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Interesting stories revolve around Megyn Kelly’s life

Interesting stories revolve around Megyn Kelly’s life

Megyn Kelly life

At the present time, if you follow Megyn Kelly, you will probably know a famous story about her. It was Megyn Kelly that she had left a long position on Fox News. She used to act as a night personality. Now, she joins the program Megyn Kelly Today on NBC. Her new job started in September 2017. The program’s rating said to be low and the program quality is not high. So what keeps Kelly’s feet behind? That is the price of 69 million dollars. The contract of NBC and Kelly continues.

However, until October 2018, Kelly had controversial statements. Although before that, she had a bad commentary history from working at Fox News. She put her foot in her mouth indecently when she wondered about a white panel. She wanted to know why using a black face for Halloween was an annoying outfit. After this incident, she immediately had an official statement to apologize to the audience the next day. But the damage she caused to the show and her reputation is not small. Therefore, her program has postponed. This stems from opposition to Kelly from her colleagues at NBC.

Since then, Kelly has officially severed all ties with NBC and continued her life. This is what she did since she shot.

Dog mom and TV host

Megyn Kelly in NBC television

In January 2019, the paparazzi of TMZ captured Megyn Kelly. Just like the affirmation to the audience that they will Megyn Kelly on TV this year. Although after this announcement, she did not make any specific comments. One reason revealed because she had another plan to handle this. “Right now, the first thing I have to do is adopt a new dog. The family’s dog died last July. My family is very sad. We adopted him for the age of 14. So the family mourned for him, so I’m ready to go back there now. “

There is no official information about when and where Kelly will return on television after NBC for the first time. But a revelation with Radar Online that she will join a program on The View. When she first returned, she took on the role of a guest. And maybe the regular co-host of this program. A related figure said: “They asked her to be a permanent host. Execs are very interesting about creativity. They believe she will be able to work as Whoopi Goldberg – the current guide. That’s why they kept her in. They also said that her presence would make this program a new blockbuster. “

In December 2018, Variety published information about Kelly’s failure to compete with NBC. This will help her to freely work in other networks. But don’t expect her to appear again Fox News. When talking about Kelly’s appearance a month earlier, 21st Century Fox executive chairman shared. Mr. Lachlan Murdoch told the media. “I don’t have any comments with our current lineup on Fox News. That’s why we won’t change anything there.”

Even though they fired Kelly, she was free

Megyn Kelly - the woman's sacked but not strapped

To accumulate 1 million dollars, what do we do and how long does it take? Most of us have to work very hard for a really long time. Or luckily there is a brilliant investment mission. Even winning the lottery, but with Megyn Kelly, there are very quick numbers. Despite not working at NBC, she still regained her entire contract. A Page Six source said Kelly had left with a large amount of money. It ranges from $ 25 million to $ 30 million.” While she only operated for 18 months out of three years on the contract.

Some other sources believe that Kelly’s remuneration is the cause of her career collapse. A related person shares with Page Six about this. “In many ways, NBC President made her fail. Andy Lack did a warm and poor program. That program was never for her. That’s why when the cat’s Megyn made public. The knives have disappeared, and the talent has said that they must increase their remuneration worthy of Megyn. They are unhappy to hear that the answer is ‘no.’ She no longer has the opportunity to appear in other segments of Today. Even losing the right to participate in special private events.

For valuable things, she continued her interest. In January 2019, the agreement to terminate the contract officially completed. Soon after, Kelly posted a status line on the personal tweet.

Kelly and 69 million reasons not to discuss NBC

Megyn Kelly image

The Hollywood Reporter has a post on this issue. According to them, the biggest highlight in Megyn Kelly’s contractual agreements is salary. That means after she finishes the contract, they don’t care how much she brings home. The problem is that she must remain silent with a non-disclosure commitment. Part of those requests may have stemmed from an odd comment Kelly claimed. That is about Today’s former colleague Matt Lauer. She was the one who stopped working at NBC in November 2017. The cause was due to sexual misconduct. While she is still in the official staff of the network. When di we wonder if she knew whether Lauer could return to television? Kelly only revealed: “I know too much about NBC. However, others don’t know.”

