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History Channel’s biggest scandals you don’t know!

History Channel’s biggest scandals you don’t know!

History Channel’s biggest scandals you don’t know!

The History Channel, from a time when the web was youthful. It was a long time ago when actualities still had importance. The broadcasting company was truly wonderful. It highlighted history, you know, past occasions and things like. The channel had some expertise in documentaries about wide-running subjects. World War II and the repercussions of World War II are fair examples. It did really well and had satisfactory appraisals and a strong fanbase. In any case, at that point, something occurred within the History Channel. It started to rotate far from carefully recorded programming and more mainstream. A large number of unscripted TV dramas came on the channel. Pawn shops, swamp individuals, and truckers driving on frosty streets are some of those. An entire pack of ambiguous arrangement about a weird topic soon follows. Things like aliens constructed the pyramids and how they capture Bigfoot. Weird!!

Some say this perplexing switch from history to babble is a good move. The shows gained gigantic appraisals support for the channel. The History Channel rebranded themselves to the sleeker name of History. However, it additionally put the previous History Channel in quite a mess. Here are probably the greatest embarrassments to hit the History Channel. Let’s find out more about them, shall we?

An ‘Ice Road Truckers’ star in for kidnapping and extortion

Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers is a standout amongst History’s best-realized unscripted TV dramas. The drivers in the iciest areas of Canada and Alaska are quite interesting to some. Of course, genuine trucker media like Truck News accused it of overstating from time to time. Sometimes even outright faking a portion of the threat. But the genuine outrage hit the show in 2013 with Ice Road Truckers star Timothy Zickuhr. He hijacked a lady and held her for a payoff.

As indicated by a CBS report, Zickuhr employs Lisa Cadeau for sex work in Las Vegas. He then proceeded to abduct her. He asserted that she cheated his money by over $1,000 and requested she meets with him to settle the debate. And, rather than trying to work out anything, he hauled her back to his condo. He reportedly tied her up and put her through violence and abuse.

Cadeau then gave Zickuhr the telephone number of a covert cop. He thought it was a man who could pay her payoff. Zickuhr called and the authorities were able to capture him. The Las Vegas Sun reports that he constrained Cadeau to jump off a second-story window. Zickuhr admitted on the spot that he planned to hold Cadeau prisoner. He also admitted what he’s doing is wrong. Yeah, he surely did.

Ancient Aliens are racist?

Ancient Aliens are racist

Ancient Aliens, doesn’t sound much like historical is it? And for the History Channel, it’s one of the weirdest show. It’s notable for highlighting men with wild hairstyles gushing paranoid notions. Most of those are about outsiders and pyramids, which is not historical. Yet the show has likewise advanced onto Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch blog. The number of racial theories on the show is staggering.

Ancient Aliens may be a touch of senseless, conspiratorial fun at first, but that soon changed. Old African, Asian, and Native American engineering wonders have outside forces helping. That isn’t a new concept. Hatewatch advises us that Andrew Jackson used this in the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Jackson demanded that Native Americans are invaders. They couldn’t in any way, shape or form have manufactured their constructs. All constructs through North America doesn’t belong to them. They killed the supernatural super-race that preceded them. And along these lines, the Trail of Tears is a solid argument.

Racial oppressor writing throughout the years supported a considerable amount of colonization. They proposed that non-Europeans didn’t generally manufacture any miracles of the past. And that old Aryans are by one way or another furtively dependable. Change out Aryans for aliens and that why it’s so offensive. What’s more, as Hyperallergic calls attention to how they make pyramids. Suggesting otherwise is outright offensive and stupid.

