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Some Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know about Street Fighter

Some Interesting Facts That You Might Not Know about Street Fighter

Street Fighter game

When you were young, you might play Street Fighter with your friends in your spare time. And sometimes, you guys would argue with one another due to some reasons happening in this game.

However, people still like playing Street Fighter a lot since it is the symbol of fighting games out there. Very few game player do not know about it, and you will definitely have your own favorite characters there.

But I am sure that there are some unexpected factors that you do not notice about Street Fighter. Therefore, I am going to show you some surprising facts in a moment. Let’s check it out!

The Truth about the Punch Pads

Punch pads in street fighter

These days, some people are preferring playing Street Fighter II to the original version. Nevertheless, you should know that the first Street Fighter has absolutely given you some unforgettable moments.

For instance, you can never forget the great experience with iconic traits. Moreover, this game is fantastic at bringing you unique fighting styles in a number of different places. Most players of Street Fighter are happy with the design of the control buttons.

Speaking of that, there are six main buttons in this game such as the punch with different levels together with the kicks. And these days, if you are playing some recent versions, you will need to use the other layout.

It is going to give you two pads for making the strike. And this pad is pretty cool since it can understand when to hit with the medium, light, or heavy level. Sounds great!

The Attack Combos

Attack combo in Street Fighter

When updating Street Fighter to the second version, the developers have made a mistake on their own. However, they could not believe that this accidental update has made this game more and more popular.

Instead of offering the enhanced sequel, the developers of Street Fighter introduced the attack combos. These elements were quite weird and strange for any gamers at that time. Thanks to this function, the players can cancel their actions once choosing the different movements and attacks.

However, the surprising point is that even the developers did not know about the possibility of these attack combos at first. And well, when numerous players transferred this piece of news to one another, a new skill in the fighting games is now available for everyone.

As a pioneer in terms of attack combos, Street Fighter has set a new standard for those fighting games currently. It is very strange if you play any games lacking the attack combos since it will be a huge mistake for that game.

Ryu definitely Becomes the Center of Street Fighter

Ryu is a prominent character in Street Fighter

When coming to Street Fighter, you are going to absorb yourself in the world of various roster characters. And every player, with no doubt, will have your own favorite one.

However, do you know which character is considered as the center in this game? You may not, but do not worry since I am going to reveal this soon. You will surely know Ryu, who is designed as the martial artist as well as the center character in this fighting series.

In other words, Ryu is totally a soul of Street Fighter. Therefore, without this character, this game is not complete and perfect.

And well, you should know that the image of Ryu is inspired by Yoshiji Soeno. This is a popular comic character in the manga named Karate Baka Ichidai.

What Should You Know about Dhalsim and M. Bison?

The truth about Dhalsim and M. Bison

Moving other characters including Dhalsim, he is made as a yoga master in this game. On top of that, he is able to defeat any players by using his long limbs. This feature is absolutely one of the most recognizable factors when mentioning this character. As a result, some people notice that Dhalsim is quite similar to the image of Yoga Tro La Seng.

And also, we cannot ignore M. Bison when talking about the remakes. He is well-known for being the villain in the series of Street Fighter. Especially, you may realize that M. Bison shares some mutual features with the famous villain in another series called Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis.

Some Exciting Fans Modified the Game

Fan improvement in Street Fighter

Among the series of Street Fighter, the second version is regarded as the big success for most people. But an interesting point is that this version is reported to go through some improvements from the fans. They make these updating points to suit their demands. Some players pursue more competitive gameplay, in particular.

The fans are very talented since they make this game more relevant to their own demands. For example, they create more attack skills or even quicker combat.

Moreover, you may see some new abilities for each character so that they can make full use of the special moves or improve more skills to beat the enemies. With the huge success in these developments, the developers even borrow some great ideas from the fans.

This borrowing is not made officially with the contracts or the confirmation in the media. But you can easily know it because there are some similar updates when the next series of Street Fighter are released.

Street Fighter: The Movie

Street Fighter in movie version

With the popularity of the game Street Fighter, the developer wants to make the movie for it. And that is why Street Fighter: The Movie was born.

And of course, the audience was totally satisfied with the story as well as the cast. The movie itself was very incredible with the appearance of Jean Claude Van Damme and Raul Julia. Especially, Julia, he captured the heart of many people thanks to the fantastic acting as M. Bison. He made this character more realistic and soulful.

Furthermore, it is great to know that Julia accepted this role since his children are big fans of Street Fighter. Thus, he wanted to give them a present, so they can enjoy their favorite game.  

In conclusion, here are the best truths that you should know if being a great lover of Street Fighter series. However, if you know something better than these facts, please feel free to share them with me anytime. See you soon!

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