According to NBC News, on Thursday, the conversations were “beginning to escape Megyn’s network.” Another source told the network that “Kelly’s representative expected to meet on Friday with the company executive”. Adding that it appears “very difficult”, she will continue to work at NBC. After she left Today.

While discussing university efforts to prevent “inappropriate and offensive clothing” on Tuesday. Because she has trouble with something. If you are a white person put on a black face at Halloween or a black person put on a white face for Halloween. Back when I was a child, it was fine when you dressed as a character.”

Kelly’s apology

Kelly, 47, apologized for her comments twice. This is the first time in an internal email to colleagues and then in the air when she was in tears.

The vehement objection on social media quickly followed the segment. On Wednesday, NBC Kelly’s colleagues condemned her harshly. Craig Melvin calls her comments “unresolved” as well as “ignorant and racist”. And Al Roker insists that she “owes a greater apology to the colored people across the country.”

She also spoke at a Business Insider meeting in November 2017. She commented on Lauer scandals (via The Daily Beast). “I know the rumors about Matt. But that may not be all. According to my feelings, rumors are not true as reported. In fact, when you’re a public person, people Fans will imagine everything about you. Then they will print them in some way.” She added: “I know people are trying to find out about this issue. I hope that rumor is not true.”

Another notable information comes from Page Six. “Pay attention to what she can say when she’s in the building. Imagine what she might say when she relaxes.” A related person also shared that NDA has a series of standard activities for people leaving NBC. In addition, she signed a commitment to not disclose information. So don’t expect any talking book or a wide interview.

Is NBC leaving people connected?

Megyn Kelly and Matt Lauer

Megyn Kelly and her colleagues, they are both NBC News stars. Matt Lauer had a good time with Kelly. The evidence is a report of their spending time together to organize a new premiere. They ignored her previous objectionable comments about Lauer’s rumors. On the rumored column, Rob Shuter, share your Straight Shuter! podcast (via Radar Online). They said Kelly contacted Lauer about how they would organize a new morning show together.

Shuter confirmed his sources shared with him, “As part of both Matt and Megyn’s commitment to end. They agreed to the security requirement and did not fight for a certain period of time. But one when the time has committed, both will want to work back on TV and do it bigger together. “

Shuter further revealed that Lauer and Kelly are looking forward to returning to work. Although, she had enough money to not need to work anymore. “Both very annoyed with their method of dealing with different situations. And revenge on the Today program by saying it on Fox News. Perhaps it will help them both have some fun. ” Sources said.

Her staff has a problem

Six Pages announced that the Today program has left the 9 am the frame from Megyn Kelly Today. It will continue to occur on the Today as usual. This makes many freelance workers from Megyn Kelly Today lose their jobs. Sources also revealed that many employees of Megyn Kelly Today still have no jobs. This happened since she stopped working at NBC. Even their old tenants could not contact them.

“Many of Megyn’s employees have never received any confirmation from her. They are angry because suddenly becoming unemployed.” A source of weather production with Radar Online. “They were hoping for an apology or some honesty from Kelly. But she didn’t realize it.”

The source added that NBC tried to find positions for this employee elsewhere on the channel. However, about 50 percent of Megyn Kelly Today’s former employees quit. Because the rest of the online programs have enough personnel. “Many people frustrated by her greed and irresponsibility. And the fact that she doesn’t do anything to compensate for the loss. Even frankly apologizes to the people behind the scenes. They are the people who have tried their best to make her successful. They have been trying for a long time. ” According to sources from insiders.

Jane Fonda publicized their scenario of friction

Jane Fonda showed compassion for Megyn Kelly

Recent information shows that most of Megyn Kelly’s partners at NBC are comfortable seeing her go. One of the most critically acclaimed critics, actress, and activist Jane Fonda. Really expressed selflessness for the morning host who just left.