‘The Kennedys’ was unreasonably dubious for TV

The Kennedys was unreasonably dubious for TV

Now and then, even the History Channel does produce some controversial piece. They don’t even deny any of that. We’re talking about that one time that they dropped a $30 million show about the Kennedys. The Hollywood Reporter clarifies the strange destiny of The Kennedys and why. The eight-section arrangement about the Kennedys ran into some problems with the scripts. The script focuses on a portion of the more tasteless bits of gossip about the celebrated family. An early draft of the content caused an objection among Kennedy family partners. The channel pulled the plug completely on the show after some time. The verdict was that they are just lying on the script. As the official proclamation went, it was not a fit for the History brand and for authenticity’s sake.

Co-maker Joel Surnow still shielded his venture in a meeting with the Atlantic. Individuals took sides and were against him for being a conservative. Some theories that individual from the Kennedy family had a hand in it. They tormented the History Channel into dropping the show. We all know how much they hate the Kennedys. The Hollywood Reporter slammed the show later when it did come out though. They say it’s boring, bland, and a waste of time.

The cast of Swamp People and trouble

The cast of Swamp People and trouble

Swamp People contributes to the History Channel’s most incomprehensible unscripted TV dramas. It takes place next to Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars. Swamp People pursues the lives of gator seekers living in Louisiana. Although, gators appear to be the least of the cast’s stresses. Of course, gators are scary, and the cast added some for emotional impact. TMZ reported that Swamp People stars R.J. Molinere and Jay Paul Molinere assaulted a man with a bottle. TMZ additionally revealed that authorities arrested Trapper Joe. He burned his better half with a lit cigarette after punching her in the chest, pretty crazy. Screenrant followed up with the news that Roger Rivers Jr. was selling illicit meat.

The History Channel chose to simply replace them all. The troubling nature of the cast was too much for the channel to handle. Starcasm reports that they terminated the majority of the cast all of a sudden. Season seven of the prominent unscripted TV drama was in store too. The fans and cast individuals went to the internet to vent and express their rages. The cast denied that they requested more cash, and voiced their disappointments. The system’s unexpected, unexplained choice surely made almost everyone angry. However, the producer held their grounds and continued with the new cast members. The fans will just have to deal with it. Hopefully, they’re a little less violent now.

‘Bigfoot Captured’ is a big lie

Bigfoot Captured

That bizarre Animal Planet documentary about mermaids surely worked. Because they went and made Bigfoot Captured, a full-length documentary. It was about the process and scenes of capturing real life Bigfoot. Needless to say, as Paste Magazine put it, a TV disaster. It couldn’t be any more obvious, Bigfoot isn’t real. But the History Channel styled Bigfoot Captured as a genuine narrative. They made it around a real genuine live woods primate. The show is, at its core, fiction, but not many know that. The whole disclaimer for the show is somewhere down in the credits, which many missed. This left a few watchers enraged about how the channel presented itself. Pure pseudoscience as actuality is not a good thing to do anywhere. Many actually took to Twitter to spread the uplifting news about Bigfoot.

On principle, a mockumentary about Bigfoot could be a touch of guiltless fun. However, the History Channel tricked their group of onlookers. They likewise pretty much misled their specialists about the premise of the show.  He had no intentions of working on tenable data. He advised watchers to take what they can from the show, but don’t take it too seriously. Have a good laugh is what’s he saying, and we can’t blame him for looking on the bright side now, can we?

The grandson of a Nazi war criminal on ‘Hunting Hitler’

The grandson of a Nazi war criminal on Hunting Hitler

If you can’t see the History Channel shouting about aliens or pawn shops. They’re probably following up on an exposed paranoid notion about Hitler. The channel was “Hitler Channel” during the ’90s, just a joke of course. Because all things considered, and they haven’t overlooked their foundations. As per Variety, the show Hunting Hitler upset a lot of individuals. And rightly so by trivializing Hitler and make silly claims about his break to Argentina. The program started to like some other exciting cases unscripted TV drama. Although Hitler is somewhat less unusual than Bigfoot, it’s still pretty stupid. Significantly more irritating is the way that the History Channel handled its guess. They guaranteed secrecy to one of their key sources but failed. They communicated his whole face to an excess of 180 nations.

