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Get ready for great upcoming DC movies!

Get ready for great upcoming DC movies!


As you have known, the worlds of DC or people know as the DC extended universe is a competitive universe to the MCU. In fact, DC seems to have many difficulties in the past to make its successes with its products in the past. Recently, we are able to see how DC Extended Universe has changed and defined its reputation. The DC comic and Marvel comic competed with each other for decades. In the Golden Age, they are one of the biggest comic brands. And they kept competing in producing more products and making new comic series.

Of course, they wanted the title of the best comic company. And the same thing is happening on the big screen. DC universe and MCU tried to prove their place in the superhero movie market. However, MCU seems to be still ahead in the race with DCEU. And there are many untold characters waiting to have a chance to appear on the big screen. In the end, audiences are the one eager to watch them.

Thought the DCEU is not as famous as MCU at the moment, it has still made a lot of money for Warner Bros. This is the reason why Warner Bros decided to invest more for the DCEU in the future. Fans and the audiences should get ready for the next half-decade. DCEU already has its plans to launch its reputation at a higher level. The justice league has already come together which started a new era. And we also saw the success of Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Therefore, we have listed for you the upcoming movies of DC which can blow your mind.

On April 5, 2019, we will see one of the strongest superheroes. Shazam.

Zachary Levi

As we can see, DCEU followed a different way comparing to MCU. It chose Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice to trigger its universe. However, things went out DCEU’s expectation when people seemed to like Marvel movies more. What was the reason for this?? The answer was lying the “color” of the movies. DCEU movies had overly grim ‘n gritty tones while MCU movies were easier to feel. Of course, DC believed this could make a change by attracting people with this. After some failures, DCEU learned the lesson and wanted to make it right. To add more funny color in its movie, Shazam can be a wise choice of DCEU. The studio might have found a suitable hero to lean into the humor side. Therefore, the upcoming Shazam seems to be worth waiting to see at the cinema.

Zachary Levi will be Shazam in the musclebound form of a 14-year-old boy. A boy named Billy Batson suddenly had the power of gods which came from the ancient age. The mixture of a boy and the godlike powers is promising to have many funny scenes. People expect to see Zachary Levi who used to call Shazam as Superman meets Big. If this movie is a perfect success, it can launch Levi’s fame into the air. Shazam will be the next move of DCEU after Aquaman.

Following the success of Aquaman, Shazam must be another hit of DCEU to compete with MCU. Besides, Shazam will come to the cinema not much before Avengers: End Game. In fact, Avengers: End Game will a big enemy of Shazam. Shazam will release around 3 weeks before End Game official releases. If DC desires to make its return in audiences’ heart, Shazam can’t be a failure. However, we are able to believe in it after DCEU did stun us with Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

A private movie about a villain, Joker. We will see it in 4/10/2019.

Joaquin Phoenix

We used to hear the information that Jared Leto didn’t finish with his role as Joker. In Suicide Squad, we have observed the coming of a new Joker. Many actors had played this character on screen and they all made a unique version of Joker. Jared Leto also brought Joker his own color. But Joaquin Phoenix recently announced that he will take over the role as Joker. Soon enough, the teaser trailer of Joker appeared on the internet.

And coming with this creepy teaser trailer was an official synopsis. This synopsis was about the new story of Joker would be a new one. People haven’t seen this version joker in the silver screen. DCEU will definitely focus on exploring the character Arthur Fleck/Joker. We will be able to know how he becomes a disregarded man of society. After all, this movie will be a gritty character study as well as a broader cautionary tale.

Later we knew about the information that this movie has some political commentary. According to some fans, this version of Joker maybe not the real Joker in the DC universe. Maybe this will be just a diversion from the main character in DCEU. The next movie of Joker can be the comparison with the adaptation V of Wachowski sisters. However, we all have to wait until its release day then we can have our conclusions.

