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Interesting things about Tony Romo’s wife that you don’t know!

Interesting things about Tony Romo’s wife that you don’t know!

Interesting things about Tony Romo's wife that you don't know

According to People’s source, Tony Romo, former Dallas Cowboys midfielder, had a history of dating many beautiful and attractive women. Among Romo’s sad memories is the love story with singer Jessica Simpson. On the night before Simpson’s 29th birthday, she abandoned our boy. However, Romo later found love with the queen of the beauty contest Candice Crawford. Romo gave Simpson an old hat as a birthday present. However, he did a surprise to Crawford. On Crawford’s 24th birthday on December 16, 2010, Romo used a 4-carat diamond engagement ring to propose to a beautiful girl, according to Us Weekly.

The happy couple has three sons. They are Hawkins, Rivers and Jones. Although Crawford’s husband retired in the 2017 tournament after 14 seasons, she still has a lot of work to do. You can see Crawford “sword fighting” with her sons or she plays golf with friends. And if she’s not there, Crawford is busy with her business. As Tony Romo’s “spiritual mentor”, she is always busy.

In this article, we’ll talk about Tony Romo’s wife.

She is a Mizzou graduate and also a sorority girl

She is a Mizzou graduate and also a sorority girl

Candice Crawford attended high school at Trinity Christian Academy in Addison, Texas. Later, she enrolled in the University of Missouri, majoring in business and journalism. When Crawford was a college student, she worked as a reporter for the NBC newspaper, according to sources from People magazine. Candice Crawford entered the sports world as a reporter about the Cowboys. At that time, she was working on The Blitz program. That’s when Crawford met her future husband. But we will talk about them later. Let’s learn a bit about Crawford’s past!

While in college, Pi Beta Africa’s sorority sister is always busy. She went to school, practiced, and she also participated in some volunteer work for Midwest Sports Fans, a sports blog.

Candice Crawford is a beauty pageant queen and she is very love sports

Candice Crawford

Before people called Candice Crawford WAG (wife and girlfriend of sports athletes), she was a contestant in a teen beauty contest. According to sources from Heavy, Crawford won the Miss Missouri title in 2008. She is a beauty queen!

In a short video interviewing Crawford at the beauty contest, she said that sport was her passion. Crawford shared that she played basketball, cross country, golf and more. She could not stand the feeling of living without sports. Sport has inspired our girls. After becoming Miss Missouri, Crawford participated in the Miss USA 2008. After that, our beautiful girl entered the top 10! It was a sweet memory!

When intern meets quarterback

When intern meets quarterback

With the internship for Dallas Cowboys, Candice Crawford left with a lot of valuable experience. According to sources from Sports Radio Interview (via Deadspin), Crawford shared that she was working on The Blitz’s out-of-season program. It was a beautiful summer, our beautiful girl met many of the Dallas Cowboys players. Of course, including her future husband, midfielder Tony Romo.

However, when Crawford met Romo, Crawford said she was “not old enough”. But two years later, they grew up, and that’s sports lovers. At that time, Crawford was single and Romo broke up with his girlfriend. They have enough time and freedom to learn each other. It was a new love for both. Crawford said she returned to Dallas while working in a Special Edition program. After that, the couple went out to dinner together!

Crawford was caught ‘off guard’ on their first date

Crawford was caught 'off guard' on their first date

If you want to know about the interesting details in the relationship between Candice Crawford and Tony Romo, ask her brother, actor Chace Crawford. Chace Crawford will tell you everything about the early stages of this romance. In a 2016 interview with The Rich Eisen Show, Chace revealed that Candice was “caught off guard”. Candice sees Romo picking her up from home for their first dinner.

While dating Romo, Candice still lives with her parents in their warm home. Candice’s parents are really Cowboys fans. On a date, Candice did not want her parents to stay in the house (according to Chace Crawford). Candice’s parents feel confused and she didn’t tell them about her relationship with a famous athlete. Candice wanted her parents to “hide behind her”. After that, Candice pushed her parents behind. It was a fun memory!

Chace Crawford, thank you for these wonderful sharing!

A wedding had enough food to feed a whole football team

A wedding had enough food to feed a whole football team

Candice Crawford and Tony Romo were married at Arlington Hall after two years of dating, sources from People. Their wonderful wedding took place before 600 guests. They have invited quite a number of football players (including current and retired players). These are great athletes from the Dallas Cowboys Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, including teammate Dez Bryant. Romo also invited Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ group owner. The ceremony was really perfect with the beautiful white. At the party, people are excited about music. Everyone dance on the floor, it’s a memorable night!

