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The weird situations that no one mentioned in the famous classic movies!

The weird situations that no one mentioned in the famous classic movies!

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Some classic films that have a theme around family themes will serve as future nostalgia. Not only have they become great films for decades, but they have also enjoyed children’s love around the world. Although the time has passed, the classic movies about family still hold a special place in the hearts of viewers.

Disney has released classic works from the early days. Some of the most popular family films have succeeded in holding our hearts. However, there are some recorded parts that are disruptive to the audience that no one wants to mention.

Silence is about to be broken so make sure you get ready for the round trip of the turmoil that you didn’t realize when enjoying the movies. The breakers have appeared in both new and old family movies.

First of the list – Dumbo


Dumbo recorded many mistakes in filming including how Dumbo’s mother treated her son, or in other words, the tiny elephant was the victim of abandonment. The audience should not miss these details including Dumbo accidentally drunk when he accidentally tried a drink with champagne spiked. He had the illusion of pink elephants after accidentally being drunk, which warned of something much more dangerous.

Heavy drinkers have a delicate situation that describes the potentially fatal symptoms during their detoxification process called Delirium tremens (DT). Honestly, Dumbo is not the type of heavy drinker. The symptoms that Dumbo encountered come from active drinking and not stopping. However, the illusion that the pink elephants Dumbo encountered is a dangerous symptom that people in the DT group encounter.

The Dumbo character has an abbreviation noted for public release in 1941. The 1913 Jack London book was released in 1913 and appeared as an alcoholic character named John Barleycorn and an illusion of mice green and pink elephants. After the alcoholic experience, Dumbo was finally fine. This segment has recorded brief comments about the harm as well as the dangers of drinking alcohol.

Let’s move to The Wizard of Oz

Wicked Witch of the West

Have you ever wondered what caused the Wicked Witch of the West to become a bad person in the eyes of the audience? Violence will help the audience answer this question throughout the 1939 movie.

Dorothy was honored as a hero against evil when accidentally dropping a house on the Wicked Witch of the East. The girl seemed embarrassed and confused, but she did not hesitate to admit to killing the wicked witch without a bit of concern. The audience never knows about another aspect of the story. Once again she was praised when she confirmed that she had melted the Wicked Witch of the West in another development.

The Wicked Witch of the West is based on a platform to regain the shoes inherent to Dorothy’s family to abduct the girl. In Oz, everything is solved in a completely different way, which will not be allowed to happen in our legal system.

What about The Goonies?


We have The Goonies, one of the best family adventure movies of all time. However, it is still on this list! The audience called Fratellis a terrible group of people. They felt uncomfortable at the treatment of Sloth who was the brother of Francis and Jake Fratelli.

Sloth’s mother and siblings decided to chain him to a wall because of the objects he had on his body. Is this decision correct when a deformed person is listed as a danger and is isolated in the basement by chains?

However, the deformed guy was surprised when he became kind and decided to save the children. Sloth really became a hero. The Goonies seems to have set a record of the greatness that the film offers as well as insisting that distortion does not bring danger.

Iron Giant has been added to the list

Iron Giant

Iron Giant has brought to the audience unforgettable emotions including tears when they watch this movie. However, we cannot ignore a part that has been seriously disturbed but not frequently mentioned. That may come from the conflict between the scene in the question and the beginning of the movie.

Everything about the Iron Giant that began to be revealed included where this guy came from and what the purpose of his actions was. These are only explained when the Signature Edition is released to the public and answers questions from the audience through a series of dreams. The audience realized the fact that their favorite character – Iron Giant is not the only robot created with great destructive ability. They saw the city and the entire planet collapsed by the destruction of giants and other giant robots.

Do you remember the details Hogarth was able to reconnect fragments on his body when a part he had in the room flew away to connect with other details of the giant? Our friendly giant has been perfecting the debris later. That means the Giants are fully capable of regenerating after being destroyed into many fragments. Even the destruction can come from a rocket, the possibility of resurrection still exists. This is not only startling evidence but also indisputable about the possibility of returning the bad giants who are willing to reborn and destroy our Earth at any time.

