble deeds to add more points. But if you are lazy and irresponsible, you will get a minus. Hence, be careful with what you do.

Your honor points also affect the angles of the killing came. That is why we said you can adjust the killing camera. If you don’t gain enough honor points, the camera will only focus on your kill. But if your honor is high enough, you will look like a hero. It is totally up to you to choose to be a hero or a. anti-hero. Now you know what to do to see Arthur as a hero or see some death.

How to be speedy cowboys?

How to be speedy cowboys?

In Red Dead Redemption 2, your main vehicle is the horse. Of course, it is worse as you are cow hoy after all. However, some players claimed that the running system is a disaster. You have to push the run button just to move faster than a snail. And you will have to push that button as fast as you can to sprint which can make you uncomfortable. Therefore, if you intend to finish all the quests in the game, you need to find another way to move fast enough.

Okay, it is how to improve it. Go to your Settings menu and select “Controls”. After that, you choose “Standard FPS”. When you do that, you will turn your control into the left joystick. Hold on, few things you need to do. Now you must go to “Accessibility”. Then you select “Running Mode”. And finally, I need to choose “Toggle to Run”. There you go, now you can run much faster than before. Now you just need to hit the run button one time to the job and twice to full sprint. We hope this trick can help you out.

Moreover, there are tricks that a player named MashXforwhat shared with other players. For example, when you are locations that you can’t run like in a house, then you must turn to the first-person mode to run faster. We don’t know how but Arthur seems to really run faster with this trick. Red Dead Redemption 2 requires a lot of time to play to you need to save it up.

A hunter can’t be without his binoculars

A hunter can’t be without his binoculars

In case you decided to become a good hunter and upgrade your profits, you should keep these things in mind. As a hunter, choosing the correct weapon and finding a good line to take a shot is important. However, it is not enough as they designed creatures differently. Sometimes your prey is just a low-quality beast though you did take a perfect shot. Therefore, there are more to learn if you want to get high rewards.

Luckily, we will show you what you may miss in the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 provides players a lot of tools to help them hunt better. However, not everyone knows the meaning of these tools. Let’s take a look at the hunter’s binoculars. Let’s imagine you are out for hunting and you are trying to find a perfect animal. Here you go, on the high ground and you are peeking at your target. You should pay attention to the lower right corner of the HUD. You will notice stars appearing next to your targets. The number of stars indicates the quality of the target. 1 star is poor, 2 stars are medium and 3 stars is perfect. Hence, you must put it into consideration if you want to hunt a high-quality one.

Moreover, a slow gunslinging mode is also a crucial tool to get a good kill. Combining the upgrade in Dead Eye with this mode will help you see your target fatal point. You just need to make the best shot to that point to take it down quietly.

You can try with your lasso

The Legendary Buck ends here

There is another way for you to catch your prey. Sometimes you may want to try to use your lasso instead of your rifle. Once you caught them with the lasso, it’s time to finish them with a knife.

However, you should remember that not all animals are available for lasso. You are able to use it for medium or big prey like deer, boar, and bear. With smaller ones, you can’t catch them with this in real life. So in this game, you can’t either. And you want to catch an animal on horse carefully if you don’t want to find another one to chase.

Another usage of lasso is that you can try to force the animal to the river. When it is drought, you pull it to the shore with your lasso before it is too late. Or you can use it with your enemy or you are a bounty hunter.

Most physicians recommend an alligator diet

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you need to store your stamina, health and Dead Eye cores. With them, you are able to jog, take damage and have better shots. Moreover, you will not want to be dead because of starving or exhaustion. To deal with this, you can try tonics or cook for yourself a big meal by playing big game meat.

However, you will have to pay a lot for tonics and big game meat is not available all the time. But you can try with alligators. These animals appear in specific locations and they are many. You can find a good source of nutrient in them as well. Besides, they are slow and easy to handle for you.

The swamps near Saint-Denis are where you should go find alligators. You must remember to bring along thyme, oregano, and mint to make a good meal for yourself. Later when you need to feed your character, you need to feed him with some alligator meats to restore the health.

The Legendary Buck ends here

The Legendary Buck ends here

If you are having difficulties to secure perfect pelts, here are tips for you. You should to find and kill the Legendary Buck which will give you the Legendary Buck Antler. With the Legendary Buck Antler, you can trade it for the Buck Antler Trinket and $22.00. Buck Antler Trinket will help you save time when you skin animals and improve the quality of the pelts.

You are able to find it at Shan Mountain’s western foot which is not too far from Strawberry. Or you can go to the Strawberry first in Chapter 2 to complete the quest “Blessed are the Meek”. Then you can turn to hunt down the Legendary Buck by the way.

The clothes define the criminal

In Red Dead Redemption 2, many players think it is cool to put on spare outfits with saddle bags. However, it can make you get into trouble with the health care and the game also doesn’t allow that. Moreover, your clothes also affect the reaction of other NPCs in town. You dress up like a criminal; they will think you are a criminal. Why do you should make your playing more complicated in that way??

But if you decided to commit a crime, there are a few things you should remember. Remember to put on a mask or something like that before you act. Then you must take it off, change your clothes and your horse. If you don’t do so, the next time you appear at the crime scene, they will recognize you immediately. Therefore, you want to be a criminal in this game, be a smart one. There is another thing you should keep in your mind. It is you should make sure you have enough horses for you to run away.

It is worth having a happy camp

There are many busy works to do in Red Dead Redemption 2. But taking care of your camp is another thing. For example, you will not fair in your contribution with your gang members. It is nice to have an extra storage space but food, ammo and medicine supplies are important too. Therefore, you must have good stock to store these things. You can find them in town but expensive or you can find them later in the wild. It is your choice to do so.

Besides in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can get rewards for what your hard works. You can have better campers with you. Imagine that you will have better interaction with your gang members. Therefore, you just need to maintain your gang’s morale high. The system will make your campers strike more talks to Arthur. If you want to know the story of this game, it is a good way to do so. Van der Linder gang’s story is the main story of the game as you’ve already known. By this way, you can enjoy the Red Dead Redemption 2 much better.

Then let’s get started with your chores. The game is mainly about its characters and world. Hence you should remember to keep morale high. You will not regret that later.

You can only catch the cat by letting it out the bag

You can only catch the cat by letting it out the bag

You seem to not take that pride when you hunt legendary animals. Hunting down these rare animals will give you more skins, jewelry, and cash as well. In return, you can trade them for trinkets and talismans. By this way, you can gain buffs and bonuses for your character.

So it is worth hunting these animals and taking advantage of doodads’ special powers. Here is the thing you must consider it. In case, you get no sight of the Legendary Panther, just take it easy. Because this legendary Panther seems to likely stay in other contents. You can’t see accidentally. To have a chance to hunt it, you must finish 9 Master Hunter challenges before that. After all, it is easy to hunt. And it will be not the legendary Panther anymore.

So how can you find the legendary panther? You have to pass 9 challenges to be good enough to finish the 10 challenge. It is to find and take down the panther. You must remember to use your binoculars to find out the best prey for you. And deer and other animals are all around for you to hunt. You should try to improve your skills to skin them fast enough. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your health and bring along alligator meats in case you need them. Red Dead Redemption 2 is not just a game. It is a world where you can actually interact with its environment. Everything you do and every move you take will lead you to different results. Therefore, you should think twice before doing anything in this game.

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