In the past, Fonda was one of Kelly’s guests. She participated in celebrity interviews on Megyn Kelly Today. And a moment from the interview spread and became famous. That’s when Kelly questioned Fonda about plastic surgery. If looks can be a weapon, Fonda accepts behind bars. The reason for the murder of Megyn Kelly. Fonda then shared with Variety about this issue. She said the questions in the program were “inappropriate”. It and Kelly make her completely “stunned” when questions asked.

However, towards Fonda, she was not the only one to remember this feud. She hated Kelly’s use of her on television after the first episode to attract attention.

However, in November 2018, shortly after Kelly’s statements announced. Fonda had a straightforward share with Entertainment Tonight. “I find it very childish. I am very sad because of her actions. You know, if I want her to do that, I have asked for it. That’s how people should think whenever they get stuck. “The more we grow, the more we have to learn. At the very least, that’s true for me. And I believe it’s also the thinking of most people.”

Let her children rest!

Since leaving NBC, Megyn Kelly and her family have a lot of trouble. They had to meet newspapers and paparazzi more often. Although she is very open when she goes somewhere alone or traveling with her husband. Kelly really especially worried about this extreme attention. And that’s exactly when she shared that her children greatly influenced by ungrateful photographers.

On Halloween 2018, a Kelly expressed anger through a status line on the tweet. Today is the day my children have to go to school. I went out alone. I invited them. Eat some donuts, then I beg them to just take pictures of me. Let my children be free when they grow up, I hope everything will become better. except for a few newspapers not interested in my plea! ”

She also added: “DailyMail is an example. Then there are photos of my kids. They even followed us when I went to school. My daughter, they secretly filmed the video of my 7-year-old son and blatantly posted it. This is not through my confirmation. “

Hollywood and Kelly’s stories

Megyn Kelly image 2

So Megyn Kelly Today has stopped broadcasting. A few days later, photos of Charlize Theron’s involvement as Megyn Kelly announced. This is a character in the biography of Roger Ailes directed by Jay Roach. Kelly and a number of other Fox News female staff spoke of Ailes’ popularity. The former president and CEO of Network have committed sexual harassment. Kelly herself shared details in the book Sellow For More and at a Business Insider conference. (Through The Daily Beast). She stated that Ailes had touched her three times. Then he even intentionally went out with her. So I tried to push him out of me.

Theron shared with us every week, “The story is not entirely Megyn’s story. It is a chronic disease about five and a half years before Rupert Mur sacked Alies. It is a huge cast. They include many women working at Fox News at the time of that incident. “

Us Weekly also met Kelly. She is the one who admits “a little worried” about the movie. Despite the pride, Theron played her. “I think it is a special chapter of my life.” Kelly shares with Tab, “I can’t let people make the wrong statement about it. So I expect those involved in that project to consider. All of them seem to have more rights than me. So they should respect the women who worked at Fox News when openly talking about it. “

She is happy with her life now.

Megyn Kelly image with her friend on instagram

The time of thinking helped Megyn Kelly very much. She has more time for her children. She is enjoying every last minute of it. To celebrate their 48th birthday in November 2018, Daily Mail informs about Kelly. They said she spent more than two hours eating lunch at a cafe in New York City. Among them were former Fox News Channel colleagues, meteorologist Janice Dean. The person she photographed herself in the snow outside (pictured above). She experienced a happy weekend at a winery in the Hamptons with friends. After a long time of hard work. This is when she can relax and relax and do what she likes.

Radar Online also said that Kelly and her husband, writer Doug Brunt. Also appeared on Broadway television. The program joined by Bryan Cranston. The play has the same content as a novel adapted into Peter Finch in 1976. It is a story about a messenger who is in danger of unemployed because of an overly ranked rating. Kelly even commented on the tweet about the show. She commented with a smiling selfie before the show poster: “@DougBrunt & I really like the stage performance tonight. @BryanCranston, you are really good. He owns everything. This is for example.”

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