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How Jordyn Woods and the Kardashians’ relationship changed?

How Jordyn Woods and the Kardashians' relationship changed after scandal?

Jordyn Woods is Kylie Jenner closest friend for a considerable length of time. She, in turn, was a fundamental apparatus in the lives of the Kardashian ladies. That changed after news broke that Woods had a stint with NBA player Tristan Thompson. In case you don’t know, he’s Khloé Kardashian’s sweetheart and infant daddy.

After Khloé Kardashian heard the news of Woods and Thompson’s supposed hookup on Feb. 17, 2019, she had enough and in this manner dumped Thompson on Feb. 18. Kardashian somewhat to affirm the reports of Thompson’s swindling through Instagram. They commented on an Instagram post by Hollywood Unlocked on the whole thing. Of course, it’s just a few yelling emoticons, but it’s pretty obvious. Kardashian’s BFF Malika Haqq also left some clues, commenting “STRONG FACTS” (through Complex).

The Kardashian, 34, enjoyed a great amount of support on Twitter. Everyone is hating Woods right now. One tweet told her to keep it together. It’s not her fault! They are terrible human beings and don’t deserve Jenner attention. And that her only love right now should be TRUE.

Kardashian and her kin found it difficulties trusting that Woods could ever do such a thing. She is a close friend of the family, after all. So, Kardashian didn’t rush to diss Woods by means of Twitter. “Tristan would be hard to control, everybody knows that. Jordyn, however, wouldn’t make out with him, surely this is made up gossip,” a source told the magazine.

The insider included that the family members went around and ask for confirmation. And many of the sources confirmed it to be true.

All things considered, it’d be difficult to trust that somebody so close could do such a thing. To the Khloe, she resembled a relative, and they invite her everywhere. The family helped her on many occasions and wish for her to do well. Woods modeled for Khloé Kardashian’s denim line, Good American. She also worked with Kylie Jenner on her beauty brand.

Woods and Thompson’s news were truly newsworthy since it such a big story. Kardashian “adored Jordyn” but now she just feels hurt and dejected. Close friend Malika Haqq is in rage over this. An insider told the distribution “she finds Jordyn disgusting and terrible.”

The Kardashians and Thompson reportedly severed ties on social media. Thompson and Khloe had a similar incident in the past before giving birth to their child TRUE.

While everyone knows how close Woods and the Kardashians are. Their relationship is pretty much over now. Her and Jenner, though, no one knows. That stays open to question, however, things, in fact, don’t look great. The Kardashians aren’t 100 percent if Jordyn should stay out of Kylie [Jenner]’s life. An insider uncovered to Us Weekly that “they all at it as she should be.”

Jenner supposedly doesn’t have a ton of companions and has been with Woods for so long. So bidding a fond farewell to Woods may be troublesome for Jenner. In any case, Jenner and Woods are going their separate ways. Woods is supposedly moving out of Jenner’s home and in with her mom, as indicated by TMZ. And it was purportedly Woods’ choice to move out, too.

Jordyn Woods nor Kylie Jenner stayed quiet about this ordeal up until now. What’s more, none of the Kardashians spoke up about it. We’ll just have to hang tight and find out more.

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