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Fatima Ali – Top chef alum passed away at 29

Fatima Ali – Top chef alum passed away at 29

Former star top chef Fatima Ali sadly has sadly died.

On Friday, January 25, 2019, the famous chef died after a battle with Ewing’s sarcoma. It is rare bone cancer, Entertainment Tonight reported. She actually was 29 years old.

“Really with a heavy heart, we have to say goodbye to Fatima Ali today. Because she lost her battle with cancer”. Ali’s friend wrote and top chefs Bruce Kalman wrote in praise on Instagram. “Always I will miss you Fati, and you will stay in my heart forever”. He would always remember the wonderful times they had had. Especially their interview during tailgating episode. When they had discussed football, film, stadium, and also Taylor Swift.”

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The chef restaurant owner Padma Lakshmi was also a close friend with Ali. According to Us Weekly, The doctor first diagnosed her with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2017. After undergoing chemotherapy and tumor removal on her shoulder with surgery. Ali initially revealed that she had no cancer in February of the following year. However, in an essay written for Bon Appétit’s Healthyish in October 2018, she shared. The cancer cells that her doctors believed had disappeared. It returned to bone vengeance. Her left hip and thigh bone. Revealing that she had lived for a year. Ali wrote, she was looking forward to 30, flirting and growing. Guess she has to push up flirting. I don’t have time to lose.”

According to Us Weekly, The doctor first diagnosed her with Ewing's sarcoma in 2017

Earlier this month, Ali posted another health update on Instagram, writing. She knew it had been a long time since she had posted and most probably understood why?”. She had been sick and unfortunately, she had been sick.” Besides a photo of herself in the hospital, the famous chef told her followers. Right now all she needs is prayers, prayers are very simple. Ali hopes because a wish is to put too much responsibility on others. That you will somehow find forgiveness in our big heart. Whenever she has to hurt us million times because we gave her joy.

Former star top chef Fatima Ali sadly has sadly died

In addition to competing in Top Chef’s season 15 between 2017 and 2018. As far as we may know, Ali is also her favorite fan of the term on Bravo reality TV series (via TMZ). We also know that in 2013 she appeared on Chopped’s Food Network.

Since someone broke the news of her departure, some of Ali’s other Top Chef candidates have gone on social media. In order to share their thoughts and express condolences. “You will forever miss my friend. You have brought a lot of joy to those around you. #Rripfatima,” Tyler Anderson wrote, while Tanya Holland shared in part, “I have had a lot of laughter with people. Especially, this beautiful young brown woman. Despite the fact that she is young”. She added, There was an innate understanding, a maturity, worldliness, and sophistication that She deeply appreciate they are sisters and souls.

Our thoughts are together with Ali’s loved ones at this hard time.

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