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What is possibly the end of Game of Thrones?

What is possibly the end of Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones

Recently fans of the series Game of Thrones got the news that the series was about to end. And the ending is one of the most mysterious things they want to know now. The series only has only 2 seasons left which contain just 13 episodes. Within these 13 episodes, we hope that the producer a make an epic end to the Great War. From the beginning, Game of Thrones got the love of audiences as it was a fantasy drama. Therefore, people can’t wait to see who will the last to stand after all?

Up to the present, the movies tried to keep up with the novels of George R.R. Martin. However, the series seemed to be different from the novels. These novels share the same with the series on HBO. But they were still ongoing when they were filming the series. Besides, many plots between them weren’t the same. Therefore, the end of the small scene was a secret to fans. The more curious fans are, the more extraordinary the end can be.

According to news, the showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff had a conversation with Martin. And they also confirmed that A Song of Ice and Fire will have an epic end. Though HBO didn’t try to keep everything in the dark, the series was amazing enough. However, we can believe that the series will stick to the novels as much as possible. Then what is the possible end for Game of Thrones? You can check out the following theory before seeing the series on TV.

The end can be a bittersweet one

The end can be a bittersweet one

The man behind all of these things was the writer George R.R. Martin. The writer was successful in creating magic and mysterious world. The world contains many aspects needed for middle earth stories. The story is about Kings and Queens, heroes and monster, good and bad. However, the writer refused to reveal the end of his novel before its release day. He wanted to remain the surprise element in his story.

When he worked with some students from Northwestern University, he only gave them a few clues. He confirmed. “I know people are waiting for the end of Game of Thrones. And many people hope that the story will have a happy ending. As they still consider this as a fairy tale where people live happily forever after. And I had warned people that Game of Thrones could be an exception”. Here was what he revealed to every people. He also added. “You might have to accept what was coming. As you just couldn’t pretend to see life perfectly. J.R.R Tolkien was a good sample for this.”

What could we learn from his saying? As in Tolkien’s story, a happy ending is not the right definition for its end. The heroes won the battle after all and the enemy got what they deserved. But the heroes actually lost something of them in the war. They didn’t come back completely after the war. Some of them couldn’t peace in the end as they left friends and family. Up to now, we have seen the same thing happening in Game of Thrones. After seasons, we all witnessed the Stark children and Daenerys grew up eventually. They all tasted the bitter realities of their life. But when they came out, they were more powerful and mature. Therefore, we can think that they may survive the Great War but they may not have a truly happy life later.

The Others are the bad guys

The Others are the bad guys

Some years ago, some fans came up with a theory about the Others and the White Walkers. According to this theory, the White Walkers are good guys in fact. And the Others wanted to create a safe world for magical creatures. To make this come true, the Others will purge the humans and their corruption. Hence magic creature can live and flourish in great number. But there was a big problem that didn’t support this theory. According to what we have known, the Westeros is the only place we can find the Others. Moreover, the lands of Essos had no document about the White Walkers’ attack in the past. And definitely, they have no protection like Wall before them. And only Rhoyne and far-east Yi-Ti that people talk about the legend of Long Night. These made us have a second thought about this theory.

Thought Asshai was the place that the legend of Azor Ahai began, it didn’t prove White Walker appeared in Essos. Besides, we have only seen the White Walkers in Westeros on the series so far. Then if the White Walkers intended to save the world from humans, why didn’t they appear everywhere?

Wolf vs Dragon. Jon Snow vs Daenerys Targaryen

Wolf vs Dragon. Jon Snow vs Daenerys Targaryen

From some information about the upcoming seasons, Jon and Daenerys may end up to be alliance. Many fans of Game of Thrones hope that he and the mother Dragon will love each other. However, this could be a bad decision for both of them. Their personalities were so different from each other. After all, they are representatives of ice and fire. Jon Snow had shown his anger and mercy to Ramsay Bolton at the same time. He beat Bolton nearly to death but he spared Bolton in the end.

Daenerys was a different thing. Do you remember when she showed her anger to Meereen? After she set all the slaves free, she wanted to burn the whole city. She wanted to show her power to everyone. What will happen if she and Jon are side by side? Whether King of the North can accept her decisions like that? Especially, she was more aggressive and fiercer when she was better at using the Dragons. Jon Snow can only cooperate with her to defeat the common enemy from the North.

The hero’ wife, Nissa Nissa

The hero’ wife, Nissa Nissa

Melisandre told the moment she prays to Lord of Light, R’hllor. And the only image she saw was Jon Snow as the legendary hero, Azor Ahai.