Next is The NeverEnding Story

The NeverEnding Story

The signs of Fantasia’s destruction are everywhere in The NeverEnding Story. Bastian experienced tragedies including his mother’s death, his father’s misunderstanding, and especially cruel bullying. This character became depressed since the beginning of what made his life tragic. Ailing Empress is the only light left that can save Fantasia’s life. He realized this when he entered the world of Fantasia. However, her illness has created many mysteries. She came closer to death, which is reflected in the marsh symbol of sadness. This gloomy place not only makes anyone let his sadness pass, he will die, but it is also imperative that you move or you will die. Those who do not see their own values ​​will also be killed by the laser-eyed sphinxes.

Sharing with Atreyu, the G’mork complains that when people have no hope and forget about the dream to make The Nothing thrive, it is when Fantasia comes closer to death. Complete despair will come in many ways and destroy the world. Bastian not only gave the Empress a name, but he also gave hope to himself about Fantasia’s ability to return and the belief that The Nothing cannot be defeated by any evil forces. This is not really a fun movie for children.

Then, Space Jam

 Space Jam

Space Jam noted the combination of the best basketball players of all time and Looney Tunes – an important factor in bringing the film closer to children. In which Michael Jordan is the leader of the team. Space Jam made a good impression in the hearts of the 90s kids and made them never forget this movie.

Patrick Ewing shared with a therapist about his health condition. He admits it may lose the ability to play the game while “Basketball Jones” is the background music being played. The therapist also did not forget to ask Ewing about his performance in other fields, which was when the supposedly sexy play “Yeah, yeah” rang out. Ewing felt insulted when the therapist asked questions that were of a nature that doubted his manliness. He confirmed that it was not the main problem.

Elsewhere, Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny had their first meeting to get to know each other. But compared Bugs and she acted to stroke this guy’s cheek and didn’t forget to remind him that he should never call her a doll. In front of Lola’s actions, Bugs could barely react but his entire body became erect. These two jokes should not be included in the most iconic children’s films of the 90s. It should not be for children.

We also have Flubber


A 1997 Disney movie named Flubber recorded a daring role – Professor Philip Brainard, a character played by Robin Williams. 1961’s The Absent-Minded Professor has a remake of what became a classic work that we have to admit that we loved it as a child. Sometimes it’s forgotten under-the-radar.

It is a Disney Sci-Fi movie. Faced with the risk that the university might be closed, Brainard discovered a substance that could change everything by its energy properties. A bad guy not only tried to kidnap Flubber but also Robin William’s fiance. However, no one mentioned how everyone had been exploited as a Flubber.

Those who have the right to designate the film have done everything to recoup their profits including making the film a super horror. Flubber has become very useful when discovered.

What about Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead?

Sue Ellen

The children tried to hide the truth about the babysitter’s death. They accepted the responsibility of adults to hide their mother in Australia. This mother will be assured and will not return home soon. Is a child trying to make money to do things like adult work a fun trip? Will the innuendo be missed during the journey? Not only children but adults also watch this movie. Adults claim that the fact that Sue Ellen is only 17 years old but looks much older has caused confusion for the movie. This also leads to moments that are not really suitable for movies as well as for children.

Her boss knew that every girl over 25 should have a cucumber in the house that doesn’t include salad making. Another frightening and terrible moment is when Gus – a character played by 45-year-old John Getz talks about women’s maturity. He thinks that women only grow up when the juice starts to flow. The audience will not feel strange when judging PG-13 starting to have many meanings.

How about The parent trap?

 Lindsay Lohan

The film recorded two versions including the original 1961 and the remake featuring Lindsay Lohan in 1998. The Parent Trap created confusion when there was no difference between the two versions – Parents for their own sake have become so bad. Look around and make the conclusion of divorce which is very difficult to separate children from their parents. One thing that absolutely should not be done is not to separate identical twins from their parents. This list also includes how they should know about each other and should not keep them on separate continents and not know the existence of the other.

We do not ignore the film that has been very sloppy and messy. Why can a mother send her daughter to a summer camp held in the US without checking her other daughter’s appearance? It will be a great pain for poor girls to know the fact that their parents cheated on them for a long time. The Parent Trap 2: Therapy for Life will debut at the cinema in the near future.

