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Things in the Resident Evil series make gamers want to quit the game right away!

Things in the Resident Evil series make gamers want to quit the game right away!

Resident Evil

Over the past 20 years, Resident Evil has become a symbol, a measure of horror games. There have been many different versions of this game released worldwide and received by millions of gamers. And among those games, we have official versions, remakes, and sub-versions. Speaking of Resident Evil 1, which was first released in 1996, it has become a legend in the field of horror games, even more!

And since the success of Resident Evil 1, we have a series on this game. Most games in the RE series are very quality, but they still have things that make you uncomfortable. I’m not only talking about the features of the game, the control of the game, or the game’s graphics… So what are these things? Let’s find out!


Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 was released by Capcom in 2009 and it is a good game. In the seventh main game of this RE series, we witness a touching story. You can control BSAA agent Chris Redfield or Sheva Alomar (his partner). Your important task is to prevent a terrorist threat. Interesting point in this game is that you can play 2 players mode. You guys can work together to complete the mission. Resident Evil 5 focuses more on action than horror and survival in its previous versions!

This exciting gameplay has caused much controversy, but everyone seems excited about it. For a solo game, AI characters will have actions that the player cannot control. And sometimes those actions will negatively affect players. Typically there is a waste of bullets and HP kits, two important items of RE games. Besides, there will be areas where you have to play alone with another AI. You must do so, to overcome an enemy in front. However, sometimes you see the words “GAME OVER” absurd, just because of a silly reason: your AI is dead!

Resident Evil 5 will really bring you an interesting horror experience. With 2 Players mode, you will have a very special feeling and a little fun when playing with your friends. There will be rewards for both, if you perform well. However, even if you are a pro player of RE, you can still taste defeat because of a stupid AI! I do not like this!


Resident Evil 3

There is a special feature in the Resident Evil series, which are puzzles that you have to solve to go forward. These puzzles can be a song, a statue, a gate, a picture, or a … fountain. From RE2 to RE7, we had to solve a lot of difficult but interesting puzzles of Capcom. However, among those puzzles, is a minus point. This minus point is from the Water Sample Puzzle of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis! Oh dear, I don’t want to mention it!

In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, when you enter the monitoring room, you will face a machine. It is a very difficult puzzle for you. To solve this puzzle, you have to pick up a water sample in another room. You will put the water sample on this machine and the screen will display 5 different areas. The three middle areas are red, yellow and blue. Your task is to change the location of these areas to get the right colors in the top areas. You will use switches that are marked A B C to change the position of the colors. If you’re lucky, you can succeed at the first time. But most gamers will have a headache with this puzzle. Because there are at least four solutions and it will drive you crazy!


Resident Evil 4

Tell me, are you excited about an escort mission? During these missions, you must protect the AI characters while solving puzzles and fighting dangerous enemies … And they are in Resident Evil 4. In the mission I reminded here, we control Leon Kennedy and escort the president’s daughter, Ashley Graham.

Ashley has been kidnapped by an evil magician and you must rescue her. After finding Ashley, the game asks you to escort her to a safe place. On the way you will have many problems and complicated puzzles. But that is not the problem! Your most difficult thing is Ashley, an unwise AI. While you are in a gunfight, she can “walk” and receive a shot. If you hit Ashley, lol, of course she will die and the game gives you the words “GAME OVER”! Is this fair?

Not stopping there, in some situations, you have to overcome complicated terrain. Typically, when you jump down from a rock, you have to make sure Ashley is behind you, otherwise you have to come back to find her. You have to keep an eye on Ashley and not stay away from her for too long. If you’re trying to play Resident Evil 4, I think it’s a quality game. But Ashley’s escort mission is not!


Resident Evil Gaiden

There are a few gamers remembering Resident Evil Gaiden from the Game Boy Color studio. This game was released in 2001 but it was not really successful. There are many minus points for this game. From saved systems, gameplay, impossible puzzles, graphics … but above all, we are disappointed about the combat system of Resident Evil Gaiden!

The RE Gaiden version is noticeable by a top-down perspective, and it’s a pleasant viewing angle. However, when you face an enemy, the system will switch to a first-person perspective and this change is not reasonable. With this first-person perspective, you have to fight with a gun barrel. And when the enemy is in the middle of the barrel, you have to shoot them immediately. This is completely different from the gameplay of the traditional Resident Evil series. Gamers got angry, criticisms appeared, they were not happy about this ‘killing zombie’ game!

Although this is one of the released versions of RE, its combat system is too bad. Luckily, we see that the developer has removed this battle system in the next versions!


Resident Evil 6

In the original Resident Evil games, we see that they have a great save system. This creates comfort for players because they can control their playing process. In rooms or some public areas, you’ll see typewriters and ‘upon ink ribbons’, they’re sace systems of the game. However, the number of ‘upon ink ribbons’ is limited and you must find them. Therefore, you must use ‘upon ink ribbons’ effectively according to your plan. For some gamers, they note the position of the typewriter. Although this is a cool feature of RE series, Resident Evil: Survivor does not apply it!


Resident Evil 7

Survivor is a PlayStation version, it was released in 2000. The game has many criticisms like poor graphics and unimpressive gameplay. And the most annoying thing for players is that it doesn’t have a save system. Capcom has designed this game so you can beat it in four hours of continuous play. And if they have a reason to remove the save system, they are only targeting gamers who can play this game for a long time. But that was a wrong thought. Because if you make a mistake and you die, you will have to play again from the beginning.