We will welcome Birds of Prey as well as Harley Quinn’s Fantabulous Emancipation. This will come in 7/2/2020

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

We have to admit that the Suicide Squad was completely a mess. When it finally came to the cinema, it received a bunch of criticizes. From the content to the acting and forming the character, it all had some mistakes. However, the only savers of this movie were Deadshot and Harley Quinn. These characters seemed to be the only things people liked about this movie. Therefore, DC thinks it will be a good idea if they explored the Joker’s girl more. Harley Quinn by Margot Robbie will return in the upcoming movie in 2020. This time she will team up with other female criminals in Birds of Prey.

In 2020, we are able to watch an “R-rated girl gang film”. In Harley’s new team, we will have Huntress by Mary Elizabeth Winstead. And Jurnee Smollett-Bell will play as Black Canary who is also in Harley’s new team. According to what we have known, these girls will face with Black Mask by Ewan McGregor. Black Mask is chasing Cassandra Cain. And Ella Jay Basco will play this character who gets into possession of Gotham crime lord’s diamond. Besides, the movie will have the serial killer Victor Zsasz played by Chris Messina

No matter how dark it seems, Robbie claimed that this movie will be lighter than its title. In an interview in a Tonight Show, she said. “This movie is not as dark as it seems. And we made the title to reflect that this is not a serious movie. The reason that Birds of Prey will not become too serious as Cain is the Batgirl in the future. Hence this movie can open a chance for her to meet her destiny in the future. She will turn from a criminal into a hero fighting side by side with Batman.

The next movie of Diana Prince will have the name Wonder Woman 1984. This will come to the cinema in 5/6/2020.

Kristen Wiig

The latest movie about Wonder Woman was a big hit and great success for DCEU. In 2017, we have seen an image of a different DCEU’s movie. The movie was much brighter than other DC movies. And it had a perfect combination in characters and movie effect. The story of the movie was not too difficult to understand. In Wonder Woman, we also observed lost and death which dyed the movie with blue. But the main character stood still and proved her power was the power of love. Gal Gadgot under the costume as Wonder Woman was a perfect Diana princess of Amazon. From the beginning, DC planned to give fans the next movie sooner. November 2019 was the time DCEU intended to release Wonder Woman 1984. However, they don’t want to risk affecting Joker. Then the releasing day of Wonder Woman moved to summer 2020.

In the next movie, we will see some new characters. For example, we have Kristen Wiig as Cheetah and Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. This information came from the inside source which made this reliable. In comic, Maxwell Lord is a villainous telepath. Another interesting thing is that we may see Chris Pine in Steve Trevor again on screen. Maxwell Lord will set out to find some magical artifacts. But one of these artifacts will turn Wiig into Cheetah.

Of course, Wiig will find and kill Lord for this. Therefore, the Lord will have to come to who is able to save his life. Diana is the person he chose to ask for help. And in return, he can look for some magical pieces of stuff to bring Trevor back to life. Then Chris Pine will have another chance to fight side by side with Diana. The director of the movie is Patty Jenkins who worked with Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham. These men are the comics legend who will cooperate with Shang-Chi.

Flashpoint is coming up in 2020

San Diego Comic

In the movie of the fastest man alive, Ezra Miller will play as Flash. However, the movie is facing an obstacle to making a schedule. The director of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies was its director from the beginning. It was Seth Grahame-Smith and Dope’s Rick Famuyiwa also left the movie. Then DC set out to find new directors for the Flashpoint. And they have considered some name like Matthew Vaughn, Robert Zemeckis or Sam Raimi. Moreover, Ben Affleck also came into the list of the possible director for the movie. In the end, DC chose Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters. They are John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein who used to be direct Vacation and Game Night. The scripts of the movie are still undergoing now. But one thing for sure that we are about to see a Movie of the Flash in the future.

It was at San Diego Comic-Con in 2017, DC informed that they will have a movie about the Flash in 2020. And they will choose Flashpoint as the title for this movie. According to the comic, this incident will affect everything in the DC universe. In fact, it will change the table which DC can redo its previous movies. Moreover, this can be the ability for DC to arrange the timeline. It is like the RESTART button. Hence the pressure to make a good movie lying on Flashpoint. DC has to get out of their mistakes in making movies that they used to make.

