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Interesting things in “Moana” that you don’t know!

Interesting things in “Moana” that you don’t know!


Appearing in 2016, Moana was the 56th animation of Walt Disney. This is a beautiful, funny and full of a color cartoon. Anyway, the movie is about the people in Hawaii where has the perfect color combination. I have two young children now and I am also a fan of the Mickey house. From a young age, I love watching Walts Disney’s movies and cartoon. Because they always know how to create a good mix of color and music. As you can see, Disney’s cartoons contain many aspects and combinations of songs and scenes.

Being a fan and a parent, I consider myself to stay abreast on the latest Disney Movies. I want to spend my time with my children as much as I can. If they want me to, I can sit around and watch their favorite cartoons again and again. I wish to be the one being with them and sharing with them their joys. I am capable of remembering storylines, the characters even the songs in the cartoons. Besides, I can find plot holes and have some conspiracy theories. And it seems to be pretty easy if you watch a movie more than 300 times.

Let’s get back to Moana. From the beginning, I thought Disney would do another good job in making its next cartoon. And this movie would just be the way for them to make marketing. They take advantages of this cartoon to present their hibiscus-themed resort in Hawaii. At first sight, I thought that this movie could be the remake of Lilo and Stitch. I had no idea how they would impress us. However, Disney was again successful in surprising their audiences. People completely got into to love with heartwarming tale based on Polynesian culture. I have to admit that this movie is a success but there are more I want to say about this cartoon. My kids seem to get interesting with the silly antics of a chicken having some mental problem. Yet there are some things that I believe only adults can see them through.

Moana’s parents are total Millennials

Moana 2

According to the cartoon, we can see that the movie seems to happen on a Polynesian Island of Motunui. Of course, this is a desert island where people and nature live together. Therefore, Moana’s village can’t have the internet, smartphones, and cars. The audiences will think people here as primitive as the way they live. However, Moana’s parents turned out to be the classic Millennial helicopter parents. This kind of parent seems to be still popular nowadays.

The chief Tui and his wife Sina love their children so much that they don’t want the children to get into dangers. As the cartoon showed us, Tala who was Moana’s grandmother shared another idea about this. She was the person living from the past. She lived in the time that children gathered around and listened to the stories. The stories of the Island were the best way to connect and educate the next generation. Besides, if they don’t know and pass the stories to the next generations, who will?? However, Moana’s parent didn’t think in that way. They showed that they got no interest in the old-fashioned notions of “the village crazy lady”.

Look around you can see this story happening in many houses. The young parents don’t spend much time on the story and talk to their parents or children. We are having a distraction from smartphones, Tweeter, Facebook,… Moreover, the old generation in the past of Moana’s village had different lives. They could be free in adventuring their lives and developing themselves. They could claim and roam free beyond the reef. As you can see, Moana didn’t have chances to get herself that far. Her parents seemed likely to keep her safe and sound. But they accidentally tamed their child. After all, what her parents did was coming from love with their little girl. And their fears were from the experiences, subsequent anxieties that they have encountered.

Moreover, we can see that Moana’s parents have a strong love and obsession with coconut oil. You should consider it when you hardly believe that Moana’s parents are Millennials. In fact, their entire agriculture depends on coconuts. And we can see that they have made a good advantage to every part of the crop.

Water safety seems to have no consideration.

Moana 3

In the cartoon, we can see that Moana’s father tried to keep his daughter from the sea. Of course, the ocean is a dangerous place for kids. Not mentioning that the adults follow all the safety rules and notices. In this case, the only thing we can see is zero-water safety. We can totally understand that watching kids is hard work. Sometimes, we can’t keep both eyes on them. And that is the time they will sneak around.

When chief Tui was talking with his mother about not scaring the children with those stories. He didn’t his mother say anything about that “inescapable death” as he didn’t believe in the fairy tales of the sea. It is like modern parents can’t meet the need of their children. Children have a great imagination and it is good for them. Besides the fairy tales are important to form their characteristics. Hence, Moana made her way, after all, to get to the sea.

If this incident happened in real life, this will be on social media. And things will turn to be worse than they can think. Moana’s father is probably going to receive a sentence and go to jail. Her mother also has to face before the judge. However, we can see that Moana has a good friend which is the ocean. And this friend has human characteristics and no harms to Moana. It seemed to just wanna play with Moana. You can remember that the ocean tried to tempt the little girl out to sea with conch shells. As a parent, I can’t stand the action of her father. At least, he should give her life device when playing near the sea. Or a pair of floaters will be fine.

Moana seemed to be able to return the heart of Te Fiti by herself.