As the New York Daily News reports, the grandson of a Nazi war criminal consented to show up on the program. But with the understanding that his face would be a secret to the public. Many sorts of individuals might go after him after watching Hunting Hitler. They do obscure his face out, with the exception of one shot where it is plainly noticeable. For somebody who truly wouldn’t like to communicate that his granddad was a Nazi. The studio surely messed up.

That ‘Amelia Earhart’ weak narrative

Amelia Earhart

The History Channel solved the puzzle of Amelia Earhart. But a blogger exposed their key bit immediately? That ring a bell?. The narrative Amelia Earhart: The Lost Evidence caused some fleeting fervor back then. It introduced a photograph of Earhart and her guide, alive and in the Marshall Islands. The narrative proposes that her accident in 1937 didn’t kill her. And that the U.S. government realized she was alive yet they chose to conceal facts. Conspiracy much?

The History Channel got to have its moment of triumph but not for long. A blogger with access to a library just spoiled it. National Geographic reports that Japanese military blogger Kota Yamano didn’t but it. He chose to do a little research on Amelia Earhart’s destiny. He looked into it, and it took him a half hour to find it in the library. Turns out, the photograph was in a Japanese end table book in the year 1935. That’s two years before Earhart took her flight. So it certainly doesn’t demonstrate anything about her vanishing. And that isn’t even a picture of her. The History Channel guaranteed that they have a group of specialists working on it. So far, no news.

One of the American Pickers drove while drunk

One of the American Pickers drove while drunk

American Pickers is one of History’s numerous unscripted TV dramas. Now and then they discover stuff that is from history, so that makes it kind of historical. Right? Anyway, the show pursues several folks while they travel around the nation and do their thing. Like filtering through heaps of other individuals’ garbage with expectations of discovering treasure. The show’s makers have once in a while plants stuff in those heaps of garbage, or so people believed. However until somebody really gets that on a mobile phone camera, we can’t say that for sure.

What we can say, however, is that the show’s star isn’t exactly doing upstanding stuff. Frank Fritz as of late confessed to charges of driving drunk. His charges likewise included driving the incorrect route on the interstate.

Fritz had Xanax and liquor in his system. Fritz isn’t the first star to cause harm for that sort of conduct, but he can look at the bright side. Swamp People got into some worse trouble.

The Curse of Oak Island highlighted (shocker!) counterfeit records

The Curse of Oak Island highlighted

Everything about The Curse of Oak Island feels thoroughly phony, or in any event simply dumb. That presumably has nothing to do with the amount of wood on the island. Nobody can say without a doubt where those bits of wood originated from. But to go and say that it’s confirmation of a huge fortune. Don’t kid yourself.

Here’s a bit of proof that we know it’s phony: the Oak Island map. It showed up amid season 6. This specific guide incorporates an illustration of the island and seemed fake. The notes are in French, so that makes it genuine, correct? Not a chance. As indicated by the show, this guide is somehow a part of secretive and profitable documents.

Be that as it may, Donald Ruh, possessing both of those records, denies that rumor. Ruh said that the Oak Island Map is fairy tail at best and that they don’t connect in any way.

In the wild, nobody can hear you but every one of those camera individuals

In the wild, nobody can hear you but every one of those camera individuals

The competition Alone is absolutely about history. Well, that’s all because of everything you’ll find in a scene. They shot all of it in the half a year back. Yes. Half a year, the past, that’s pretty historical.

This specific unscripted TV drama attempts to copy Survivor. They threw contenders amidst a place in the wild. The channel afterward follows this contestant voyage to endure alone in the wild. But thank god they still have clothes on, another show tried that. Yeah, that was a big mistake.

The truly moronic thing is the show itself. Pretty much the majority of this show is to make sure the cast is alone. But regardless of how alone they make look. They’re not so much alone, are they? Shouldn’t something about all the camera individuals standing around tipped them off. Like, for real?