Monsters, Inc. has expanded the list

Mike and Sully

Toy Story made a franchise for Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. The film made good use of this in applying animation style into the rich fantasy world of children. The world of Monstropolis is where all the animals in your closet really exist. Boo is a human being as well as a lovely child who has managed to invade that scary place. Sully and Mike’s mission is to secure Boo’s safety and help her return home.

There was a time difference between the real world and the world of monsters. Boo was at Monstropolis for about a day including how she would work with Mike and Sully. She can only be there at night when the monsters return to their lair. Have you ever wondered about Boo’s parents? Why do they not recognize her disappearance even though the time they live in and in the Monstropolis can vary in time? Where have they been during Boo’s disappearance? It would be more reasonable if the police and Boo’s parents were present when she returned to the bedroom. But it seems that her parents do not care much about their daughter’s disappearance. A reasonable assumption will be necessary for this situation. Hopefully, the Monstropolis will be completely different in time and only one hour in the world Boo comes. Parents should be more interested in their children.

Next is Madagascar


During transport to animal conservation in Africa, the zoo of the Central Park zoo tried to escape. A penguin took over the ship and commanded other animals. In other words, these animals are trying to overthrow crew members on board. When ourpenguin decided to take the ship to Antarctica, we have many different animals in the crates. These include lions, hippos, zebras and giraffes.

Gloria the hippo did not know the events that happened and asked other animals exactly what happened to the whole crew on board. Skipper penguins did not hesitate and replied that they were killed and eaten liver. However, in front of the hippie surprise of the hippopotamus, he concealed by comforting that all crew members survived and were perfectly fine. They are on a slow boat that will help them come to China. Slow boats to China are essentially a poker term that describes a long, arduous journey and takes a lot of time. This train may never even reach the final destination – China. Honestly, do you believe the entire crew of the ship is dead?

Then Tangled

Then Tangled

Many fairytale princesses have endured the suffering caused by an evil demon and they will eventually be happy forever. Rapunzel is not an exception. There are many assumptions that the audience has overlooked many details when the Disney princess took the role. The biggest problem is Rapunzel’s hair.

Young girls with outstanding and outstanding long hair are always surrounded by harmful prejudices. This young girl has the ability to heal the disease and revive the dead by glowing her miraculous long hair. The main reason for her being abducted is that there are bad guys who want to use her magic hair. When she cut her hair in order to protect herself, her hair was completely depleted but the art that it had, no longer the familiar yellow color, had turned brown.

There was a disturbance of the girls’ hair color through the message the film brought. Is it that the haired girls will feel so lucky and wonderful about their marvelous hair while the brown-haired girls feel guilty about their hair? Is their brown hair just average and what is abundantly left behind when magic disappears?

Moana, too


The film launched in 2016 was warmly welcomed by both children and adults. The success has helped the film to shine and become a classic. Moana tells of a young girl on her journey to save the island and her destiny. The determination of the young girl made her parents feel depressed and disappointed. She met many barriers during her journey including Tamatoa.

The fate of Tamatoa crab is said to be quite a disorder despite him always saying miraculous and brilliant things. This small villain has constantly prepared Moana and threatened to eat her.

In the end of the movie, there was a joke that appeared as Tamatoa was thrown into his back and left there. Moana and Maui did that when escaping from Tamatoa’s lair. Despite him not being as charming and charming as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, do you think our heroes have acted right? The small crab was stuck in confusion.

End of the list – Frozen


Did you know the famous song “Let it Go” that appeared in a classic work called Frozen? Both the song and the movie are very charismatic. This song has created a great power. It inspires the audience. It encourages people to express their true self. And it also cursed the bad guys. Elsa has shown this song with the desire to release the power to freeze everything. A power that has been locked for years.

Have you ever thought that this girl’s relentless outburst can have unfortunate consequences that are not mentioned in the movie? Elsa decided to leave Arendelle at the time of this summer. That means all living things are having a good life in the sun. They were completely unprepared for a cold winter, which caused the opposite.

It’s a pity to say that not only will flowers and trees die, but humans and animals also fall into this unacceptable cold state.







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