The Batman appears on Jun 25, 2021

Ben Affleck

Justice League came out and became the biggest failure of DCEU. Having so many mistakes that the audiences got nothing to support this movie. And one of the biggest mistakes was the making of Batman. Therefore, DCEU decided to make another movie about Batman as a boost. The image of Batman needs some new things to gain back the love of people. In the first sign, Ben Affleck will continue his job as an actor and director at the same time. He wanted to be the director for his own Batman movie. However, they transferred the movie to Matt Reeves. He is the director of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. When he informed information about directing a new movie about Batman. Affleck still showed that he wanted to sit on the director chair.

Therefore, people came up with a thought that Ben Affleck wouldn’t play as Batman. The Batman which is the temporary title of the new movie will not have Ben Affleck anymore. If it is true, Matt Reeves will have to find another Bruce Wayne. According to this director, The Batman will be a movie focusing on Bruce Wayne while he is still young. Which means it will be in the early years he becomes the Dark Knight. Reeves confirmed that his movie has nothing to do with Frank Miller’s Year One comics. Of course, he still has to keep the connection between his movie and the DC universe. We still don’t know exactly who Batman’s enemy is in this time. But an inside source claimed that Penguin would face off Batman again on screen. We can only wait until its releasing day on June 25, 2021.

The Suicide Squad comes on August 6, 2021.


When James Gunn had no choice but leaving the MCU, Marvel fans were in blue. However, he confirmed recently about his return in making Guardians of Galaxy 3. Yet, James has to finish his ongoing project first. The Suicide Squad should be ready for its releasing day on August 6, 2021. This new Suicide Squad can be a reboot for the last one. This seems to be an action that DCEU wants to fix its mistake. Therefore, the Suicide Squad team may contain new faces which we have to wait to see.

The Deadshot role will have a new owner and this time will be Idris Elba. Apparently, Will Smith doesn’t want to deal with Deadshot anymore. And this time James Gunn is promising to make something new. He had a strong interest in Deadshot-centric ’80s comics run. This antihero had to work with each other to survive. The information about the next Suicide Squad will have Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is true. But people thought some candidates to be able to appear in this team. They are Ratcatcher, King Shark, Polka Dot Man, and Peacemaker.

As you can see in the comics and cartoons, they are so familiar. Ratcatcher is an exterminator who commands armies of rodents. King Shark is half human half Shark. Polka Dot Man has his wardrobe’s spotty adornments which he uses as weapons. Peacemaker is the man wants to keep peace and kills anyone trying to break the peace. James Gunn can be what DCEU needs to make a good movie.

We have Aquaman 2 on December 16, 2022.


The Aquaman has the real name as Arthur Curry. From the beginning, people got to know and hear about Aquaman through many jokes. In fact, it became a pop culture jokes for a decade. We can catch these jokes from cartoon to movies like Family Guy an Entourage. However, the character Authur Curry has had an impressive showing up. The audiences showed much love to Jason Momoa who played as Aquaman in the first appearance. The Justice League in 2017 marked the coming of Aquaman into the list superheroes on screen.

Aquaman is a product of king of the horror movie, James Wan. You must remember this director from his movies like the Conjuring and the Conjuring 2. And Aquaman has gained great success worldwide. This movie became another success of DCEU after Wonder Woman. Aquaman brought back over a billion dollars becoming the highest-grossing film of DCEU. In February 2019, DCEU announced that they were on the schedule to make Aquaman 2. We will see David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick as the film’s co-screenwriter.

According to some source, Aquaman’s producer will be James Wan. But we haven’t known yet that Wan will be the director or not. Jason Momoa made a wholehearted commitment that he would be King of Atlantis again. It seems that the movie now has stuck to this actor. Which means the project of Aquaman 2 can’t run without Momoa. DCEU can’t take that risk to change the actor. Warner Bros is doing anything they can. And people are working hard to make the upcoming next movie about Aquaman. On the schedule, they will release the movie splashes down in theaters on 16/12/2022.

