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Guild Wars 2 best class

Guild Wars 2 best class

Overview: With people who love MMORPG, Guild Wars 2 is a remarkable name that they can’t miss. This is an excellent game with a well-written storyline and tons of epic PvE battles. Besides that, there are many classes for players to choose from. However, lots of players wonder about Guild Wars 2 best class.

Guild Wars 2 best class

Since you are here, in this article, I’ll introduce to you all the classes in this game. In each class, I’ll mention the strengths and weaknesses of them. So, based on this guide and your demand, you’ll identify the best class in this game. Now, let’s follow us to find out the best Guild Wars 2’s class!

What is Guild Wars 2?

Before going deeply in finding out about Guild Wars 2 best class, let’s learn a bit about this game. This is an excellent MMORPG by ArenaNet. It was published by NCSOFT in August 2012 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, this game follows the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge and continues the story of its previous game. In this game, the main mission of players is to reunite the member of the disbanded Destiny’s Edge. After that, they’ll have to fight together to against Zhaitan – an undead Elder Dragon. In addition to the team-battles, this game also allows players to participate in various epic solo PVE ones. And this is the attraction of this game that makes millions of gamers support it.

Guild Wars 2 best class


Elementalist class

Elementalists are masters of their chosen element. Their strength is the ability to make massive damage per second or healing per second. All of them depend on playstyle. Besides that, this class is the one that has access to more weapons skills than any others. This ability makes them difficult to pick up but rewarding to master. They have two elite specializations include Tempest and Weaver. Their Tempest elite specialization turns them into resilient group supports while Weaver focuses more on damage and dueling. Now, let’s find out strength and weaknesses of this class in each type of combat.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In the open world or casual PvE: This class is so good at wiping out large groups of enemies. This ability thanks to their AoE skills. Just with a dagger or sword, Elementalists are able to engage or escape from enemies rapidly. However, one weakness of this class is that it owns a low health pool. This makes mistakes punishing.

In fractals and raids: This class makes damage excel against groups of enemies. They also can use their Tempests to provide high AoE healing for groups that lack experience or casual raid clears.

In large scale WvW: Weavers excels at AoE damage and control the field well while Tempests have been largely outclassed by other classes.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Elementalist are underpowered. However, in a duel, they are capable of high sustain and good burst damage.

You can choose to play this class if prefer massive AoE skills or complex classes with various skills and rotations. In addition, if you like playing ranged glass cannons or want to heal and sustain yourself and your allies, Elementalist is a great class for you.


Engineer class

This class is jacks of all trades. In comparison to other classes, they have more utility skills. They also have two elite specializations including Scrapper and Holosmith. The Scrapper turns engineers into tanky supports with the ability to mitigate the damage. In contrast, the Holosmith elite specialization is able to make high damage output but quite squishy. Now, continue again, I will tell you about the characteristics of this class in each type of combat. And based on it, you can judge if this is the Guild War 2 best class.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In the open world and casual PvE: Engineer is considered as a strong all-rounders class. They have the ability to create high damage and varied utility skills.

In fractals and raids: This class with Power Holosmiths elite specialization can create the burst DPS and inflict heavy damage for the crowd. Besides that, although condition Engineers and condition Holosmiths are a bit difficult to play. They provide sustained damage and a huge toolbox where you can find tons of utility skills. Different from the Holosmiths, Scrappers can play as raid healers. They provide players with lots of unique defensive buffs to their party.

In large scale WvW: Scrappers are in charge of support in the midline. They have a strong ability to heal and clean condition. In addition, they also have the unique ability to stealth. This ability helps them to stealth the group or reveal enemies who stealth.

In PvP and small scale WvW: In these battles, Holosmiths are versatile melee skirmishers. They are able to make so high damage.

In general, with each type of battle, Engineer has its own strength. And you should choose this class if prefer blowing things up or wanting a class with many utility and niche skills. Besides that, when you like cutting enemies down with flashy glowing lasers or you just want to be an unkillable hammer.


Guardian class

As its name, Guardian is a class that is very strong at defensive support. No matter which role are they, they also have so good off-healing and an incredible ability to shield their party members from attacks. They are very easy to pick up and solid in all game modes. This ability makes Guardian become a great class for newbies. Besides that, this class includes two elite specializations: Dragonhunter and Firebrand. The Dragonhunter elite specialization turns this class into skirmishers with abilities to mobile and creates burst damage. The Firebrand elite specialization is also not worse than the Dragonhunter. It grants a plethora of support skills and you can build these skills for damage or healing.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In the open world and casual PvE: This class is able to deal high damage and great at supporting other members in team. However, their weakness is the low health pool. This means they have to stay on their toes and understand all their defensive options to survive.

In fractals and raids: With abilities to create high burst damage and crowd control, this class is a strong DPS option in short fights. Besides that, Firebrands are also very useful in maintaining and healing.

