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Interesting things you might miss in Captain Marvel

Interesting things you might miss in Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Finally, the MCU showed us its strongest and most powerful character on the screen. Absolutely, Carol Danvers had played an important part in the story and future of MCU. Soon enough, Avenger: End Game will release. And Captain Marvel is promising to support the storyline. When the earth has no hope in the battle against Thanos, a new hero probably makes the game change. Therefore, we can see Captain Marvel carried on its shoulder a big duty to boost Phase 4. Moreover, this movie will be more interesting to you if you want to see the cutie super cat.

Like many other movies of MCU, Captain Marvel also contains some details that you may miss on screen. It was easy to understand as you mostly focused on the photon blasts and space battles. After all, they were what the audiences wanted to see. Besides the badass action scenes, the movie takes place back to 1995. From the house, streets and even the soundtrack of the movie will remind your cousin’s Xanga profile. In Captain Marvel, they introduced plenty of new characters as familiar faces. Then let’s find out things you might miss in Captain Marvel.

The Color of Captain Marvel’s uniform


One of the biggest twists in this movie was when Carol chose a side. In the beginning, she belonged to the Starforce which intended to kill every Skrulls in sight. But then Carol Danvers discovered the truth about herself and decided to help the Skrull. Knowing that Kree lied to her all the time and she had joined the Skrull, Carol wanted to change her outlook. Of course, it was necessary as you had to declare who was your enemy. Apparently, you couldn’t stand against your enemy when you also dressed like them. The good news was that Carol didn’t have to make a new uniform. Kree’s technology allowed her to change the color of her uniform in anyways. What a wonderful gadget it was! She had brought her wardrobe with her all the time. Carol Danvers figuratively and literally discovers her true identity and color.

While she talked to Monica Rambeau, she realized that she had to change her uniform. She showed the kid how to change its color. In fact, she came up with the idea of many color combinations. You could notice that she also picked up a neon light uniform. And she also passed a mild green and white choice which was familiar to die-hard comics. As she and Monica were the same side now, then she decided to take the blue-red-yellow uniform. In comics, Mar-Vell who is a Kree legendary hero also dresses a uniform with the same colors. It seemed that Carol Danvers decided to completely take over her precursor’s duty.

They made it blue on the screen


If you are a true Marvel fan, you can notice this from the first sight. In Captain Marvel, they gave us the Starforce working as a special force in the army. You could see the ways they operated looked like a well-trained army of the USA. Of course, most of them were the Kree but you should notice their skin. The whole team got the blue skin but Carol and Yon-Rogg. Carol Danvers was a human which made sense why she wasn’t blue. But Yon-Rogg was another story. In Comics, Yon-Rogg is a true Kree who is typical for the blue skin. But in the movie version, Jude Law seemed to not agree to turn to a blue alien.

Moreover, the comics also explain about the Kree race. It is in Marvel #38 that informs how the Kree conquered the universe. This advanced race decided to expand its territory into space. And when they successfully invaded a planet, they would choose to settle and made them as a Kree. They also mated with other alien races. Then they would give birth to the “pink-skin Kree”. An example of this is Mar-Vell. In Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell hid her identity to stay on Earth. And she was studying the lightspeed engine. Her cover was so perfect that nearly everyone thought her a normal woman.

The prophecy


In the movie, Captain Marvel crashed into a video store which had a name as Blockbuster. After she managed to escape from a Skrull’s space ship where they captured her! On her way out, they shot her and she fell down on the Earth. Then we could notice the film appeared in the mid-90s. You could see Smashing Pumpkins posters and a poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was the poster of True Lies movie. Later she would find out the truth lies about her life. Carol wandered around and tried to figure out the 90s technology.

Of course, it was primitive compared to the Kree technology. When she was in the video store, she picked up a movie named The Right Stuff. It was a movie about women trying to be pilots. It was like a prophecy to Carol’s past which she was on her journey to find out. In fact, the movie revealed her past an Air Force pilot. And she seemed to be the first human to fight a space ship and got into shooting with aliens. Apparently, not many audiences could notice this detail in the film.

Doctor Lawson’s project ‘Pegasus’


Appearing in Captain Marvel as a key and trigger for every incident, Dr. Lawson, a.k.a Mar-Vell didn’t tell her whole story. As you could see, Lawson stayed in the Air Force as a doctor which made the Kree and Skrull come to Earth. If she hadn’t been on Earth, the war wouldn’t have come to this planet. And of course, our Captain Marvel would never have the chance to show up. What Kree and Skrull wanted from her was the lightspeed engine under the name of Project PEGASUS.

However, PEGASUS turned out to be not a new name in the MCU as well as Marvel Comic. In Comics, they released a short prelude comic. And they called it “Fury’s Big Week” which showed the meeting up of Captain America, the Hulk, and Iron Man. This was before they decided to publish The Avengers. Moreover, the name PEGASUS also appeared in MCU once. It was the name of the facility that they conducted the experience on Tesseract. But it was also the reason for bringing Loki to Earth.