Finally, we have a movie about Lantern. Green Lantern Corps (TBD)

Geoff Johns

We haven’t received much information about this project. According to our knowledge, Warner Bros has a plan to bring the Lantern to the big screen in July 2020. However, the information about the director as well as the cast is still a mystery. But we know that David Goyer and Justin Rhodes will be responsible for the script. The upcoming Green Lantern will be about Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart. These are the primary Lanterns and they get a name as “Lethal Weapon in space”. The return of Green Lantern can be an awesome thing we want to see.

However, the script of this movie has changed as they seemed to change the writers. Now we get the news that Geoff Johns has started writing the script. He is about to celebrate mythology and reinvest in a new way. Geoff Johns has many experiences in writing the world of Green Lantern. Then we can expect the next show up of Hal Jordan.

Cyborg will have his own movie sharing the same name.

Ray Fisher

In Justice League 2017, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg made such a great appearance into the DCEU. Actually, he was one of the bright spots in this Justice League. Therefore, we seem to welcome his next return in his own movie in 2020. The information about Cyborg movie is still unclear for many reasons. One of the reasons is that DCEU has been going through a major correction. They are planning a perfect plan as they can to bring Justice League back.

No matter how good the last movie about the Justice League was, they still have to stick with this. Because the Justice League is the only force being able to help DCEU keep up with MCU. However, the project to make Cyborg have to wait until DCEU has its moves. In the DC Universe series Titans, audiences get the chance to see Cyborg who has a major role in Doom Patrol.

Ray Fisher will definitely return as the role Cyborg next time. Moreover, there is a rumor that Zack Snyder will be the first choice of DC to find a director for Cyborg. This solo movie of Cyborg has an important role in the future of DCEU. Now the audiences have known all the members in Justice League. Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman have already their own showing up movie. They are like the greeting from DCEU to the fans and audiences. And recently, we have observed the greatness of Authur Curry in Aquaman. Therefore, it is time for us to know about the rest of the time. Besides, this can be the best way to open the world of DC on screen. To some information we got from, Cyborg is promising to have a unique story.

What is the story of this half man – half robot? The star of the movie also answered an interview with In his opinion, the human is now so much dependent on technology. And modern technology started getting into human’s life deeper and deeper. This can make the potential in making Cyborg limitless. ”We are about to see a man having all technology in his body. A man can launch all the nukes with his thought. If he wants, he can control all the internet as well as smart technology on earth. I mean he is like a living supercomputer. Moreover, you should be more careful as he also gets many weapons with him”. After all, the information about Cyborg movie is interesting and we should expect to see it on screen in 2020.

Dark Universe will join with DCEU.

Doug Liman

To many fans, they are so much familiar with the Dark Universe in DC comic. In fact, we have seen a character in this Dark Universe. It was Constantine presented in 2005. In fact, DCEU has a plan in making this Dark Universe from the first days. And this one is a big project to complete which needs a lot of time to prepare. Luckily, the script of this movie already exists and is ready to film. Besides, the great Guillermo del Toro was responsible for writing this script. Which makes us believe this movie will be a big hit of DCEU. However, we have to wait till 2015 to see it at the cinema. Some rumors and thoughts came on the way when people discussed its characters.

Here are some names that people think most likely to show up. We will have John Constantine and his fellows. They are Deadman, Etrigan, Spectre, Madame Xanadu, and Zatanna. We also can see Swamp Thing too in this Dark Universe. Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) became the candidate for this movie’s director after Guillermo del Toro left. However, he hasn’t made any confirmation about this. Besides, he showed his dissatisfaction with the script. Dark Universe is a good and promising movie to bring on screen. But DCEU has to be careful and quickly make this movie as soon as possible.

Doug Liman shared his opinion about this script.” You know that I get used to developing movies. And I know what to do to make it a great one. The audiences always want to feed their curiosity and we have to surprise them. Another thing with the movie coming from comic books. People have known everything about this character and his friends. Then we have to not make this movie so familiar. To me, this script is not special enough”. As a result, we hear that Jon Spaihts will work again with the script. After all, we are hoping DCEU can arrange all of this and give us its movie.

