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Interesting moments at the Oscar that you probably don’t know

Interesting moments at the Oscar that you probably don’t know


Maybe Oscar is Hollywood’s biggest awards ceremony and it is carefully prepared, but there are still great moments that you may not know! One of the interesting moments was when Jack Palance talked about age when he received the Best Supporting Actor in 1992, or the speech of African American woman Halle Berry when she won the best actress award, or even Tom Hanks when he talks about his high school teachers. However, in this article we will mention some interesting moments but there are still funny moments. Are you ready?

James Franco and Anne Hathaway

James Franco and Anne Hathaway

At Oscar 2011, James Franco and Anne Hathaway are the two faces that the Academy believes to use as hosts. However, on social networks quickly got bad comments about these two celebrities. Viewers call James Franco and Anne Hathaway the worst of Oscar (according to The Hollywood Reporter). However, Franco later told USA Today’s correspondent David Letterman that he loved Anne Hathaway and anyone would be criticized when standing next to her, but Anne Hathaway was a strong personality!

Through Entertainment Weekly, Anne Hathaway said she did not intend to host the 2011 Oscar, but Franco encouraged her and she decided to do it.

Did Brie Larson clap for Casey Affleck?

Brie Larson

Affleck is a talented actor but he is involved in lawsuits about sexual harassment of two women in 2010 (when he was filming I’m Still Here). Of course Affleck denied these allegations but at the 2017 Oscar ceremony, Brie Larson did not support him!

The best actor is an award for Affleck at Oscar 2017 for his role in Manchester by the Sea. However, it was found that actress Brie Larson was on stage as the best actress in 2016 (movie Room), did not clap! Be aware that Brie Larson is a supporter of victims of sexual harassment!

When Affleck received his award, the audience applauded but Larson did not. Reporters quickly captured this moment and people talked about it on social networks. Through an interview with Vanity Fair, Larson said that her actions were too obvious for what she was thinking!

A joke from Chris Rock and Stacey Dash

Chris Rock

In the interesting monologue of comedian Chris Rock at Oscar 2016, people laugh when he says there are more than 15 blacks in the movie. Later, Chris Rock introduced Fox News commentator, Stacey Dash, as the new director of the Academy. But people feel uncomfortable and they don’t like the Cluless star. Stacey Dash stated that she always wanted to help others. But that’s not enough, her jokes become a reaction meme on social networks! After that, Dash had to explain her prank on the blog!

The ‘green card’ of Sean Penn

Sean Penn and Mexican

If you don’t know, Sean Penn and Alejandro González Iñárritu (Mexican director) are best friends. The interesting moment came when Sean Penn announced the best picture Oscar award, he looked at the winner’s name and said loudly who gave him a green card?

However, this is a joke that is not well received. Reporter Nina Terrero said she was shocked by the joke and she would not watch any Sean Penn film #oscarssowhite. Similarly, reporter Elahe Izadi also said: “congratulate your award, a tedious joke about green cards”!

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Iñárritu said that this joke was not bad. He also talked about friendship with Sean, about their pranks, and he didn’t feel this was a bad joke!

Jan Chapman

Jan Chapman

Surely we have to mention “In Memoriam” at Oscar night. This is the program to honor those who have passed with their contributions in the movie field. However, there are some disastrous mistakes, typically the Academy honoring costume designer Janet Patterson (died in October 2016) with the likeness of Australian producer Jan Chapman.

In an interview with Variety, Chapman made interesting sharing: “They used my image to talk about Janet Patterson, my great friend. Janet is a talented person with four Oscar nominations, but her image has confusion. ” For her part, Chapman said she lived and lived very well as a hardworking producer!

La La Land and the best picture award

La La Land

At Oscar 2017, the best picture award almost belonged to La La Land when host Warren Beatty announced that inside the envelope was the name “La La Land”. Later, producer Jordan Horowitz stepped onto the stage and began his speech. Everything was great until producer Marc Platt took the microphone, Horowitz and Fred Berger discovered that La La Land did not win the prize, it was for Moonlight.

Everything became fun when Berger said thank you director Damien Chazelle for this confusion. Berger shared: “We lost.” While everyone was confused, Horowitz added, “Sorry, Moonlight won the best picture!” After that, he invited Moonlight producers to come on stage!

Adrien Brody kissed host Halle Berry

Adrien Brody

At Oscar 2003, because he was so happy after winning the best actor award for The Pianist, Adrien Brody suddenly kissed host Halle Berry. This is one of the most talked about moments in Oscar history.

Information from Watch What Happens Live indicates that Adrien Brody’s kiss for Berry has not been prepared. Everything happened unexpectedly and Berry didn’t know anything. At Oscar 2003, Berry won the best actress award for her film Monster’s Ball. When reporter Andy Cohen asked about the unexpected kiss, Berry said everything was unexpected and she couldn’t concentrate!

In an interview with Vanity Fair in September 2015, Brody shared that it was a great moment and he would not forget it. He feels things are going very slowly. However, after that he could still hear someone’s voice: “Time is over, leave the stage!”











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