Think if you play for 4 hours and die at the final boss, you must return to a new character and play again from the beginning. If I were you, I would quit the game immediately. It is possible that the weapons and items you have collected will remain in your inventory, but you must kill each enemy you have killed before! Absolutely no good!


Operation Raccoon City

Cover-based shooting is one of the typical features of shooting games. If Recon: Advanced Warfighter is the first game to bring this feature to gamers, Gears of War is said to bring breakthrough to Cover-based shooting. However, there were games that didn’t do this well, typically Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The snap-to-cover system is a new feature Capcom has included in this game. Not long after, it brought much criticism!

The reviewers say this game has a bad gameplay with annoying AIs. And snap-to-cover is the most annoying feature they see. Every time you collect any item, maybe you end up jumping into the cover. And you will do this automatically! Imagine if you’re in a gunfight, you need to collect an HP Kit, but you’ll be forced to jump into a cover. Do you like this?



In 2002, we have Resident Evil: Outbreak. This is a version that Capcom developed for the PlayStation 2 which supports multiplayer mode. In this game, we see the familiar Raccoon City, along with ‘creepy and horror’ images. The story of Resident Evil: Outbreak is also quite interesting, it talks about 8 different characters. Each character has stories about them, about a short time after the T virus was discovered. The plus point in this game is collaboration mode, although it is different from traditional RE games.

During the game, Resident Evil: Outbreak allows you to collaborate with three other players to solve difficult tasks. But … you don’t have voice chat feature. How will you cooperate with other players? Will you do limited movements and hope that your colleague will understand you? Very hard, very hard! Although there are commands that you can use, the collaboration feature becomes a minus point since it does not support voice chat. Besides, other players can go to any area they like without caring about your location. If you play Resident Evil: Outbreak alone, that’s fine. But if you decide to choose a multiplayer mode, there will be certain annoyances about your companion. Maybe you will leave your chair and not play this game again!



Resident: Revelations was developed for Nintendo 3DS. This survival horror game is set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. The game is about the mission of Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, when they have to stop spreading viruses to Earth’s oceans. During the game, you must escape from dangerous enemies, explore mysterious lands, and gather the necessary information. Besides, you are provided with a new device, which is the Genesis scanner. With this device, you can scan everything at your sight. It can scan items in a room. Genesis helps you find bullets, HP Kits, weapons … it can even scan enemies! Maybe Genesis is a useful machine, but it will accompany you throughout the game. I think it is a burden!

There is a certain benefit from this device. Every time Genesis reaches 100% capacity, you have a free herb. But the price you have to pay is quite expensive. You must use Genesis during the game. To earn an achievement, you must scan all enemies in the game, each enemy you need to scan multiple times. Even if the enemy is alive, it is a difficult task that can lead you to death. And if the enemy attacks you, you still have to scan them for some purpose. Don’t forget to eat herbs if your blood turns red! What a device!



Quick-time events are special events in survival and horror ‘Resident Evil 4’ game. I feel funny when I have to play the “QTE” minigames in a serious mobile game. It is a comedy! Since its launch in 2005, RE4 offers cutscenes with QTE features. It requires you to press the corresponding buttons in the correct time. If you fail, you lose! This is a new feature in the Resident Evil series, but it is also a minus point. Imagine if you miss a key on the keyboard and you must return to the nearest save point!

Not stopping there, Resident Evil 5 continues to support quick-time events. At the Execution Grounds, players must move through a lake on a raft. While the first player uses the crank to move the raft, the other player will use QTE buttons to escape the giant crocodile that is near them. The buttons will change speed, sometimes they will be slow and sometimes they will be very fast!


Resident Evil 66

Talking about Resident Evil 6, we’re talking about a commercial miss for Capcom. This third-person horror shooter game is no longer appreciated. You will face conspiracies from large corporations while the game ignores elements like zombies and survival. Resident Evil 6 has gone away from the great values that Resident Evil series has created!

While RE4 and RE5 disappoint you with quick-time events, RE6 brings you to unexpected deaths. In RE6 there are some areas where you have to remember your location correctly, otherwise you will be killed anytime! In a mission, Leon Kennedy will have to go out of a subway. Later, a car will crash into him and Leon Kennedy will die immediately. You can help Leon Kennedy survive by going to the left. But how do you know this secret?

Some other scenes, you will die immediately if you do not know where the enemy called Ustanak appears. Ustanak is a dangerous enemy (similar to Nemesis from RE3), he has a large body and he is always pursuing to kill you. You can use a gun to take him down. But vision, and QTE features will hinder you. Maybe you are a pro player, but Ustanak can still kill you easily! He was so familiar with this!


Virus Gauge

I mentioned Resident Evil: Outbreak with the issue of contact options. But that is not the only minus point of this game. The game still has a new feature, which is Virus Gauge. It allows you to have a little more time before you die. Virus Gauge is a clock and it is on the right of the game screen. You will see the percentage and I see it as a race against time.

The percentage will increase if you encounter some factors. In addition, it depends on the health of each character. However, you can use herbs to slow down the process of virus infection. Note that every time you get bitten or scratched by a zombie, the percentage on the clock will increase. And if you go into a poisonous area, it will also increase!

If you play in multiplayer collaboration mode, I think the Virus Gauge feature doesn’t affect much. However, if you play alone, it is a really annoying feature. Because in your inventory there are only 4 slots to store. While you need to carry bullets, herbs, and items for quests, a slot that is for the clock is too luxurious! This clock is like your dead time meter. Without herbs, you will die in minutes. Without bullets, you can’t kill zombies. And without items, you cannot complete the task … Now, you understand why I said Virus Gauge is an unnecessary feature!














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