It was just like the theory about Jaime Lannister killing Cersei. Probably Jon Snow will be the one that kills Daenerys Targaryen. The deaths in Game of Thrones are hard to predict. Maybe Jon and Daenerys will fall in love with each other. But for some reasons, he may have no choice but kill her. Maybe she became crazy with power like the Mad King used to. Or Jon did it to have the chance to fight back the White Walkers. Because the blood of Kings or Queens is more powerful and special than it seems. The prophecy has chosen Jon Snow to be the successor of Azor Ahai. Therefore, by all means, he will have to put an end to this Great War. The Winter is coming so Jon has better prepared.

Let’s take a look at the legend of Azor Ahai. When the prophecy chose Azor Ahai, he knew that he had to be the man save the world. Azor Ahai had to become the hero help the world out of its darkness. According to the legend, he made a sword and broke it when he tempered it in the water. Next time he tried, he decided to use the heart of a lion instead. But the sword also broke. The third time he tried, he knew that he needed a greater scarify. He put the sword through his wife’s heart and her soul stayed in his soul forever. And his sword made from fire, light, and heat. Someone believed that the scream of his wife cracked the face of the moon.

But isn’t Daenerys the Prince the chosen one


There is a theory that Daenerys is the chosen one. Some fans believed that “salt” implied Dragonstone where her mother gave birth. “Smoke” is Drogo’s pyre. And “a bleeding star” is “the comet”. Moreover, she was the one that brings the dragons back to life. What about Jon Snow? Others thought that “amidst salt” mean the tears of his mother and uncle. “Smoke” was Jon’s hair. It was when Melisandre brought him back to life. And “a bleeding star” was the Dayne ancestral sword of Dawn. However, there is unbreakable evidence that lord of light, R’hllor saved his life.

The prophecy about the child of three.

The prophecy about the child of three

In the novels, it mentioned that Daenerys also received a prophecy herself. It was when she came to the House of the Undying. This is some parts of the prophecy that we’ve known.

The mother of dragons… become a child of three… the child came from the storm… you must light up three fires. Life, Death, and Love as each one. You have to mount three mountains. Bed, Dread, and Love as each one. You will know three reasons. Blood, Gold, and Love as each one.

Moreover, she saw some images. One was “Glowing like a sunset”. And one was like “a sword in a blue eyes king with our shadow. The mother of dragons will be a blue flower on the ice wall and she will spread the sweetness. However, in the end, she is the bride of fire.

Daenerys and three fires

Daenerys and three fires

Here is a theory about three fires in the prophecy. However, the explanations in novels can be huge. The three fires that the prophecy mentioned before could appear 2 of them. The first fire that she lighted could be the pyre for Khal Drogo. As we all know that it was the life for her dragons later. The second one was the fire on Vaes Dothrak city. Her dragons are big now and she becomes the blood of the dragons. The fire can’t harm her anymore. According to this theory, there is one last fire needing her to light. If she is Nissa Nissa, she has to light up the fire of Lightbringer. Which means that she will die for that.

Daenerys and three mounts

Daenerys and three mounts

The first mount is Khal Drogo. The Second one is Drogos and the last one is Jon Snow. Some people think Victarion Greyjoy is the first one but Dragon is better for that place. And this also indicates they will love each other, Jon and Dany.

Daenerys and Three reasons

Daenerys and Three reasons

Jon Snow already had black ice. And under his hand, the blade started glowing red. It was what they called A Dance With Dragons. The treason for blood would be by Mirri Maz Duur. The second one for gold would be by Jorah Mormont. And the last one for love would be by Jon Snow. Daenerys had visions about 3 reasons. And these seemed to fit them well. In her visions, she had seen Stannis, a fake Azor Ahai with a fake Lightbringer. And her vision about a blue flower on the ice wall was about Jon Snow. His mother loves the blue roses appearing in winter. However, to fulfill the prophecy she had to die to finally become the “bride of fire”.

Saving the world

About 10000 slaves reached out their bloodstained hands toward her. It was when she was racing by on her silver like a wind. They called her “mother” and repeated it constantly. To them, she is actually a “Mother” because she gave them another chance to live on. They reached her, touched her, tug her cloak. They wanted to reach her foot, her leg, and her breast. To her, they are truly her newborn babies when she set them free. At the time they needed her, she accepted and opened her love to them.

It seemed that she could fulfill the prophecy in this way. She followed the prophecy by stopping the slavery in Slaver’s Bay. However, the prophecy about Lightbringer still remained. The end that Daenerys dies seems to be enviable.