Of course, Project PEGASUS is much more important than this. This facility is not just a place to search for energy sources but a prison for super prisoners. They used it to keep many dangerous supervillains. Moreover, the superhero named Quasar who late appeared as the protector of the Earth. And Quasar also used to work at PEGASUS facility.

“Protector Initiative” or we can called “Avenger”

Carol Danvers

At the end of the movie, Nick Fury came back to his normal life with an eye. It was a few days after Carol flew away to help the Skrull. Nick got the idea that the earth would be on trouble from then. He knew the existence of the alien and human couldn’t do anything about it. If war comes to the earth, the human race will not have any chance to fight back. Therefore, he came up with a responding team to deal with this problem. As he said to Coulson, they needed more heroes. And it was also the moment, Nick Fury thought of “The Protector Initiative”.

Luckily, he somehow noticed a photo of Carol Danvers with her plane. Then he decided to conduct the project Avenger which made a start for the MCU. The goosebumps must have come when the theme of Avenger came when Nick noticed it.

In Dark Avengers in 2009, we had another Captain Marvel. But this time, it was not a superhero anymore. Noh-Varr who was a Kree warrior became Captain Marvel after attending the Avenger. In the Dark Avengers, we had Norman Osborne, Wolverine’s son, and Venom dressing as Spider-Man. Then the Supreme Intelligence gave Noh-Varr another name which is Protector. There are many versions of Captain Marvel and the one we saw on screen is a good one.

The alien cat. Goose


In Captain Marvel, people couldn’t ignore the cuteness of Goose. Goose is a cat that appeared in most scenes of the movie. It actually joined Carol and Nick’s adventure even in a fight on a space ship. And it was interesting enough to know that Fury is a cat lover. Its name reminded us of a Navy pilot’s name. It was the code name of Anthony Edwards’ character in Top Gun, a classic movie in the 90s. Later in the movie, audiences realized that it was not normal. It was a Flerken which was a dangerous alien species.

It was in 2014 that Captain Marvel introduced Flerkens for the first time. In that comic, Carol’s cat named as Chewie was a Flerken the space cat. Then Rocket discovered its true identity, he tried to attack it. However, it didn’t turn into a monster and eat Rocket.



You must remember the character named Monica Rambeau. She was an 11-year-old daughter of Carol’s best friend. And she also played a vital role in helping Carol gain back her memory. This little girl tried her best to help Carol remember her life on Earth. Moreover, she also helped Carol in choosing a suitable color for her uniform later. When she asked her permission to go to Space, her mother didn’t allow as it was too dangerous. But she told her daughter that she could come along if she could glow like Carol. Fans are so familiar to this character in Comics.

In fact, her identity will change late when she grows up. People will remember her under the name as Photon. It was after she took over the title of Captain Marvel. Photon is a superhero who is able to harness electromagnetic forces. We expect to see her on screen but MCU hasn’t made any confirmation about this.

A member of Starforce – Minn-Eva


Gemma Chan played the character Minn-Erva. She is a Kree who dedicated her life the Starforce. At the beginning of the movie, she fought side by side with Carol as a partner. However, she seems to too loyal to her species that she can do anything for Kree civilization. In comics, we are able to see how crazy this girl can be. There was once she wanted to turn people in California into a monster. She intended to use some kind of biological weapon. And it will make people become mutated monsters.

Of course, Captain Marvel was able to come in time and stopped her madness. But she was a giant mutant when she fought with Captain Marvel. However, her appearance on screen was so good. Besides, she was also a part of the Supreme Intelligence’s plan. They intended to eliminate 90% of Kree to keep the strongest only. This idea sounds like from a Nazi species. Who could fight alongside with this mad Kree actually?

A member of Starforce – Att-Lass


Att-lass is also a member of the Starforce fighting under the commander Yon-Rogg. In the movie, his role didn’t make much impressive to the audiences. The only twisted scene of him was the moment a Skrull imitates him. However, this Kree had a big contribution in Operation: Galatic Storm. In the incident, Att-lass appeared as a Titanium Man. Of course, he was a bad guy. Another time in the Infinity: Heist miniseries, he tried to rob Stark Tower. Then his true identity as a Kree revealed to the rest of his gang. And they started to attack and finally kill him. What could we say about this? Everyone can be a Criminal genius but it doesn’t mean everyone should.