Moana 4

According to the movie, we have known about the legend of Moana’s culture. The legend is about Maui has stolen the heart of Te Fiti. Coming with the anger, Te Citi decided to bring the doom to earth. Then to stop the doom day, the earth and the ocean must find a hero. This chosen one will carry the duty to find the heart and return it to Te Fiti. Of course, the chosen one must find Maui first then make him give it back. The one took the heart must be the one gives it back. However, the cartoon ended with the scene that Moana was the chosen one returning the heart. Moana became the hero that was able to save the earth.

And you know, I keep wondering the place of the character Maui in this story. As you can see, the legend pointed out that Maui was wrong when he took the heart of Te Fiti. Therefore, Te Fiti became angry and wanted to destroy the earth. Hence, Maui must be the one giving the heart back and saying sorry to her. Only in that way, Te Fiti can forgive his mistake and calm her down. However, Te Fiti easily forgave the humankind at the time Moana returned the heart back. The ocean keeps giving her a green rock. Yet the ocean can’t be the chosen one or it is not smart enough to return the stone itself. Maybe Maui can’t forget his hook back and Te Fiti can’t have the apology.

Sharks apparently should have pockets

Moana 5

In the cartoon, we clearly got the impression with the transforming skills of Maui. He could transform into many kinds of animals. In fact, he can shape shift into animals with pockets. In many scenes, we can see that Maui holds the heart of Te Fiti or the hook nearly all the time. Therefore, the question is that these objects must go somewhere after he transforms. But hardly we can figure it out when he becomes a shark or a hawk. When we have a closer look to him in the hawk form, we can see he was holding the heart in his talons. But in the shark form, we can’t see any talons there. Maybe he has tiny pockets or he can absorb things into his body. The harder question is the process he has these things back after returning to the human form.

There is another theory about where he keeps things in the animal’s form. Having a close look at Maui’s wing, we can see the tattoos in his wings. There is one that looks like the shape of the hook. Hence, we think that he can keep objects as tattoos on his body. However, this can’t be the answer for the way he keeps the heart of Te Fiti. We truly love to see a shark with a little pocket. It is cuter then it should be.

Pigs are the sign of bad luck

Moana 6

Pua is the name of Moana’s friend. Actually, this is a sidekick with the dog-like appearance. He follows Moana everywhere. In a scene, we can see that this piggy was in horror when Moana scarf down a huge bit of pork. In some cases, we can’t help to imagine whether this little piggy brings bad luck.

When Moana made up her mind to voyage out on the boats for the first time, Pua also followed her. In the first wave, her boat survived but Pua fell into the sea. Moana had no choice but jumping down and saving him. We could see that Moana was able to save Pua. But the wave trapped her underwater then she got help from the ocean. After all, she nearly died for that.

After that, she made her way to the shore with that piggy. And the first thing her grandmother told her was to blame that pig for everything happened. The next time, she decided to let that pig on the island and bring the crazy chicken instead. Her journey turned out to be successful which makes me have a question. Maybe this pig is bad luck to bring to the ocean.

We can say that coconut harvests are the new CrossFit.

Moana 7

In the cartoon, it is easy for the filmmakers to take physical strength for granted. Let’s give you an example of this. The character Wile E. Coyote managed to walk away from a serious injury. Somehow Wile got the strength to survive another day. However, Moana seems to have incredible strength and strong arms.

In fact, she could get to the Realm of Monsters by scaling a mountain. This could take me a week or more to do so. Besides, to make a quick post repair she shimmies up to the roof of a hut. Moreover, we can see that she is able to get to the top of Motunui without sweating. Of course, we can see that Disney made a new body type to other princesses like Cinderella as an example. And I was finally able to figure out where is the source of her strength. The answer can come from the coconuts. Because her village harvests their produce by scaling huge palm trees.

The music is better than we expect.

Moana 8

I have to say that I love the music in Moana. Up to now, I have seen it for nearly 30 times. Frozen can have a song that brings along awards. They can be the Golden Globe nominations, Academy Award, and Grammy. But to me, Moana’s song is better and I have to add it into my playlist.

The song “How far I’ll go” is such a good song to me. I can’t help listening to this song. I am not the only one who has love with this song. You can tell that 4-year-old girl broke the internet after hearing the song. You can see the singer Samoan and the songwriter Opetaia Fao’i worked together on the soundtrack. It was “We Know the Way”. In fact, we were happy to could consult the ideas of people they aimed to.

