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Famous Twitch Streamers that make viewers feel very disappointed!

Famous Twitch Streamers that make viewers feel very disappointed!

Famous Twitch Streamers that make viewers feel very disappointed!

Internet and social networks are places where people can talk about anything. And if you want forgiveness on the internet, you’ve come to the wrong address! When talking about issues related to streamer on Twitch, we have a long list of disappointing things. Maybe the streamers were lucky to have success, some get reputation through their efforts. But streamer is a dangerous job when you know that with just one wrong moment, all bad things will come to you. This applies to well-known streamers around the world!

There are some mistakes that we can forgive. But with some mistakes that involve racism, or sexism … we can’t forgive. Especially when the streamers are always not ready to give an apology. Because they think they are famous, they have many fans … They are wrong! All mistakes are recorded on the internet and that is the bad thing of streamers. Twitch is a large social network with thousands of streamers worldwide. There are times when streamers make mistakes, and then they commit everything to be better. But in the end, they made another mistake. In this article, we have a list of streamers on Twitch that have made mistakes but they are not permanently baned. Although their actions are very serious!

First on this list is Mitch Jones and the controversy

First on this list is Mitch Jones and the controversy

Think about if someone says you are a superior person, do you like this? Do you want to argue like xQc, Overwatch‘s famous streamer? Mitch Jones has become an interesting streamer on Twitch because of his dramatic questions and interesting requests.

Mitch Jones caused drama through the events he created. From views, subscribers, to contributors … these numbers will create drama. Mitch Jones wants his viewers to donate as much as they can. Although some fans are happy with this, there are still viewers who are dissatisfied. On the internet, other streamers have criticized the way Mitch Jones caused drama (including friends who live in the same house with him). They say Mitch Jones is a person jealous of others’ success. In response to these criticisms, Jones continued to attack other streamer with bad words. During an argument with the GreekGodX streamer, Jones received a ban!

On the internet, we can easily see that Jones posted videos with his paranoia. On a live broadcast, he talked to fans that he felt bad, he almost collapsed. Jones added that the other streamers said no good about him behind him. However, these Jones videos don’t help him feel better. Jones’ colleagues, and his fans all find that Jones is increasingly lazy in creating online content. He just wanted to cause drama. He is willing to criticize a friend for his personal benefit!

Streamer Destiny and controversial languages

Streamer Destiny and controversial languages

Once, Steven “Destiny” Bonnell II caused controversy in court, and this created discussions on Twitch. Maybe this is one of the ways to create popularity since Twitch adds extra parts like IRL. Destiny is a famous streamer with two Hearthstone and League of Legends games. For views and attention, Destiny freely does what he thinks is right. Even if he created topics related to religion, gender, and other sensitive topics, he thought it was right to create his brand!

Internet is very interesting. For some fans, these Destiny videos are fun and they feel no discomfort for him. However, in January 2018, Destiny received a penalty, banning the stream for 7 days. The reason is because Destiny has threatened another streamer on Twitch. Destiny received this penalty right after he was freed from the 3-day ban because of N-words. In using language, Destiny has repeatedly overcome the principle set by Twich. The highest penalty for him is a 30-day ban!

Destiny has words related to discrimination and sexual issues. And this is inconsistent with Twitch’s community guidelines.

xQc – streamer has violated Twitch’s rules many times

xQc - streamer has violated Twitch's rules many times

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is a famous streamer that plays Overwatch. However, because of his misbehavior, xQc received a punishment: not allowed to ‘stream’ Overwatch League. However, he continued his ridiculousness on Twitch. If you still remember, xQc received Dallas Fuel’s first penalty when he was livestream. ‘xQc’ paid $ 2,000 and he sat on the bench for four matches. However, this penalty is too easy for xQc because he continues to use the word “cancer” to refer to someone on his stream!

During another livestream, xQc targeted another caster with racist words. This time, he was fined another $ 4,000. After many negative acts, this streamer is banned from Overwatch. Perhaps xQc is feeling remorse. Although the streamer can freely create content and they are not monitored, it does not mean they can do anything without receiving a penalty. If you are a fan of xQc, you know that fans call him “rage” because he can scream and smash the table every time he fails in an Overwatch battle!

TrainwrecksTV and sexist behavior

TrainwrecksTV and sexist behavior

TrainwrecksTV has a list of long bans on Twitch with one thing in common: misogyny. This streamer admits that he has problems with women on Twitch. He feels unhappy about women on Twitch. TrainwrecksTV has seven minutes to insult female streamers with bad words!

TrainwrecksTV said it loudly and clearly. This helped him “receive” a five-day ban. First, he talks about the validity of the ban. After that, he said that everything was just a misunderstanding. Finally, TrainwrecksTV makes an apology. He said he didn’t want to fight with all female streamers on Twitch!

But, as I said, the streamer takes not too long to make the next mistake. TrainwrecksTV continues to call a female streamer “disgusting” and “shameless”. Even though this time he was only angry for a short time, all were recorded on the internet!

Simone Scott and a dog

Simone Scott and a dog

Animals are a sensitive topic anywhere. It becomes even more dangerous when you are involved in an animal related issue on the internet. We have Simone “Aqualadora” Scott, streamer who admits that she killed a dog. Critics came from animal lovers especially dogs. They were very angry because Aqualadora admitted her disgusting behavior in a normal state. She did not regret what she had done. During a conversation with the streamer RajjPatel, Aqualadora “dried up” when saying that the worst thing she did was to purposely kill a dog!

Although Patel and the other streamer in the conversation with Aqualadora were shocked, she continued to talk about the bad thing she did. She added that the dog owner is “a really bad person”. Everyone (except Aqualadora) wants to change the topic, but she doesn’t!

