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Gladys Knight will sing the national anthem in Super Cup 2019

Gladys Knight will sing the national anthem in Super Cup 2019

Gladys Knight

The National Football League has an official announcement about who will perform the national anthem on Thursday, December 17th January in 2019. In the message said that the singer Gladys Knight performed the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Atlanta. The program participates on Sunday, February 3 in 2019. Upon receipt of this decision, Knight had few shares. She said she felt much honored when performed at the biggest football event of the year. She said that: “I will try my best. I will not make people disappointed that have supported me. Please trust in me.”

She shared: “I’m very excited. To become the representative of the nation, I am very touched. I will return right now. Atlanta, please wait for me. I am ready to go home right now!”

Gladys Knight is an American singer known for his talent. In the art world, she is the Queen of soul. She has achieved success by making everyone admiration. That’s Two No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles, Eleven No. 1 R & B singles, and Six No. 1 R & B albums. Besides, she also won seven Grammy Awards. Then you have the opportunity on the Rock and Roll Hall of honor in 1996. And can’t help mentioning the song “Midnight Train to Georgia”. It is one of the biggest hits in her career. (Via E! News)

Gladys Knight 2

Maroon 5 will perform in the program breaks

Before this announcement, the Organizing Committee has nominated Maroon 5 will perform the program breaks. However, this caused the expected wave of intense opposition. But the people did not agree with the NFL would hire the Maroon 5. Because he is not a native of Atlanta. While this is an event of very high ethnic culture. CNN also had articles on this issue. “Atlanta, the home of many famous artists. It is Outkast, Ludacris, Usher, etc. So putting Maroon 5 to come to the Super Bowl is something too ridiculous. ” On Twitter, one person has the caption next to a photo of Adam Sandler ANIMATED GIF. He panned wrote: “Maroon 5 has blown it!!. That’s what happens, I love Atlanta and I don’t support this. Really very unfair for these talented artists in this country.”

In other happenings, a Twitter account for or. “Maroon 5?. Artists from Atlanta lacks talented artists to?. They are also better to fold 100 times? Someone in the Organization Super Bowl season should resign. “

There are several rumors about artists like Rihanna and Pink will replace Maroon 5. And they will have the opportunity to make that broken program. But, their mission is to help the NFL star Colin Kaepernick. But, this star named in the “blacklist” of the organization. Because you’ve ever kneel in the national anthem to protest the treatment of blacks in the United States. (E! News melon).




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