DCEU will make Justice League 2 


When it came to the cinema, people think the Justice League will be a huge success of the DC universe. However, things turned out to be worse than DCEU could imagine. Justice League has become the biggest failure. But DCEU has gained back the love from the audiences with Wonder Woman and Aquaman. With these successful products, DC is promising to make other good products. With financial base getting from Wonder Woman and Aquaman, DC is planning to make Justice League 2. Moreover, making Justice League 2 is an inevitable thing. Because the Justice League is the only tool that can help DC be equal to Marvel.

In fact, MCU has gone far from DCEU as they continue releasing new products. And you can see how hot the Avengers: End Game is recent. That is the reason why DCEU must conduct the Justice League 2 project as soon as possible. Taking back the trust and love for audiences is the main priority. DCEU did focus too much about exploring Superman and Batman which was its mistake.

And James Wan has proved that he was a good choice for the position as Aquaman’s director. Therefore, he seems to be reliable to have him as director of Justice League 2. Besides, Zack Snyder who is the co-directed JL has some new idea in making the next movie. And the star in Aquaman also shared his opinion about his project. He is eager to see Justice League 2 has many bad guys. And he loves the idea that his last enemy Black Manta will return in Justice League 2. So he will join the League of Doom which is an organization of criminals and villains. And we are able to see the battle between Justice League and League of Doom.

We have to admit that this idea is old but gold. Momoa answered to Toronto Sun interview. “I like the idea that King Authur will ride a big tide and wipe out all the bad guys. King of the seven seas will clean this world. And I believe will love that scene too if we actually make it in JL 2”.

Of course, we have Man of Steel 2

Man of Steel 2

Superman is the symbol of DC and the strongest hero of all the time. DCEU has Superman as the pole to improve but things didn’t stick to plan. Henry Cavill seemed to think that he is not suitable for this role. According to some source, Henry Cavill had a negotiation with Warner Bros. Therefore, we may not see his cameo in Shazam the upcoming superhero movie. And people get the rumor that Henry Cavill will not play as Superman. On the other hand, Warner Bros hasn’t made any confirmation about his leaving. They still announced that the contract with Henry Cavill is still valuable. But the movie star only has a response about the situation through his Instagram.

The script for Man of Steel 2 is also ready for filming. Then DCEU will see a big challenge in make Man of Steel 2 if Cavill leaves. Finding a new actor for Superman role can be so risky and lead to the next failure of DCEU. We hardly imagine the future of DCEU if they can’t figure out the solution to deal with Cavill. After all, we hope that DCEU will soon give us a new movie about the Krypton Son.

Nightwing will have a movie but the title is still unknown.


DC universe is planning to exploit the character on the big screen. We have seen Dick Grayson on the TV series Titans recently. He started as Batman sidekick Robin then he wanted to protect Justice in his way. He left the name Robin behind and took a new name, Nightwing. The series Titans are gaining more and more love from the audiences. Being independent of Batman, Grayson can build his unique characteristic. Then why don’t they make a movie version about him?

In early 2017, DCEU claimed that they will have a movie about Nightwing soon. And they will have Chris McKay as the director and Bill Dubuque as the scriptwriter. The Lego Batman Movie is a product of Chris McKay. He hopes that he will be able to make Nightwing in time to release it in late 2018. The director posted on his Tweeter. “We have to have faith about Nightwing. Keep hoping and believing in Dick Grayson: Nightwing. This will be the first and best movie about this hero”. We now can’t do anything but stay back and hope that they will this project. Seeing Dick Grayson in his own movie will give us abated breath.

We will chance to see Batgirl on screen

Christina Hodson

As a partner with Batman in his journey to keep Gotham safe, Batgirl is also an interesting character. We haven’t got any news about DCEU is planning to make a movie about Batgirl. But we heard that the director Joss Whedon showed his intention. He suggested DCEU give him the responsibility in both writing and directing. As he wanted to complete this project which follows the version of Barbara Gordon in 2017. However, everything just stops at the idea level as he still has nothing to make this movie. Besides, this movie has to happen far back burner. At least, it is until Birds of Prey came out. This will be the movie introducing the coming of Cassandra Cain as Batgirl. Nothing is sure about this project but it is still a promising one.