Patel was the first to be criticized. Fans asked him why he invited Aqualadora to the conversation! After that, Patel said he won’t talk to Aqualadora anymore. Aqualadora will not be welcome on Patel’s personal page as well as some other streamers. I do not know if Aqualadora has received threatening messages. But I want her to realize what she did was too disgusting!

Aqualadora has had some reactions. She says on Twitch that someone has trolled her. After that, we don’t see Aqualadora working on Twitch, either tweeting or streaming!

Gross Gore

Gross Gore

Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen is a famous streamer about RuneScape and League of Legends. But he was involved in a series of sexual harassment allegations. Gross Gore’s penalty is a temporary ban on Twitch plus being expelled from TwitchCon. His sexual harassment actions occurred at RuneScape’s RuneSest conference. Some victims said they asked him to stop touching their bodies, but he continued to do so. Peak of this incident is a video on the internet in which we clearly see Gross Gore using his hands, in an effort to kiss a girl! It is obvious that the girl feels uncomfortable with his actions!

Even Gross Gore’s colleagues couldn’t be satisfied with this incident. Skiddler is one of the streamers criticizing Gross Gore. After that, Gross Gore got angry, and they argued. The incident ended with Skiddler being kicked to the ground. Then the police appeared.

Gross Gore said that he was targeted for another purpose. He apologized for his “immature action”. However, this apology was not really good. Later, Gross Gore defended his harassment. He said that woman wore a sexy shirt! Gross Gore’s statement made him bad in the eyes of fans!

Through allegations of RuneFest, Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen received heavy penalties: banning 30 days on Twitch, and banning TwitchCon permanently. This punishment comes from a video in which he follows a female streamer while he acts harassing women!

Hampton Brandon and… Twitch IRL! Again!

Hampton Brandon and… Twitch IRL

At TwitchCon in 2017, streamer Hampton Brandon has interesting sharing of experiences in livestream work. Everything is fine, if he shares his experiences on Twitch, instead of Periscope. This is a big conference, and obviously Twitch doesn’t like this. Hampton Brandon received a penalty soon after!

Hampton Brandon is a famous streamer, but he also has many bad behaviors in the past. When Hampton Brandon was asked to stop streaming, he had bad words about Twitch employees. At TwitchCon 2017, Twitch staff had to use security to invite Hampton Brandon out of the convention center. Things didn’t stop there, our streamer wanted to go back to the stage, he even caused a fight with security forces. Everything just stopped when the local police appeared!

In the past, Hampton Brandon posted some videos when he was behind a restaurant or a business. Everything was so serious that the staff had to ask for help from the police. Even when Hampton Brandon was handcuffed, he still tried to make a phone call!

Michael “mmDust” Duarte

Michael "mmDust" Duarte

Streamers on Twitch has a huge following. They are paid to talk about their own thoughts in certain areas, or simply play a game they are good at. But be aware that a streamer can be a good person and also a bad person!

On TwitchCon, mmDust had conversations with the audience. Fans ask mmDust about a relationship between a fan and a streamer. And mmDust says he doesn’t like this. A relationship between a fan and a streamer will sometimes take things too far. Then, mmDust added that everything will become very complicated. He thinks, being a streamer, he’s on a higher level than a fan!

This clip really caused a wave of public opinion. There have been millions of views and he must receive criticism. Fans angry when mmDust was an arrogant streamer. There were even threats to this streamer. A high school wrestling coach went to mmDust and said he was a fool. Then, on TwitLonger, mmDust apologized for his statement. He said that he is no better than anyone, his saying is rubbish!

Amouranth, the troublesome girl

Amouranth, the troublesome girl

Streamer Amouranth is one of the women on Twitch who has negative words. She has spoken statements related to sexism on Twitch. While Amouranth played online to Twitch’s IRL, she had criminal acts without permission: trespassing.

When the staff asks Amouranth to cancel the livestream, she didn’t answer them. They even had to call the police. Typically, the livestream is at a hair salon. Amouranth sat here for nearly ten hours, and she was unhappy about her hair. After that, Salon asked Amouranth to leave but she did not agree. She just left when her hair was perfect. After that, the local police appeared and explained to her about the criminal infringement.

At another livestream, Amouranth was at a gym. She turned the camera into a big mirror and everyone on the livestream could see other people exercising. The staff at the gym asked Amouranth not to film but she continued her livestream. The staff had to ask Amouranth many times until she got angry and left the gym! What a troublesome girl!

Later, Amouranth shared her feelings on the livestream. She thought the gym staff had bad behavior because she was a white person. If she was a rich Arab, they wouldn’t have invited her out of the gym!

DM Brandon

DM Brandon


Every time fans donate for streamer, they can use the message function. Although there are troll messages for streamer, there are still positive encouragements for them. And note that if you troll a streamer on Twitch with messages when you donate, you can get a penalty from Twitch!

Brandon “DM Brandon” Nance (caster of Smite) is one of the streamers that received a positive message. With a $ 5 donation, a fan texted him that he wanted to commit suicide in August last year. But thanks to DM Brandon videos and the Smite game, he changed his mind.

If they are other streamers, maybe they will be touched by this message. But DM Brandon is different. He is angry and he curses the person who texted him. DM Brandon used crude words, and he called that guy a selfish person. DM Brandon said that he hates those who talk about depression! That is ridiculous!

DM Brandon said that if you decide to end your life or let debilitating diseases ruin your life, that’s good. Because you don’t know how to deal with them!

After that, Hi-Rez (Smite’s studio) received the player’s comments. They want DM Brandon to change his view of depression. DM Brandon said that he just wanted to wake up the guy who texted him. DM Brandon really didn’t want to criticize his fans. Finally, DM Brandon left Hi-Rez!

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