In large scale WvW: Firebrands are the best supports when providing abilities to heal their frontline and protect their backline.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Once again, Firebrands are extremely powerful supports who can save and keep your teammates alive. Besides that, although core guardians and Dragonhunters are a bit less common. You can use them as high burst damage skirmishers.

If you want to protect your allies or have lots of defensive options, Guardian is a great choice for you. Besides that, if you want to be the supportive core in your team or just want to jump on to burst enemies down, Guardian is a not bad choice at all.



Strengths of this class are abilities to teleport, stealth their party, and rewind their ability cooldowns. There are two elite specializations in this class including Chronomancer and Mirage. The Chronomancer elite specialization has the ability to enhance the ability to support mesmers. This allows players to buff both themselves and their party members. About the Mirage elite specialization, it focuses on clones, enhancing in dueling and creating damage. In general, this class I very strong. Lots of people say that with them, Mesmer is the Guild War 2 best class.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In open world and casual PvE: This class is quite difficult to get the hang of. However, with experienced players, it excels than many other classes.

In fractals and raids: Chronomancers are utility supports. They can provide powerful party-wide buffs. Besides that, you also can play both two elite specializations as strong DPS in these battles.

In large scale WvW: Similar to be in fractals and raids, Chronomancers continue being a powerful utility support class in these battles. They are able to teleport and stealth all of their group. Moreover, with a powerful ability, they can catch out enemies with AoE hard crowd control.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Mesmer continues proving its ability when in PvP and scale WvW battles, they are so strong. In detail, in these combats, Mirages are so annoying assassins. They can mess with enemies and burst them down with incredible speed. Besides that, Chronomancers are also not bad at all. They are great defensive duelists with abilities to control the crowd and remove a boon.

If you are an experienced gamer and like using tricks and utility skills to cheat enemies, you should choose this class. In addition, with players who like circumventing game mechanics completely, taking an indispensable support role, or ambushing enemies, this class is also a great choice.



Necromancer isn’t the fastest or the cleanest class in the game. However, they have the ability to apply constant pressure to their enemies. This forces their enemies have to retreat and succumb. Besides that, combining to the ability to cheat death, Necromancer is a class that is quite easy to play. In addition to the core Necromancers, this class also includes two elite specializations are Reaper and Scourge. The Reaper can turn Necromancers into juggernauts who own various survivability and melee damage. In contrary, the Scourge reduces the survivability of Necromancers but it has abilities to make range damage, debuff, and support.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In open world and casual PvE: This class is considered as one of the best classes for solo. The reason is that they have lots of minions and the ability to sufficient themselves very well. Besides that, the abilities to deal high damage and stubbornly refusing to die also make it become so powerful in these battles.

In fractals and raids: Although both Reapers and Scourges deal low DPS, they provide party wide sustain. This ability makes Necromancer be so good in groups that lack experience. Besides that, in raids, this class is very useful for Epidemic skill. Moreover, Scourges even can be played as healers that can buff or even revive teammates from the death.

In large scale WvW: Although it is a bit fragile, Scourges are still extremely dangerous midline damage dealers. Thank their damaging and boon-stripping shades, Necromancer has the ability to turn a large area into a kill zone. Besides that, they also provide minor support by offering shielding and cleansing ability to their teammates.

In PvP and small scale WvW: With a powerful ability, Scourges dominate team fights with area damage. Besides that, the Reapers aren’t worse at all when taking the role of strong damage dealers. However, both of them are vulnerable to enemy focus and they only can work best with support from others.

In general, if you want to be a nightmare of your enemies and force them to flee, Necromancer is a great choice for you. Besides that, with people who love both dealing damages, supporting teammates, and scattering enemies, this class is also very good to choose.


Class Ranger

This class with the ability to skirmish versatilely and team up smoothly with their pets can take on anything. This is the only class that can seek out and charm creatures from all over the world to become their pets. With simple mechanics, this is the easiest class in the game. Similar to other classes, in addition to the core rangers, this class includes two elite specializations. They are Druid and Soulbeast. Each of them has a special ability and focuses on different goals. In detail, Druid focuses on supporting the group, offering healing and the ability to buff all party. Meanwhile, Soulbeast focuses on merging with their pets to become extremely touch damage dealers.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In open world and casual PvE: With the ability to sustain very well and their pet mechanics, Ranger is one of the easiest classes for solo. They can use their pets to draw aggro. This allows them to deal damage to their enemies safety from a distance.

In fractals and raids: With the utility and the ability to offend 10-player buffs, Druid is the irreplaceable healer in these battles. Meanwhile, Soulbeasts are also not bad at all. They are so strong DPS with a simple learning curve.

In large scale WvW: Ranger isn’t a common class in these battles. They are rarely played. However, they can provide decent frontline support.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Both Core Rangers, Druid, and Soulbeasts make strong duelists. In detail, Druids have excellent sustain and group healing. Meanwhile, the rest specializations have the ability to create high burst damage.