The Starforce commander – Yon-Rogg

Yon-Rogg 2

People used to think that Jude Law would become Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel. After all, this role fits him a lot. However, he finally became the commander of the Starforce, Yon-Rogg. When he turned out to be Mar-Vell’s biggest enemy, it truly became a good twist. Now we knew why Law wanted to keep his role as a secret. Later, Carol discovered that it was him that shot her plane down. And he was the one killing Mar-Vell. For 6 years, he erased her memories and trained her to his soldier. She must have thought he was the most reliable person in the galaxy. Then she overcame him and sent him back to Hala planet as a message

In 1969, fans saw the coming of Captain Marvel #18. In this episode, Captain Marvel was Mar-Vell and he fought with Yon-Rogg. These 2 Kree came into a fight as Yon-Rogg wanted to capture a girl. Of course, you can guess who she was. It was Carol Danvers. In his fight with Mar-Vell, they accidentally destroyed the Psyche-Magnetron. The explosion was able to kill Yon-Rogg but it gave Carol superpower. As you can see, Yon-Rogg was the reason Carol got her power whether in Comics or on Screen.

A member of Starforce – Korath the Pursuer

Korath the Pursuer

Korath the Pursuer was so familiar to the audiences. He used to appear in Guardians of The Galaxy. He had a big fight with Starlord in the search for the Power Stone. Later, he also died in Guardians of The Galaxy and this time was the second time he appeared on the screen. In Captain Marvel, he was a young Kree warrior. He seemed to have less experience in combat as Carol easily took him down. Or maybe Captain Marvel was so strong. But we have to admit that he a badass Kree warrior. With cybernetic sci-fi implants, he became stronger and faster than the other members. However, he did go up against the likes of other heroes. For example, we have Captain America, Scarlet Witch, and Adam Warlock. However, he seemed to like to be on the losing side after all.

Ronan the Accuser came back on screen

Ronan the Accuser came back on screen

Another familiar face in Captain Marvel was Ronan. Ronan had a good performance in Guardians of The Galaxy. This Kree terrorist stunned people with his madness. This blue guy with a big hammer was the one spreading the fear in the Galaxy. He slaughtered people when he thought it was necessary to keep the order as he said. He called his weapon as the Universal Weapon. On screen, we only could see him using it with the Power Stone. In Comics, it could transform the matter and use interstellar transportation.

The movie version of Ronan seemed to have fewer abilities than the comic version. In fact, the MCU downplayed his importance on screen. But we couldn’t blame them for that. It was nearly impossible to bring a whole character on screen. Some people would not know that Ronan even had the ability to shoot lasers by his eyes. In Captain Marvel, Ronan also didn’t have a chance to show up his power. When Captain Marvel declared as the Earth protector, he got no choice but retreat. It could be a good move of him for the future. After all, Ronan is one of the best warriors of Kree who conquered hundreds of star systems.

Mar-Vell on screen


When we discuss the characters being different from the comic, Mar-Vell goes on top. In Captain Marvel, we saw a completely strange version of Mar-Vell. In comic, Mar-Vell was a Kree make who became the first Captain Marvel. It was before Carol Danvers got her power. Mar-Vell decided to be the Earth Protector instead of helping the Kree conquers it. He got every power we saw in Caron on screen and every aspect Dr. Lawson had on screen. And in the movie, they didn’t mention the information that Mar-Vell was the first Captain Marvel. In 1968, we came to a comic about Captain Marvel. In this comic, Mar-Vell decided to turn his back to the Kree and save humanity. The same thing happened on screen but this time it was the Skrull that need her help.

But in 1983, Jim Starlin decided to end the character Captain Marvel by letting him get cancer and die. However, Thanos takes him on a hallucinogenic journey later. We know how weird as it seems.

Check out The Supreme Intelligence

Captain Marvel 2

In Captain Marvel, they introduced to us an artificial thing called Supreme Intelligence. No matter how they tried to prove it was special, this AI is nothing to mention. In fact, it looks like a fat green head which is more stupid than it thought.

In comics, the Supreme Intelligence existed as a creature that was able to control others. Its victims could be Kree or sometimes a prison for mutineers. It’s aimed to make people confused about the reality then obey its order. However, it was a Kree leader like what we saw in Captain Marvel. But it once came up to the idea to use a nega-bomb to kill all the Kree. It could be intelligent but it was also crazy.

Stan Lee as a true believer

Stan Lee

Stan Lee was able to have a cameo in Captain Marvel. This father always wants to be a part of his children movie. Though he appeared as a cameo audiences were looking for who he would be this time. This man has dedicated his life to creating a world which affected many generations. The opening moments, Marvel studio changed it to honor this great man. The same style but this time were Stan Lee cameos that he used to play. On the train, Carol gave the old man a respectful nob like a grateful attitude.

Captain Marvel took place back in the 90s, Stan Lee played as himself then. In his cameo, he was reading and rehearsing the script for Mallrats. Because it was the time he appeared on the screen. Mallrats was such a special milestone to himself. Moreover, Stan Lee also gave dating advice through the lens of comics to Jason Lee’s character. It was good to see Stan Lee in Captain Marvel. It means a lot to the MCU as its father died in 11/2018. This time it was good at making a legend become a screen icon.

With all our love, thank you, Stan!




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