Christina Hodson can be the saver for this project. When she had an interview with the Los Angeles Times, she showed how she is excited about this project. “I love Batman. And this girl has all the personality that I can find in Batman. Moreover, she is a girl which is a symbol for the woman’s right”. She added in her answer. “I don’t like a superhero or supervillains because they are fake to me. And I love the characters that are just normal people. They will do anything in their abilities to conduct justice. Moreover, a human is the same form of Good and Evil. Then why do we have to find a hero or a bad guy when we just have to look at the mirror.”

Lobo project.


The idea of making the bounty hunter Lobo came on the air. There is a rumor that DCEU has a plan to make a movie about this one. The Guy Ritchie-directed version went in vain in 2009. Then the idea of making this movie came back in 2016. They intended to have Brad Peyton the director of San Andreas and Rampage. And Jason Fuchs who had a contribution in making Wonder Woman will write the script.

Jason Fuchs was also the man tapped to pen the Minecraft video game adaptation. Then in early 2018, the rumor that Michael Bay would take the role as director appeared. This information is just a rumor and we only know that Fuchs is still on his work making the script.

DCEU is on the way to find a suitable person for this role. The name Emmett J. Scanlan came in the first line. We have seen how good the second season of the Syfy series was. Emmett J. Scanlan is a talented Irish actor. And this actor seemed to be a wise choice for this character. Though Warner Bros didn’t give any official statement about their project named Lobo. Therefore, the badass with vehicle seemed to be still in the cards. And another thing we know about Lobo is that this man will never give up. Hence, we shouldn’t give up on this project as it will be a good one in the future.

Deadshot has his own movie.

Will Smith

As a bright spot in the Suicide Squad, the assassin Deadshot made a good impression to audiences. Will Smith played Deadshot and he did make a great job. He was good at portraying the badass assassin. This man kills people for a living but he is a good father and he only kills on the contract. Therefore, people will love this character in his own movie. With financial they got from Suicide Squad, Deadshot is ongoing to make a solo movie.

Will Smith also claim that the master marksman’s fame came from his talk? Smith’s acting skill did help bring the character on the air. Will Smith answered the questions from fans in a live stream. When a fan asked him about a solo Deadshot movie, here was what he replied. ”I don’t that they will make a solo film about Deadshot or not. But I do love to be Deadshot as this guy is interesting. I totally enjoyed playing as that character. If Warner Bros gives me suggestion about this, I think I will put it into consideration”. This can’t be a clear confirmation but it gives us hope about seeing Deadshot again in Future. This time we will have a chance to know more about this assassin’s history.

A movie about Black Adam 

Black Adam

Black Adam is an enemy of Shazam in comic will also have a solo film. In the next few days, we will see Shazam on the big screen. Then DCEU developed a solo film about Shazam’s enemy seemed to be possible. In 2014, people thought that Dwayne Johnson will play as Shazam. At that time, people seemed to be overexcited to see the Rock as Shazam. After all, Dwayne Johnson’s body perfectly matches a superhero. However, the producer decided to have something more lighthearted. Therefore, Black Adam seems to be fit Dwayne Johnson more. This is also what producer Hiram Garcia explained to Collider.

Garcia explained. “Shazam and Black Adam are all special characters. Even their power source is quite similar in comics. I just want to confirm that the project Black Adam is on its schedules. We have already finished the script for the movie and we thought it would be a good one. To many people, Dwayne Johnson turned out to be a living superhero in normal life. He has a body of Superman and a warm heart. Therefore, we want to get him in a superhero movie to see whether he is good at having power.” let’s be patient to see Black Adam’s showcase on the big screen.

Joker and Harley Quinn will have a solo movie


As we have known, Harley Quinn will appear again in Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad 2. This character is a bright spot to exploit. In fact, people seem to love seeing this mad girl on screen. As she is not actually crazy in her way. It is more like she got over the normal thinking and nobody understands it. Exploring this character with her lover Joker is a wise to move of DCEU.