In general, Rangers are intelligent hunters who want to win enemies through smart healing and positioning. And, with players who like pets, hunting dangerous enemies and destroying them with traps, this class is so great.


Class Revenant

This is a quite-difficult-to-play class because of its energy management system. However, with people who have learned and mastered their intricacies, Revenant is a sharp knife. With personal auras and tactical skills, this class can build up themselves and their allies while destructing their foes. Besides that, this class consists of two elite specializations, Herald and Renegade. Each of them focuses on different goals. While the Herald emphasis defensive buffs and support the group, the Renegade focuses on offending, offering AoE damage, and controlling the crowd. In order to learn more detail about this class, let’s find out its strengths and weaknesses in each type of combat.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In open world and casual PvE: This class is slow and steady brawlers in these battles. They can create the boons by themselves, heal and make them become stronger when solo.

In fractals and raids: Both Hearalds and Renegades are sustained DPS with the main mission is to boost the damage of their allies. Besides that, players also can build Renegades as healers with very strong offensive buffs and healing in short range.

In large scale WvW: Both Heralds and Renegades are ranged-damage dealers with the main mission is to make constant pressure on enemy groups on distance.

In PvP and small scale WvW: In these battles, Heralds are melee skirmishers with abilities to mobile and deal high damage.

About the recommendation for you when using this class, I just want to say a little. If you’re an experienced gamer and really understand this class, Revenant can bring you lots of exciting moments. Besides that, if you like flashy reality-tearing skill effects and using spectral weapons, Revenant is the class that you don’t want to miss.


Thief is considered as the Guild Wars 2 best class by many gamers

Thief is a class consists of sneaky and slippery assassins. Although they don’t have many damage-dealing options, they are the most mobile class. Besides that, they also have evasive skills and access to the stealth of all other classes. This makes everyone feel that thieves are easy to pick up class. However, the fact that it is very difficult to play to full of their potential. There are two elite specializations in this class including Daredevil and Deadeye. In which, the Daredevil focuses on mobility and evading attacks while Deadeye emphasis stealth and single-target burst. According to many opinions on Guild War 2 forum, Thief is the Guild War 2 best class.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In open world and casual PvE: With mobile and stealth abilities, thieves easy can sneak past enemies and deal so good damage to kill them. The only weakness of this class is that they have low health pool. This requires them to have to react quickly when fighting against difficult enemies.

In fractals and raids: Both Daredevils and Deadeyes are solid DPS in these battles. In case there isn’t a Chronomancer in the party, this class can create useful out-of-combat utility. The reason is that they can skip sections in these battles with teleports and stealth abilities.

In large scale WvW: Players can use Daredevils as the beefy frontline fighter or backline archer.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Thieves play so great in these battles. They can make excellent roaming and ganking assassins.

If you ask me about when should you play this class, there are four reasons for you. Firstly, in case you like the feeling run circles around your enemies stealthily. Secondly, if you want to outplay your enemies in PvP. Thirdly, in case you want to avoid damage by evading. And finally, if you like dealing massive damage and killing everything.


class Warior

This is the final class in this game and I must say that Warrior is really sturdy melee fighter. It is also considered as the Guild War 2 best class for solo. With unique offensive capabilities, quite simple to play, good damage, and control crowd well, this class is useful in all game modes. It consists of two elite specializations including Berserker and Spellbreaker. About, Berserker, its strength is the ability to put out high sustained damage. However, the defect of this class is bad personal defense. Being considered more methodical, Spellbreaker has the ability to prevent damage and turn it against attackers.

Characteristics in each type of battle

In the open world and casual PvE: I consider this class is quite strong. They are very easy to play thanks to their innate damage and durability.

In fractals and raids: Due to the powerful and unique damage buffs, a Warrior “bannerslave” is indispensable in each group. And both core warriors, Berserkers, and Spellbreakers can fulfill this role. So, depending on the fight, you can choose any one of them. Besides that, the two elite specializations even can be played as pure DPS with the ability to control crowd well.

In large scale WvW: Spellbreakers are frontline bruisers.

In PvP and small scale WvW: Spellbreakers are melee duelists who are extremely difficult to kill. Meanwhile, core warriors are bruisers with abilities to lock down enemies and burst them.

When playing this class, you will become a brutal frontline fighter. So, if you like countering attacks and interrupting foes expertly, this class is a great choice.

As you can see, each class will have its own unique skills and abilities. Each of them has strengths and defects that are suitable for each type of combat or mission.

So, What is Guild War 2 best class?

The answer is depending on your experience and your hobby. Why? Because, for each gamer, they find out their own Guild War 2 best class. When reading various discussions on Guild War 2 forum, you’ll notice that each gamer has their own idea. And for each type of combat, there are several names brought out. For example, when mentioning Guild War 2 best class for solo, you’ll hear some names like Thief, Warrior, or Mesmer.

In order to find out what is the best class, you have to consider all classes by yourself. In detail, based on the description above and your own experience and hobby to choose the best one suitable for you.

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