Melisandre on the set

Melisandre on the set

According to some source, people catch the actress playing as Melisandre on the set. Why does she continuing appearing in Game of Thrones? After she asked her god to save Jon Snow’s life, what is her purpose now? Some fans came up with a theory. And the theory is about her influence on Jon. The priestess of Lord of Light will be there with Jon at the big moment. Maybe she will be the one that convinces Jon Snow about the prophecy. And she can explain why there are no other ways for him. However, let’s imagine a vision that Jon did it without his ancient prophecy.

Possibly, Daenerys can’t control her bloodlust and she gets out of control herself. She will become the next mad queen in history. And Jon Snow definitely can’t let that happen. Besides, if she turned into a White Walker then Jon would kill her instance. It is easy to realize how bad it can be. When she and her dragons stranded with the Others in the war, the end of Westeros is a sure thing.

The Lightbringer. What is it?

The Lightbringer

There are many theories about the true identity of the Lightbringer. Many people think that Lightbringer is a sword bathing the blood of Daenerys. They also pointed out Jon’s snow, the Longclaw will become the Lightbringer after he kills Dany. While some think that Daenerys’ Dragon is the Lightbringer. Their theory pointed out that Jon will control the dragons after Dany died. After all, the blood of the dragon is also in his vein. What if the Lightbringer is not the sword as people always think? Some fans claim that their common child will be the Lightbringer. It will be their child that saves the world later in the future. Actually, this kind of twist is not the first time appearing on the screen.

Above all, most people now strongly believe the Longclaw is the Lightbringer. However, his sword did let him down times before. It was back to the moment when his Night’s Watch brothers cut his throat. This was the first time it failed him. The second time came in the Battle of the Bastard. Because of this, he and his friend run into a trap and Rickon had to pay for that. Later Ramsay had to answer for what he did. The lion finally came into a cage.

People consider 2 times the sword fail him are 2 times Azor Ahai failed to make his sword. Now it is time for the third time. And this time, his sword will become the legendary sword in legend. But Jon had to bath the sword with the blood of Daenerys. If this theory is the truth, he can finally give birth to the sword that can put an end to this war.

Dragons come back to life from stone

Dragons come back to life from stone

Theory indicates that Jon Snow will have his own dragon. It will be an epic scene when the dragon of the Starks appears. According to the legend, when Nissa Nissa died then her scream did crack the moon. But the Dothraki’s culture has a legend and a story about two moons on the world. And one of them will be closer to the sun. And from the cracks on its, thousands of dragons came out and entered this world. Moreover, the guidebook of the world of Ice and Fire gave some more pieces of evidence.

The Mushroom confirmed that Winterfell had many dragon eggs. And of course, they are hard to find. In the past, the children having Targaryen name will have an egg to keep. Then they will raise their dragons later. This theory raised an idea that Ned Stark took an egg with him? This helps to support the idea that Jon has a dragon for his own.

Moreover, some people believe that the dragons are under the castle. And some kind of spells keeps them there. It also answers for the hot springs in Winterfell. Besides, Bran used to think he see a dragon on the sky of Winterfell. Contributing to the theory around the Lightbringer, the legendary sword is a metaphor. The prophecy wanted them to destroy the wall where dragons are sleeping. Or they have to break the spell keeping the power of dragons. Once all dragons are free is when Jon Snow finds his Lightbringer.

Azor Ahai’s team

Azor Ahai's team

We can’t sure who will last until the end of the journey because deaths in Game of Thrones are hard to predict. However, we strongly believe that Tyrion and Arya can make it until the last time. Why can it be? George R.R. Martin’s wife loves this character a lot. And she did warn him about let her beloved character die for any reason. According to the legend, the mighty hero Azor Ahai had partners. They joined the battle and fought alongside him. The Westerosi story also supported this idea.

Back to Jon, the characters will follow Jon until the end are many. However, they have to represent the Faith of the Seven. And they probably can’t make it till the end. Jon now is the image of Azor Ahai the Red God and a Stark of the North the Old God.

The Father stands for judgment and justice: Davos Seaworth, Tyrion Lannister

The Mother stands for mercy: Daenerys

The Warrior stands for strength in battle: Jaime Lannister, Sandor Clegane

The Maiden stands for innocence and virtue: Brienne, Sansa

The Smith stands for crafts and labor: Gendry

The Crone stands for wisdom: Melisandre, Samwell Tarly, Bran

The Stranger stands for death and the unknown: Arya, Benjen

What is the end for it?

Jon will win the Great War though he can die for that

To be honest, we don’t know much more than you know. We have to wait for how Martin impresses us with his work. The last book will be worth waiting for. But we can hope that Jon will win the Great War though he can die for that. The survivors will be there to restore the Westeros. And once again, the spring will come this land.






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