As indicated by E-Celebrity, the show is not as real as you think. They don’t have to endure miles from human advancement. Though that is what the showrunners want you to believe. Much of the time, civilization is pretty nearby, there are even trails nearby. They are not so alone like you think and it’s not as hopeless as it looks. But it’s pretty basic, the camera individuals should be near a town. They have to charge their mobile phones at some point.

The Mountain Man and construction law infringement

The Mountain Man

History’s Mountain Men is absolutely about history, trust me. It highlights individuals imagining like they are living in the seventeenth century. That’s as much history as it’s gonna get for the channel. Well, with the exception of when they stare at the TV while nobody is looking, that doesn’t count.

Among the stars of Mountain Men, is Eustace Conway, a real piece of work. He is trying to show others how to act naturally in situations and take care of themselves. He even shows how to be overly bombastic about their independence. Conway’s profile is as pretentious as it’s gonna get. Saying he goes to the forested areas to live alone. To endure just the basic unavoidable issues facing everyone. To check whether he could learn anything from the wilderness. Dude, that is so lame, what a douche. Better believe it; he’s that much of a narcissist.

Eustace Conway does other stuff too when he’s not being pompous on Mountain Men. He does self-important jobs on his 1,000-section of protected land in North Carolina. He also shows individuals how to live in the wild for $700 per week, pretty small sum right? Or maybe you preferably simply spend an evening riding around in a pony-drawn carriage, then it’s 65/hour. As per The Wall Street Journal, authorities did health, a safety check on the place. They deemed a large number of Conway’s structures as unsafe and not good for public use.

I am a lumberjack, look at me

I am a lumberjack

When you consider loggers, you, as a rule, consider husky fellows in plaid and cleaving down trees. Putting manly stickers on their trucks, and doing mainly manly stuff. You know, like pressing wildflowers like in that Monty Python tune. Hauling stuff out of the water, however, isn’t it. Trees generally are not from the water now, is it?

NPR reported that some time ago loggers used rafts to float trees down the waterway. Once in a while the trees would tumble off and sink to the bottom, which is fine for the tree. They don’t decay down there if the water is cool. The trees will be able to remain at the base for quite a while, and the lumberjacks can, in the end, pull them up.

The issue is, in Washington, it’s not legal to rescue trees from the water. That didn’t stop Ax Man star Jimmy Smith though. He sure did fish those logs out of the stream. And on national TV too, manly indeed right? Nope, that was either incredibly self-important or strangely idiotic. Smith had a totally unselfish explanation behind his activities, however. To secure individuals taking an interest in water sports on the stream. In the event that their boat or something on them that happens to stall out on a log. Smith said that he doesn’t mind the money on fishing the logs out, if he can save one person then that is worth it. Sure, the cash he got for those logs means nothing at all, we believe you.

The cast of ‘Pawn Stars’ $5 million lawsuit

The cast of 'Pawn Stars' $5 million lawsuit

Pawn Stars is a fiercely mainstream History Channel unscripted TV drama. The show includes the as far as anyone knows “genuine” everyday life of two pawn shops. The World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas competition are pretty crazy. Much like Ice Road Truckers, many condemned for having a somewhat free meaning of the real world. The shop itself recently got into inconvenience over inventory problems. ABC News says they liquefied down $50,000 worth of stolen coins. The most important fortunes at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, however, are simply the main Pawn Stars.

Huffington Post detailed in 2012 that the previous agents of the Pawn stars made a case to court. Suing their ex-customers for exchanging organizations. And requesting $5 million in lost commissions. Venture IAB Inc., guaranteed that History Channel administrators had purposefully tempted the stars. Urging them to move from their company and persuading them to employ Michael Camacho of UTA. They are rival of Venture themselves, and essentially taking away millions. Oh, imagine the money they could make from that juicy TV drama.

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