Todd Fiscus told WFAA-TV (via Us Weekly) that they prepared an impressive menu. All guests enjoyed typical Texas dishes. They are short ribs and pizza. When talking about wedding cake, the reporter described “it is nearly as tall as the ceiling”.

A weight was ‘lifted’ when Romo retired

A weight was 'lifted' when Romo retired

Since becoming Romo’s wife, Candice Crawford has seen many injuries that affect his athletic career. It was one time that Romo had a broken bone in 2016. This injury made him unable to play in nine matches in the season, according to sources from Sports Day. Sharing about Tony Romo’s football career, Crawford revealed that being in the NFL, you’ll find that it’s like a reality show. You are trying at all costs for victories. And of course, injuries will come unexpectedly. They will make you feel sad and stressed!

Crawford felt stressed to live with worry about her husband’s injuries. When Romo was injured, it affected his career and it also affected the couple’s life. After Romo retired, Crawford said that the weight had been raised, the weight she didn’t pay attention to!

Although Crawford knew that leaving the NFL family was a loss, she had interesting plans. Crawford and Romo are pleased with Romo’s new position. That is the work of a CBS sports analyst. Although Romo is still working on sports, he has to sit away from the stage and work on the screen!

Wife, mom, and ‘spiritual mentor’

Wife, mom, and 'spiritual mentor'

Some sources believe that faith in God of Tony Romo attracted Candice Crawford. In an interview with OK magazine in 2011, Candice said that trust is the most important thing. She always wanted to find someone with the same beliefs. As soon as Romo and Candice share their feelings of faith, they get closer!

Romo supports the Christian faith. Romo’s faith is an interesting topic for many reporters. According to Fox Sports, Romo announced in 2012 that he had donated $ 1 million to the organization of Dr. Tony Evans, pastor Oak Cliff, and a friend of Romo. In 2016, Romo shared about his career injury with a Bible study group of about 300 people in a high school.

The Instagram

The Instagram

After nearly a year after the wedding, Candice Crawford gave birth to a son, the boy’s name was Hawkins Romo. Almost two years later, Crawford continued to give birth to his second son in March 2014. They named the boy Rivers Romo. In 2017, the couple welcomed the third boy named Jones Romo. Happy with the birth of Jones, Tony tweeted that he had a mini basketball team!

Maybe in the future, they will have new members in the family. But now, Crawford is busy with motherhood and private business. Hawk + Sloane is a line of oil (sprays) of Crawford. She collaborated with a middle school friend and a friend named Hollie Siglin (playing golf) to open the company. Crawford and Siglin used their boys’ names as company names. Their product is for parents with children. They have a sprayer to discipline a “goose” child. They have a second spray bottle to lull the baby into the angelic land. And they even have another spray to hide the stench of diapers.

Although Candice Crawford has a desire to play golf, she is also a real professional in business!

Candice Crawford revealed that Tony Romo made great efforts to join the US Open golf tournament in April 2018.

Meanwhile, Candice Crawford, Romo’s wife, had good opportunities to become professional. Candice Crawford likes golf and she has been in the field for many years. For those who don’t know, in 2015, when Candice Crawford appeared on a piece of Help Me Peter Kostis, there were compliments for our girl. Candice Crawford’s will was impressive. Analysts praised her for “a great golf shot”. But they also said that she should pay attention to her “foot actions”. Hawkins Romo, the couple’s eldest son, also had impressive strikes. Kostis had an interesting ranking for Candice’s family. In this ranking, the tiny 3-year-old tot is the champion. Crawford finished second and Romo finished third.

An awkward connection

An awkward connection

Talking about relationships, we have Jessica Simpson. It lasted from 2007 to July 2009. However, before coming to Candice Crawford, Tony Romo also had a brief romantic time with a country singer. Her name is Carrie Underwood. And how do we have this interesting information? Once again, we thank Candice Crawford’s brother, Chace Crawford. Although he was quite embarrassed to share this secret!

After ending the relationship with the former Dallas Cowboys athlete, Esquire asked Underwood about the melodies for “Cowboy Casanova”. But her answer is no. The Grammy winner said she would never give him that much!

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