In August 2018, Jared Leto announced that he would have a solo film as Joker. But for some unknown reasons, Warner Bros had a second thought about this. Instead, the next movie will have Joker and Harley Quinn. This project will have Glenn Ficarra and John Requa as screenwriters. You can check out their last works in the melodramatic TV series This Is Us. The next movie about Joker and Harley Quinn will be a good one to expect.

Ficarra answered to Metro that the story would begin with Harley kidnapped Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil will be there to help her and Joker deal with their relationship’s problem. Writing a script about relationship problems gives us so much fun indeed. Like Bad Santa’s script that we wrote a few years ago. As you can see, this one mixed with our This Is Us. I mean we are dealing with a relationship movie; you know. But this time, we will work with mentally deranged people. This will be a new experience for me.”

We have The New Gods in DCEU

The New Gods

We are about to see The New Gods in DCEU which Ava DuVernay will give us soon enough. Ava DuVernay is an Oscar nominee and she is such a talented woman. Being the first African-American female director of $100 million is a good thing. This woman is the director of the recent Disney’s blockbuster A Wrinkle in Time. This time she will follow the comic “Fourth World Saga” of Jack Kirby. This was a creation of Jack Kirby when he decided to move to DC in the 1970s. And now we seem to have a chance to watch his work on screen.

The New Gods are the name of a comic which is about a war between 2 alien planets. They are the picturesque New Genesis and the ghastly Apokolips. Thanks to Darkseid, this war spread to Earth. It was when he realized humans were the solution for the Anti-Life Equation. With the Anti-Life Equation, the leader of Apokolips will be able to control all the living things. Then he will be the strongest and the king of the universe. There is no information about this project. We even don’t know who will appear in this incident. DuVernay only claimed that her favorite character was Big Barda.

A movie called Blackhawk

Will Eisner

Blackhawk film is promising to bring DC an Oscar award. The director and producer of this movie will be Steven Spielberg. This man who has taken three Academy Awards before likely makes Blackhawk movie. Blackhawk is the leader of an international squadron of heroic pilots. These guys fight bravely in World War II to take down the Nazis. Appearing in 1941’s Military Comics No. 1 and then Quality Comics published Blackhawk in 1956.

It is a product from the cooperation of Will Eisner, Bob Powell, and Chuck Cuidera. In 1940, the comic Blackhawk became the bestselling one. Talking about World War II is an aspect that makes Spielberg perfect of this. Because the topic about World War II was what brought him an Oscar. Spielberg also achieved many successes for this work in describing World War II. Saving Private Ryan is the best example of his work. Moreover, David Koepp who is the writer of the Crystal Skull and Jurassic Park will help him with the script.

Jared Leto will have his own movie as Joker 

Harley Quinn

After many actors took the role Joker, we have seen many versions of this crazy clown. We may see Leto in Suicide Squad 2 with his girlfriend Harley Quinn. It is hard to say that he was good at Joker or not. To some people, his acting was not enough to describe Joker’s complex personality. DCEU also has a potential Joker origin with the actor Joaquin Phoenix. However, there is a rumor that Leto will direct a Joker movie on his own. In fact, he always wanted to have a private movie about his character, Joker.

After all, this is just a suggestion and there is no plan for this. Leto still has a long way to convince DCEU to make a new Joker movie. We haven’t received any news about the film or director, cast members. And the script is also nowhere.

Supergirl will no longer just a TV series.

Man of Steel 3

As we all know, Man of Steel was a failure of DCEU. And we also have some information that DCEU wants to change a little bit. The project named Supergirl is under consideration by Warner Bros. This movie is about Kara the Kryptonian who is Superman’s cousin. The TV series about this character has made a success to the audience. In early 2019, Captain Marvel of MCU will come to the cinema. Therefore, DCEU should have another female superhero besides Wonder Woman.

We have not much information about this project. Oren Uziel who wrote 22 Jump Street, as well as The Cloverfield Paradox, will be a screenwriter. Some said that the movie will take place in the 70s and changed a little bit about the timeline. This one Kara will come to earth before her cousin. Oren Uziel has worked on this since 8/2018 then we can only wait for more information.


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