“You’re Welcome” is for us

Moana 9

We can’t deny that Moana has good songs and soundtracks. But I think the song “you’re welcome” having its specialty. In the movie, we know that Moana came to find Maui on his island to find the heart of Te Fiti. Actually, the demigod Maui is not the bad guy. He used to do many things for Moana’s people. We will not mention his mistake but he is a good person.

Being parents, here is what all of you must face sooner or later. Our kids sometimes couldn’t understand and see what we have done for them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love us. But they just can’t see that in a particular time. Sometimes, you will see them can’t know that we nearly move a mountain for them. Hence, this son can help to remind my children how much I love them. And you should remember that I’m the reason they can come to this world.

The grandma’s plotline truly destroyed me

Moana 10

To me, the character Moana’s grandmother is my favorite one. In the end, she is a strong woman with a lot of sense of humor. She is funny and a caring grandma. When Moana tried to get beyond the reed, she was afraid that her grandmother would tell her father. Of course, grandma helped Moana keep that little secret. Moreover, the Gramma Tala seems to sway in the water and graze the back of the circling rays. It is to establish Moana’s trusted confidence. And she told Moana that she would come back as one of those when she died.

After her grandmother’s death, Moana set out to begin her adventure. Because she knew that her Grandma would want her to do so. There was a great light with a beautiful glowing ray coming with her boat. It even jumped into the air like a magic spell. Clearly, you can’t keep her tear when you knew that Tala’s spirit was watching her. She didn’t go anywhere but her grandchild.

 We have seen them make some cheeky jokes.

Moana 12

Disney has a fashion in making a few corny jokes. In fact, they aimed at the parents as well as babysitters. The children are nearly unable to understand that. For example, Maui said that you would call it tweeting when you wrote with a bird. I believe Disney made this on purpose to make us get that reference. However, the joke seems to be funny to people having fanny packs and minivans. In my case, this joke really caught me.

There is also another joke about the toilet. When Maui told Moana that she was in the right track with the warmer water. Let’s admit that these jokes are funny. They were for children as well as adults of any ages.

The villain can be Tamtoa

Moana 13

I think Disney did a good job in making the villains. After all, this world is harsh enough with many scary guys. Then making this villain like this way is amazing. You can see that they don’t want to scare the kids. Instead, they built this character into the funny one. He has some funny lines like “Pick an eye babe”.

The movie tried to make us reconsider villainy as a black and white concept. Moreover, we can see that Te Ka the primary antagonist is actually the goddess Te Fiti. Besides, the character Tamatoa teaches many lessons for the children. Like the bioluminescent algae, the term decapods. Moreover, he also teaches about the idea about glitters is not gold. Anyway, he brings us a good song and a good laugh.

The Easter eggs in Moana.

Moana 14

Easter eggs are what I love to find in movies. As you can see in Moana, the sea turtle at the beginning of the movie is the first egg. It reminds us of the turtle Squirt from Finding Nemo. And Disney feels free to show the Easter Eggs to people. Besides, Maui seems to be able to transform into Sven from Frozen. And we can see Ralph from “Wreck it Ralph” on a tapestry in the closing credits.

And there are some little Mermaid nobs we can see in the movie. They are being alongside Tamatoa as a collection to Ariel’s Grotte. When Tamatoa is on his back, we can hear that he tells us to help him out. He wonders about whether his name was Sebastian and he had a cool Jamaican accent. The swirls we see on Te Fiti heart make us think about Ursula wear to take the voice of Ariel.

The god collection of Tamatoa also made me remember about the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin. You even can see a lamp stuck to Tamatoa’s back. There is confirmation about this. And that lamp is the one containing Jafar. It was after Genie thumps him out of sight at the end of the film. And the magic carpet at the beginning also appears in this list.

Disney’s effort at feminism

Moana 16

In some case, Disney seems to hear the cry from some Millennial parents. Disney always wants to transfer something with its movies. It wants to change the look of princesses. They don’t have to be soft and need a prince for themselves. They can be strong and do what they want to. Disney decided to add Moana to the list of Mulan, Merida, and Tiana.

In Frozen, we have seen they talked about true love. And in the end, the one seeking for love was also Anna. In Moana, Maui and Moana are just friends and partners. Disney didn’t add any romantic aspects to this cartoon. They love and watch each other back but that’s all.

In fact, there is also no aspect showing that Moana and Maui will have some relationship in the future. At the end of the movie, Moana returned to her people. She taught them how to become a voyager. Disney proved that feminism didn’t need to come in the way female and male against each other. Instead, they will help each other and work under equity. Besides, we can see Moana found some sympathy with Te Fiti. Feminism means that women have to stick together.

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